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Carpe Diem/Carpe Noctem

Jen Selinsky

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I can’t recall the first time I heard the phrase “carpe diem,” but I couldn’t help but like the sound of it. Not only were the Latin words pleasing to my ear, but I like the fact that the phrase means “seize the day.” That’s what I like to think that I do, especially when working on my writing.

Of course, each and every day is also a gift from God, so I now lift up my grateful prayer to be heard by my Lord and Savior! I’ve also worked, cleaned, exercised, and other things during my days, but I must admit that writing is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

I’ve also written a lot during the night. In fact, that’s when I tend to get a lot of my ideas. Sometime around 2001 was when I first heard the phrase “carpe noctem.” I saw it in an ad for a candy bar, whose company was advertising their new dark chocolate bar. I’d definitely heard of carpe diem for at least a few years. I’d never even pondered the fact that there might also be a similar phrase pertaining to night as well. At the time, I thought it was one of the coolest thing I had ever seen!

There are many debated as to what constituted days and nights. There are also afternoons and evenings. I am very familiar with the standard times and time zones, but I think of day as being anytime one can see the light and night being when one looks to see the dark sky. There are parts of the world which have night for half a year then day for another half. While that’s certainly an intriguing thought, I have not witnessed such a thing.

The following poems were written during the day, night, and times in between. May this help you find the inspiration you seek to embark upon your own projects. Carpe!


Not a perfect

Night to waste

When I have to

Move and shout.

I always knew

That I would

Have to go a

Different route,

Even though

Tired bones

Do not move

To poke through

Collapsed skin;

I could blend

In with liquid

If my blood

Would flow

In a steady


There is always

The chance I

Will dream, but

I don’t have much

To bring back from

The other side of

My mind—not

As of late.

I am headed

Back to that

Place right now,

To see if there

Is anything

Which I could

Retrieve; my

Weary limbs can

Take no more

From the waking



Some say it

So admirable, others

A pathetic attempt—

How people can

Cling on to the

Remnants of

Their youth w/o

It all being spent?

Sagging flesh

And a reduced

Appetite—at least

For the things I

Used to enjoy

The taste.

You’d think it’d

Go good for

Decreasing the

Size of the

Danger zone, where

No man should

Make visceral


Aiming to improve

Muscle before it

Has a chance to

Sink into loose,

Ill-fitting skin

It would keep.

A person awake

Most nights and

Days to ponder

The wonders of

Hair and face—

Why strands

Fail to produce

More color and

Leave wrinkles on

One’s vulnerable


Maddening the

Fact that no

Ponce de Leon

Has figured it

Out, though we

Should stick to

The plan, even

In a world which

Praised youth.

All this pain

From what others

Think shall have

No bearing on

My mind or

Soul, though

One feels the

Need to be accepted.

Dream no less

The impossible, but

Remember that

There is always a

Higher call!


Wake as though

You are still in

A dream—as a

Person can go

Back and forth

Almost at will.

I shall be here

Until I know

My body will

Have to fade in

Order to give my

Mind the freedom

It so desperately


Why should I

Not go farther,

Even when farther

Had many bounds

When my body

Tried to traverse,

Instead of my

Wandering mind.

Delight at

Knowing there’s

A part of me which

Can still explore

The wild!


What can I

Say, but I’ve

Seen many


Too long to

Know what

Another day

Brings, but I

Can’t say

That I’ve spent

My entire life


Change of pace

For a person

Always so

Caution about


One who fears

Peril from

Even opening her


I know what

Parts of my

Mind are

Telling me

To do—explore

Various areas

Of my native

Land to see

If anything

Has changed.

There’s nothing

Wrong with

Exploring various

Parts of history—

To embellish on

Things I have

Already seen.

Why should I

Let my dreams

Be the only

Things which

Have all the

Fun when my

Waking mind

And body need

Just as much


I shall not

Know until I

See much more!


When all this

Had something

To help remind

Me how other

Find me just

As crazy; they

Think they have

The upper hand.

Scratch out

Any parts of

My brain that

Allow others

To think that

I am sane.

They have said

The truth and

Known it for

Years more

Than I would

Care to admit.

Such biting

Sarcasm and

Cunning wit

Cannot be

Wrong when

I think that

Its right to

Look the other

Way, though

It’s on solid

Ground that I



Appears to be

Missing may

Very well be

Hidden in some

Part of their



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