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Driving My Scooter ~

Through The Asteroid Field

Coming Down Over Venus

Hallo Baba”

Sunny Jetsun

She sent Shivas down my Spine

She began to talk of her experiences in roaming about the world. When

she talked about her wanderings she seemed to paint them: everything

she described remained in my head like finished canvases by a master.

We began by talking about China and the Chinese language which she

had begun to study. Soon we were in North Africa, in the desert among

peoples I had never heard of before. And then suddenly she was all

alone, walking beside a river and the light was intense and I was

following her as best I could in the blinding sun, but she got lost and

I found myself wandering about in a strange land listening to a language

I had never heard before. She is an artist of some sort because nobody

has ever given me as she did the ambiance of a world of light such as

I had never dreamed of and never hoped to see.

Arrangement: ‘The Colossus of Maroussi’ Henry Miller


* for Raphaella ~ Sparkling Stars in her eyes and heart *

All names, characters, images and incidents portrayed in this book are

fictitious. No identification with actual persons and places is intended or

should be inferred. Copyright Disclaimer ~ Under Section 107 of 1976,

Copyright Act. Allowance is made of fair use for purposes of knowledge.

The moral right of the author has been asserted 2017

Copyright © 2017. Sunny Jetsun All rights reserved 978-1-910363-49-2

Driving My Scooter Through The Asteroid Field

Coming Down Over Venus ~ “Hallo Baba”

Sunny Jetsun

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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary’. Orwell

In 2017 there are five men who collectively own as much wealth as the

poorest half of the global population, new research from Forbes shows.

As Oxfam before, it warns that the gap between the super-rich and the

very poor keeps on widening every year. In 2016, it was the world’s 62  

richest people whose combined wealth equated that of the poorest 3.6

billion on the planet. ‘The net worth of the Rothschild family has been

estimated at anywhere between $US 1 trillion and $US100 trillion. They

are thought to control the Bank of England, the European Central Bank,

the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and

Bank of International Settlements. They own most of the world’s gold

and the London Gold Exchange’. They and their cronies apparently own

the rest of the World’s wealth. (The Paradise Papers on Tax havens).

These Plutocracies exploit the world’s resources to acquire everything.

Their wealth dictates society, politics, economics, wars we all live under.

The state of Planet Earth today is a direct reaction to their fascist greed.

Capitalism, debt, poverty, GMO/natural destruction, extreme inequality,

derive from their mismanagement, to keep us divided and conquered ~

so maintaining their continuous positions, of unholy, sociopathic Power


Mysticism from the Greek ~ (muo,‘concealed’)

is the pursuit of achieving communion or identity with, or

conscious awareness of, ultimate reality, the divine, spiritual

truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, or insight;

and the belief that such experience is an important source of

knowledge or understanding. It may involve a belief in the existence

of realities beyond immediate perceptual apprehension, or a belief

that true perception of the world goes beyond intellectual apprehension,

or that ‘beingness’ is central to all perception.


Mystics generally hold that there is a deeper, more fundamental state

of existence hidden beneath the appearances of the day to day living

(which may become, to the mystic, superficial or epiphenomenal).

For the mystic, the hidden state is the focus, and may be perceived

in any of various ways - as God, ultimate reality, a universal presence,

force or principle, psychological emancipation ~ and be experienced or

realised directly. Such experience are spoken of variously, as ecstatic

revelation, theosis, direct experience of the divine or of universal

principles, nirvana, enlightenment, satori, samadhi, etc


They are sometimes characterised by a fading or loss of self,

or a perceived interconnection with all existence, and are

often accompanied by feelings of peace, joy or bliss.

Mysticism is usually understood in a religious context,

but as William James (1902) points out, mystical experiences may

happen to anyone, regardless of religious training or inclinations.

Such experiences can occur unbidden and without preparation at any

time, and might not be understood as religious experiences at all.

They may be interpreted, as artistic, scientific, or other forms of

inspiration, or even dismissed as psychological disturbances.

With that in mind, the word ‘mysticism’ is best used to point to

conscious and systematic attempts to gain mystical experiences

through studies and practice. Techniques include meditation, prayer,

asceticism, devotions, the chanting of mantras or holy names, or even

intellectual investigation. While mystics are generally members of some

religious denomination, they typically go beyond specific religious

perspectives or dogmas in their teachings, espousing an inclusive

and universal perspective that rises above sectarian differences.


James points out that a mystical experience displays the world

through a different lens than is present in ordinary experience.

The experience, in his words, is “ineffable” and “noetic”;

placed beyond descriptive abilities of language.

While there is debate over what this implies ~ whether, in fact,

the experience actually transcends the phenomenal or material

world of ordinary perception, or rather transcends the capacities of

perception to bring the phenomenal and material world into full view.

Mystics focus on the experience itself, and are rarely concerned with

ontological discussions’. ~ from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.


Six Sided Pointed Star

Gold put inside my heart

from the Angels ~ Alchemy of the Cosmos

Coming through Mother Earth, Unrealised, surely they

Realise the mess that exists, that they’re getting rich off!

Who wants plastic when there is hemp? Used for everything!

Who wants a plastic brain, who wants a field of hemp?

Who left a couple of bombs, destroying a Varanasi train?

Allowing Spirits to Unfold in exploding particles on the Ghats!

In essence ~ In*Spiralisation being in the Present moment.

Nothing more to do but be and see and feel freely allowing

rivers of grace to take you floating endlessly ~

Too much going on Inside my Mind”

Related graffiti of a ‘legal’ gang, called ‘Dina’

Absolutely No Rules and Regulations darling ~

The grass, might be greener on the other side but

it’s just as hard to cut.” It’s the one that gets water.

My mother made me a lesbian”, she confided to me.

If I give her the wool will she make me one too?”

What choice: You shoot me, or I shoot you, dead first!

Choice of? Democratic Parliament; Spineless Politicos!

He changed the Law, to suit himself; not those he tortured.

Supported by the Army of course; let Pinochet go free? WTF!

Swords piercing your body, just stay with the Sensations.

Lots of Predators circling, full cruel treatment by Demons.

You’re allowed a ‘Non-human’, with an electrified vagina!”

Hung him from the walls, practiced karate on his spine.


Atomic Bomb of Love

Don’t do that Sunny, what will people Think!”

Earth is the Heart Chakra of this Nazara Universe”

They left bombs in Japanese playgrounds,

I left my body for some light in the dark…

left shells from Plutonium in Iraqi nurseries.

Everything’s a big banging, expanding milky way!

Arriving on the island in violet flames, channeling ~

Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis, Marilyn, Hermes and hippie

friends ~ Life is sweet jumping into a pool of Love.

In Lands of the psychedelic, opalescent, peace dove.

Jesus’ Spaceship * ‘Nesarath’ landed in an olive grove.

Transmutation ~ Changing with the right frequency…

Now the Mirrors are getting stronger into Beingness.”

Indigo children allowed * to unfold sublime moments.

Dissolved a gorgeous, hybrid clone.

Living the Ideal, ‘in it not of it ~

Oh, God what a beauty!”

San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, August 7th 2006

Half of US believes Hussein had WMD.

by C. J Hanley, Associated Press.

Poll finds myth endures despite debunking;

many blame talk radio, blogs, White House.

Do you believe in Iraqi WMD?” Did Sadam Hussein’s

government have weapons of mass destruction in 2003?

Half of America apparently still thinks so, a new poll finds, and

experts see many reasons why: a drumbeat of voices from talk

radio to die-hard bloggers to the Oval Office, a surprise headline

here or there, a rallying around a partisan flag, and a growing

need for people, in their own minds, to justify the war in Iraq.

People tend to become “independent of reality” in these

circumstances, says opinion analyst Steven Kull.

The reality in this case is that after a 16 month, $900-million plus

investigation, the U.S. weapons hunters, known as the Iraq Survey

Group, declared that Iraq had dismantled its chemical, biological

and nuclear arms programs in 1991 under U.N. oversight.

That finding in 2004 reaffirmed the work of U.N. inspectors,

who in 2002/03 found no trace of banned arsenals in Iraq.


Despite this a Harris Poll released July 21 found that a full 50% of

US. respondents up from 36% last year, said they believe Iraq did

have the forbidden arms when U.S troops invaded in March 2003,

an attack whose stated purpose was elimination of supposed WMD.

Other polls have found an enduring American faith in the WMD story.

Timing may explain some of the poll result. Two Republican Law -

makers, Pennsylvania’s Sen. Rick Santorum and Michigan’s Rep. Peter

Hoekstra, released an intelligence report saying 500 chemical munitions

had been collected in Iraq since the 2003 Invasion.

I think the Harris Poll was measuring people’s surprise at

hearing this after being told for so long there were no WMD.

in the country” said Hoekstra spokesman Jamal Ware.

But the Pentagon and outside experts stressed that these

abandoned shells were 15 years old or more, their chemical

contents were degraded, and they were unusable as artillery

ordnance. Since the 1990s, such “orphan” munitions, from among

160,000 made by Iraq and destroyed, have turned up on old

battlefields and elsewhere in Iraq, ex-inspectors say.

In other words, this is no surprise.

These are not stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.” said

Scott Ritter, ex-Marine who was a U.N. inspector in the 1990s.

They weren’t deliberately withheld from inspectors by the Iraqis”

Conservative commentator D. Murdock, who trumpeted Hoeksta’s

announcement in his syndicated column, complained in an interview

that the press “didn’t give the story the play it deserved” but in some

quarters it was headlined. “Our top story tonight, the nation abuzz

today” Was how Fox news led its report on the old, stray shells.

Talk-radio hosts and their callers seized on it. Feedback to blogs

grew intense. Kull and others see an influence of opinion that’s

more sustained than the odd headline. “The basic dynamic is in the

insistent repetition by the Bush administration of the original argument”

said John Prados, author of the 2004 book, “Hoodwinked:

The documents that Reveal how Bush Sold Us a War.” Administration

statements still describe Hussein’s Iraq as a threat. Despite the official

findings, Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice has allowed only that

perhaps”, WMD. weren’t in Iraq. And Bush himself, since 2003, has

repeatedly insisted on one plainly false point: that Hussein rebuffed

the U.N. inspectors in 2002. The facts are that Iraq, after a four year

hiatus in cooperating with inspections ~ acceded to the U.N. Security

Council’s demand and allowed experts ~

to conduct more than 700 inspections of potential weapons sites

from November 27, 2002 to March 16, 2003. The inspectors said

they could wrap up their work within months.

Instead, a US. invasion aborted that work.


Naturally, the common people don’t want war, but after all,

it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and

it is always a simple matter to drag people along, whether it is

democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a

communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can

always be brought to the biddings of the leaders. It is easy.

All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and

denounce the pacifist for lack of patriotism and exposing

the country to danger. It works the same in every country”.

Hermann Goring, Hitler’s Reich-Marshall

at the Nuremberg Trials, after WW11


Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip

the citizenry into a patriotic fervour, for patriotism is indeed a

double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it

narrows the mind.  And when the drums of war have reached a

fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed,

the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry.

Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism,

will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.

How do I know? For this is what I have done.

And I am Caesar.” (Julius Caesar)


Don’t the Bible say we must love everybody?”

Oh the Bible! To be sure! It says a great many things.

But then, nobody ever thinks of doing them”.

From, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Paramo of bedazzled Grasshoppers

Who is that Universal Monarch ~

with the brightest colours on his wings?

We’re on holiday, not bearing our hearts.

So let’s take it up, ‘Pre Programmed’ Performer.

Giving you a bit of a buzz ~ Chi, a Free Spirit.

Never been easy to shut the blinging Mind.

My energy is on the rise, its just given in,

connecting to the People ~ Vibration


Bhagwan’s Vespa

Oh So beautiful ~”

through swami’s lovely eyes.

Bring it on up ~ Time flies.

Sincere ~ to touch the Stars.

I’m not suitable to live with another person”

I Love the beach.


Gina Lollobrigida’s smiling eyes

that’s the sort of thing that happens to me! Unbelievably,

Sig. Bellini and Fellini driving a Bugatti in Pondicherry!”

Have some of that! What comes after the dreaming?

I always wanted to meet Venus with fluore Red hair.

A Mad Scientist fell in Love with her; sparkling

Paramour. “I don’t know if I can stand up!”

Empty the Mind, clear and Open.

Bottom line? Is to be ~ Free


I’m now Officially, literally Your Ex!’

I want to meet ‘My Self’s, ‘Own’ Ex!

We all live in a fascinating Pantomime.

Accepting other people’s Rights to be stupid…

With a raging Sikh, in a ‘War of Onions and potatoes’.

The price went up by 3 Rupees!

The Hiding Brain ~ Psychic Boundaries

Squatting for a bit of Freedom, taking a Mortgage holiday!

Keep on smiling the whole World will smile with you.

You promised” ~ “Well I’m taking my promise back!”

Stand up for your rights.” “As God is my witness!”

Don’t lose Your Prayer” Society - A System! Free Spirit ~

Not Institutionalised; a Psychedelic, Punk from San Marino.

Who didn’t paint a Church somewhere around Florence?”

She worked in an Italian Restaurant in Newcastle on Tyne’


Trusting * Healing

Try to be an Angel to someone.

You feeling the Love in your heart ~

And Luciferians of Deception, selfish, heartless Love!

Love bulbs glowing in her seductive, Quauntum heart.

Runs on frequencies, those going off together in bliss.

We'll soothe, detox it with our higher consciousness.

Vibrating her ever so sweetly.


Meditation Path

Concept of the future, ‘People over Profits’

which doesn't exist. What's the direction?

Only focusing on the clear Space of now ~

Chemical reaction * fractal bouquets of Lotuses.

'It's better to have had it than not to have had it'

The energy of creativity goes there to expand!

Pink Pages cliches, Ads from the 50s. ‘Speaking for Itself’

Smoke these and you can look like Audrey Hepburn!”

Demand & Supply, Supply & Demand, Supply & Demand.

The Vatican Never condemned the Nazi Genocide! Bang!

1000 deserters from the British army in Iraq in three years!

Authorities refusing to accept it has to do with the Invasion.

New mantra ~ No one wants War

Plus Prudent

You can fuck people’s Minds just with negative words!

Buddha’s or any Religion; word God is only just a word.

Only Man-Made atoms, Anger is human. Your very own,

misconception, misdirection, misperception, misalignment.

Tribals coming from Instinctive juice, are being dictated to.

Perversion is some form of Suppression of Creativity ~

too many Rules, Regulations, moralists; Ego can’t deal

with it, we become out of balance ~ whirling Ambience.

If You can’t Love Yourself, can You Love Anyone else?


New Spectrum Drone

US criticizes Israel for illegal use of their Cluster Bombs!’

Designed specifically to make their Bombs, explosives;

explode so very silently! You can sleep right through it.

Like a cosy mattress. “Hatred is the Shadow of Your Ego”

The Opposite of Love Is Fear ~ Integrity not more polarity.


Nectar * Contact

Psychiatrists don’t really have a clue, can you believe it?

Right off the track, living it for real, not out of a textbook.

Couldn’t even Kill a fish ~ that eye’s always open!”

Who has been holding the light then?

To have a House with No doors or windows, totality.

Others swore Acid was the fuel, the Magic door ~

No expectations, No Fear in Fearless Meditation.

Eye to Eye not an Eye for an Eye ~ we all go blind’


Wisdom Is Wisdom

I can agree with you”

Glad to hear it mate ~ so am I.

Where are we going?”

We’re going to War!”

Selling ‘1984 Insurance’: Threats > What to work on?

Tarts, “What are Your Dreams, what are Your Fears?”

They gave us ‘Individuality’ ~ to Control us even easier”

Sent You to the Salt Mines, going over the edge of waves.

Menacing Again > remote committees of devoted drudge.

Disappointed they didn’t get to see the Public Hangings!’

Their ferocity turned outside, against the Demon Enemy.

Denounced them to the Party disciples, ‘Thought Police’.

We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness”


Whoever You Are in a World of Lies

Karma dancing on the Moon with your ecstatic Free Will

Singing bhajans with Agoris and dhobi wallahs at Benares.

No Propaganda, No brain-washing, No Fear Stalking me.

Covering my tracks, not hiding out of sight from the light.

You’ve got the wrong number’ ~ take Your Responsibility.

Ultimately Power is in your hands; Heart, Mind up to You!

Thought Crime’ couldn’t conceal the guilt of it, the Paranoia.

These self confessed, self empowered, sole guardians of

Truth & Sanity. Their World of lies and spies that terrifies!

From in their locked loneliness of dark and fearful reality,

their rage, vindictive hate, torture, seems as an electric flow

of odious, regressive, rhythmic impacts on your ‘I ball’ ~

Don’t accept the ulterior motives of a crashing Kamikaze.

They exist in their own, inconceivable imaginary Doomsdays.

For me, existing in the sparkling crystals of being ~

Self Conscious of my Power to change;

Power to live my life of freedom….

Your choice, to let them take you to an Unjustified War!

Don’t blame the other sheep, wolves, sows or holy cows

If Life is what You want it to be from Inside your Heart.

Not their fault that you became enlightened

I chose to love you ~ Perfectly here now

Timeless ~

Have you ever heard of Dolphins fighting?

I’m a Unicorn in disguise ~

Communicating with Humans.

From an Infinite Source


No Questions

Go and Make a chapatti!”

Being Useful ~

You have to give shelter”, It’s in the code…

Living with Real Knowledge of the country.

Genuine Shivaette ~


Trishul Power

From telling the Truth, clearly.

At least You were honest ~

from a Real Invasion of You!

You bring a rule in here and I’ll kick your head in!”

I’m against the whole idea of National Anthems”

Need to get rid of Inbred Parties and be Independents.

Stood up, “I did it for the struggle and respect of India.”

How can anyone Justify landmines and the biggest slum in Asia?


These Places

Surreal kaleidoscopic, the Giraffe Pub in Kennington.

It never really existed ~ until You actually find them!

Dr. Kelly from the Bahai, a Very Mysterious Martyr.”

The Powers that Be, ‘Their Law’ can get away with it.

They are devising the rules, calling and making the shots.

Accidents don’t happen like that mate.” No blood evidence.

Told by a professional; bring back the True Democracy.

If in any doubt take the Happy Path, for Sure!”

Full Bright I*deal * Idealic

When you fall into somebody’s eyes ~

Magical realism of great Goa Vibrations.

I’m under No delusions why I take drugs!”


What an Act! See

To sell War, to sell Conquering, Invasion, as Liberation!

Who is Selling all these Terror Weapons of Destruction?

What’s their Spiel and Track Record on Holy Crusades?

What does it say on their Curriculum Vitaes?

What’s it say in their Glossy Obituaries?

Always getting caught out in an Untruth.

One Man’s Lie is another Man’s Sales Pitch!”

Found myself between Iraq and a hard place.

They’re not Accounting for the Whole truth!


Any Violence Is Horrible!

Gave him a ‘Bamboo Massage’ as a courtesy!”

The first night she lived there someone jumped off the 1st floor!”

I left due to loss of Rights,Yob Culture, the Police State!


Cui Bono?

Redefining what it is to be human now? “I Love You”

No free Space being continually connected to the cloud?

That is your environmental domain; prison cell or natural?

Would you like some 5G. Intelligent wallpaper projections?

Living in a smart grid, not a living Planet called Mother Earth.

Omnipresent Internet, processing 100 billion micro-nano chips.

A Global, NWO. brain communication, centralising all our data.

Systems with cognitive intelligence ~ you are now a little Robot.

Transformational digital age; do you have an Android? Yes, I do.

Do you have a programmed-bot, ‘Replika’ or physical-biological?

Welcome to the latest Panopticon, monitoring system brother.

Cybernetic feedback loop is not a revolution ~ or the seasons.

Visible Energy Fields

Planetary Symphony of Crystal Spheres ~

Actually, “I believe that I was the main problem”

Fauna, flora, every tree, it’s all vibrating naturally.

Make it accessible to your sense consciousness ~

We come in Peace, please believe us one more time!

Why are we created from a frequency? Scan your DNA.

You are invited now to become enlightened, do you understand,

without any thinking; with bio-logical, not dualist, karmic mind-sets.

Altering, boosting, saturating; something has happened to you, what?

I am resonating Heavenly bliss of perfect harmony ~ this will change.

What are you truly aware of? Symbiosis, sharing in the Cosmic Love.

You are a drop in the Ocean and the Whole Ocean


Watching the Stars fall

A Loveless Marriage, ‘Liberation is not upset by happiness or distress’

Who is being tortured humanely, with Advanced Stress Techniques?

They don’t have the Death penalty; that means something positive!

Please don’t make me leave Paradise to witness public executions.

You have been Invited to visit Planet Peace, no conflicts there…

Are you afraid, full of fear and scary paranoia? I wonder why?

Brainwashed, pre-conditioned; I didn’t know what I was seeing.

Out of balance, I, my mind’s ego wandering all over the place ~

can’t distinguish any life-form, do they have feelings; compute?

Each experience is a stepping stone, transforming for the best.

We have integral Power to choose, ascend or fight for Peace ~

Seeking Unity in diversity or superiority, tyranny, which is more

Real to you? To live in constant illusion or unconditional Love ~


He was an unconscious madman from the beginning.

The deeper feelings that make you think and wonder.

If you’re not happy with her or him; it’s within yourself ~

Let Life flow through the karmic conditioned Mind-drive.

Flowers that dance ~ reaching to the Heavens of free Love


be calm, my destiny is go to the Stars.

I don’t want to become Possessive ~

Can’t make someone Love You.”

Evaluation & Comparison…

god you’re gorgeous!”



A Gautama with tears on his cheek!

Calling the Troops, calling the Tribe’.

The beauty is Choosing us ~ let it flow.

Full treasure * jewels of the divine Yoni Pearl.

not Obsessional edges and More Fire Power!

Everything we’ve done is Forgiven, everything.

We don’t have to think like that anymore ~

We’re together now”


Locked for Your Own Protection >:< Not If but when!

An Anti-Culture? Open Mind of Om but No Aumness ~

Propaganda of Negative, dark, lifeless, System Machines.

Self-hypnosis, fall in and copy it like everyone else, or else!

Expressions in his eyes might conceivably betray him, to Music,

associated with Pride, Patriotism, horror and guilt ~ what about

those who simply disappeared into the angry, Andean volcanoes?

Having been forgotten, no trial, no report of the arrest, no Existence.

There’s no records that you ever lived on this planet as a real being!

You have been Wiped out, deleted all Memory, wiped clean, gone,

abolished, annihilated, obliterated, Vaporized, in front of our eyes!

Fearful, paranoia, terrified, waiting for a knock at our door for sure.

Heart’s thumping, being erased; denying your true human nature.

Instinctive reactions, our overwhelming emotions my darling.

Out of Control, I do remember that we did Love each other.

Naturally, Freely, Truly, Openly, Ecstatically and Forever.

If you’re Happy, You have to go Up!” For sure ~

Can’t Predict

Ultimately it’s Communication, Hallo, Salut, Da.

Good, Bad, Indifferent, Size, Wise, Realised ~

That’s the Apparent question, are you Aware of it,

Or Not? You know your destiny to be Consciousness.

Who are You really, that’s ‘Human conditioning’.

Breathe and Focus ~ Breathe and Focus.

No need to put Reiki or drops in my Chai!

People do get wrapped up; In Reactions ~

What’s the matter with this? Nothing at all…

People being them themselves, don’t get sucked in...

It’s there for a reason ~ Realise true Awareness of Space,

She could stick up for herself, inside, knowing beyond mind!

Who are You to say I can’t laugh?”


Detours of the Tripping Mind

He never ate meat after his conversation with a cow”

Can’t wait for tomorrow, Fantastic ~ If you are not

actually doing it; it’s the Mind drawing the pictures.

Why Parties are Like Meditation; Pulls People In ~

The Love Vibe is going on ~ not any poisoned dream.”

He belonged to the Society for the Protection of natural

MDMA. in a culture of Rackets! Getting into his Starship.

They resisted and revisited; pulled it right in ~ Whack!

It’s the Truth, just embrace it, as soon as the other starts,

drop It, drop the limited Mind, can’t beat the Divine in Bliss.


Wholesome Portal

Too much going on, thoughts in my Mind!”

Conceived on a Total Om ~

The Poems of dream

Your face lights up

when you smile

Spreading it ~

The doorway

Lovely living on the riverbank ~

Pythagoras, Look at that, that’s a Cracker!”

Pilgrimage ~ Bombshells, on the streets of Devon.

Part of the Unavoidable, Order of things…

Their Lives Sacrificed for what? A cold War!

Swept the corrupt Authorities into Nothingness ~

The Underground, Undercover, Overt, Covert, Alert!

Very disappointed in their Purges, those Crazy Pogroms.

It was not by being heard but by staying Sane

that the Human heritage was carried on”

For Survival he recognised himself as a New Age Rebel”

The Sun light family, left for you to remember; a fertility

hope, to retrace the meaning of Your true Self ‘Identity’.

Their dead eyes pursuing you everywhere, watching you.

Invading into you with feelings that there is ‘No Escape’.

Totalitarianism, to Annihilate a Whole culture; all futility.

Wiping out all Traces, of their Crimes against Humanity!


Real or Dream Worlds

So many cameras, You can find Terrorists anywhere in UK!

Nakedly ~ getting rid of whole Systems of thought.

Who told you? “You’re the Poet with blue eyes” ~

We always Want, what we don’t have’ & Vice Versa.

What do you feel like? Greeting a Walmart breeder…

How long do you expect me to watch you Torture, Poison,

slowly destroy Yourself; ignorantly, Unconsciously, darling?

A 4XAlpha Vikingbot, Insanely shooting up to the stars!

Full tripping, driving his bike to outer Space ~ Inside.”

Still Raging, “Now you wake up!” You Flipped…

to be a part of that feeling! Everything’s on Sale.

Super Pixies or part of the ‘Big & Better Deal’

Sacrifice not Compromise, she got her wish,

female Instincts! Speed dating, infatuation.

Totally Unacceptable

Sounds crazy; no she was just being her Self. “I was Crazy!”

Putting their cross in that box’ and getting it hacked for free.

There’s always an effect unless you became enlightened.

Awareness of No Violence, No Violence! Does it help?

What You Expose them to; expose them to dirt,

they’ll live in dirt!” “I wanna be ~ drama free”


5G Omnipresence

Whatever happened to being Conscious of the here and now?

Never again being disconnected from the Global brain of God.

Nano-sensoring your bio-data, ask your local mobile provider.

Caught in the web of a dangerous spider with cognitive dissonance.

Analyse and records everything, opening the black box of your cortex.

What happened to a Free society, Freedom of thought; always a Myth!

Always been slavery, coffles, now it’s controlled by insensitive Robots.

Do what your told or you will be punished, even for having a thought.

People need to put down their phones and wake up”

Looking into black mirrors, mind being hypnotised.


Dividing and Conquering Us

Sociopathology, All means justify the End; to them!

Doing what they’re told, “Get the Mission done!”

To be a Predatory Super, World Power, Empire.

To be at the Top table ~ bring the list…

Who has read, The Wolfowitz Doctrine?

This is what to do to achieve your result!

1 World Order > How do you do it ~ the Catalyst?

Pick from the Menu, Ideological silo. You want ~

A Government take-over, brutal, economic sanctions…

Anonymous Assassination, Military coups, Terrorist attacks,

Secret Army mutinies, Dictators specially made to Order?

The Deep state carving their cruel Totem of blood and gold!

Another Stray Missile! Into the dark * into the Light.

Lollipops of the Guru chick!

They’ll do Cocaine till the cows come home.”

The Patriot Actors’, wrestling, Big Macs, Jesus & Nascar!

Another Perfect Sunday; see you in the Office Monday”



Smoke and he didn’t Inhale or penetrate!”

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Policy’. What bullshit…

They Know; I thought it was a Myth, just bad PR!

Don’t Push too hard, If you give him less to live for ~

becomes a Dangerous Ding Dong



A ‘Blanket Party!’ You know what I mean?

Everyone gets a Hit, Informal Codes, duties.

Life’s all about People’s Lives you wouldn’t believe’.

Got a Dear John Letter, from his girl ~ Jumping Ship!

Only 5% of US, have Passports, Memberships of…

A bunch of Forest Gumps’. ‘Fortunate Son of mine’

If a guy can’t throw a Punch but he can kick you

and you can’t see it, You’re gonna get Kicked!”

Smoke Him Out!” - Frat boy who wants to be a Cowboy.

The Charisma, Oil Is Oil, black gold; All in Oil a Sales Job!

What tomorrow brings, another Chimpanzee or Democrat?

The Chinese bought a lot of US. shit!” They Own You…

Money Is Money’ ~ as long as it all comes back as $$$.

Free Expressions, the Ego Trickles Down, Capital Effects!

And 1% of the Population is in Prison, highest in the World!

There’s a baby born in Jail every six hours; Land of the Free!

Who’s Pushing those Insane Buttons? “Pushing it Yourself!”

He’s All for evolving through the Soft Machine ~

Cryogenicise my DNA. and shoot me to Venus”

What Works, what doesn’t Work; In Science!

When It Goes It Goes”

The Genie’s Out the Bottle

Fortress America’ - Game of Winners & Losers.

We’ll always Compete! # No Emotions ~

How can we Best deal with the Realities?”

A Backhand job, getting around it!

The Idea Guy, “We’ll make it Cool” but change nothing…

Who’s Respecting Democracy? Others don’t give a damn.

Their extreme way, No delusions of Utopia.” Profit baseline!

How to Contain them and suck All the Energy out. Drain Dry!

Can be as Mad as you like at a Rich, Saudi Executioner,

not when you’re driving to Ralphs for $2 not $6 a gallon.

Playing the Game, ‘Balance of Power’ by Oliver North!

This is what we’re really gonna do!”



High Stakes Poker, such a distracting Fiasco.

We Want It Real! Thanks for visiting Alabama.

You always Piss people off on the rise to the Top”

So We’re just gonna ‘Steam Roll’ them!

His Terrortory and Glory! ‘Operative of what?’

Good P.R. Keep them happy, Yeah, You dude!

They’re not goin’ let him get his nose under the tent!”

When every one’s working on themselves, can’t be Conflict.

All working to better Ourselves! Better Entertainment…

Religion is Specifically designed Against this too.

It’s all about Working for ‘The Church’s Ideology’.

In US. making yourself better means materially more comfortable,

a better situation, improving your leisure! Keep those hippies down!

The National guard. We helped the Indians, gave them TB, Blankets,

otherwise they’d still be sitting in their Tepees! Right Congressman?

Consciousness Streams ~ flowing. What happened to the Bison?

It’s not what Earth can do for You but what you can do for Earth’.

Not that you want to do it but if you had to you could”

Bombing ‘em with clusters of Loving Kindness!

Sweet test

Pink Petals of Love ~ make a wish!

It’s happening ~ Life changes. “It’s All Connected”

It’s human, no ego, intention asking miracles to come true.

Don’t be debt-enslaved mind, thoughts of Life without a name

or magic. Projecting what comes true for you ~ and me.

We’re effecting Cosmically, giving and receiving naturally.


Birds of Paradise Mortuary

Take your share of the Responsibility for the Canopy.

We’re the Stupid ones ~ we can’t break their Code!

Spinning Dolphins and others massacred in Taiji Bay!

See the clouds passing by, the Planet’s spinning ~

on its axis throughout the Galaxy of you inner-self.

When you gonna propose to your Pleidian girlfriend?


Captain of your Own Ship

Reached the High water mark of Pimpness!

Let’s go!” Totally taking the Piss!

Il Principe’, I hope I’m Not that smart, Ego.

Snorting Railburners in the back country, BC!”

One day gonna have to let it go, sooner the better.

Always one F… little Mosquito! In Paradise ~

Paralysed, learnt to flow as drifting, crystal snow flakes.

From her Temple ~ jet streaming Indigo, It’s on again!

Always ripping them off for their Light and Titicaca Water.

A nice Slam dude; You’re either with them or against them!

You have to Understand, there’s a lot of serious hatred ~

Frustration, with a Box Cutter and a fanatic, Iron Will!

Stalin had more men than Hitler had bullets!”

Exploring the stars now, finding some mirrors.

Massage not Massacre, the Vibe of the Tribe.

I wouldn’t like us either” ~ for Real!

Being in a Perfect * Invisible Circle

With Him Eye to Eye Within

What is your Exposure, Alignment, fractral holography?

1200 mikes of Acid says that you’re Clinically Insane!

They’re very afraid and very suspicious of it”, my friend.

Unlocking the vaults big time, of Cosmic Perceptions.

The Zeeboys. Skateboarders from Dogtown, half flipped.

Took their Culture and gave them MS118 & 24/7 Bingo”

Here’s the funny farm of the World ~ that’s the Mission.

To Open People’s Mind-paradigm as the boundless Universe.

Taking Individual responsibility in context with everyone else.

Sometimes I wonder why I talk”


Undrownable, no shit!

Just seen the revolution in Shinzin with the fungal bros.

Mata India, Close Knit, 54% of Pop. below 25 years old!

Are you on their Mailing Lists, sent it to the Wrong Gaff.

Changing with a Plan, from Opium fields to Strawberries.

On every Street corner in New York ~ dude,

there’s a Nigerian with a briefcase!”

Don’t get caught, hooked into ABCDE, Blah blah bla.

Seeing into and virtually through, ‘A Scanner Darkly’.

Borrowing from the Chinese makes America Greater!

Surveillance * a camera for every 14 people in the UK!

Creating a Robot Police State >!< Jamming Underground.

Step Forward, Welcome to Monty Python in brown shirts.

Lost in Translation Again, “I’ll put my life on the Line for

You and Your son will put his life on the Line for me!”

Did you get your 40 acres and a mule yet brother?

Holocaust > Reparations ~ for Everything on Earth.


The Soft Machine Motto

Any man doing a Job is working to make himself Obsolete.”

Language is a Virus” from outer Space * New Prototypes!

Spinning and Spiraling ~ W. S. Burroughs


And “The Gulf War Syndrome don’t Exist mate”

Blame the People who caught it ~ Don’t Panic!

The CIA. will implant, straight into your vein, to your brain.

Providing blacked out goggles in an Infinity swimming pool.

To pass the Test you only have to drown three times, for real!

All part of the Process, the ubiquitous Matrix.

How many folks are working on that Shift,

with their fingers on which nuclear buttons?

And Jesus Freaks? ~ All Parts, cogs of the Machine.”

Old Timer don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Love,

the depth of your own beautiful Illusions, the strength of

the Image of your desire. The almighty Pain of your Loss ~

She Lives nearby with someone else, taking it Very seriously!

You can’t Make them Love You or even listen to you, can you?”

In the psychic meadows of breaking hearts.

Lesson No. 1, as a Rule of Thumb.

Keep facing the Truth and Smile ~

At The Apocalypse


Slaves on Waves

Le Joie de Vie, trying to be true to Life ~

She was free, a new Goddess from Venus.

It’s illegal to have Parmesan in the fridge!

You’re allowed to be fat when you are rich!”

People were going to school with a syringe!

Such a horrible feeling when you stand on a snail”

You don’t find Russians who are gluten intolerant!”

It’s a good deal when everyone walks away Happy!”

What we want is justice for every being in the world.

The Earth breathes life through the oxygen of its trees!

Durga’s Summer Rain

Life Is Good ~ You can Choose, Your Free will.”

If in doubt ~ Choose the Happy Path for sure!”

Mania, OCD. let it go ~ an Invisible Mosquito.

Natural synchronicity, “I’m saving the trees.”

Cell with a view, when You dance for Freedom.

What’s after the Party, Party, Free Party.


She’s Enhanced Wacko

Dedicated Interrogator…

Everything is False on her. Created a new definition.

Legalised, US’ ‘Stress Techniques’, a diabolic one!

Not considered by them to be; ‘Inhumane Torture’.

Brains in their fat arses, sacrificial and sex slaves; Satanic.

Burning with Hatred, why bring Trouble? Blow up weddings!

Another Vicious Cycle has started ~ We’re all blind now…

Is it worth spilling blood over? Married to his possessions.

No accidents in the Universe. It takes two to compromise.

They can land on the Moon but can’t Stop making Wars.

No beginning, No End to Evil. Protection of the Dhamma


Heart Light

Go, Time is Ticking ~ Life Creations.

Stars, Aurora Borealis, dub on the beach,

clear Vision is good in the Middle, no extremes.

Love in Harmony ~ language is being Corrupted,

Uncorrupted, brain being hacked. More Pure Love.

Harmony Is Love ~ Stopping Mental programming,

limited Mind-sets, harmony eyes, bigger, expansive.

Lost in the Translation of it ~ It’s Not that Important!

Product’ of your own thoughts, swimming in chaos.

Many want to be here now, witnessing only silence.

Inside, India Time, Slow down ~ be still, Understand

to enjoy Life as we are.

Oxymoron @ King Queen

Non-taxed offshore! “I won’t go to war based on lies!”

Control Dramas’ Instinctively ~ You learn them.

They put out some vibe to get energy coming back.

Insecurity’- Seeing through that, you don’t Feed It,

so they don’t get what they want, rentering the Matrix.

Demanding Attention, getting the Vibe ~ to have energy

flow back to what they want! The nipple, womb obsession.

Something else they get Addicted too, so hard to change it!

Are we so Invisible, can’t see the truth, Madame Chameleon?

Maintaining the survival instincts, If animals cry, they’re dead!

State sponsored Terrorism, don’t make a mess with the Anthrax!

It’s all a Mind-game; No feelings after 300 Crashes ~ detached.

With Love, Compassion, no more fear of that.

Angels on Earth in front of You, Inside of You.


Blacon Bindi Baba

Everybody’s Worst Fear, a bad Prom date…

or Cluster bombs dropped onto others, mate!

No Sensitivity to the Suffering ~ what a state!

A Blast from the Past, Comrade Heart Kismet.

Working in the Plantation of small, slave faces.

Let me call my wife, she knows everything!”

Master; Modernity Celebrity, mad Mythology of Caste.

Other People’s Dramas! Coronation Street, going back

to the Village. You’re the Most shocking person out, be ~

cause of the energy, most Unbalanced on the whole planet.

Slitting each other’s throats, vicious murderous psychopath.

Not being ~ a Buddhist! Or the world would be inner Peace.

Romans and those, sweating like a rapist. Thumbs down!

Should sit you on a socket! New dawning, renunciation,

like a divorce, from a Guru or a demented spouse! ~Time

to change ~ can give you a new freedom to be Complete.

I left to tell the story

Green Is STOP ^ Red Is GO

Business > supply & demand ~ who’s sharing energies?

Profits or Opportunities ~ Cheapest, best for Extraction!

Evolving with a pocketful of tricks to become a demon.

How many starved to death in Eden’s wild meadows?

Because I’m Really worth what to you?” Ask God.

L’Oreal; their Slogans Never miss a beat!

So Centred, a lovely gal on a Full Shiva.

So Centred, a lovely guy on a whole Vulva.

Natural, hard core, very chilled out ~ streams


Kudos for Her

Yo, baby give them some Millions ~ Not a Rap Concert!

Finland makes the World’s Best sugar; au revoir Haiti!

Paradoxical, American Indian Casinos, richest Corporations,

being Controlled, stirring jealousies, keeping the tribe down.

1st Nation Peoples’ “I need You” Not dependent on the State!

Apparently you don’t understand I had a scooter accident.

I was the Moon driving on the wrong side of the line ~

A big tidal Rip in Society, not Centred with Your Self.

You shut your mouth and look at the pavement Chief’

Massive Violence, Aggression; a death wish from Rio.

Will I be self-conscious, walk until you’re under the Fort.

They’re acting like a bunch of coke freaks Governor!

Mutation, evaluation, too edgy, please don’t get mad.

Dao Indices, MDMA. LSD. meditation, looking centred,

in the mirror. Trance freeing your Mind from delusions.

Renunciation, so cool here; “I’m Not a Slave anymore.”

Leaving someone You Love just to accept the way it is.

Took their Karma and said it was ok; destined to evolve.

Sensitive kind of person to energies ~ stay with the truth.

* Transcendental *

Freedom could be

Jesus in a Lotus

Head of a Wooden Horse

DMT. LSD. Enlightenment ~ Who is to say what is true,

what is entertainment, entanglement or Illumination?

Is it Window panes opening on ~ to the Universe?

OM is the essential ~ Vibration in everything

Riding the sparkling face of its crashing wave ~

it’s what binds everything together, keep changing its Mantra Ray.

Migratory birds dance across the World’s frequencies, Meditation

is just Conscious ~ ‘Chill Out’


The Flock

Recreational’ escaping that Gravity

Kundalini candy’ ~ flying your way.

Caught with 44 papers * from Orion’s belt!

I was spreading Love”


Spartacus’ Sparks

The American Model

Shop Free Or Die”

In the Mall right now!

Wandering and buying shit…

You can Fake anything under the Sun!

Best for his sake that he doesn’t wake up.

Wondering ~ what did I do all those years?”

Stop to Shop


Glistening mouth

being at the same beach shack as the most beautiful,

sexually, chilled-out women in the World ~ every day!

Wonderful, golden, smooth skin of a super fantasia.

Intuitive feelings of heavenly bliss

drowning in your Moscow kiss ~

on the very verge of Paradise

Transcendence Is No Path

Through the houses of Scorpio and Neptune ~

Detachment is what happens, Karma candy his LSD.

glimpse beyond the Honey; a window open to the nectar.

When we’re Identifying with what we’re not, ‘false Ego’.

If we raise our Vibration ~ we’ll see the Truth”

Changes the system; Powers of the Shanti Army!


Eyes down for 1200 mikes

Clearing the throat charka ~ just words, spells.

Absolutely, just looking and looking into forever.

They’re f......g criminals, raping someone; predators not bridegrooms!

That’s why we have natural laws; if angry get it off your chest; no fear.

The judge is working for the Crown. “Do you understand the charges?”

Government is the Trustee of my estate, I am its Executor & Beneficiary.

What’s your number? Here’s my Affidavit and a bill for any harassment.

I am not a Joinder, so I’m refusing to answer any questions.

Back to the Natural Law of the People, not Maritime Law.

I move to dismiss this case.” How about the supernatural?

Reincarnation ~ An I for an I, for another Pie in the sky.

Dalai Lama ~ arriving as Higher Conscious, Altruism.

Bottom line ~ what is the true Intention? Leading us to ~

Encroachment, fragmentation, Coke Cola, Empire’s take -

over of Ubiquitos Space! Focus on his borderline genius.

Should be in an Institution; hey man, I’m free, travelling.

Man made Constructs ~ the Endless, ‘War on drugs’.

The Bigger the lie, the more people Believe it.” Right!

Another War of Propaganda, who’s pulling my strings?

Not Freedom of Speech, Use Your Common Senses.

Transgenders, testing their Social Consciousnesses ~

If We raise the Vibration, we’ll Live the Truth’

Fuck you, You don’t Know…

On a Love Jihad NOT Psychic warfare!”

Capsule Expansion

The spaceships collided * Baltic Star Wars out there.

A beautiful, svelte, Swedish module goes into Orbit ~

Whatever’s after outer Space * Inner Space * eternity


Pusher Street

Who’s read the Paradise Papers? As soon as you cop an attitude…

they got better ways to extort; another horrible virus, eugenic vaccine!

You got to know the Limit ] searching for some sensation at the nose.

Checking his socks, laughing all the way home on the train.

Tai Chi * Violet light, Cosmic Knight, Angels’ Earth delight ~

Shadows of the Planet on Fire, Inspiring intense desire.

Fills me full of stoke, so much Coke to cut ~ spacey…

But on such a small surface, the best LSD on the planet”

Organic filters, tofu balls, mustard; I only work outdoors ~

spectrums of light, Heroin Lounge music, let that one go!

Charlie with crazy, red neck cowboys, the Cocaine blues”

Colour of their slaves, shining, jet black panther eyes.


Good Trance Sending Cosmic Energy

Lotus gardener * Environmental Protector ~

Violets from a Red Sun, the Global Circus came to town.

When I was travelling last year in Columbia…..

On tour with ‘Venom’, look at their reflections in the music.”

A lovely, Brazilian, Japanese beauty, the one I left behind!

Don’t Mind, don’t Mind, I don’t Mind, It’s not a big deal, really.

When you’re wrong, It’s a good day when we can learn it.

In a Super Competitive Society, “One for All, All for Me”?

They want to buy this bullshit, “Do as I say, not do as I do!”

Don’t get it from a book, don’t get it on 42” HD. screen TVs.

Living in Shanti’s smiles, gets it from Life ~ Transcendence

She’s full Sufi ~ Living from the Heart.

Ecstasy Revolution

As long as I make my own cider and grow my own weed’

Radiant ~ Yeah, some people are, enjoying la Dolche vita!

There’s always value in saying, ‘fuck it!’

We all want a bit of cake; some people got all the cake!’

Everyone can have a miracle.


just free to be

Programmed by another Smart Spirit * Messages to Earth…

The Flowers of Life ~ Now it’s full Celebration of a still Mind.

Open for that! A big Celebration for everybody, her Gallic spirit!

I’m not into Capitalism Investment or Neo-Economic Colonisation.

Different guises, surprises! ½ a drop anywhere, in a purring Vulvo.

Cosmic Star dust, essential molecules of Love ~ You and Your luck.

Clear reflections, Karma is multi-dimensionality holograms in Space.


Shaping ><>< Bioshifts

Free Spirit, this goes as far as you want ~ open your Imagination.

It seems to me < then you know it’s all bullshit; good dimensions >

Opening the drum circle, Kosmic Poetic, Inspiration, tripping is ~

Sacred Geometry * Perfect Symmetry * seeds of what?

Freedom in the air’ * as far as the eye can see.

And I’ll believe it when I see it!”


Cosmic egg

Infinitesimal input ~ quantum cell in the electro-magnetic field.

Being kind to people why would you want to do anything else?

Coming from Source, how Inspired do You want to be?

What is the sense of this word, ‘to know’ that we use ~

Whatever we’re living, it’s the perfect Projection of Now.

Have you never been in love? Being deeper in the Heart.

Sitting in Your chakra * Radiating from Source ~ naturally.

The beaming, smiles of children, simply living it Innocently.

Uranium 1

Taking down the deep state, their slaves sold to paedophiles.

Unprocessed, every email, phone calls, from the last ten years.

Harvesting Lakota Indian children, selling them to venal Wall street.

Unbelievable, advanced Mind-control; welcome to the XXXXX files.

Mach 2, Sunburns, Zigzagging missiles, EMF warfare, NSA corruption.

Who lost $2 billion on the extra-terrestrials of Mars? Ask the Pentagon.

Free energy and water desalination, blooming in the lush, fertile Sahara.

Zionist trolls perfected digital assassination, disinformation, deformation.

Enemy agents of Global, Oligarchical paradigms on roads to damnation.


Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Evolving humanity through the neo-delusions of High Tech.

Check the little perennial Robot in the pocket of your rocket.

Who’s developed an Augmented Age, taking over all species?

Wandering dazed in our own I devices, in a web, of the internet.

Reinforcing the paradigm, brainwashing us. ‘Yes, I do want a chip’

Falling in Love with your programmed chatbot; ‘You are so real to me!’

Changing our natural sense, reality, for artificial worlds of digital things.

Redefining what it is to be human ~ Who is Free?


Welcome to the Pentagon Machine

DARPE- Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Who is taking over from whom, what is their morality Caesar?

Being slaves to an I smart phone; telling you what life’s all about.

Giving up your critical thinking faculty, never writing a Love poem.

Take them outside, shoot them by the wall, hang their heads on pikes.

The Kill decision is being made by unaccountable AI. machine drones.

We lost their algorithm functions, codes, a long time ago Mr. Dekard.

They have their own secret language, getting out of hand, the matrix!

We’re their pets; repressed our human empathy for virtual apathy ~

Not everyone will get the same advancements, as per usual Lord.

24hr. surveillance; the wealthy elite are consolidating their Power!

The Sofa Man

Matrix breeder sprawl fucked up all my Orange groves”

Energy Systems ~ getting more, more and more out of it!

His new Wife’s name is SZHX1388 > Miss U. Topianasky.

Surfing at dawn in a socially engineered Myth. Barbarism.

It’s not about God, it’s what you believe in!

The Dalai Lama, what’s not to like about him?”

They’re highjacking your Spirit


Jade Helm’s Illusory, Sleight of Hand

People got to stand up and grow their bollocks!”

They make Bombs, they’ll drop Bombs; on You!!!

In the profitable business of fully murdering people.

Welcome to the Military Industrial Complex, USA et al.


Try this Psyche-active test. She’s mad; an assessment.

Who has stolen the human race, their heart and soul?

Non-sensical threats; showing who really is in Control…

Troops on the street, feeling protected from any enemies.

Getting away with it; WTF made this scenario up and why?

Have you ever heard of SERCO? They’re controlling your life.

I can recognise a massive Ponzi scheme collapse when I see one.”

People living on the floor just because they stepped

on a land-mine when they were six!”


It’s True Without a Word of a Lie

< Beam me In ^ Beam Me In! Man >< Mind >

Is it a Trap to deliver /|/|/ freely <:> Synchronicity ~

It’s a matter of the channel, we are just transmitters

And receivers of that ^ frequency.::.>:.that|timing ~

}}}}~~***~~^^^ just tuning into\ for Self-Realisations

defined/\refined Acts of Nature* How can one begin

to figure that out/Why even ‘Think’ to figure that out?

Love me like there’s no tomorrow!’

Not Emotional War

Spiritual Sex * free tantric energy ~ Creative, Inspired again.

Always, “Spirit over Mind over Matter”, as much as I realise ~

It don’t matter, It’s in the comin’ down, it’s in the goin’ up; bein’.

Tripping through the Pathless Path ~ No Go Zoned, Patrolled.

The American sniper he met in Ecuador, stoned on speed and

Amphetamine; ½ the time thought they were on a video game!

We should all disarm ~ Counter Spinning. Carpet bombing is as

despicable as Nuclear bombing but Amazingly has become an

accepted Cabaret to these, collaterally damaged, reptile brains!

How? “When it’s good it’s good”, otherwise it’s a f…. nightmare!

Acid felt very free to the bee enjoying the anti-authority honey.”

Full on freedom bubbles and it’s a lovely Vibe with good karma!

Got to go beyond that ~ is or it isn’t, being in your human truth


Partying to Sensations

Metta, all square, now is it, “One for All and All for Me?”

Mitra, a friend, “No other Choice but to be Optimistic.”

Looking towards Heaven, how many stars do you see?

Galaxies upon galaxies of Consciousness blossoming ~

Ten thousand petal Lotuses, blooming in the airstream.

Look Inside, feel how many more are opening…


Dunce’s Hat

Name of a ‘Gift of God’ ~ this moment here.

Punishment of a Chief demon. Ganesh makes you happy.

When in Pain Land letting it flow ~ Om /so Simple, Sparkle.

I Love devotional people at the altar within, energy vibrating



All Dimensional Access///Our body will leave our energy ~

Prana, Life\Death/\Rebirth, “take it as a Pleasure, treasure.”

Always journeying into Eternity, “If you Fear death, don’t go ~

Controlling You, fear everything in this World!” Breathing in/~\out

USA ~ Universal Spiritual Abundance

All Aiming in the same direction/Cosmic infinities ~

One Heart //make your Own/relationship with the satGuru/

(no other Guru), Buddha, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, the King, Divine

Emperor, the Holy Pope, the President, The Boss, the best Spouse.

Can’t do it for You/:\holding a candle, alight in the middle of the night.


One Giant Paradigm Shift

The Prince of Peace Snacks’// “burnt down Alexandria//

by a Bishop//Hallelujah////Co-creating; protect the coral ~

& hippocampus through Awareness, not greedy Ignorance.

God by any name, sister. Tremendous to be, Free Spirited.

No more Child Labour, Consumers you can make it happen!

characters::: Young girls too ready to Please You ~ Optical

Illusions, sleights of hand, Clear as a Bell; Electricity appears

Permanent’. Real material as we are, and not on Atomic levels

of electronic light! Microns, 1 millionth part of a gram. 1200 Mics.

You’ll get charged with Manslaughter; be seen as Clinically Insane.

Become Conscious, full respect, clear vision of a Shamanic healer.

Blasting out of gravity, galaxy of your Mind, floating Inner* Outer*

Infinite * Space, Perceptions & perspectives. How we see each ~

other. Uniquely, the drug is the drug /\ gives the potency (fuel).

Whatever place you want to be and some you don’t! Trust ~

A crocodile came into the kitchen, it’s made of Crystal mirrors;

Ok! Wherever it wants to take you ~ coming down over Venus.

I’m driving my scooter through the asteroid field”, “Hallo Baba.”

(Mind)* being Conscious ~ or an Addiction (Maya) to TV. Opium?

The Mind’s Limits of Your Mind’s thinking & the ability to swim It ~

So no overdosing, burn outs, flips, bad trips, mental come downs;

to free dive, to be Cosmically; she’s wearing a dress of holograms.

A suit of Amour with beating heart and mind, dancing together

in Universal Space ~ Stars twinkling, high up in an infinite sky,

bright, golden trees of Autumn leaves swoon in glorious sunsets.

Journeying within my trip, out of mind, living deeply through Spirit.

Our Spaceship * Pachamama

Fuck the Wars, the Jihads, all this Terror-Ism’s bullshit!

Let us Fight for Our Great Grandmother * Mother Earth”

We’re the Government, Media, we Love this monkey Mind.

Suspenseful measures, holding up the axe to nature, death!

I Know her ~


Getting the last bus home

Too much trouble sometimes, confused, running round ~ Inside out.

North pole, south pole, Levels of expectation, of Stress Vibrations.

It’s true!

Maybe, You can’t see it coming - a Policebot State!

The Surveillance, Programming, into your bedroom,

directly into your Inner sanctuary


Safe test drip

His whole family are serious alcoholics!

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