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Coincidental dreams

Dreams: I once had a dream of me floating above my bed, like an out of
body experience. A women said, what you do in your world connects and
effects this world. When I woke up, I noticed a letter h on my wall. A
coincidental fate of my own hope, magical belief of other worlds and
ghosts? Maybe both. A pile of leaves looked like an ant eater. The
shadows of trees on a fence looked like a magician in a top hat. I had
a dream of an old friend. The next day he called me.

A lot of the places, things and meanings in my stories related to it,
without me knowing. After I wrote my first story, I had a dream of
finding a key in a sand pile. It means success. Once after writing my
third one, I had a dream of black and white bunnies which means the
fortune. I was upstairs moving my things when I felt someone push me
down the stairs. Then I had a dream of two young girls in the attic,
one where a little girl died. In my north carolina home, I had a dream of a young
girl screaming in my closet as she echoed back.

once I had a dream of a large castle. I was with friends as we went in. Every time when I went around a certain stair floor, something would pull me down into a different kind of my basement. I would land onto a figure holding me. After trying many other things, I finally looked at who was holding me. It was an old lady with a smile. A dream of fear is your view of it.
Like echoing sorrowful lives and experiences. Then I was in the
bathroom but the tub was boarded up. A boarding up of her love, memory
and life.

After that I never saw her again in my dreams. A lot of moments coincide with the number 3. My cell number was 213. When I was 30 I moved and changed my life. Before I
turned 32, I wrote a story, seeds of time. That year was about the
book and rebirth. I ended probation and homelessness, gained a job and
moved in with my friend.

Coincidences: A lot of my lottery winnings and story word counts have 3 in them. When I moved to Florida from long island when I was sixteen, nice to know you by incubus came out. I moved back to new York in relation to their song, circles. When I had a crush on a girl, I sent her the that song. While I was listening to it outside, a bee stung me but a sting of wonderus love and connection.

Random thoughts and poetry: magic is natural odd reflections,  of unknown soul and hearted
thoughts, physical and mental expressive imaginative acts, rebirths. in between the earth, sun and moon lies triangular void, reflecting infinite hearts of all beyond, there was three 8s in 8/24/2017, 4 plus
2 and 2 is 8 plus 1 plus 7 plus 8. The number of return and infinite. Every relation and reflection of life, self is effected by songs, things like them, the music of common deep moments, life struggles, acts and
forms of life, self.

The magical hunt: A celestial harp figure lays under the music note stone, in between reflecting sapphire waterfall strings of poetry, living pressures and fearful repetition await behind every corner, chasing and facing her with dead eyes, a shadow comet flies around, going in circles of life and death, never truly reaching my destination inside,  We've lost the wonder and true depth of life and self, declaring  failures and ends, yet a fall is just a part of the next revival, a secret, who failed who? Was it ever even real or good?  were deep in the magical hunt, hunted hunters of imagined soul and impulses, the prey of blinding desire all along, hunt yourself beyond, you already have it all in self freedom, your redefining connection, Magic is embracing and combining natural imagined realities of heart and soul, discovering what always was, in that it is truly magic. a magic of natural wonder and imagined dark light, the metal harp strings distort old melodic memories through the stone, meeting to mine in between them, brimming life into another from our story, born from itself, we were playing as all the whole time.

Like the goddess before us, we planned our birth, a
birth of ended reflection, creation, we are always all and one,
creating them, forever breaking and making stones of infinite change and failure and
separation, the madness stops, the waves wave calming , the storm
begins to pick up again, sometimes i can’t wait for it to end.

You realize. Feel understand it all as one from other views, traits,
masculinity traits evolve, release and grow threw femininity views,
understanding, one thing grows, and reflects more when seen, releases
by the other one. Becoming another as another changes, grows ad
reveals them all. When stable, you can never flex infinitely to
another, in infinite flexibility, we are our truest balance and

I’m creating and reflecting past futuristic memories and of dreams,
experiences and me in infinite times. Through reliving views of birth
and past through all, I see and am the future and past. The past and
future of reliving, remembering it as one. I see my old adventures
through new moments, forever entwining as another now, there in all.
It’s the highest and lowest feeling, reflection time and moment
through self, things. Make and be the moment of infinite free heart
and core inside. If you can be and see one from the future, it is the
past, the past of future events.

Apace locket: The Celestial snow sun floats towards a liquid leaf moon,  worship the speakers of trivialness for release, a secret ego thrill always still,  following trails of modern greed and replicating violent entertainment, afraid of experiencing the outside world, the inner self, violent deception, deadly comfort, what we see becomes what we do, 
systems of one, when you are down, your core can't be free, seeing past her true heart and dreams hidden inside her space locket, shooting lunar rockets from endless pockets, meeting old times above a earthly heart, we can tell each other ghost stories of chilling reconnection and youthful wonder, making another, return to the one that goes beyond, break through and with your core, the biggest dreamy reflection, the locket broke free, a dove swims, the reef flies, beyond themselves, she was always gone and all.

My name means heel and replacer which has become true in many cases. Most of my relationships and connections was to replace their lover or partner. Never truly replace anyone but in that way. To be real, it must be virtual as they strengthen another and make them free. If everything was real then it's limited and closed minded. Everything reflects its dreams and self, connected to the core of oncoming real virtualoisty beyond. Simulation is just a reality before another, the physical one. In that it is real and beyond.

Culture vultures: from above lay a shadow line girl with
wings, so high yet still feels low, even when she comes
back down, her head
is in space, never really flying, looking down below with
artificial eyes,
held up on dead highs from the cross puppet tool, I see
her from down here
from my dark royal statue, held up high on a living
pedestal, I wonder if
she can see underneath this image of lifeless conformity
and golden veil of
richness, shedding blood and sacrifice of chosen
righteous, just to
heighten a ego and justification, why do we owe someone
who never should've
had to sacrifice? To anyone? It's a dead requirement of a
forced act, I've
been through so much for this? A accepted sickening
normality, here comes
the culture vultures, flying creatures of a set intellect,
laying out paths
of corrupted and deceptive adventures, scavenging on the
oblivious and
what's dead, an environment of traditional blindness and
obscurity, the
delusional cure, like the different shades of waves
rippling new horizons,
reflecting new shallow dreams and memories deeper, if you
don't question
then there’s no answer, like going down an elevator, the
escape and core is
there, as she landed on me, I broke out, reflecting the
true flight as her
wings finally spreaded and flew her dark beginning.

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