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Secret Thoughts

A quintet of inspiring poems

Nosa A. Ajayi


This book is dedicated to God.

Copyright © 2017 by Nosa A. Ajayi

This is an original creation by Nosa. A. Ajayi and should not be transferred without the author’s consent.

Contained in this book are six poems. The first five makes up the Quintet and the last poem ‘LETTER TO THE FATHER OF MY SON’ is a bonus poem; my first narrative poem.

Table of Contents

Note To The Lady In Waiting

The Search For Passion

The Address Of My Father's House

Across The Fence

The Unfaithful Bride

Letter To The Father Of My Son


From within is beauty seen

Not in quality of cloths

Neither from an exquisite bodily figure

Nor from an artistic art of a pretty face

But the depth of personality

Money cannot buy

Connection cannot solve

Sociality cannot network

Possessions cannot give you

The genuine man you desire

Before intimacy is friendship

Friendship exposes it

The genuineness of personality

An originality of existence

If real and open to truth

A physical beauty fades

Like the morning rose it blossoms

But eventually it dies off.

Why toil so hard on that which lasts only the morning

And survives not each passing day

Even a manikin has a physique

A model in slim and plum shapes

Docile and humble to all

An artificial beauty from its maker

Investing in shape is not a solution

The body attracts a man’s lust

Know the woman within; Develop her

Build a skilled personality

Knowledge propels you higher

Invest in positive virtues:

A good man’s desire.

Despair not.

Turn not away from good

Look not back at yesterday’s bad

For today is here

A platform set to prepare ahead

To work out a noble being;

A woman to stir the hearts of men.

Be not desperate.

Love the friendship in patience

Accept the imperfections in a man

Break not the health of his ego

Trouble not the precious peace he seeks.

Deceive not his innocence.

Crave not his possessions

Obedience, a loyal partner

Love, a strong mantle

Submission, a strong ally

Humility, a robe of honour

Take these; live them.

Be the woman of the man you seek

Be the lover of the man you desire

Be the complement of an imperfect half

Be intelligent

Be the woman to support his reign.

Be prepared for the king of your castle.


Come each day

Come fresh resolve;

Come each morning

Yet a new idea.

To be or not to be:

Set for a new task

A hunt for passion.

In the jungle away from men

All seems same.

The yarning grew worse-

Life out there appealed

A taste may bring passion.

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