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A Requiem for Those Bereft

By M.R. Fiore

Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved

Hear Me Now

Angel take your leave.

Take this time to grieve.

Your losses weigh heavy upon your soul.

Now is your time to rest.

You have fought so hard, in his name and hers.

All your strife, to break their curse.

Born to mete and dole forever,

Doomed to take their blows.

A crossroad now before you lies.

All your past sins, and joy alike die.

Move forward or remain, the result is the same.

Motionless, meaningless, toil and games.

I implore you don’t weep, for this is the midway.

Our hearts, minds, and souls, shall see a new day.


Splice with the device of your own undoing

Flames in the sky, apocalypse brewing.

Purpose regained and lost again.

Beauty in dusk, a time to mend.

Soul coma, profound sleep, abundance.

Rest, relief; requite sustenance.

Animation sustained in a portrait.

Motion of ascension, this morbid courtship.

Star-crossed, denied the gift.

Burn and lament gazing into the rift.

Portal of your existence closes,

While the deific savior muses.

A joke? A trick? A fallacy?

Only in that moment will you see.


A choir unholy, the overture sounds.

Beings of Sulphur, putrescence abounds.

Pyres fueled by stardust and tears.

The lion now humbled, his flaming mane sheared.

Abscise all convictions; privilege of sin.

Submit to desires - with this you shall win.

The key to the gate, your one consolation.

An end to the spiritual emaciation.

Can you, should you, will you give in?

Decisive array, and your trudge to begin.

Hammered deaf, seared blind, slandered dumb.

Your labor for goodness, under her thumb.

If you should find her in your time of greed,

Then inquire no more the intention of deed.


Contribute to, facilitate, enable the ingrate.

Feed him his riches while he masturbates.

Confined by the paper walls combined,

With wretched ichor and semen refined.

Men will follow where and when,

through primordial ooze, of what has been.

Reaping and steeping in what has been leaking

From jowls and pieces and organs peeking.

Women will flock to the almighty cock

As the swine take their cunts for a walk.

No oil, no moral, just bareback and oral.

Swimming through mountains and pink fields of coral.

Rinse and repeat and desire defeat.

No more need to be discreet.


This journey this trip, a mundane quip.

Planets born, stars die, an iceberg with no tip.

The sovereignty of existence thrives not here.

Life unabated, except when death nears.

Our toils like coils constricting our hearts,

And nothing we’ve found, to piece back the parts.

A wonder of lovers in the third eye’s mind.

No peace to expect, but false words all too kind.

To lie and admire and piss on the fire

And walk through the mire and strum on the wire.

Respect never given, and here cannot be earned.

Betwixt Earth and Heaven, you’ve been born burned.

Your grudge carries no light as autumn dies fast.

If this is YOUR proverb, will it be your last?


Insipid and livid are the rivets of a future,

Weeping and seeping like a wound unsutured.

Clavicle of history, shattered by the dawn.

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