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(Volume 2)

Ankur Mutreja


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Table of Contents


To Kill or Not to Kill

Sword Mightier than Pen

The Eyes Revolt

Very Lonely Today

Inquisitive Today

Will She, or Won't He

Munnar, the Beauty

This Journey so Beautiful (Kerala)

My Kite Is Flying


The Love of the abstract, the animate & the inanimate glitter in my dreams;

I am the agent of Love, and my contract is to hack your dreams;

Enjoy the Love in this book of poems, where my dreams shall date your dreams!

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To Kill or Not to Kill

She was destined to love till eternity each time afresh with a new lover in moonlight.

Victims of love were teased with unsatiating drops of nectar garnished with love cries.

Her lovers were not spared for another lover, for she desexed them in her dreamy smile.

She was cursed to love her lover only once as her destiny forbade the second crime.

Her masters watched her acts of passion from the heaven, with a debauched mind.

Inspite of many lovers, she never consummated love, for the fetters of the Divine.

She dreamt of a world where all her lovers enveloped her like a queen bee in a beehive.

But her lovers were not to be her servants as they were now the gods of the sublime.

For once, if she could break her fetters, she would herself become Divine.

She has woken up with a dilemma today: To kill or not to kill has gripped her mind.

The command today is to kiss a suckling while he bites her nipples to feed his appetite.

This love is different; the dilemma is over and the DEATH today has become Divine.

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Sword Mightier than Pen

The patrons of the pen are those who immerse themselves in books and dream of the world where there is no bloodshed.

The patrons of the sword are those who kill humans and beasts alike giving the benefit of doubt always to self.

Both like colors, but the pen likes rainbow and the sword likes red.

The mind is the best friend of the pen, who come together to write art, history, philosophy, and meme.

The sword has no best friend, but it has the capability to destroy all that is created by the mind and the pen.

Both labour hard, but the pen inks freedom and the sword enslaves men.

They say the opposite attract each other; so, they do and the pen and the sword, the sworn enemies, are now becoming friends.

Drawing inspiration from each other, the pen inks red in abuses and the sword makes special appearances in the colorful fest.

Both have moved on, but the pen trusts the mind no more and the sword is making friends.

The sword is but a frivolous flirt, who also woos the mind at length; but the mind hangs onto the pen, in the hope of regaining the lost friend.

The pen and the sword are merry for now, but if the mind gives in, it shall make the SWORD MIGHTIER THAN PEN.

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The Eyes Revolt

Each part of his body has complied to the call of the alarm, but the eyes revolt.

The hot water bath has put his brain once again in the charge, but the eyes revolt.

He is trying to cajole the eyes with the American dream, but the eyes revolt.

The eyes have been confined inside the dark sunglasses, but the eyes revolt.

Enough is enough, he has decided to move on with contempt, but the eyes revolt.

The relationship has come to an end; there are tears, but the eyes revolt.

BANG, the movement has stopped; the eyes have shut down and completed their revolt.

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Very Lonely Today

Dimples on my cheeks caused many a traffic jams, but nobody cares to kiss me today.

My lovers would not let me sleep even for a second, but there is not one in sight today.

The pimp at the signal, who sold me like a prostitute, is not soliciting the clients today.

The new bitch round the corner, they say, is very sexy; is everybody riding on her today?

Nobody ever cared to protect my modesty, but I am getting body-painted today.

They have filled me up with artificial makeup, which won’t last a day more than today.

The bone-shaker, the beast, the loader; I have flirted with all but no one is smiling today.

I detest the word marriage, which gives me goosebumps, but will it all change today?

Nobody has told me anything, but I can smell something fishy in the air today.

Loud noises can be heard on the horizon as if some tanker is raping some virgin today.

Oh! Here they do come like a storm, one after another, ravishing me like a bitch today.

They are going on war again! Tanker after tanker, leaving this ROAD very lonely today!

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Inquisitive Today

I am inquisitive today.

Can I go into the past and change the future?

Can I go into the future and experience the past?

What if I go into the past, change everything, and am re-born a boy?

What if I go into the future and love myself re-born as boy?

“Gods” are infuriated again, but Why?

Is this the new version of Adam & Eve?

Have “Gods” forgotten their own crime?

“Gods” love no more to produce humans.

But our intelligence, albeit artificial, tell us that “Gods” did love once upon a time.

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Will She, or Won't He

She is always elusive; he is always interested.

It doesn’t matter how old she grows, her love demands submission.

He submits only through actions & words, for his mind demands alteration.

She may choose and pick forever, but her choice remains hidden.

He may never chose himself ever but his luck smiles if and when the choice is no more hidden.

Can a night spent under the stars change the destiny of two souls?

Or will the life go on as always forever?

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Munnar, the Beauty

I hardly started to admire her that she draped herself in clouds.

Playful she was, but shy she wasn't.

Announcing love, the clouds receded, and she smiled in jest.

Alas! I only gazed her. Too pretty to be near! Too alluring to be far!

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This Journey so Beautiful (Kerala)

The pretty fish waved and smiled;

The Siberian crane asked me to fly;

The Jal Kumbhi just offered a ride.

The rain has started pouring;

The earth has started perfuming;

The wave just kissed before shying.

The birds are singing;

The mangroves are clapping;

The canoe is playing with me, eyes pyes.

Is this an illusion or a dream?

Or has my luck smiled?

This journey so beautiful has lost all its miles.

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My Kite Is Flying

In the sky, above the clouds, my kite is flying with the pretty sparrow, whom she tweets day and night.

She returns to me at the end of the day and just before the dark night, but I fear one day she will break the thread of friendship and disappear beyond my searching eyes.

I can fetter her movement with my sly mind, but my heart revolts if I break the thread of friendship and confine her freedom in the box of imprisoned kites.

I wish I could fly as well as do my pretty kite, but my destiny is to hold the thread and wait for the moment when my kite will make my abode her last-mile.

For now, my kite is flying beyond the clouds, in the sky, in the search of love that is waiting for her in my dreams and her smiles.

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