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Careless Memories: More Works Inspired by Duran Duran

Jen Selinsky

New Moon on Wednesday” and “New Sun on Wednesday” are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


~Flying, with nothing left

Of the earth, except for the

Elements that bind us together,

In this atmosphere.~


What did these people think;

Did they understand what you

Symbolized—why you have come to

Their homeland?

All part of their plan to help you

Out—(All a part) of integrated cultures.

Just what I am asking for,

Just what we need.

Now they are climbing into the

Pyramid of some ancient deity,

Transfixed, just like the children

Before them—

Going into an unknown destiny,

Hidden from the light.


Oh, I need you now!

So much to help me

Through this ordeal.

You have delivered me

Through so many perils—

So many unfavorable


What would you (do),

What would you suggest

For me?

Some who have endured

Trying times yourselves,

Your music had delved

Into my soul

And made me

Brave during

My weakest

Moments, made me realize

That I have

Substance, in spite

Of what I like to say.

I have to have that again,

At this very moment, so

That I do not hit my

Ultimate nadir.

Oh, carefree substance

For my soul!


Let flow words of comfort;

Let happiness again become

A part of my life

As it was, before, only weeks ago.

Yes, have everyone pray

That I am going to pull through—

Alone and unchanged.

Just these things intended to be;

I know what is supposed to

Happen in my life, and what

I fear to be the truth just

Has to be a lie!


You are always in some

Kind of danger.

This could be some explanation

As to why you carry so much value,

My elusive one, my rare jewel

Such a high mark, placed upon

Your forehead.

Use me as a shield in the way,

They shall not have you!

I proclaim my love as a sacrifice

For your safety, just as long as

You are mine!


She walks so aimlessly,

Hardly aware of the

Night's mystery.

Feet shuffle on the ground;

Down is so far away.

Slight winds brush her skin,

And the howling of a wolf

Makes her avert her eyes.

Promises unfolding, like the

Grass rolling out before each

New footstep.

Eyes narrow, focused, as she

Finds herself determined

To walk ahead to nothing

In particular.


Great waves

Crashing on the sand,

Trying to bring back

With them the precious

Grains of knowledge.

Lapping, lapping, until

They are finally drawn

Under the currents.

Tides become rich with

The greatest

Treasure on earth,

That some

Others cast aside

Or take for

Granted, not

Knowing that

They are losing

What humankind has been

Waiting to

Know, shortly,

The creation—

The beginning

Of their existence

What has enables us to

Advance so far and

Create foundations to

Bring us closer to God.


People tend to laugh

And make false accusations

About my obsession—the part

Of my life that is you.

But I don't care; I display

You in black and red

And speak much louder.

I'm a walking advertisement

Of all that makes me content—

That you have to offer,

And each new day gives me hope

That I will get to meet you

And tell you of the delight

That I feel in what you have

Given me over the last,

Few years.

*dedicated to Duran Duran



To get away

From all the pressures—

All the burdens

Of my work.

Today has

Seen it so that

I have climbed out to

The edge of my sanity.

I almost jumped, but,

Thankfully, I got away

And made it so that

I can escape from

This and enter into

My world of delight.

Running, as the music

Pumps into my head,

And I’m thinking,

I am free!

I am free from all the

Misery that has tried to

Take me for ransom.

Legs jetting out

Into the world

(Like) an unstoppable train,


For no one.


Make me melt

Into the sun

And blend into

The cool waters

That call my name

For an oh so

Refreshing invitation.

God knows that

I've earned it, and

I will make it so

That every savory

Moment shall last

In my memory, when

Trying to recall the

Decision in my mind—

The decision that changed

My life!


Could it be that he

Has the potential

To recall these days

As well?

Oh so long ago,

But nothing compared

To the grand scheme

Of things.

I knew that it would

Come back to this,

But I wasn't sure when,

Though my poor head

Suffers for nostalgia

And hopes to reenact

Every living moment.


You always

Wanted to take me

By the hand

And lead me on

Some fascinating


Now, here's your chance

To do all that you

Wish for your claim.

You know that I get

Turned on by such fame

And what it has to offer,

But I really admire your

Brain and how it matches

Your superb appearance.

What else have I to say?



I am always

In the mood for your heat,

No matter the time of year,

Or the pending situation.

Just throw your goodness

Around me and watch

It radiate all over

My skin, just like the water,

That comes from a good

Intensive session.

It feels the same, and it

Always makes my body

Yearn for the greatest touch

Known to man (woman in my case)

On the entire planet!


When you try to resurrect

Something that has not

Reached me for a time,

I can feel the happiness

Come alive in my heart,

Waking my brain!

Though others may not

Realize it, only you truly

Drive me insane!

Because, every time you

Collide into me, it feels

Like the very first time!



More power to you!

To make it stir

In my blood that

It may flow downstream.

In every human creature

Lies an animal, just dying

To break through and

Express itself in such

A sinuous fashion.

Squirming on the ground—

Tongue ready to grab

The unsuspecting prey.

You are, by far, the best

Catch of the day!

*dedicated to Simon LeBon


Bring me back to happier times,

Times that don't make me

Worry about the darkness,

Seeping out from within.

So young, so careless, this

Is how the world should

Remember you!

My cherubs, my angels of

What is left good in my mind,

In this world.

We can take ourselves back,

Take myself back a little to

Catch up with you.

No one can laugh at us then

Because they will not know

All those things between the ages.


Blustering cold;

I can feel her hands

On my skin, as the man

Drives away w/ me

In the backseat.

Echoes outside my windows;

Only one person

Remains on my mind.

How far off, I don't know;

I can't find out all these


Little by little, I feel it’s

Too late…for civilization.

I don't think that I was

Meant for this time.


Backing away,

A friend of mine

Helped me to fail to

Understand your logic

And all the pretty

Territory within your mind,

In their minds.

Not that I can condone

Or condemn this kind of


You are so beautiful for

Making such an open

Statement, but some fear

That you have taken it

Too far, to say the words

From your old song.

Pleased to know that

My heart still beats

In prayer for you,

In hopes that your actions

Are not considered all that

Bad in front of He who matters

The most.

Please take this

Small advice and

Hold it close

To your heart


My dears, why must you

Hold such a grudge for something

That has passed with the turning

Of every year?

Oh, I would hate to know

That this has upset you so

Very deeply because you are

Most precious to my foolish mind—

My heart all a flutter and crushed

To know a bit of your alleged defeat.

If only I could hold you now,

I could console you and tell you

That things are going to be

All right for you and the

Rest of your time.

A shame, this much I cannot do,

Even if I manage to climb into

Your lives and let you know

Of all your deeds, so sweet.



Or fear

Of something new,

Whatever you

Would like to call

The chaos.

From you, to the

Music media,

To my ears.

Now I realize that you

Are a part of something

That lets me know

Of my happiness,

Whenever played into

My head.

It has just

Been so different,

But you have made the

Change all so

Good, and I do not

Have to fear the inevitable.

So long, you

Have managed

A hold on me

For all this time

One could know to make

Themselves proud!


River's flowing

Into the sea

Of corruption—

All the sins of those

Living in this

Urban downtown.

People walk by, not

Even aware that they

Were born with souls,

Greeted by the other

Hollow faces on the streets.

They hear a vague warning,

But they do not know how to

Decipher it in all this

Disorganized pandemonium,

Never allowing

For anything outside

This terrible way

Of life.


I can feel it, I have always felt it,

The new blood that will rise

In my veins and cause victory to

Reign again, your sweet victory,

Your fine words.

I have always wanted this for you

As you have wanted it for yourself—

This is going to be a great awakening!

My darlings, you deserve every ounce

Of happiness you receive.


Such a tease, the words rolling

Off your tongue—I had these

Things running inside me ever

Since you came into my life.

So, you see some kind of

Elusive characteristic in me that

Invokes so much more than a

Fond feeling?

Ah! I think I know the secret

To your game; now you are

Going to be caught!

This, easily, is the sweetest

Victory of my toils…


What do you find as heaven,

Please tell me all that you

Have heard—do not leave out

Any, small word!

Perhaps, my exuberance has

Not seen me here, I see my

Mind has to clear because I

Still have a long time to work

All this out.

Fear of the unknown, you

Are saying that should not exist

Words of the wise, yes, I can

Feel myself being comforted,

Thanks to you.


Heads turning, this is not so

Uncommon; we have seen this thing

So many times over.

I thought, how I thought this

Was not going to turn out for

The best, but even those who

Know, find themselves being

Corrected every once in a while.


Oh so naughty, I can't help but

Place a smile on my face.

Is this a novelty, I do not know,

This kind of thing can only heighten

My dirty thoughts and emotions.

You know just how to make me feel

That I am powerless against whatever

Titillating ammunition you have to

Throw in my direction.


So sweet, I wish this had been written

For me because the emotion

Is inherent in your words.

Uplifting, my body moves along with

My soul—this is just a small example

Of what you can do, what I can do

To myself, when something so strong

Gets in my way.

Yes! Euphoria must feel just like this,

I can provide no other explanation.


Moving on to the other times in the

Past; no, you cannot bring me

Back another way.

This time, it's going to take more

Convincing, but I am willing to

Depart and explore all these happy

Memories again.

Empathy, that must be what we

Are feeling right at this moment.

No other description, I can feel myself

Straying from my words…


Shifting into the night, I can hear

All the changes, feel the wind

Rustling through my hair.

Slowly, your arm places itself

Around to protect me from the

Cold; I suggest that we huddle together

Underneath some trees so that we

Can gaze at the moon and watch,

With wonder, what unfolds with

The rest of the night…


In a prison, not of your device,

I wish that I could help you break free.

Nothing can amount to the pain

I feel inside.

My precious, my red rose, in this

World filled with snow, you must

Tell me if there is anything that I can do,

Besides throw myself at

The mercy of fate.

This reminds of a time when I was young,

Only darker—some sick twist or coincidence,

Please help me to be less afraid for you.


A slight uplifting, I can hear the

Promise in your voice—

Promise echoed in the back of my mind,

Promise hoping to get a standing ovation.

My dear soldier, optimism seems to

Be your strong point.

Go with it! And give me a lesson

If that is what you desire, I know

That we can pull through together!


Consumed by the hatred of it all,

We have to learn to get things

At the root of the problem.

A valuable lesson, I have seen this

Kind of thing many times in the past,

Yes, get rid of all the roots of corruption

Before they even have a chance

To take control of our lives—

The thing that we should hold

Most sacred, until we leave

This planet, shall befall our newly

Refreshed minds, what is left of them.

I guess I mean the souls…


Silent western, until the music of

Twinkling stars comes through the

Night; I can feel that this is going

To be anything by peaceful.

I place my fingers on my aching forehead,

And I foresee visions of a fire,

And you slowly descending from the damage,

What could have upset you so deeply?

Diving to get inside your mind, if I only knew,

If only these memories could go back to

Their routes, as the ashes falling from the sky

Point my attention to the twinkling stars above.


How can I concentrate,

When I know that all these

People are around?

How can I linger on your

Spellbinding face

When I know that these images

Are no longer in my head?

They are all around.

I know, my dear, that time

Will certainly have its way.

God knows that your talent

Has seen you through.

Oh! Let today be regenerating,

So that your mind and spirit

Can form anew and create

New life through your mind

And your fingers.

Everyday can

Be your own;

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