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Trick or Treat
Spooky Tales
In Verse

By Tony Hibberd

Smashwords Edition

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© Tony Hibberd 2017



Clarion Call

Who are You

Night Must Come

Halloween Party Invite

A Stranger Comes Calling

Phantom of the Opera

The Death of Football

Way to Go

When Edgar Met Monty

A Happy Thought to Start the Day

Halloween Dinner Party

Halloween Dinner Party - Aftermath

Nursery Rhyme

My Love

Trust Me

The Party

Wyrd or What

The Castle


The Highwayman

LLangilligog Lake

The Last Post

What Was That

Peace and Quiet

The Presence

Spooky Alphabet

Blind Date

Are Your Days Numbered


Once Upon a Time

Halloween Night


Final words - In Memorium


Since the dawn of mankind and coherent language, there has been a propensity to tell stories. Storytelling was an incredibly important part of early human evolution. Passing on vital information and hard learned wisdom from one generation to the next.

Sitting around the campfires in caves within those primordial forests, where death and injury was a daily feature. What did our Neanderthal cousins do…

Invent demons, ghosts, monsters, halls of the dead and the occasional hero.

Since the invention of gas and electric light (the end of the dark ages), we have become less afraid and more in control of our environment. But at a certain time of year we still return to the old ways of entertaining with good willed fear. All Saint’s Eve. HALLOWEEN.

In this book Tony Hibberd carries on the tradition with over thirty very short stories written in light verse. So gather up a campfire and a few kin then become the Dark Bard for a night.

Alternatively, you can just enjoy it by yourself, (but bolt the doors and close the windows).


Clarion Call

Arise all you demons
Arise all you ghosts
Arise you dead sailors
From far away coasts

Arise all you spectres
Arise all you dead
Arise you foul zombies
Even those with no head

Arise all you golems
Arise all you fiends
Arise you fair succubae
And bring all of your friends

Arise all you devils
Arise all you fools
Arise you dread students
Or be late for Ghoul School

Who Are You

A man resides upon our stair
Unseen to me, but alway there
My daughter used to stand and stare
when five years old with golden hair

By him she’d sit and talk no end
Upon that stair around the bend
We thought him an imaginary friend
As a child at play will oft pretend

When friends of daughter saw him too
Uneasy feelings rose anew
Chance meeting, late night, on way to loo
Found daughter talking to you know who

I bent down to her, face to face
And took her in a fond embrace
Said, I see of this person not a trace
Says she, he stays forever in this place

My daughter grew up, he was not mentioned again
She seemed to forget it like an infant school game
But a shadowy area would always remain
Despite changing the light fittings again and again

The years have rolled by as surely they may
My four year old grandson came over to stay
He stood on the stairs at the end of the day
When questioned, he said, that man wants me to play

Fancy or ghost we may never know
Or perhaps, one day, to ourselves he may show
I wonder , for him does the time pass so slow
And what misdemeanor will not let him go

For prosperity’s sake I have put this to verse
In the hope that my family will remember his curse
My grandchildrens grandchildren I hope will converse
With the man on the staircase to whom this poem refers

Night Must Come

See me here on the edge of madness
Driven thus by thoughts of sadness
All dreams of hope abandoned me
Eyes now staring sightlessly

The sun behind the hill is sinking
Stock still, standing, deeply thinking
Care not if still here through the night
New hope perchance with morning light

Cloak of darkness now do surround
Sprite like mists do now abound
A distant sound, an eerie howl
The silent death swoop of an owl

The distant trees grey monstrous shapes
Lichens hang, misshapen drapes
The sibilant song of forest night
As I teeter on the edge of fright

The moon now risen, full silver light
Highlights now my precarious plight
No way to run nowhere to hide
My fears now rising like late spring tide

The midnight hour, it passes by
The nameless terror, it still stays nigh
My soul I would gladly sell
If escape I could from this darkened hell

Sleep, it will not come to be
For fear of what would come for me
The dew it falls as cold as ice
Cutting deep as scythes first slice

Why then do I face this all alone?
For past misdemeanours to atone?
Hope arises with sunrise glow
As local farmyard cock does crow

The morning comes, dismissing dread
Pleasant thoughts will fill my head
As scarecrow, now my job resume
No thoughts of tonight’s pending doom

Halloween Party Invite

Apparitions glide through the walls
Deep in the mists, the werewolf calls
Against the moon see flying shapes
Is that the wind that moves the drapes?

The night of dread is drawing near
So join us in a night of fear
Bring your kindred, kith and kin
October 31, let the rites begin

The fearful fun will start at eight
Survivors will all stay till late
A bottle proffered will make the brew
The Beast will light the Bar-B-Que

So wrap up warm in fancy dress
Cause you will feel the night’s caress
The heat of hell from garden fires
Reminders of the funeral pyres

A Stranger comes calling

The night of nights is drawing near
The eve of saints and unknown fears
Will’o the wisps again stalk the fen
Under baleful stares from wicker men
Hags on high, on brooms, backs bent
Are gathering now with foul intent

Dead man’s fingers push through the earth
Deadly nightshade pollutes the turf
Dread pale figures glimpsed in winding shrouds
As waxing moon cowers behind the clouds
All must Come they know not why
An annual web that traps the fly

Creatures of light have no domain
Only denizens born of brimstone and flame
The bells will peal with darkened hue
Just pray they do not toll for you
Cats, black as night avoid your way
Bats celebrate the death of day

The call to you is loud and clear
Come meet us on this night of fear
Join us in our fearful quest
Till late you'll find there is no rest
Experience sights o so macabre
Be sure to don appropriate garb

Fear is rising sweat so cold
Prepare as destiny unfolds
At unknown portal we knock and wait
Kind or cruel, It’s down to fate
The door slowly opens with an eerie creak
As we all shout as one now “Trick or Treat”!

Phantom of the opera

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