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I Bomb The Nations!

By Shelly Font

Written 2017

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Thank you for downloading this ebook I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please encourage your friends to read this as well. Thank you for your support. I write so others can relate.

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I receive my inspiration from everywhere. My poetry is lyrical, and meant to be read out loud. I first became interested in writing poetry my junior year of high school, when I was introduced to the book Spoon River’s Anthology by E. Lee Master’s. I found it inspiring because it contains poems of people speaking from the dead about their lives, and despite other people’s assumptions, only they knew their own truth. It all fits together when you complete reading the book. Also, I look forward making CDs for others to listen to my poems in an auditory fashion. My number one inspiration for my poetry is the Psalms. Also, thank you to my friend Joyce for teaching me about grace and that thoughts are just thoughts and not to be ashamed of them.

Table of Contents

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Title Page

Table of Contents


-Alter Ego

-Angel of Light



-Brought Up in the Dark

-Burned Lips

-Corner Stone



-God is with us

-I am the Wall






-Who Brought You Up?

“Alter Ego”

By Shelly Font

July 20th 2017

“Every artist needs an alter ego---

To go as far as we go---so how do we sharpen our souls as we grow

With the swirling world under-toe----

I feel like Lucifer sometimes---

Walking this world “to and fro” (that’s how it goes book of Job)

Lucifer, a flashing light from Heaven,

Stuck down for power lovin’

Jealous pride seeking God’s spot---

A love, a hatred

A cosmic knot.

So what am I and what am I not?

Evil gives the illusion of power

When all it is caught

Red hot and wroth.

I’ll walk the fence, seeking defense,

Or just a thicker lens

I wear that mask of power’s print

But remember we are heaven sent

No matter how hell bent we may seem---

Good Vs. Evil

And the scream.


By Shelly Font

July 22nd


I’m glad we are dead

It could have been them instead----

Murder screams large like

Crimes of wind chimes---and I can feel the blow.

And I’ve killed, we’ve all killed


Did you know that anger is murder in the heart?

We are all killers---no one is innocent---

Lift up your eyes---

See the mind fields around you

Like “abomination”

I must be.

I bomb the nations.

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