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The Beauty of Life and Love

In Confinement

This is a very profound read about the beauty and darkness of being locked in a cell, away from everyday life and society.

The author writes about the pain of confinement, and the romantic experiences he encountered with women who were fascinated by his strength to endure, and intrigued by his intellect.

This beautiful, poetic, yet eccentric, style could be written by no other than a man who was “forced” to apply his talent to make time fly and experience the therapeutic effects of writing poetry that expressed his heart, mind and soul.

Written in a beautiful rhythmatic style - this is a MUST read for anyone who loves the art of poetry.

The Beauty of Life and Love

In Confinement



I wrote this collection of poetry during my confinement in both Green Haven and Attica prisons, in New York, during the years 2009-2015.

Poetry is a way to express my inner self, by putting pen to the paper and making the words flow as water from a faucet. Writing is also very therapeutic for me, as it helped me through the difficulties of confinement and also made time pass quicker.

Some of my poems may seem dark, as they expressed the anger and negative feelings that come with imprisonment, but most of my poems are about love. I had several romantic encounters with females during my confinement, which reflected some of my poems on love through the expression of my feelings for Nataki, my high school sweetheart, who returned into my life while I was in Attica Prison, during 2011 to 2016. Nataki and I fell in love all over again – she had a love for poetry, so I would write poems to her, as well as kept a copy for myself. Although the relationship dwindled, the memories of love remain.

One of the most beautiful things about being in love, while in confinement, is that the person you love, still occupies your mind, which allows the time to really fly by.

I hope, as a reader, you enjoy the collection of poetry.

Tito Greene


  1. Deception

  2. Your Smile

  3. This Thing Called Life

  4. Life is Beautiful

  5. That’s The Way Life Goes

  6. Confined

  7. Oh, How I Suffer

  8. Free Mind

  9. Death Awaits

  10. Power Of The Pen

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