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Child in Time: Poems Inspired by Deep Purple

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order. This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made some changes and substitutions.


Following the sound

Of shuffling feet.

The cycle is almost

Complete for us to

Be squashed into

The tight place

Together; I want

To stay up

With you; I want

To be with you

All night long.

How can we


Each other

That we can

Stay here

As long as

We want?

Just enough

To get my

Point across!


Whatever happened

To the young man?

I do not know; I

Cannot even recall

His name.

It should be a

Shame of he did

Not get to live

The kind of life

He wanted, but

We must hope for

The best in love.


I cannot speak;

I can hardly

Remember the days

When I asked

You what to say.

What is anything,

Really, when you

Stop to make a


Which is brought

Back from a

Certain song!


When the poor

Part of me starts

To wonder about

The decade during

Which I live, then

People may

Actually take

The time to

Stop and stare

What a novel


Part of me

Which was placed

Into you.

We must ask

These questions

Another time.


Even the stars and

Space do not look

As lonely and

Remote as one

Would think them

To be.

All these different

Sounds make

Me think of

Outer space for

Some reason,

Even though

No one quite

Knows what

I mean—the

Best part of

Me you’ve

Already seen.


There is no

Concrete absolute

As to when I

Should start

And stop—

Only going

By what feels right.


An evening all

To myself would

Not cause as much

Chaos as one

Would think.

One part of me

Does not even

Have to blink

When I think

About this place

And the many

Times it’s called

My name,

During the night,

Helping me to

Realize my

Full potential.


And all the

Angry miles

I ran in

An attempt

To burn off

Any extra steam

And also not

To break the

Machine as it

Helped me

Achieve my



Numbers seem so

Strange to me,

Especially when

They go higher

Than I think.

They should be

All on a

Stronger level

Of deep



Little parts,

I can’t help

But keep

Moving, even

When a firm

Part of me

Stops to

Stand still

In my mind!


So rich & beautiful;

You have taken

Me to the land

Of milk and

Wild honey flow.

What part of

Me would not

Want to to,

Especially when

There is nothing

Left for me

Here; I still

Cannot get

Over my fear

Until I learn

To trust the

Source which

Is the greatest—

Which can

Only come

From our Lord

A true happiness

Cannot be


Only brought to

Another part

Of existence

Where everything

Begins to play.

What is rich

Can also come

From the

Beginning of

A new day.

Pleased to get



Even though

It is here

Where I need

To stay…


Put from the

Place where

Part of me

Can always

Dream and

Have a steady


Where I can

Cross lines

Which have

Only existed

In my mind

To hold me back

No more!

I shall clear

Away and get

Out of the

Rush for the



Off in a mad daze,

I never did say

Where I was going.

I only had parts

Which cam back

And forth screaming

For the newest

Part of anything

Which would

Come to settle

In between

All of it!


Not even a note.

No, I should not

Judge and try

To take it all

Upon myself.

There are

Many different

Types—all which

Have the right

To choose for

Themselves, though

They should

Never strive

To let go of

Their love

For God—the

Only thing

Which keeps

Our hearts



Dreaming and

Remembering; no

Part of me

Should be

Afraid to

Take a stand

And reach

For all that

I need.


Such a prowess—

To attract so

Many into

Your powerful


I know no

More of what

I need to say,

Unless words

Are actually

Put into

My mouth,

Which, normally,

I do not want.

(Just this once,

I am willing

To make an



We find what

We need to

In spite of

All the thoughts

Come together

To take

Residence inside

Your head.

When should

I finally let

All of this go?


You have

Gotten to know

Me intimately,

Yet I know

That God

Has created

You for me!

Came long

Before I knew

Of your

Existence; the

Pleasure would

Come to me

All in good time.


I have no time

To clear the

Sleep from my

Eyes, given

And taken

For things

That could

Come to call

On me at

Any, given

Time; I know

This song.


You can’t fool me;

I was young once,

And I knew that

People would

Have a way to

Act when they

Fall in love for

The first time.

And I knew;

Oh, I knew

About how

One can feel

Lost in the

Throes of


All is not

Lost; it’s just


In the



I have walked

The great distance

Until my feet

Ached from the


Ventured & still



Those people; I know

That one would

Come to like you,

Given the chance

Upon the first


That you were

With someone else.

Minds can think,

But hearts hardly

Know the game

Which they play.


Not a bad effort,

I would not place

You in the category

Of a quitter; so

Keep on moving!


And here it all

Comes down to

Chance when I

Have made up

All the song

And dance.

This is going

Much faster

Than I could


No part of

Me can say

That I should

Try to throw

Any of this

Away for a

Rush of



In a

Barren world.


Can’t breathe—

Can hardly keep

My eyes open

To sing; I do

Not know

What to do,

Except to

Enter the

Land of


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