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Handle with Care

Poetry & Prose

By Michael Tavon


I dedicate this collection to everyone who battles with depression and self-doubt. You’ll overcome, just keep living.

Handle with Care is a Collection of poetry, prose, by Michael Tavon.

All pieces are original and were written by the author.

The illustration created by Woe89s may not be reused without the artist’s consent.

Copywrite 2018

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

Damaged Goods
Red Rose
Naturally You
God is a Woman
Bird in a Cage
Milk & Honey
In Case I Actually Get Her
Star Gazing
Seafoam Paradise
Bed Nesters
Don’t Stress
Nostalgia III
I Smile

It’s Yours

Table of Contents (Con’t.)

Unpleasant Overthinking
I Love You
The Void II
Wandering Hearts
Fear II
Moving Forward
Walking in the Rain
Use Me
You Are Loved
Sunday Love
Heartbreak & Whiskey
Grow & Glow

How I Felt at the Time
2 A.M.
My Baby

Table of Contents (Con’t.)

My Heart
Let Go
Pillow Talk
Smile With Pain
Handle with Care



Thank you for showing me

The definition of strength and perseverance 

Your vision has given me guidance 

During my darkest days 

When I'm lost 

You never stopped

Shining your light 

So, I could find myself again 




Are the traits that make you the most beautiful spirit I know 

Your heart is heavy 

because your love is as 

strong as the touch of God

It's unconditional.

You would always say 

"Never pass judgement" 

"Treat everyone equally" 

"And give as much as you can when you can" 

Thank you for giving me your heart

Because your love is limitless

Damaged Goods

We're all damaged

We all need fixing

Inflicted by bad decisions

A curse that keeps on giving

We refuse to listen

Then wonder why

We're left broken like porcelain

Inside a tampered box

Handle with care

The contents are fragile

If you don't want what's inside

Please don't try to carry

Before you leave another

Heart shattered

With shards scattered

across the gravel

Please, handle with caution

The package is delicate

And too heavy for most

Red Rose

The reddest rose

Withstood deadly storms

To tell stories

Of the many sun rays

That has seeped

through its petals

Despite harsh weather

That rose continued to grow

So, shall you

Naturally You

You say it's rare

For a man to want to see you

When your face is bare

Your unkempt hair

And no mascara when you stare

Well, I don't care

I want to see the

Beauty of you when you wake up

Without fake lashes and make up

So, Let's layup

Be lazy

With your hair all tangled and wavy

In your grey sweats from old navy

Baby, to you it sounds crazy or foreign

You think the natural you is boring

While I think it's worth exploring

The wonder of your body

I must explore

Take a tour and travel

Through your past scars

Trace over your stretch marks

and dimples

Naturally You (Continued)

Don't take this as a diss

But I like it better when you’re simple

Nothing more, nothing less

Take off your cool

And relieve your stress

When you're with me

You need not to worry

Just take your time No need to hurry

Just be natural and fair

As I strum my fingers

Through your curly hair


Some days I feel

Like a rising sun

Other days

I feel like a dark cloud

Looming over others joy

To love me is to know

I won’t always shine

So, when I rain

Will you still

Find the beauty

behind my darkness

God is a Woman

Your omnipresence

And essence Is of a woman

You are loving, caring

Jealous & spiteful

The giver of life

And everything beautiful

You become envious

when I ignore you

But your shoulder never turns cold

Even when I doubt

Your sincerity

Your clarity

Never goes astray

By my side you remain

Your brand of love

Most men are fearful of

Which is why I'm convinced

You're a woman


When you feel alone

I'll be by your side

When you want to cry

I’ll wipe your eye

And when you’re feeling down

I'll make you smile

To let you know baby It's alright

Don't worry about the past

Leave it all behind

From here on its alright

Baby girl you'll be just fine

Bird in a Cage

My wings stiffen

By the stillness of life

I can’t rise as high

As I was born to fly

Confined behind bars

I climb to break free

From the mundane

I deserve to touch

The sky

I need to feel the sunshine

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