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Words Spoken True

Jen Selinsky

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ISBN: 9781370116485

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made some changes and substitutions.


Going somewhere, to a

Different part of town.

Follow the music as you

Would follow the train and

The sun.

When the night begins to fall,

And the day is close to

Ending—what else do we

Have to lose, especially if

We move on to a new town?

We still thank you for

Staying around.


Happy Birthday

Today I pushed through

Without having to wait

Around an extra day

To cause any more

Pain to you.

I knew that we would

Bond and that I came here

For a reason, so I thank you

For letting me out and

Giving me a chance

To breathe and live the

Life for which I was



I knew it fast, and

I knew it well; fine features

In your face did tell—

Lit up to float me

Around the room and

Usher me to the

Finest locations in town,

All without having to

Leave my imagination.



How quickly my

Mind grows weary,

Especially on such a day

Never minding age—

I want to jump, run, and

Play through the places.

I have faces yet to see

That nothing new has

Come to me, but

That’s good because I

Don’t want to feel old.

Getting mixed in with

The classic fold of

Time that has already been

And time that we have

Yet to share.


You wanted more than

What I could give.

Passion through her

Sense live and shine

A light on me so strong;

You did not worry

Because I got back

To the place where

I belong in every sense

Of the word, I cannot

Confuse these lines

Because time does not make up

For what I have to say.


Here yesterday, but you

Left us too soon.

People knowing, but

Not until recently

Showing, what a

Remarkable life you

Had led.

Like so many others,

No one saw your

Jewels until the price

Was already closed.

And once you vanished,

The world handsomely

Paid for what they should

Have seen while you were

Still around.

*dedicated to Stieg Larsson


More to explore

Through written word

And the four

I got you; I take it

That these words are

Not spoken all the time,

Which is why I should

Have stayed awake,

Though I will look at

You again sometime

And come to know the

Content which has

Tried to reach my brain.


Hardly words to describe

All the craziness that you

Have gone through, but I

Suppose I should give it a

Try; humor never runs dry

When you are trying to

Explain a situation that

Could happen at the

First moment when

Things could have

Gone awry; I could not

Sit still if I tried.


Time for me to take

Flight and leave

This grim land behind.

I have the need to

Fill my mind with

Comedy, which

Replaces the need to

Be grounded.


Waiting to get a taste

Of what you have to

Offer, though I should

Take it slow and not

Dive in too deep.

Your many fathoms

Have all the time in

The world to appeal to

Me—knowing that,

I will safely keep you

By my side.

Your words will not have

To hide from the face

Who has seen it all.


I’m insane; this much is true.

I always knew that I would

Say these words, especially in

Relation to you.

Not much difficulty, but

People have not known

It before, and it is because

Of you I adore (anything

With new words that pop

Into my mind).

I’m easy to inspire, as you

Will find because every

Waking moment, my mind

Keeps chugging along.


Stress relievers indicate

That I chart a course

For a different date.

Why do I not fear

That I would miss

You the same that

You would miss me?

Hoping for the last

To reach my family

While I am still out

Of bounds, not knowing

What brought me here

In the first place.


Wishing for warmer days,

Just to alleviate the confusion

And the haze that surrounds

All that has come to freeze

Over me.

Perhaps in Spain, perhaps in

Andalucía, I can be free from

The numbing feeling in my

Toes, so hard to get away

But those who know me

Well enough know the place

In which I like to stay.


I cannot tell a lie;

It is because of you that I

Cry and make such a fuss—

Need to have you by

My side because in my

Infant state I tried to

Make people always like

The things I had to say.

An entertainer, if you will,

Because I liked to play

With different features that

Would amuse people to

No ends.

I’m glad that we became

Friends then lovers with

Something this great to share!

*dedicated to Travis Potts


The paper in my thin

Fingers seems too thick to

Roll or shape in any way.

It’s so hard having to

Live during the modern

Day, still relying on the

Pen to move in my hands.

(My fingers could be

Punching keys.)

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