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Judge us not for our weakness but for our Love’

The People we were fighting decided to fight back!’

In Present ~ ‘Finite is here so the Infinite can be felt’

My stamp came off in the sweat!’


Is this Paradise ~ of course



They are obviously psychopaths living in a psychopathic, powerful

society satiated by drinking the life force of the rest of us if we allow.

There are all those in the other parts of the blue sapphire, golden Topaz

rainbow constellation spectrum and those floating on sparkling crystal crowns

surrounded by angels of light and magicians sitting on thousand petal Lotuses.

It is beyond my comprehension how humans can inflict such cruelty and horror

on other innocent people and on the infinity of natural, biological species in this

multi*dimensional conscious feeling * dreamtime * Cosmos

Fascinating the hearts and minds of Lovers

'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society' J. Krishnamurti

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Sociopathic Master Races

When she arrives, have an American flag on the door!”

God's fascist will sent us a tyrant like Hitler & Co.”

Digging their own graves and paid for the bullet!

An example to Slave populations! Imperial Model ~

Call to Courage to resist, could end in Ravensbruck,

a bullet in the back of her tortured, shrunken head. Bang!

WW.2.- 50 million people died, more civilians than military.

Explain how on Earth is this Madness allowed to happen?

Obedience to Perpetual War, let's Allow Symbiotic Energy!

Links to the ‘Salo Illuminati’ and all the other Inhumans.

Has a model of Darth Vader on his desk


On the Speeding Gravy Train

Pushing him to go ~ don’t make yourself a Slave.

It’s my life’ ~ ‘Live & let live’

Met another muse with Nile green fingernails, violet eyes.

Lost their conceptual piece on Hell” ~ flamenco foreplay.

Challenging the way you look at things’ try Ikebana!

Is there a Master Plan or is it all Intuitive flow?

Bom Bhole” ~ Ask a Fauve

Apple’s Crumbling try a Prana Yama Boccadillio

A friend with very ‘Special Needs’ ~ Creative without destructive!

Found El Dorado ~You go into eternity it becomes monotonous!

Going back to Zero, eating the Seeds looking at the manipulation.

It’s in the Dettol. 1000% guarantees in India. Believe in it or not!

The Monetary system is Controlling Governments, Corporations.

Rockefeller controls 20 of the biggest Pharmaceutical Companies!

The Twin Towers in their Crosshairs + Mutually Assured Destruction!

Who owns the Money? Who makes the money? Where’s it all gone?

Recycling Aluminium by-products into fluoride, sensitive toothpaste!

Conspiracy of ‘gotta get money at All costs’. Lying through their Teeth.

People need to see the crazy absurdity, to accept the present truth

beyond reason, of giving up ~ nothing really holds on anymore!

They’ll stop believing in the Institutions, sitting by Pushkar’s lake.

85% of people don’t want to hear the truth ~ it’s too Terrifying!

Pandas eating bamboo shoots, why not try a Uranium Spa?

Dropping E bombs over Jerusalem ~ A Totally Pirate shop!


Switching on Your Tree of Light

Love is all around’ ~ Depends how close you are to yourself!

Something’s going on, play of energies, synergies, let’s see.

What’s she doin’? ~ gettin’ stoned & gettin’ laid!”

You would Not say No”

I chased her out the Ward!”

You gotta be Strong to Survive there.

Balance Problem

That Qatif Girl’s Lips Are Sealed

Revealed, caught in the wake of a human rights’ disaster.

Sharia law keeping Riyadh executioners’ swords sharp

in this age of Blue tooth ~ seems medieval & Barbaric!

Male Predators getting away with Gangbanging a girl

in daylight & taking digital film on their mobile phones!

It certainly wasn’t meant to be like that was it, Prophet?

This Ordeal condoned by Saudi Arabian Misogynic life.

She was Raped and suffers more intolerable, cruel strife.

Ordered to have 90 lashes, up to 200 on appeal; Unreal!

Flogged by a prison official with a Koran under his arm.

The Judge of The Appeal Court said he’d give her Death.

Her brother tried to kill her for the family’s name shame.

A Woman’s crime under ‘Khalwa’ law, is of being outside

alone without a male relative ~ Guardian to oversee her!

You see she broke the ‘law on Mingling’ begetting evil.”

Demonised by a fanatic, intolerable Police ‘Commission

for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice!’

Authority using rape and torture to control a population.

It looks like the woman banged up in Sudan for calling

a teddy bear Mohammed got off too lightly; Screaming!

Many wanted her executed for blasphemy in God’s name.

Under Riyadh’ (Paraphrased, Wall Street Journal, 8/2011)

A Senior Saudi Cleric has issued a religious ruling making it

permissible for fathers to marry off their young daughters

even if they are in the cradle’ “But it isn’t permissible for

their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable

of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

That Shariah religious ruling now called a Fatwa decreed by

Sheik al-Fawzan acting for prepubescent girls and Islamic men.

Those who are calling for a minimum age for marriage should

fear God and not violate his laws or try to legislate things God

did not permit” Men can have up to four wives if they can be fed.

The King’s suggestion that ‘Women should now be allowed to

work as supermarket cashiers, only for the job to be ruled off

limits to the gender by the Grand Mufti, the country’s highest

religious leader. Women can’t work, drive or be allowed to

travel abroad or undergo surgery without the permission of

a male relative. The clergy have stood behind the Kingdom’s

ruling family by issuing fatwas barring political protests while

the government appears to back off promoting social changes’

Where does Saudi Arabia stand in the modern family of nations?

Talking to the wall ^ WMD of a Swine flu!

Just remember who you are!” “Who are You?”

The behaviour of cunning NWO criminal minds.

We’re drugging your blood stream ~”

Keeping you distracted from REALITY.

Projecting y/our Perception of Cosmica.

Feeling the waves of Hallucinations ~


Industrial Scale of Brainwashing Bro!

Let them believe you are hypnotized”

Just remember who you aren’t”

Thanks for paying attention”

And Who Are You, Darling?”



All Along the Dick Cheney Pipeline!

Went to War ~ 90% of Global production of Opium is for Heroin!

Ever heard of the Russell Trading Co; Corporate front of Raiders,

which is their Principal business? A Conglomerate revolution?

The 8 richest people have a greater wealth than the poorest

3 billion people; Sorry please repeat; 3 Billion fellow humans!

Is Brown brothers & Harriman the largest Private Investment

Bank in the World?’ Who are you giving your money to?

Ambassador Frequency

Everything has been captured and enraptured in Sunlight’

Stopped the Carnival for making too much noise in Anjuna!’

The Inquisition Never Sleeps’ ~ Climbing the Wall of Energy,

Vibration ~ “They don’t hunt and kill for Pleasure like we do.”

It’s all about FEELINGS ~ in your Morphic * Resonance Field

Cosmic will always throw it for you because your hand is Open”

Being able to overcome all the Obstacles in my Life!”

We can become HAPPY within Ourselves”

Transforming Yourself ~ Eternal Bliss.


Where is our Saviour?

No military importance blown to smithereens, collateral damage!

Just another brutal horrendous massacre, see it every day on TV.

How about Y/our human instincts? Who is realising these facts?

Living with No Hope and Full of Fear, believing it, is killing us!

Another visionary trip or delusionary propaganda of the Chaos.

No salvation for those arriving on another unromantic Slave Ship!

She exists on the edge of Hades, full out of Control, chained spirits.

Escaped its bedlam for nights out at the Coliseum crack cat house!

Death of a young Satyr ~ his emotions spread all over the ground.

No time to frolic, just been given a golden light cellular healing.

Erotic investigation of thoughts ~ Enhancing poetic imagination.

Mellow Drama * Mellow Prana


The Inhumanity of ‘Legal’ Personal Land Mines!

In the course of your duty you may have the luck to run into

contact with the enemy, the Anti-Christ; Kill every one of them fuckers!”

Now is the time to perfect a total war economy’ Mr. Global Financier.

Controlling all Technologies +/- ~ Why have you got Illegal weapons,

murdering Magnums, Killing Drones, A Bombs, Kali’s Transmutation?

Who sold them illegal Thermite Explosives? Justice for All coming in!

The Advisers of the Advisers, in that game of Fake Snake oil, Sheik.

They need to be in a Maximum Prison lock-up down in the swamps”

Individualized Perception of a supremacist God is the American dream!

S21 Bus & Our Public Servants

The wise lament neither for the living or the dead’. Bhagavad Gita, Ch 2.11

Expect nothing and everything is good enjoying the completely unexpected.

Reflecting it for You; a Gift for going through with it ~ basically your fine tuning.

We’re all being led around by the nose into the Killing Fields, fully hypnotised!

Trespassers will be executed’ stay in the shade darling.

I know what the Law is and it’s on my side... I am FREE

It’s Your World Not their World, you can do anything you want.

Claim your life otherwise they will. No joinder, ‘I am signing this under duress!’

Statutes and Regulations are being used to abuse you of your natural rights!

Have I committed a crime, broken any natural Not commercial law officer?”

You’ve taken an Oath, your duties and responsibilities to protect my rights”

A deception, stopped unlawfully by PC. Plod who has No jurisdiction.

You gotta stand up for your rights as a King. ‘As God is my witness!’


Poisoning Relations

All the extended cousins turned out on the balcony for the fly past!

People dressed up from the Job Centre, not a real Roman Legion!”

Same time Aung San Suu Kyi is accepting her Nobel Peace Prize.

A Soul Prisoner under house arrest; took her 15 years to get free!

Sharing her experience ~ enlightening discourse on Human Rights

What’s Your Name?

Khush Trance Baba’s got the spirit of ten ~ hopping semen!

Oh! I Love your eyes, charming with no intention to disguise…

Getting to learn what they need to know; We’re in heaven here,

just to know there’s a hell existing ten minutes down the road!

Let’s make a new garden of Eden in the Primavera air waves.

We can make things to take us round the Solar system

but people still behaving like Neanderthals ~ Mutilation

cutting the clitoris out of a young girl to make her pure!

Imposed their barbaric will on your innocent daughters.

Don’t stone her because she’s wearing Victoria’s secret.

Influencing the traditions ~ Systems to change the Warring.

People don’t know it, tell the Truth it’s not in the main media.

Emigrated to an island ~ Reading between all the lines.

Swimming across the channel in an unofficial Burka.

If she wants to wear an invisible bikini ~ ‘Inshallah’

Casting her out onto the Razor wire!


How would you define a lipstick? Wanted to display her beauty ~

Looking in a tin mirror, reflection ~ shining amongst all that poverty.

Distracted by Image, I want some of that! The Rolls Royce of Acid.

The Uppers, downers, sleepers, leapers, Dexies, Purple Hearts!

Blind man tasered by Police, ‘we apologise for any inconvenience’

Desperate Alice going down a rabbit hole, “eat me, drink me etc….

and people from humble backgrounds who become magically rich!

Singaporean Robotic trees, I’m more for the feelin’ than meanin’

I don’t care, I live in Goa, let the World go on its own course!”

What can I do, I’m just spreadin’ my love

S L A V E B R O K E R #9

Fight for your chapatti and tell her to Fuck Off! Can’t do that.

At least You can look yourself in the face and carry on!

Battering each other’s brains in a fight to the DEATH!

He Owns Him ~ How many Slaves do you Possess Lord?

And what’s her name? “She’s Bewilder, an Afro American Alien.”

Coded Receipt; She’s black, female, Slave from another Continent!

From a jungle village, across rivers, mountains, valleys, Oceans!

What happened to all your own Indian tribes and sacred Buffalo?

Unburdened by DNA. floating in your genes from out of Delirium.

She is my Sole Private Property; I have a correct bill of sale!”

She’s Your Slave Mr!” ~ ‘LIBERIAN BLACK SALE’

All the finest Specimens to do with whatever you so desire.

What will you have me do Master?” Whipped her black ass!

Genocidal charade on parade


They Killed the Power

Not a drop of blood was wasted at a Public execution!

Groomed to be in the Royal household. “Bend over ~”

Threw out the Tyrant, waiting for the next one to arrive!

The Rule of subjects ~ excluding all women and slaves.

Creating confidence in her so she may grow to Love him.

There’s letting go of all worldly distractions ~ turning inward.

Don’t need another foreign Invasion, this is my Temple!

Free ~ to be Spiritual, to have Inner Peace.

Water is connecting the emotional ~

Satyagraha Trench

Shouted to subvert, rebel with Soul Force, use your power to

transform not convert. The Machine knows best is its slogan.

What about spontaneity ~ fateful destiny, gravity, serendipity?

How about disordering structures, models for paradigm shifts?

Attuning to the true ireality needs a revolution of Love Magic ~

Essential, irrational, right side polarity of non dualistic dynamos.

Throw all those logical nincompoops, turds into the silicon bath.

Worldly Mind pattern of Power and control over other usurpers.

Terrified to let go, you conscript us into your schizophrenia.

Forward lads over the barricades, under the wire; FIRE!!”


Extremely Censored

Who’s protecting Bradley Manning’s 1st Amendment of Free speech?

Centaurs erect with a large Trident pointing it at Lucifer’s Evil eye’

K VISUALS ~ “I couldn’t fall off the floor, I just sat there…!”

You know you’re not sheeple in a stupor, you’re a shepherd!”

No sheep in India, full of harpsichords; so many stupid people take

themselves too seriously ~ your Auto-immune system’s Reactions!

Have you got to meditate to be Buddhist? Don’t cost anything?

The myths within Psycho analysis ~ then he found himself!


A Night of Paranoia

Gratuitous Violence begets Collateral Murder!

I’m not a revolutionary I’m a way of life”

Are you a lump of meat?”

We are Transcendental!

Sadhguru Truth In Confusiopolis

No Religion ~ No Dogma, no separation, dividing-conquering!

Finding it the way it works for you. The future is a joke.

Here’s my story” ~ See what the Universe provides.

Hybrids of Pachamama mixed with Union Vegetalis.

Place on the edge of a Jungle with all the Ayuhuasca

you can drink! A full re-emerging into Shakti’s Divinity.

Fear of letting go ~ is the fear of letting go ~ of this life,

Mind, body thing; Off the grid * that was some amazing Illusion!

Permaculturist DMT. aficionados ~ fluttering with Mariposas in bliss.

The more people putting out Positive Propaganda the better. “YES!”

Don’t give up just because they seem to Control most of the Media.

Dissolving together ~ burning together on the sacred fire!

Maintaining the energy in the Space ~ Psychedelic valley.

The oil is black, the soil is alive, look at it ~ it’s nature.

And we’re it and it’s Perfect


Terror & Control Your Highness

Feeling naked without his briefcase, carrying the nuclear codes.

Okhrana spies on every step; “Shut Parliament, I AM the Tsar!”

Who do you believe in Caesar? Where is the divine spirit living?

Informers everywhere no one trusts anyone’ ~ All for the Power!

Open Mind at the Pleasure Palace

I’m actually doing it; you think you can do it, Fuck off!”

Voice over ~ Realization of the Prison your mind can be in!”

You wouldn’t get a fuck out of me if I was reading a good book.

Fucked up Mentality I don’t wanna know their silly prejudices…

No time to make Love, too busy making her deadline!

For fuck sake calm down, shut up and choose a place.


Too much Toxicity!

100 cacao beans bought an Aztec a slave,12 for a courtesan’

What is in the eye of your mind? He’s lost his grip on reality!

Some kind of Revolutionary ~ wrestling with my conscience.

Damn them all!’ This is our Holy range of Sacrificial gowns...

What’s happened to being Innocent until proven to be guilty?

Exaggerating the Ideological war on a bloody chopping block.

Exaggerating cultural, gender divides, dropped a 5-ton concrete

block on her head for their adultery; Forbidden to throw stones!

I think I’m in Love” ~ I don’t want any misunderstanding & pain


Sweet Tawaf * Is it about Empowering Me? OK!

Kissing the black vulva of the Goddess ~ Objective of ritual ecstasy!

All*lat worshipping at her pagan cubist shrine ~ in bright Sunshine.

Directed Energy Weapons’, not the humiliation of gettin’ busted!

Admitted, Jordan used torture but not as much as they used to”

Economy Tanked!

The man at the Top > Who lives, who dies, who is put in chains?

Going to War as the most powerful, righteous, national Identity.

$350 million a day in Afghanistan ~ Bombing rocks & civilians!

Immolation still common, barbaric practices on innocent women.

Found wreckage of a British Slaver ~ all were thrown overboard.

Distant ghostly figures on the shore ~ seeping into a misty ocean.

How about that, a tyrannical Mindscape, officially legalized murder!

SLAVERY is thriving ~ What is the Genesis for a human rebellion?


Collateral Murder’

Post anti-fascism war ~ dire Poverty swept onto Venetian shores.

Who’s against the abuse of Power, challenging Official Diktats?

Accepted belief that the media is working for the public good?

Accepted belief that Government is working for the public good.

Accepted belief that business is regulated for the public good.

Absolutely untrue, it’s fake, it’s ALL corrupt, deadly, false view.

Psychological warfare from Y/our cradle to grave manipulation.

Breaking down totalitarian manias for one dimensional meaning.

Be truly creative, interdependent, multi*dimensional perspectives.

Appearance’ & ‘Neo Realism’ ~ Life keeps changing & so do we.

Beyond words, expressing this nature ~ human*omni*bio*diversity

In the End!

They love it the slaves, watching the Tsar, the Queen, those with

lots of diamonds on; Palace waltzing, you’re frozen in a Tin mine!

Go in the name of God & St George & make havoc on the poor!”

Is there absolutely no empathy in the hearts of the Plutocracy?

A Tyrant’s Cossacks Murdering his own people!

What if the bleeding doesn’t stop?”

Megalomaniac couple at the Top.

Hyper Paranoid about their Sins.

They’re all gonna get shot….

Wielding Autocratic Power

Another fuckin’ Massacre!

I am the only Survivor!”

January 29th 2001, General Pinochet’s arrest ordered; let’s see!

Dumping bodies in the Ocean, she’d been ‘Incorrect Politically’

Where else can Torturers retire in such dignity? Try Miami!

Need to heal Collective Memory ~ Chilly Karmic generations.

Army supports today Institution of Dictatorship v Extradition.

Spotlighting his fascistonista sympathizers. Paying for his 5*

defence, legal posturing, Government speeches, rich lobbying.

Politicians tell Court to let him go free; In Our National Interest!

The Law’s an ass. ‘He’s incapable of standing trial, unstable, ill

making fantastic claims of having Alzheimer’s is their strategy.’

His shame, why? ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ ~ ‘the Telephone!’

Agreement of Immunity Against International Justice, a bad joke!

Dina’s’ still in Power, now heads the Police Intelligence; Chills!

Military giving themselves Amnesty while wiring up her Vagina.

Denouncing this Injustice, they called it the ‘Kitchen’ of Torture!

Salle de Tortura’ - Metal beds, loud music to cover screaming.

Proof from Exhumed bodies: forensics with no teeth for justice.

Mass graves, ‘the Caravan of Death’ with many small children.

Indicting, ‘Senator for Life’ no escaping, blaming subordinates.

Tortured at the Air Force base, the infamous Villa Grimaldi.

I was someone Tortured every day and night for 3 months,

blood stuck to her body.” Is this Insane? “Forced to watch

the slow death of a young boy beaten to death with chains!

The Grill’, the hangings, the drugs ~ ‘the dry submarine’…

Torturers practiced Karate on his spine ~ cutting his penis!

Psychologically deepest scars; Inhuman yet Britain Failed

to Lift the immunity. He’d left a long trail of blood & Agony!

Evidencia: “Companeros’ screams of Pain hardest to heal;

I knew they’d torture her, Unimaginable things for a soul.”

Waiting for the shocks and the beatings ~ “We’ll be back!”

So much pain but she can still be happy ~ “I survived!”

And my children will be proud because, I am still Alive”


Buy Bye’ (www.thecorporation.com) Corporate Core Virtues?

A Corps creating Wants ~ Imposing the Philosophy of Futility!

Using the delusion ‘Manufacturing Our Consent’ Dividing & .....

The Sciences of Exploitation, Usurpation, Privatisation, Privation!

Ego not Eco, Psychopathic Characteristics of a Conglomeration!

Zombie’s Mindset Inventing Seeds that will destroy themselves!

Producing ‘suicidal genes’ desperate for a Paradigm change!

Sustainable, Commerce/Permaculture or a Global Plunderer?

Creating things for Destroying us ~ Monsanto’s Agent Orange.

Codex, Nuclear Waste, heating up the Pathology of Commerce.

Every life support system in the World is in Terminal Decline!’

THE SYSTEM IS DOOMED; Waking up, to a Terrible Legacy!

Targeting the Mindless, alienated consumers, cynical customers.

Disseminating Nice guy image but essentially Ripping us All off!

Cute Façade but Making an Economic War, fuckin Social Mess.

And another Invasion ~ of our Minds, 24/7 Slaves in Sweatshops.

Poisoned Food Chains; Identified as the Good Consumer Citizen.

An Industry spending $12 billion on kid’s Advertising! Why?

Brainwashing ~ Initiative of PSYCHOlogists; Development of ..

their Vulnerabilities ~ Manipulations all for moving PRODUCT.

A New Association with China, World Bank and IMF. Oligarchs!

Corrupt Kleptocracies have taken over, making Our Public Policy!

Advertising a way of Lifestyle, their own ‘Perception Management’

Helping Monopolies have a Voice and Branding Public Space.

Now Top conglomerations are Prosecuted for ANTI-TRUST Violations.

Nice to their Slaves; Lower wages, No Social conditions, Pollution etc.

The Corporate Institution ~ has Created a Monstrous Tyranny. GMO’s,

DDT’s Hazardous Defects! Cancer/epidemics/environmental disasters!

Industry is trivializing all the health risks of Synthesised chemicals.

Puppets of Powerful Aspirations ~ Every Resource is Up for Grabs!

Who bears Responsibility? Carbon Credits Purposely run at a LOSS!

One day everything will be owned by somebody…”

Life’s Not an Invention of Corporations.” Who said that?

Spread Em * Expose Em’

Keeps making it up, Freedom to have no thought, force fed by a Matrix!

How can you quantify your life’s journey ~ in experience, in allowance?

All the insider Satanists invested in unnatural irradiated Biotech stocks.

Praises the laurels of Genetically modified papadams not Panjandrums

as Safe to eat; “I gave it to my wife and children!”

Nothing to regenerate so she slipped away!”

All we can do is transcend the swamp”

by being in the stillness ~ in its Silence.

Feeling it really doesn’t matter, spiritually.

You’ll get out ~ If you struggle you’ll sink!

She’s the least restrained Indian I ever met”

Describing natural Instincts in empty spaces ~

Knowing the tree’s deva energy of a sacred wood.

It reveals Spirit ~ wild horses talking to the Babylonian’s.

Protesting the destruction of their lovely environment...

by unsympathetic humans in giant metal caterpillars!

Chopping down the last ancient Oak. WHY?

Almost like Magic those horses knew ~

Makes you cry!

Obama Nation of Desolation

Worshipping the Black Cube of Saturn.

God said let there be light and there was ~

Archonic brood of Vipers coming up from Hell.

Abominations in the synagogue; Temple of Satan’.

Chief exorcist says, ‘the Devil is living In the Vatican’.

Cabal, Council of 33, Illuminati Power in the heart of US.

Believe in yourself, in the light Spirit of divine wo/man


In the Mecca of America

Secret societies, Freemason’s Rites, Sociopathic elites,

International Eastern Star, Pentagrams, Satan’s Pattern.

From ancient Egyptian to the Roman God of Time worship,

Set of evil, war, dark forces, chaos, devastation and hellfire!

Coming from the Tabernacle of Rephan, Moloch, Baal, Baphomet

Horned Cernunnos, the Wicked Man, sorcery on a Globalised scale.

Ask Elijah, Ezekiel 8 v9, look in the Bible, Kabbalah, Revelations 3 v9.

All are profanities filled with the blood of innocents, burning your children.

Sacrificing your sons and daughters as offerings in rooms full of false Idols!

Violence, ‘They profess to know God but their deeds deny him.’ Titus 1 v16.

They are the sons of destruction and lawlessness, the Antichrist revealed.

Where is *the Spirit* in the *hearts of wo*men co*existing*

Psysick Ward

I’m too fucked up, give me the poison that I love”

In front of you is a Torture machine…..!”

Do you know what a vicious circle is?”

Numptees, firing 50 Katoucha Rockets at you willy nilly!!!”

Puts his soul in his pregnant girlfriend as he’s dying, moving thru Tokyo!’

Being, doing impossibilities * “I do” ~ the whole thing is like an Acid trip...

Beside Ma Ganga, Varanasi, surrendering! “I do”, drinking Shiva’s magic!

Wearing feathers, “I can’t wear leather if I don’t eat meat.”

He paid his death duties in advance avoiding any stress!”

Fanaticism gets you nowhere ~ ‘This Is for Everyone’


Anti – Gravity * Serendipity!

I’m not gonna get any trouble from Babylon, Am I?”

The doctor told him that ~ “passion was endangering his life!”

Conceptual Tomatoes cloned to death, with no natural essences.

An amazing sky, last thing to see before going ~ into angel’s dust.

It’s everything to do with empty Space ~ with an Opening Channel!

No Thinking ~ I’m dreaming the dream, playing the main character

In the middle of a monstrous hill of banana bullshit; Full on Chaos!

Could be worse! Worse than dead? Let’s have Peaceful Wisdom.

Just go with feeling ~ Minding Conscious SPACE, enjoys smiling.

The Light of Love Coming Shining Through’ ~ All Together in you.

The Space between the words is the feeling ~ don’t need any words.

* Feeling the feeling ~ speaking for Itself ~ Abstract Expressionism *

Turmeric Moon

They all want a fair bride ~ An Intact Hymen, a healthy womb!

We’ll take your daughter to the doctor and see she’s healthy”

Trying to figure out your innocent wife who was given to you

with a dowry; to love and cherish forever in honour and Trust.

She carried the smell of Jasmine and you battered her to death!

Who do you think she really is in relationship to you in this Universe?

Coming with a lifetime guarantee from Shakti.

How to tell you without it sounding too blasé!

If you’re stupid enough to break your heart ~

She seemed like a devoted pragmatist to me!


Ugly, Fat & Old UFO’s

Heard two Ketamine Twins, foaming at the mouth, doing blueys!

Everyone else was trippin and I was MDMA*mazed!”

If I can’t dance to it then I’m not going to play it!”

What’s goin’ on in the back of their heads is a mystery!

Just caught the biggest Jellyfish off the coast of Japan

Radioactivity made them all flipping, clicking Hot Tuna.

Killed all Aquatic life ~ get your head around that!

She was the Chief Slaughter man’s daughter…

The brightest light makes deepest shadows’

And had to be revived

Duality Tax’

Free ~ being in a flowing stream of Universal Consciousness.

Man, Prisoner of a Job. Yes or No, Real or Unreal or Surreal?

No one telling me what to do; What’s a Right or Wrong song?

How to think more consistently, Mindless violence or Kindness?

Do you feel Victimised? 3000 new laws under Labour’s Authority

in 10 years; 10 times more than in the previous 100 years!

Prisoner of Bank Credit Card debt, jealousy and Economy.

Prisoner of a disability, addiction, subconscious sensation.

Prisoner of Ego, disease and Pain, desire my name is DNA.

Prisoner of a Biometrical ID; Paranoia and Political Coercion.

Prisoner of Illusions, fear, lies, distortions, negatives, denials.

Prisoner of corruption, Ignorance and your Un/willing senses.

Prisoner of Memories that will not let go even in my dreaming.

Prisoner of Programmed Identity, competitive, matrix cultures.

Prisoner of some Holy land, just infinite grains of blowing sand.

Prisoner of mother nature’s temperament ~ Free to be inspired.

Prisoner of time & space ~ free by the Grace of your sweet kiss.

Take a lovely trip, have a café latte turn off your 50,000V. Tasers!

Talkin’ ‘bout getting back to that Garden…

We Can Still Be Friends”

What does it mean to have Individual consciousness ~

Bringing Christ down to Earth ~ thru the Inspirational Gate.

With a Sense of Mind ~ Self, creating a beautiful Mosaic.

Capturing the Social energy ~ the Mystical vernacular.

Found himself in front of a Crucifiction, all very surreal!

Who wants to inherit this Toxic dump * of Planet Earth?

He once was a Master of Mass persuasion ~ confusion;

Worships a Fuhrer who was a Megalomaniac and You?

It’s all an Illusion being played on the stage of your Mind

which is being witnessed by your infinite consciousness ~

Frescoes representing the power of Images as y/our Reality!

Confronting delusions with more contradictions ~ for an answer!

Why are you denying your body senses, flagellation of Thought,

to comply with suffering not the ecstasies of vital, flesh dualities?

They have No feeling ~ human empathy, oblivious to the radiance.

Hell on Earth ~ unless you’re transcended in the here * now.

Healthy Mind ~ Healthy Body” shining in the Spiritual eye.

Being All In the multi * dimensional Oneness



War on Terrorism’

War for Terrorism’

War Is Terrorism!’

Forget about Terrorism we’re now melting, being in the Love”

It’s who is doing the medicine!” ~ Hearts & Eagles in the fire!

Fucking Up People’s Codes

TV. Chill out, Brainwashing, Conditioning, Scrambling your Mind!

Sucks your energy, makes you a couch potato, tells you to believe

what they say, made it interactive ~ “Tell us all ‘bout your Inner self”

You’ll have to be very underground! Dystopian, FEAR PROGRAMS.

The Judge will be a big Mother-Board; What do they want from us?

Awareness is equanimously feeling the Space that the FORMS are in’

Decide which Identity to feed y/our mind, to react with such a behavior!

The Indian President educated himself on a railway platform.’

Different motivation, intent is reality ~ a missile is not a rocket!

Teaching ‘Computer Hacking’..... 10000R in Bombay, to kids.

Space*ships have to TRANSCEND ~ we’re going to other Planes.

This or that hallucinogenic galaxy, another Cosmic comic book…

That’s one view of the future but the future doesn’t exist ~

We all got a free choice but soon there won’t be with ID. #s.

Government controls choice ‘To be chipped or not to be chipped?’

Then they’ll know everything about You ~ Scanning everyone’s ~

See you in virtual reality, Your whole Life meta Data, Profile potential.

Now tell us this! They’ll even know if you are telling the Truth or not!

A blip on a screen*Exact Locationing, never getting lost in the jungle!



Injuries consistent with a Tiger attack!’

The Vatican, Biggest arms sellers; who’d like constructive criticism?

The Carnival Is Over” ~Take off the red shoes and red horns Baba!

Kissing the feet of an Imprisoned Moslem woman; Why do it now?

Flicking a forked Tail. “You never know how the Malai Kofta will be!”

Armageddon’s Trauma

Friendly fire’ the Canadians lost 600 at Caen ~ made it into a ruin!

War Hero’s nerves ~ constant fighting no respite! Who set this up?

I’ll never forget it, 15,000 killed or wounded in his first fire fight!

You can get Killed any second ~ their children can be mutilated!

Resolved ~ Unquestioning obedience to authority and hierarchy!

Worshipping the foremost Patron saint of soldiers at the Cenotaph!

This is Classified; For your eyes only. Telling each other Top secrets!


You Just Know It In the Heart and Are Connected

Fluoride Pills for Pregnant women at Your local Eugenics Farmacy!

National Anthems ~ Brainwash Us More! “Who is Ruling this Earth?”

Went to the Department of Official Propaganda; Orwellian Section 4.

Looking for a Mental landscape to bang my head against; Or Not!

The more you know the more painful it is!” Really? Until it lets go ~

Take my sister home with you she’s got nowhere to stay tonight!”

They’re passing out on MDMA. ~ I’m high as a kite on Cannabis oil!

Let me die for my Emperor!” Who’s that nutter High on “Banzai”?

But the Spirit’s always there ~ Your MIND becomes the Channel

for you to become a butterfly ~ to be a bird and fly with the birds.

A feeling of Peace flowing through it, nice makes you feel Aware.

Looking just there as a Human being ~ You’re born Free

and then they CONDITION-Control, Master-You,

Breaking your Spirit ~ taming a wild horse!

Guwahati, Assam’. Guardian p14. 16/7/2012

Indians have expressed horror at video footage of a teenage

girl being sexually assaulted by a laughing mob of more than

twelve men in a busy street outside a bar in NE India. No one

intervened for up to 45 minutes during the attack which was

filmed by an off-duty journalist and a cameraman from News-

Live channel. The footage was broadcast on news channels

prompting a debate on women’s safety in India and asked why

the journalists didn’t intervene. Police have been criticized

over their initial indifference towards the attack which

took place just minutes from the nearest Police station!

The attack has highlighted the dangers of being a woman

in India. A global poll last month voted India the worst G20

country for women, behind even Saudi Arabia. India’s national

commission for women said that the teenage victim had been

treated like an animal and had cigarette burns all over her body.’

This is another example of the grotesque treatment of women.

A woman executed by the Taliban for adultery, put on internet!

There’s long lists of inhumane treatment of women, of so called

honor killings’, to forced marriages of teenage girls in Pakistan,

to the Qatif girl who was gang raped but ordered by a court in

Saudi Arabia to be given 200 lashes for the crime of ‘mingling.’

A Christian girl was framed by a Moslem imam for burning pages

of the Koran for which the penalty is death! Even more barbaric

examples are the mass raping of Moslem women, estimated to be

20,000, as a militarily condoned ‘objective’ during the horrendous

1990’s fascist war in Bosnia, and the sex slave and torture prisons!

Headlines: Another massacre of civilians including children,

taken off the bus in Houla, Syria, shot dead ~ as seen on TV!

So little can be done against the carnage’ an eye witness said.

A new massacre, 13 workers found, ashes in a fertiliser factory.


Not Poor ~ PURE!

Too High * 3000 signals happening to you in any moment!

Price of Globalisation ~ Chemtrails poisoning a clear sky!

Individualised Programming for the Greedy Self -Therapy.

Having a Panic Attack in the Mind!

I don’t Trust Doctors anymore!”

I got BOOBS too ~ Look at me!”

Replacing metal for Ceramic fillings…

Biodegradable, smart, non-fluoride teeth!


Free to Rome

Contaminated Paella Bonds. Topsy Turvy Defaulting, web links.

Demanded their money from an emptied vault; Thick as thieves!

Predatory lenders IOU’s as good as Gold! Who do you believe?

Thrive, Corporation, Zeitgeist, Adbusters, alternative networking’.

Greed, weakness at the heart of an insane, Profligate Euro Zone.

People who come from very Impoverished backgrounds wear?

Insane Hyper-debt, Corrupt Banksters, Political criminals’ lobby.

Another systemic Corporate Raid, Ignorant, autocratic Predators.

Check out ‘Inside Job’, they’ll make you fight for every fuckin’ cm!

Elites, Cryptocrats, Plutocrats wanting control of World’s New Order

Too Pissed to Pay

Don’t Fuck with the rare Elephants!’

They’re gentle unless they get drunk ~

Attacked by an Emu, in an Indian Zoo.

I don’t eat anything from the sea ~”

You touch it and something happens.

Fukushima Aliens being evacuated!


Blasphemy from the Dark Ages

Pagans enraptured by the scent of Jupiter’s arse; Branded DNA.

Ayatollah State of Iran ordered Muslims to kill blasphemer Salman.

Employ everything you got to send him to Hell!’ Self-destructive

frame of Mind; terrorism from the mosque to freedom of thought.

Satanic Verses’ ~ publicly burned in Bradford! A city in England!

Violence begets Violence mate.” Having a Fatwa in Lancashire.

Vilification, Freedom of speech not allowed in this country again.

A Heretic, ‘When in Wigan do as our Ahmed not as the Wigan’s’

or you’ll be condemned to death, filleted his throat by a chippie!

Their honor ruined his life, murdered for the insult and the shame.

Buddhists can talk about anything even God ~ Human solidarity.

Fundamentalism gone mad, strict rules, burnt as a meat pie Love.

More Inquisitors in the name of Religion still torturing the ‘infidels’.

Separation & duality couldn’t make it to forgiveness & compassion.

The Sun & all celestial bodies revolving around the Earth or else!

They discovered the orbits of the stars but burnt their telescopes

tonight & are rampaging on the streets with other demagogues!


Why my dearest is this land so poor

we are good people, we work hard but…..

Is it true, are we inferior to those around us?

Look at me my dear one.

Our land was conquered many years ago

ever since I can remember there was always

some King or Lord telling us, oppressing us,

the way he thought was the best for himself.


Now should we take the blame for their misrule?

(as they will surely try and make us the guilty)

We love our land, it is they who exploited it!

These are the I M P E R I A L I S T S.

This poverty is not our devotion, hope and faith ~

but since I was a little child there have been those

Kings who wished to control all this beautiful land.


They used their power so that the spirit ~

of me, of you, of this wonder was ignorantly

repressed and destroyed so they could dominate

us and greedily live in their castle!

This poverty is not of me.

They have corrupted my love so that they could rule,

they have made us feel weak,

ashamed, guilty of our simplicity,

afraid to love ourselves.


How could I grow since from a child

they made me fearful, in dire poverty ~

Am I my true self or what they made me

so that they could have the Power?

Yes, my dearest, our land is beautiful

it could grow the most inspiring fruit, flora and fauna ~

giving us vegetables and healthy food, all of nature’s gifts.

We have lived too many days under the OLIGARCHS,

who imagine their wealth is completely ‘Natural’.

The land needs its freedom ~ a REVOLUTION.


My dear one, I remember a man who sang ~

that he loved the World, that he knew of lands

of amazingly colourful flowers, sacred trees,

birds and butterflies beside clearest waters.

How beautiful it could be in your land with love

he said, Not a land of Intimidation, Occupation!

I remember how much I loved these words

And how much I dreamed of change but

I would look at our land and despair.


How could I create such a garden?

I was so used to this reality of poverty

that I could not imagine much more ~

There was always the King up in his castle.

He psychologically dominated everything,

so that I could not think beyond this World

he had allowed for us but oh

how I wished and dreamed!


The man loved us and by this wished to show us how to

overcome the Imperialist and rebirth our natural beauty.

But we felt so dependent on the King,

we could not open the castle's door.

We gave the man no choice but to leave.

With tears in his heart

he promised that one day we shall be free ~

My dearest the King is still fortified in his castle

and we continue to be his subjects manipulated by our

inferior complex, until we can throw off this relationship

whereby our hearts have meekly accepted

his Lordly Superiority.

We are made the poorest in this Imperial affair.

They have taught us to deny our inner selves.


My dear one ~

When we love freely, not loving through fear,

when we are loved freely, not as a subject of

the Great Caesar and his army and pontiffs.

Then we will realise that we do share and that

we all do have a part of this Our Beautiful Land.


Spirit of hate & greed or Spirit of Bliss & Peace?

Spirit of Bill Gates or the Spirit of Socrates

Spirit of Rupert Murdoch or of Nelson Mandela

Spirit of George Bush or of Aung San Su Kyi

Spirit of Bin Laden or of Martin Luther King

Spirit of Machiavelli or of Leonardo de Vinci

Spirit of Tony Blair or the Spirit of Shakespeare

Spirit of Saddam Hussein or Spirit of Dalai Lama

Spirit of Christian or Moslem or any fanatics,

or the Spirit of John Lennon.

Spirit of the bomb, any bomb

or the Spirit of Love on the beach

Spirit of exploiting and destroying

everything and anything for Power

or the free Spirit of my loving, joyful,

beautiful, compassionate, Cosmic

Conscious child ~ Mudita


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past fifteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:

Smashwords: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/sunnyjetsun

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