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“The creative process is an internal flame within each of us and it comes from a willingness to go into the unknown to find it.”


It seems I have been on a "search for being whole" my entire life. As a teenager, I always had the feeling of being on the outside looking in and “never fitting in.” I remember deciding when I was about ten years old that I did not want to put myself in any more painful situations. I was able to escape people by living in the world of horses and horse show competition. I knew that my horses would give me unconditional love and present me with challenges in learning how to have "conversations" with them. From my years of riding, I have learned about listening, hard work, winning and losing, being responsible and loving animals.

My world of horses was enough until I turned eighteen and realized how much of the world I was missing. My good friend, Rev. Phil Smith, who was a Minister in Riverside California, helped me realize that I could continue to train and show horses or get to know myself and other people. This decision of being emotionally involved with people terrified me but I will always remember his words "never easy, but always worthwhile"

It was this decision that changed my life forever. The growth process continues everyday for me. I often reflect on the words that Phil would say after each of his sermons:

“Wisdom, be thou more precious than possessions without end.

Truth, be thou more sacred than the pleasing of a friend.

Courage, be thou with us in our search for being whole.

Love, be thou the cleansing wonder of the soul”

It is in this spirit that I dedicate this book to my friend Phil.


I want to give a special thank you to my family, Phil and Cecily and Marge Yeager. In my life I am most proud of my children who have grown into curious, compassionate, and independent thinking adults. They continue to inspire me to grow.

Thanks to Jim Pezer, my friend and wonderful business partner for over twenty five years. Also thanks to Jim Roorda, who gave me the gift of Gull Lake where my love of writing was reawakened. Thanks to Mike Shores for his expertise in helping me navigate IT issues and to Michael Avery who has been a friend for longer than I can remember.

I also want to express my gratitude for all of you who are taking the time to read my poems and letting me share my life with you,



Tom now lives in California and Saigon where he continues to write, ride horses, enjoy sushi, and travel the world. He can be reached at either his website: or at his email address:



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Heart of a Gypsy



what does she expect of me?

will I pass her test?

time to take the risk

and let the mystery do the rest

issues of control

combined with passion and lust,

and listening to my heart say

"Yes, I will learn to trust"

waking up in the morning

and kissing her from head to toe,

makes me feel close

and not want to let her go

the early morning talks

and late night texts,

discovering more about each other,

knowing our friendship will grow from trust


awakened from a dream,

you see the red flowers

that I sent you,

smiling on the dresser

to celebrate your beauty

you vaguely hear

the sound of eggs cooking,

the water streaming from the shower,

and the buzzing noise

from the electric toothbrush

hearing footsteps

you feel my warm lips

lightly touching your cheek,

and then the sound of the door

quietly shutting

in the twilight

you fall asleep again,

under the warm quilt,

happily like a little girl

who knows she is loved

upon waking,

you walk into the kitchen

to find breakfast

with a touch of gratitude


holding your hand,

giving you little kisses

on the cheek,

drinking champagne,

enjoying our delicious dinner

while flying to the Paris,

feeling full of wonder

sharing tears of joy

from our hearts,

as we find the courage

to trust ourselves

with each other,

and dream of

our future together

walking along the water

with the sun setting,

keeping each other warm

by being together,

no longer alone

feeling grateful

for our intimacy shared,

knowing all the beauty, fragrance,

and seasons that are in the garden

can be found in a single flower

when our hearts are open


looking down at the clouds

floating in a sky of blue,

my thoughts turn to being with you

enjoying kissing you from head to toe,

wanting to feel close and not let you go,

sometimes doubting and wanting to hide

finding the only cure is to open my heart wide,

when people ask what happened to me,

I say that I am trusting life's greatest mystery

“floating in a sky of blue”

“looking down at the clouds”


the hidden sun is coming up

over the snow-capped mountains,

the early morning frost

chills the chairs on the fishing boat

the water on the lake

is as smooth as glass,

I take a deep breath of the crisp air,

because I am at the lake now

the afternoon sun is warm

the creek is cold,

the sky is blue,

all I need now is to find you

I am reminded how

life is like fishing,

you put your line in the water

and trust the great mystery

walking into our cabin

a pillow on the couch

catches my attention,

"A great fisherman lives here with the catch of his life"


the sun was shining,

the sky was blue

the grass was green

and my thoughts turned to you

the birds were flying,

the harbor was full sailboats,

the cows were grazing,

the tourists were taking pictures

as I wished you were by my side

the wind was blowing,

the sea gulls were chasing breakfast,

the sand was soft between my toes

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