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Indian(a) Summer

Jen Selinsky

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ISBN: 9781370477524

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Not too far into

This night—new

Times, perhaps

Providing new insight.

You knew me all

Too well before,

When I was

Much less

Than eager to share

The score.

In truth and justice,

It was the

New American


People on all

Corners still

Remember and talk

Of it today—

Enough time when

I still have my


Gorgeous gems of

Pearls and wisdom

Must be placed

By the foot of

A loved one by



Roaming thoughts

Busy foaming, and

All the tide keeps

Washing up by the

Sea; people still

Scream once they

Get the picture

Of me all wet

And glazed with

Rain—no more

Time to throw

In the towel or

Cancel the debt

With fame.

You must continue

Going your own way

So that no one

Has a chance

To break away

From the united



Young brides

Screaming; the sea

Is teeming with

Souls that were

Lost by the wayside—

Souls like no


Youth can know.

The centrality

Of it all just

Goes to show

That no one

Should be afraid;

Take the chance

And survive!

Don’t you worry

Because you

Lack initiative;

Everything will

Soon be revealed

As it falls

Into place.

Know that all

Else should

Remain abundantly

Clear; trust in me

And no(t) fear.


Failing to fall;

It’s not the same—

Old start that

Had me running

Years too far

And too soon.

It’s not some kind

Of handsome

Slumber or

Depravation that

Comes to call

Everything away

In the end.

People who have

Known me not

Too long have

Already started

To call me their friend.

Embrace nothing

That has gone

Away too fast,

Unless you want

It to stay away.

You cannot hold

Anyone captive

Until the break

Of a certain day

Because the law

Will always leak

Out at the time

When it is needed

Be sure to count

Your chickens

Before they hatch.


Fair Lady

You hide yourself

Too much; surely

You know that

Someone cares.

It is the same—


Who wants

To know

You’re there

And wants to treat

You well.

Do not be afraid

Of our differences,

For they are few

And far between.

Mehopes that this

Friend can treat

You like a queen

Because nothing

Else would do.

Just as sure as

This is real, and

I am very blessed

To have gotten

To know you.

*dedicated to Chris Bryson


You’ve got no cause

To worry me, and

Thoughts of the

Unknown should

Never let us be.

I’ve been stuck

In the same place

For entirely too

Long, though the

Record shows that

There’s no wrong.


Contents, innuendos

Matches have made,

And voices have

Come and gone.

They are all

Calling from beyond

The farm to let

Me come into a

New place.

Gathering the

Remainder of the

Human race—I

Hope that I shall

Not have to erase

My pretty face

As a means of

General concern.


You came to visit;

I came to hear that

The fortune has

Made it back into

Town—resounding cheers.


Shrinking away

From fat; don’t

Ever disillusion

Me and tell

Me that’s where

It’s at!

My senses have

Gotten me into

Trouble, because

They have allowed

Me to be sedentary

For far too long.

And I’m

Trying to find my

Way outside.

Sometimes, I should

Not be afraid to

Come out into

The light so that

I can express my

Will to move.

You’ve got me

Going full blast.

Without this

Last step, nothing

Could ever get



Games & corridors,

Why have you

Chosen to take

Me back

To this


It’s a disgrace

That any human

Matter should

Be known

In such

A vile location.

Implementation has

Caused me to

Stay ahead of

The game, where

As all my other

Methods have


Me to



American female,

Who’s always

Searching for

The easy way



Fames reason

To logic and

Shame; you did

Not know where

To lead me.

I suppose that

Would have been

All right if you

Didn’t always

Expose me to

The darkness

Of night.


Knowing that

I still have far

To reach—


Has never

Been my best


People say that

They will owe it

To the

Ring that’s

Been placed on

His or her finger.

Why does grave

Complexity always

Have to


Sweet simplicity?

Why do these

Things fail to

Hit on basic

Human needs?

Eye into the

Greed; I suppose

That’s what it’s

Always been



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