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A View of Dreams

Jen Selinsky

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Like Opening the Doors, A View of Dreams was originally published on Amazon—what was then known as GreatUnpublished) before becoming CreateSpace). Since A View of Dreams is actually the first book of poetry I wrote, instead of just a compilation, I decided to publish a version of it on Lulu. Included are the following: the original dedication, the original author bio, and a description of the book, as well as a few drawings, and poem dates, which were not included in the original publication. One can also find the original, 2002 publication of the book online.

This is for all who have loved, supported, and inspired me throughout my life, especially my guardian angel.

Poetry is an international language that can easily be expressed through one’s frame of mind and internal truth. “No matter what, the heart speaks the same language.”

A beautiful fact about this universal, symbolic writing is that it holds no particular structure. In free verse, the grammar does not play as an important role as in a structured verse. Everything is basically perceived the same, whether or not the punctuation is correct. The nonstructure is part of the beauty of this form of language; for poetry is universal. Poetic significance can be expressed just from one picking up a writing utensil and pouring out their emotions on paper. The human mind alone is the most essential component.

Another beauty of writing poetically is the fact that it can be versatile. One could express two or more different forms. Poetry is unconditional.

Here is where personification can come to play as being highly emotional and delightful. Other types of writing, whether they be fictitious or not, seem to have a bit too much structure and “conformity” in them to fully enjoy the pure literary element of personification. A tree is the same thing all in itself, but it one takes that tree and puts it under a different light, it is liable to grow exceedingly fast.

The works of poetry I have included in the book contain different emotions and perspectives. To emphasize hatred and love in the same anthology is to express and prove a wide variety of thought. No freedom at all can maintain and enforce a complete structure to it, but the freedom would be taken away at that point, thus creating more structure.

To my readers, enjoy, and partake in pure emotion. The wording is not important as to the value of the content, for the same philosophical message can be stated in many different ways. So sit back, enjoy, and witness the wonder of the human mind’s creativity…

-J.L.S. 10/22/96

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Take hold of this desperate and wounded hand

That is barren and lost in the desert sand.

To my love I give hope

That a sacred place will be found.

Yet this is above what I give no other,

For who else is worth my time?


Nighttime is crawling in the woods.

Who lies by to follow us now?

The serpent guards the mid-lake.

In trees above, the owl takes a nightly bow.

Deer and elk run loose and free.

Moonshine follows me down.

A tree with roots is flowing by me;

The king shall always keep his crown.

Enchanting spells tug at thy heart,

And nature is not to be disregarded.

Humans were taught to grow too far apart.

A true soul must remain whole-hearted.

The wise, old owl doth fly in the skies.

The small fish swims low in the sea.

Let your soul soar in the highest sky;

Take my hand and follow me.


Loose thoughts flow through my mind,

As the car drives down the interstate.

Heavy, dropping rain releases itself onto the windshield,

But only to watch it be wiped away.

Behold the other drivers, as they zoom on by.

Some without a care in the world, others full of anxiety.

Clouds of grey drift along in the skies

That have been deprived of the sun for days.

The rain still falls firm.

I look over to my passenger, who is quietly dozing

In the front seat; she is disturbing no one.

A car turns in front of me as I see the brilliant heads

Sticking out of the vehicle in front of us.

They start to drive faster, soon fading out of the distance.

I’m almost home, when my friend awakens.

The two of us have an intellectual conversation—

Then maybe two or three.

The interstate in the afternoon can be relaxing and


As does my driving cause little thought,

My mind tends to wander and travel along

With my physical being, as we near our exit on Interstate 79.

The rain starts to annoy me less, as we head into our


Knowing that everything will soon have a new beginning.

That ray of sunshine may hit me before we get home,

For that is determined by the optimistic plan.


What Is Freedom?

Freedom is defined as everything

That one does to escape the pressures of tyranny—

To escape the pressures of tyranny.

Freedom cannot be won by impulsive choices

To go with the other’s immediate beliefs.

The wrong side can drag you down, down, down—

Society and its shallow beliefs.

One should not fall into the trap.

Do not be enslaved, though the process may seem harmless!

Freedom is that in which we can be one by a determined


A determined mind that refuses to cede to the pressures

And the needless pain of tyranny.


Three wise men to see our Holy Savior, Jesus Christ—

A few gifts to present Him with worship and praise.

The Son sent down to take our sins onto Him,

And God forgave us!

The virgin mother worshipped (Him) with a kiss.

The earthly presence of our Heavenly Father

To abolish all our sins in love!


Look down the aisle as you see a crucifixion;

Look down the other side as you see the same thing.

Why is this happening? NO!

Stop the expression!

Up walks the Officer of Conformity to revoke your license.

The light dims.

No shadows are seen in this bleak auditorium, as

The darkness remains.

“Freedom! Freedom!” the young brother cried.

“Freedom in our land of pride!

Do not let them manipulate you.

Tyranny has gone too far.

Tyranny lift me up in a distinct land, where people have

Limitless abilities and are free.”

Lights come back on, as the men rejoice,

And Conformity is captured.

It is taken away to be abolished.

No longer will another make a decision for you

That is completely contradicting your free will.


Far off in a foreign land, the satyr dwells—

Ancient log bindings and mystical spells.

No one can make me different.

Society in all a normal sense, cool accent.

Be free, my brothers and sisters.

Be free, says the man who does not hide.

Don’t let yourself be cheated or contradicted.

Be not insecure to the casualties of life.


I walked upon the desert sand;

On the ground, the white desert land.

Wondrous as it may be, clear and true as poetry.

A world of fascination entered my mind,

As I looked down into the blazing white.


I am here to emphasize freedom,

So don’t let the boughs of tyranny drag you down,




I am a mortal set out to be a goddess of freedom.

I must complete a task before I gain my reward.

Athena shall be my guide as I struggle through the journey.

No longer shall I be a mortal, mediocrity prone

Find the apple that is the ripest.

Choose the one to consume and grow fine wings.

The isle of Greece is the desired location,

To seek out the apple that grows on the finest tree.

Consume of it, as my attention span grows philosophically.

Our outdoor environment is suitable to meander ‘round.

Set sail alone to the wilderness.

Find the truth of freedom—

Blood spilt when I am injured.

Regain it all back when I receive my wings.


O’, heavens above rejoice.

Thou deity is watching near.

All ye people on Earth

Praise the newborn King!

See the angels gather nigh,

Hovering above our little Lord.

Here to replace;

Love shall have its reign!


Zoom by my window.

Run by my door.

Escape by the terrace,

And come back for some more.

On the Irish tradition;

The spirits return.

Don’t mind any creation

That comes in human form.

No eternal damnation

To these spirits, behold

Welcome the visitors,

As you put on your masks.

Awake now, to find yourself bold.

No more wonder left.

Another day is waiting,

And I am turning to be old.


Incense, incense, filling the air.

Incense, incense, strewn everywhere!

Feel the freedom, feel the air.

Magic is brewing far and near—

A true gift for every eye and ear.



Perseus, o’, Perseus, where did you go?

Off to kill Medusa.

With the help of Hermes and Athena,

You will triumph over (her) with victory.

Perseus, o’, Perseus.

Where will the wind blow?

Up the mountain further;

Easy thoughts commence to flow.

Take the eye of the Gray Women.

Receive the winged sandals.

Fly away with Medusa’s head

Abolish all the scandals.

Perseus ‘o, Perseus

Will the wind ever blow?

Up and up further;

No man shall ever know!


Free as a Bird

Free as a bird, hovering in the air,

That some may recognize as not there.

Enter with me into the fruit of the world;

Enter the core center of the Earth.

To fly over the burdens of life

Isn’t it sad that many don’t go?

Your soul should be filled with happiness.

Have relief from anxiety.

Have sympathy for others.

I’ll tear out my heart

And give it to you for free.


No deliverance of tyranny will be tolerated

By the opposite force, which is me;

That I will swear by your heart to never,

NEVER be pushed around by they who

Only abuse their power.


Severed hands have a grip on one’s

Heart, as I pull it out of my mind.


O’ Beautiful Day

One fine day set aside in the month of December

To glorify our Holy Lord.

Blessed be the day which Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ.

O’ set aside this time to praise His holy name!

Hallowed by thy name—

A special gift of salvation

Which shall last all eternity!


A large, vast vacuum is sucking out my brain!

If it plans to continue, I might just go insane.

Oh, why? Oh why is this happening today?

If I act like an idiot, I may be allowed to stay.

The dogs bite, and the rain drops.

I don’t want to end up an intellectual flop.

Why do I feel so void and numb?

Or is it that I just simply feel dumb?

I think I need help, for my mind is not going.

My wish is for the intellectual thoughts to keep flowing.

Maybe it’s just simply that I am feeling tired.

At my new job, I would rather stay hired.

During my favorite two classes, I think not of society

But my mind is commencing to build up some anxiety.

Please help me, God, to regain my sane self.

Perhaps, now is the time to change my mental health.


Oh, to hear the wonderful wind

Call out your sweet name

In the hour of mourning.

Thy lips are seeking me in your time of need.

I get lost in that handsome face.

Your eyes of green emerald stand out

In the night.


The wind outside reveals your sweet name

I have only begun to describe.

I hear your voice on a summer’s day

When true love has arrived.

Your handsome face is one in which to get lost.

(Your) eyes, are emerald green.

‘Tis true that your gilded hair has brought light unto my life.

I feel those arms of strong delight,

Lifting me up when I’m down.

No one else can possess your heart of true compassion.

Since it’s made of gold, no other can confess.

You’re always here to give me confidence—

Taking away my doubtful state of mind.

Always caring for others,

Your unselfish manner has attracted me to you even more.

You’re a true intellect; you think at the appropriate times.

And, that knowledge is a gift you can give the world,

Teaching people right from wrong.

No other man I know carries interest the same as mine;

I’m so lucky to be with you.


The only thing that matters

Is your love for me.

The world is now generous and free.

I gave my kindness to the Earth,

And it gave you to me.

I grieved every night.

Without a lover to hold me so dearly,

For our love is categorized clearly.

You go to extremes to make my life content,

And, since our hearts are true, we have nothing to repent.

I feel grateful to have you everyday,

For our love is shown in a memorable way.

The earth, sun, and sky all revolve around you,

O’, lover of mine.

Make note that the doves are headed this way,

To greet the dawning of another spectacular day.


Do Not Be Deceived

To judge not by appearance is the best gift of all;

Save the thought until you reach the core.

The harmless could be harmful because of how often it

Contradicts (itself).

The assured void of one’s mind may well be the most

Brilliant light.

When one is deceived, it is said they are well-perceived.

The bird who doth fly with a wounded wing

May very well rule the skies.

A blind cat could walk with great pride

Along with a sense of direction.

By all means, do not be deceived!


When dreamtime rolls around to lull the

Unsuspecting souls to sleep, nothing can stop it.

Your subconscious mind is communicating

By means of expression.


But it will assuage it.

Upfront now, come with me, my love.

He will walk you through.

The man known as Knowledge

Will take your hand; now, have a seat.

You are most welcome in my house; do not be afraid.

Lose your inhibitions, set free your mind.

(Sometimes, you’ll wish you never got it back.)

I will serve some cookies and cider in the den.

Fell free to indulge on anything you like.

This is a good place,

But I can’t always determine a fair outcome…


The star-crossed lovers walk hand in hand down the aisle,

As my eyes circle around the ceiling.

What a wonderful night I see, and what joy I feel on my


Love is a state of being, but it’s not always rational.

Even though many things are derived from it, I do not

Seem to care.

But I may consider it once again.

Oh, imagine the beauty that can come from love—

Sometimes beautiful indeed.

What am I doing here as a witness?

I think I came for the experience.


I’m in a state of natural disgust over

The remains of the world.

We must strive to hold ourselves together.

Less organization

Comes from the lack of freedom within ourselves.

Can I be any more irrational

For contradicting myself?

Idiots strive for attention due to the lack thereof.

How much more can the majority of us take?

I am almost indifferent to human emotion—

A state of apathy takes away all the pain.

No longer do I want to experience anger,

For I know I will never receive what I want.

No literal offense comes from my absurd mouth,

Regarding to those who actually want to try.


Present the time that calls the honor forward.

No permanent vacation is desired,

Unless you find the reason.



Is it a hoax?

Or is it more prestige than that?

People often wonder about you—

Your appearance, your thoughts.

They spend much of their leisure time

Pondering your work.

They ponder the works of a classic or contemporary author

And they wandered only ONCE

Because the information is presented properly

In a form that is blunt, therefore easy to understand.


Everlasting Heart

To all of those deceased that hath

Touched my heart and soul.

Their work has pure brilliance

That hath rung in my mind for years.

My tribute I offer to you that

Expresses my emotion; you have defined

Only to join this humble circle of literature.

That is my true dream.

No more does this technology thrill my mind

Because emotion is much greater.

Brilliance tugs at my heart,

For I am only human.

—tribute to dead poets


A mental blur is blocking my mind as I stand in


My head is spinning.

Great ecstasy I feel as a familiar emotion

Beams up all throughout me.

My bare feet are wandering across the floor.

See me as I kiss the sky, or, at least,

I did so five minutes before.



People often ask me how to

Maintain their sanity

As an individual.

“How do you do it?”

They inquire.

I cannot give an answer,

For it is something more complicated

Than the human ear will want to hear.

“It cannot be purchased at all!”

Yelled the old man across the street.

Everyone must follow the logical example

But what is logic?

Sanity could come from contentment,

For that gets people what they desire.

“Sanity, no! It comes from intellect,

A perfect frame of mind,”

The young man cried.

Psychological realism—

How can sanity be

A perfect frame of mind

When everyone’s ideas of

Perfect are different?

The old man grinned at this and smiled.

“Yes, sanity comes from being away from others!”

Some are guilty as charged…


How can one follow?

How can one lead?

What is the comparison?

No one can kill me;

I may foresee the future.

Pirates on the balcony,

Bleeding Indians.

No matter how soon I try,

Nothing is exact.

Leave out the conformity.

What is this reason?

I burned up my thesis,

Only to see flames rise from the ashes.

Leave me alone with my thoughts!


Long-Term Goal

When all one aims for is to stay hungry,

So they can enjoy their next meal

Simply does not account for much.

Why not aim yourself higher?

No figure of authority,

Just to be happy.

Instead of waiting, indulge yourself in the goods,

But do not be demanding.

I have this problem myself.

Life may be deceiving

For the remainder of our existence.

But, by all means, keep your aspirations high!

The sky is not the limit…


A great goddess of fair and wondrous elegance

Was adrift in the highest sky.

Sephena, the guardian of the beautiful blue.

She watched the birds and made sure they stayed

Out of harm’s way.

To the feathered creatures’ despair,

They realized they were out of water.

The goddess smiled and said she would delay the problem.

Her skin gave the finest care to the white clouds

Pulled out of her hair.

Sepehena’s sorrow filled them up with her tears,

Thus giving her birds the desired moisture—

Life continued by life…


When I am melancholy, I usually fall to the ground,

Just like that of rain soaking the soil.

I am absorbed when the minerals form

How long can I be dragged down?

Suddenly, my self-esteem comes up from the earth,

But it can just as easily fall down.

Somewhere, a snail is crossing a railroad track.

My future is not concise,

But hopefully I can mend myself

So that I can achieve happiness.


Helpful Hints

Find a wish that you want to grant.

A little boy can be bad,

But sit back and enjoy the ride.

Help me find the way—

No Latin soul can guide me now.

The intellect walked down the hall

Only to discover that the man is fine.


My Creative Center

Find a wish that you want to grant.

A little boy can be bad.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Help me find the way.

No Latin soul can help me now

The intelligent person walked down the hall.

The man is fine.

Jill says that my muse is never on vacation!


My heart rings for you only once, but with many different


Just follow the pattern and find

The desired symbol

Of your location.



Let me get out my aggression,

As I find that I can’t do anything right.

Let me go and mend my ways

Before I come to the conclusion that I am completely


I will go inside the box and hide out of


I cannot take much more of this.

My confinement will only drive me to madness.

Let me out of this misery before I go insane!

Frustration is a terrible thing over which to have

NO control!


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