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For Amanda, a luz de me vida.

And for Stella, who wondered why I stopped publishing books.


New Millennium Memeworld Intimacy3

A Spring Fragment6

Towards a Prayer to Patron Saints7

A Few Lines for Ernesto Cardenal8

New Millennium Memeworld Intimacy


Chance of rain

and the world

is washed away –

precipitated participation

in mock end time trials.

We are told by the only one

who sees, and we dismiss him –

the bastard’s just one more

old stinking drunk.


Spare a dime for your destiny,

or a quarter for the secret

of quantum space; all knowledge

is summed up

in the vague ramblings

of a dirty old man

who lives under the bus stop

and assaults little girls

like the troll

in one of Hans Christian Andersen’s

badly written nightmares.


(We have lost the language

to describe crucial events.)

In the desert, when it rains,

people stand aghast, staring

at the sky, and drown.

On television they call it the Rapture.

God comes with a gurgling noise

and then disappears.


Brown shirts in the streets

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