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(c) Ankit Love 2017

1. She Needs to See

2. She Wont Come Back

3. Sonnet 1: Secret Liquorice

4. Sonnet 2: Beauty Infinity

5. Sonnet 3: Those Lips

6. Sonnet 4: For My Fan Clara

7. Butterfly

8. Belgrade Girl

9. Chocolate Vanilla Bird

10. Coconut Kapoot

11. Drops That Must Flow

12. Sex Like Astronauts

13. Fruity Butterfly

14. Its Possible

15. Ocean In The sky

16. Queen Of Darkness

17. Star Ice Cream

18. Steel My Heart

19. A Shark Beneath Gold Scales

20. Waves Of Traffic

21. Shaman Of Pleasure

22. Remember This Kiss

23. Take Me On A Spring Tour

24. Moon

1. She Needs to See

Her custard crumpled skirt floats with her

Down the green hill into a shaded valley

Her grandfather's golden pocket watch

Tugs behind trying to keep the time

She flies barely touches the ground

A memory illuminates her minds eye

The skewed image in a crystal ball

Got to make the most of spring and summer

Never know when winter may fall

A smile sails up her perfect face

Like perfect ship on a perfect day

A bush on route loses a flower

From the ambush of her slender fingers.

For a moment tucked behind her elfish ear

Until the breeze intervenes

And off it goes with a whorl to another world

And free, that's where she wants to be

2. She Won’t Come Back

There where the sweet lemon groves grow,

In the golden green land where fairies frolic,

Citrus sent of oranges savoured,

There is an unsullied phantom,

Exuding cinematic grace and beauty.

Her warm infectious laughter fills the crisp cool air,

Each blade of grass pays tribute to her majestic air,

Humming birds stare

Her glistening eyes beyond compare

To the skies all eyes

In which she soars propelling through velvet clouds,

On her travels over celestial mountains,

Rocky cosmic diamonds rain,

On Saturns plains

Rings and things were these rocks sane

Generating a euphonic melody,

Singing to the world of love and harmony.

When she stops and rests and reflects

Under heavens weighty golden arches

She only feasts on fine cuisine,

Made of exquisite Indian spices.

As winter puffs frigid air slides down her warm silky hair,

Dark curls spiralling like DNA

Entangled mystery and romance.

In the wind they blow so once again she must go

Depart in the direction of that North Star,

Headed for the City of Angels,

Our home Los Angeles

Promising to return once more

But no

I do know better

So I too with a sigh go

Never will I see her again

3. Sonnet 1: Secret Liquorice

Sail into the abyss on ship of sprit's teak

For you I seek, diving in seas of space

Grand or small yet all are infinite deep

I need to know, I need to grow in your grace

Your face is both my map and my treasure

Possessed to explore by your wet wise kiss

Virgin lips burnt from discovery's pleasure

Addicted to your secret liquorice

This sweet lust drives me to the edge of time

Charcoal polished from mines of mysteries

In the black you are the white, love of mine

Search for you gives me life and true release

While on this expedition I may die

I'm already dead if I dont try

4. Sonnet 2: Beauty Infinity

Shade has risen off my effervescence.

My slow dun graphite metamorphosis,

Is compressed under your exuberance

I now reflect and refract vividness.

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