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Chapter One: Elemental Air/Gas (East)

Chapter Two: Elemental Earth/Solid (South)

Chapter Three: Elemental Water/Liquid (West)

Chapter Four: Elemental Fire/Plasma (North)

Chapter Five: Elemental Ether/Spirit (Centre)

Chapter Six: Elemental Compounds (Circle)

Chapter 1

Elemental Air

Oily Horizon’s Shadow

Slipping, between, dark oily horizons’ sheet,

Crossbones, carbon grit, grey shroud,

Luna, majestic, illuminates slate, bleached beam.

Rising prow, over, black powder city’s street,

Skull, murky silhouette, halo browed,

Lily, crowned, emanates tide, death-mask cream.

Flying, cannonball orbit, across, sky’s pleat,

Scythed, midnight sails, air ploughed,

Willow, regency, magnates shade, rictus gleam.


Sky’s, whispered exhale, floats white buoyant,

Across horizon’s, azure pane, flurry dust.

Icicle breeze, cracks, the permeable pored skin,

Of landscape’s, contour face, eddy thrust.

Sylphs, spin dervish, revelry tempest whipped,

Upon breath’s, tremor zephyr, mosh gust.

Industrial Gargoyle

Covered vista, eve, murky morning, oil,

Charcoal, grey grease, chimneys exhaling, spoil.

Waft atmosphere, rice-paper screen, foil,

Smoky dull, sooted gaslight smogs, vapour, coil.

Banking, horizon choke, thermals, voile,

Dust stack slag, tarry coke, cold breath slick, soil.

Altitude obscure, pollutants spired, roil,

Toxicity smother, exhaust expel, fumes fog, moil.

Nebula Drifting

Vertigo, falling, through hazy galactic, distant, misty glared, alight.

Spectrum, crystallise, opal cloudy nebula, iridescent particle, ablaze.

Accretion, tumbling, fragments apparition, ambient crackle, aflame.

Effervesce, gravitational, spun gaseous sparkler, stellar crèche, afire.

Clouded Solitary

Cloud draws heavy, bass notes trudge,

Revolving, slow motion, born.

Smudge grey sultry, deep solitary hulk,

Spilling, dull moisten, forlorn.

Polish sullen dark, rumble reverb thud,

Looming, humid mope, thorn.

Falcon’s Strike

Gliding, arrow slung, upon, thermal winged vapours.

Talons flex, poise descend, from sun, ambush swoop.

Feathers, aerodynamic slice, slipstream, diving thrust.

Striking predatory, javelin skew, scarlet misty, sated.

Conjure Recall

Memories, reverberate haze, ephemeral clouded, effect disperse.

Gaseous form, recollection graze, materialising, nimbus transient.

Wispy trigger, retrieve maze, stimulus synchronous, insular reflect.

Past connection, translucent raise, bygone foggy, cherish identify.

Misting pang, chronology phase, perspective vapour, overcast faint.

Bubble Pop

Bubble expands, density compress, reaction atmospheric,

Vacuum burst, rippling eddied, galaxy pool, emulsion ebb,

Light render, nebula rainbow glisten, stellar twinkle faceted,

Gases diffuse, nimbus disperse, dynamic cosmic, capsule spun.

Cloud Framed

Sight’s focus, silhouette framed, vision smudge,

Imagery shifted, peripheral divide, appearance nudge.

View congeals, clouding grainy, distortion ring,

Tunnel blurring, snapshots backlash, assumption ping.

Storm Raven

Elevate, embraced night aloft, on greasepaint plume wings,

That relinquish clutch, lightning doom.

Apparition materialised, raven sheen, vapours, coil clawed,

Shadow envelop, tarnished silver bloom.

Darkness silhouettes, wraith spook, hoarse, crackle cawing,

Gaze compelled, rubble smoulder boom.

Drifting, murder-score, hourglass sentinel, frigid, gust flap,

Hark upon setting rays, silent coal gloom.

Corporeal Hover

Hiving, cerebral, floats suspended, detach,

Driving, subconscious, thoughts whim, glide,

Surviving, individual, constellation, levitate,

Striving, super-conscious influence, propel,

Contriving, multi-sensational feather, soar,

Thriving, hum, anarchic-conscious, elevate.

Airflow Turbulent

Distances temperament, shifts, motion lens, strobe,

Momentum warp.

Passage, imagery expanse, dimensional contoured,

Form buffets, shape.

Physical transmutes, ceaseless, resonance displace,

Temporal interact.

Immersive, slipstream present, periphery perceive,

Current grain, worn.

Sonic Current

Moment plucked, aspects altered, present harmonic, gush.

Senses tweak, resonance adjust, cognisant temporal, rush.

Identity strum, substance actualise, physical vibrate, lush.

Heart twinged, beating rhythm surge, opiates pulse, flush.

Gaseous Toke

Life inhaled, gaseous, clarity fume,

Brain arcs, radiant symmetry, plume,

Reality caresses, chemistry react, bloom.

Spirit absorbed, etheric flush, boom,

Pulse abounds, vigour energise, spume,

Helix swirls, ephemeral, exhaled exhume.

Deth Mask

I seek, your inspiration, within every elemental face,

Looking, always, for your wanton caress’, embrace,

That radiates, pervasive, molten solar eyed, encase.

I live, entangled thread, heart flutter, strum, strand,

Guided, stem suspended, within this Summerland,

Vigour, evanesce temporal, before autumn’s hand.

Stellar Window

Stasis frozen, to gravity’s, spiralling force,

Spherical rotary, bound, planetoid marooned, oscillate.

Evening’s, ebbing stellar wave, crashes visual,

Past existences, glacial, mute vast magnitude, vacillate.

Orbiting axial, vessel, sky hazy window tint,

Aeons transparency, stares, entropic alluvial, scintillate.

Spring Buds, Winter Chilled

New shoots, outstretch, sprig yawn, vigour bloom, ripened lush,

Generations seasonal, branches clump, canopy herd, breath blush,

Leaves, multitude sustain, buds, stellar blossom, environs brush,

Legacy’s tree, withers, balding crown, stratum bough, light mush,

Habitat stunted, roots gnarling, bonsai prune, weathered onrush,

Youth’s fruit, requiem cast, mortality wither, autumn pyres, flush.

Leaves Stepped

Walking, through autumn’s scattered leaf, whispers expire,

Pulled asphyxia, upon, sprinkle withered strands, present crinkle.

Wind sniped, mortality gulp, falling respiration tide, breath,

Tumbling gravitate, across, wrinkle paths surface, fleeting winkle.

Siren’s Song

Embraced, by your welcome, addictive melody, hook,

Intone caress, enchantment pluck, comprehension thrall.

Held, stasis transfixed, reverie reverb, sublime compel,

Onward guided, haunt adrift, channelled, insistence call.

Spoken Word

Gas sounds, breath whispered rattle, expelled, respiration pant,

Vocalise, tongue twisting cast, conscious modulates, chant.

Murmurs intone, emphasis discharge, will inflect, breath incant,

Utterances, vibrate echo, babble meaning, recognition rant.

Slivered Shivers

Vision deprived, of galaxy’s radiant cradle, fragile spectral sliver,

Sight clouded, sky, tumbling streak.

Formless dissipate, sadness is reflected, raindrop gunmetal grey,

Galvanised steel, dull, tarnish bleak.

Howling, coldness chill fanged, swirling pant, breath aerial rage,

Shiver felt, heart’s, icy pulse wreak.

Thought’s Bubble

Bubbles swell, thought sudd, cauldron cerebral,

Frothing, render residual, granular react.

Burble bursting, mirage conduit, cortex pop,

Nerves, percolate fizz, networked enact.

Gurgle stream, churn perceive, stimuli fume,

Visualise, lather ferment, wired impact.

Hurtle gush, gaseous foam, assimilate film,

Cognitive, evanesce stain, ideas extract.

Pre-Dawn Lullaby

Wolf-Horn roars, rampant wind, fury growl,

Snarling howl, paws thunder, fork stalk.

War-Raven caws, boron blow, rumble boom,

Storming zoom, claws scrape, quake rake.

Sky’s, Scarlet Divinity

Cawing, in apparition divinity,

Daylight rests, mantled dusk.

Scarlet orange aflame, cloud flare,

Mountains umbra, onyx singed.

Two ravens, arc, talon swiped,

Barbed shades, spectral levitate.

Blood wounded sky, plunges,

Carrion circled, spook winged.

Within an Hourglass

Within, possibility’s scattered, dust-cloud reason, parch.

Spinning senseless, finite chased, dystopian clock, raced.

Within, culture’s convention, eye-line pushy, frogmarch.

Expectations squeeze, entrap placed, dials watch, braced.

Within, reality’s filament, neon-grimy disparities, starch.

Deadlines merge, pressure paced, quarters sprung, faced.

Southerly Bound

Skipping across, air’s height, graze, Eastern-Seaboard stringed,

Sydney-eyed, Antarctic tendrils, jostle, icy gust.

Glacial-blue sky, eucalypt Aurora-Serpentine, vapoury, zinged,

Consumed, head to tail, breathing, storm thrust.

Nocturnal misty frost, cold buffet, Terra-Australis, bat winged,

Aloft, zephyrs disembody, adrift, Southerly bust.

Upon the Dragon’s Mist

Dissipated, deterioration, caresses,

Solid, leaden limbs.

Coursing, etheric tether, throbbing,

Socket drowsy, pulsed.

Conscious, recedes, tidal distracted,

Weightless, cloudy ocean.

Buoyant, will, slides, serotonin grease,

Numb moment, remove.

Foetal, unconscious, imagery nurture,

Asleep, tumble dream.

Dusty Cauldron

Night’s darkness, shines, dusty cauldron,

Simmering broth, imbue incandescent.

Terra, black mirror surface, Luna reflect,

Transparency froth, onyx luminescent.

Moonlight foggy, horned sheen, channel,

Metropolis moth, flaring fluorescent.

Ghostly beams, trickle, spectral vapoury,

Atmosphere cloth, hued pearlescent.

Cityscape, halo silhouette, air percolates,

Illumination swath, gloomy crescent.

Cloud Flit

Cloud inflates, vapour cuff,

Smokey gauzed, swollen fluff.

Flitting steamy, adrift scuff,

Mist constitute, webbing puff.

Whisk frothy, gaseous huff,

Sky suspension, sunlight buff.

Star-Eyed Path

Solitary wedding balloon, white ribbon bound,

Ascends helium, into dusk’s, chalkboard depth,

Crossing Venus’ gaze, first-passion, stellar eye.

Dust Quicken

Gravity falls, dust speckle coating,

Wrinkling fleshy, runnel.

Time teases, biorhythmic pinch,

Hourglass narrow, tunnel.

Nerve-endings, excite discharge,

Crown to anchor, funnel.

Solar buoy, asteroids tidal granule,

Sensation sprinkle, respire.

Immemorial breath, quicken bathe,

Conscious course, inspire.

Pulse transient, existence fleeting,

Spirit conceives, transpire.

Dreaming Conscious

Sentience adrift, upon ether vapours, finite solar released, celestial scale.

Atmospheric, weightless unbound, halo cast, breathless, imagery sail.

Visualising, subconscious perceive, spirit cloud, transparent, energy trail.

Weather Warp

Sub-cyclonic, rain-borne,

Windy, gust buffet, nip,

Winter, alpine eucalyptus,

Frosty, ice crystal, grip,

Equatorial, pollen warmth,

Flurry, cold blasted, rip.


Glowing wash, light rinses, pale candescent polished, clouds stream.

Flowing channelled, opal darkness, dragon breath mists, waft beam.

Towing fume, coalesce eddied, pearl puff pulp, condensation cream.

Growing lustre, powdery gloom, blue tinsels vapoured, bathe gleam.

Blowing breeze, radiance flecks, sky streaky shine, illuminate dream.

Bubble Wrap

Distilled, sensation, ferments,

Frothing thought, sediment,

Lathered, conscious, viscous.

Bubbling, excitement, sheens,

Glistened tangible, residual,

Popping, moment, expansive.

Effervesced, stimulus, burbles,

Ballooning reaction, churn,

Discharged, memory, adhere.

Faery-dust Glitter

Flower petal, and strawberry nettle,

The feel of your aura’s, accented, mettle.

Pearlescent bead, and pumpkin seed,

You’re crowned, coppery crescent, mead.

Gild tress, and silver-birch undress,

Is your radiance’s, delicate haloed, caress.

Aerial Amore

Comfort, disperses cusp, warmth ebbing, strain,

Sunshine fallen, passions aflame, horizons dusk.

Descending, fiery salsa misting, sky, solitude arc,

Shadows ashen, molten transcend, light quenched.

Longing, cradle Luna wince, crescent, snowy wink,

Sandy granular embrace, scintillation teary, stubbed.

Thrust, hollow cold, dormant darken, night conceal,

Celestial frozen glint, remnant spark, phoenix wick.

Ozone Autocracy

Rage ignites, ferocity explosive spark, earthly, zephyr bound,

Static arcing, friction rumble negate, aerial excitation, crowned,

Majestic fury stridden, gusty torrential robe, passing drowned,

Jupiterian atmospheric, tyranny eyed, dark ionisation unwound,

Dictates howl, hail spittle, tempestuousness dominion, pound.

Valley Breath

Breath rises, ridgeline scale,

Undulating craggy taut, whiskered green.

Crackle stony, earthen boned,

Barrow harden fortify, moss verdure.

Distortion misty, feather lace dewed,

Squelch slicken trod, chill swept.

Breath falls, watercourse claw,

Curving vista-scape, sediment brown.

Sheeted fertility, soil quenched,

Hedging hairy row, cultivation gleam.

Precipitation showers, dangle silk drop,

Fogging channel carve, warm slept.

Whispered Sky

Atmosphere vibrates, quickening energised, static perk,

Light murk, grey smudge wash, gloomy cloud rinse, obscures lurk.

Pierce, radiation flash, solar ionise, air rustle, leaves bow,

Trees kowtow, canopies cringe, dreadlock whorl, scuffle skied row.

Earthen scales flex, thunder groaned, arthritic heavy rumble,

Echo stumble, cascading vacant shudder, reverb crunch, bone grumble.

Rain sultry, prism sparkle bead, showers festoon, swarm pelt,

Drops melt, saturate laden, overflow pummel splash, liquid gush welt.

Night Breeze

Wafting, languid foggy, breath incants, twinkle,

Vapour exhales, on exposed landscape, slink.

Borne, translucent intangible, ice glow, sprinkle,

Dreamy cascade, lunate, umbra beams, wink.

Cresting, silver vibrate, ghostly tremor, crinkle,

Ocean frozen, starry chips, sky cavern, blink.

Slither, crescent shines, creamy polish, wrinkle,

Sleepy yawn, diffuse agape, calcimine, sink.

Scented, perfume pollen, spectral haze, tinkle,

Ether fizzes, moonlight, vim enchanted, kink.


Bleach, ceramic tiled, azure alabaster, swollen porcelain, stratum compress,

Patterns evolving, mosaic, slide panelled, horizon, suspension glaze.

Peroxide, styrofoam bead, blueberry yoghurt, moulded curl, bulbous sprout,

Altitude extending, plateaus, cascade tumble, atmosphere, waft haze.

Chlorine, papier-mâché fold, cerulean chalk, stucco clump, aerial aggregate,

Layers inflating, smokescreen, cotton balled, sky, fermentation graze.

Eyed Heart

Helix blooms, puff, radiation petal, gravity chamber,

Writhes, tumult, division splintered, actuality fickle,

Clutches, engulf, rhythmic gallop, fluidity contained,

Claws, reticulate, pressure plunge, singularity spiral.

Aerial Lunged

Gas drifts, towering sail, clouded trail.

Inflating waft, heartbeat plump, sunbeam froth,

Vapours afloat, hydration, abound.

Light shifts, cascade pale, smoking tail.

Skating wink, lash candescent, colours fractured,

Corona lens, atmosphere, expound.

Air rifts, turbulent gale, pressure wale.

Vibrating wake, breath spiral, translucent filter,

Currents expel, contours, aground.

Night’s Bipolar Blue

In moment’s, liquid shudder,

Heart brays, breath complies, blood seeps, neural fractal processes,

Gravity align, limbs confine, skin enshrine, consciousness refine, thoughts define,

Constellations reference rudder.

In night’s, deep void yonder,

Expanse sways, aeon plies, past leaps, exhale present decompresses,

Awaken clung, light stung, imagery flung, consequences sprung, interpret tongue,

Atmospheric cradle ponder.

Falling Sight

Shadows are cast, upon azure skies, eyes,

Blotting haunt, haloed mask, light prise,

Choppy clouded, castaway, aerial capsize,

Glacial misting, cold exhale, chill incise,

Sol’s warmth, conceal, grey wisp disguise.

In Pan-ic Melody

Littered, branches scatter kindle crunch, smooth bitumen canal, tread.

Walking, footpath gale adrift, evading, sticky spider-webs mosaic, tripwires fang.

Leaping, cat pounced, to gutters breakwater, tightrope chasm, balance.

Avoiding headlights, boggle eye beams, bright scour, murk pierce, approach sprang.

Winged, dark suspend, in working-day’s, predawn repose, senses acute.

Skulking, bat-cloaked, streetscape, blackout smudge, light cringe, adrenaline pang.

First Flight

Avian terra-saurian, feathered wing, forelimb,

Biped digit claw, dino-skin, legs scale.

Beak tooth, persistent opportunist pecked,

Pigment monochrome bifocal, inquisitive look.

Arrow-shaft fletch tail, dynamic hovered, skim,

Swoop blast climb, soar, zephyrs sail.

Surroundings adapt, urban colonise inspect,

Extinction adapt evolve, flight ascension hook.

Unicorn Iridescent

Icing sugar, frosty sprinkled,

Coral, milky cream, crinkled,

Pearl, hoof & horn, twinkled.

Snow blossom, wax crackled,

Willow, soft frond, hackled,

Crystal, mane & tail, mackled.

Star dust, luminous trickled,

Luna, pale beams, nickeled,

Satin, body and legs, tickled.

Sound Blast Explosion

Lunged, nebula fibrous, stellar,

Organic, cellular galactic, cradle.

Bat leather winged, ages, cobweb,

Residue, gaseous billow, buoyant.

Legacy, twinkles, whisper beckon,

Decay grey, grazed, light wrinkle.

Pitch, axial, distortion lens, warp,

Wobble bubble, orbit gravitates.

Atmosphere, gases dome, stratum,

Radiate, spectral particle, speckle.

Ellipse stream, vacuum, dynamic,

Perpetuity cast, solar shackle, wick.

Clouds, Alchemy

Umbra layers, coalesce gaseous, pout,

Feathery down, coiled billow, sprout,

Updraft fuzz, vapour thermal, spout,

Bulge suspend, bristle fleck, snout.

Fractal wisp, aerosol gravel, ablate,

Hooked spiral, pollen puff, dilate,

Twists contort, loop pile, inflate,

Icing crisp, blizzard snarl, slate.

Cinder wake, etheric apparition, loom,

Petal crimp, foggy obscure, bloom,

Swell bead, seam castaway, zoom,

Giddy vertigo, eye collide, gloom.

Solitary Note, (Big-Bang)

Solitary crescendo, resounding fuzz,

Astral orgasm, compresses, note coronate.

Tremor ejaculate, accretion shudder,

Cosmic slide, permeates, sound detonate.

Congeal coalesce, vibrating form,

Galactic eddy, whirls, noise resonate.

Aftermath spun, elliptical pocket,

Particle crackle, reverbs, echo perforate.

Fabric impale, supernova distort,

Nebula fade, wah-wahs, ring deteriorate.

Asphyxia Adrift

Smoke hazes, sultry, lick wind,

Calm saturate, swelter, harbour perspires,

Sea breeze, furnace, barbeque snuff,

Rocky slither gilt, sandstone glint scale,

Ku-ring-gai lungs, cough, spire fume.

Beach swells, blister, sandblast gust,

Coastal golden, glimmer, eucalypt blue-oil,

Summer, microwave sweat, oven bronze,

Norwestly crackle, bark wick fused,

Storming erupt, skyline, sunglasses tint.

Suburbia roasts, smother, seared vapour,

Stifle still, convection, storeys thermometer,

Concrete, hotplate sizzle, bitumen snag,

Bushfire blackens, embers firefly spit,

Atmosphere puffs, burnt, ashes rain.

Southern Eye

Blinded, polar spiral, furious, list,

Gusting axial, permafrost bore.

Focused storms, lash, chill twist,

Cold-fronts serrating, icicle saw.

Patched, ice encrust, surface, mist,

Hemisphere circling, shiver paw.

Orbed, distance gaze, white tryst,

Continents scything, glacial claw.

Semantic Ripples

Wavering, attention, shifts,

Diction spoken, interest articulate.

Captured, nuisances, subtle,

Directions tangent, awareness held.

Dragged, subject, relevancy,

Thoughts discuss, interaction tidal.

Drifting, communicate, bias,

Expressive oscillate, ideas vocalise.

Rusted Oxygen

Scarlet dust, reaches, bracken twinge, hollow vein,

Settling, hazy scented, leaf, eucalyptus-blue,

Rising new, dawn whisper, wing, ribbon breathe.

Rust grit, splatters, blood transfuse, maroon stain,

Boiling, day ebbing, cauldron, sapphire-blue,

Air faint, smother feather, sting, stillness sheathe.

Red soil, sweeps, oxide continent, corrosive grain,

Ionising, energy charge, nursery, stellar-blue,

Sundown ochre, aerosol taper, wring, sky wreathe.

Chapter 2

Elemental Earth

Buoyant Weight Bound

Gravity, winged afloat, horizon, subduction glide,

Bound, igneous bauble, molten plastic crust, bubble slide.

Concavity, planetary bob, orbit, submersion plied,

Weighted, momentum topples, spun, seismic, rubble ride.

Cavity, superheated core, elastic, subversion tide,

Buoy, impacted wobble, flotsams trajectory, nubble fried.

Summer’s Scent

Tipped, fingernails lacquer, shorn,

Sun drenched, chlorophyll spawn,

Sweaty, kikuyu, manicured lawn.

Blades, blunted sting, pulse thorn,

Feet, prickly graze, poked brawn,

Bouncy repellent, protrude horn.

Shoots, summer energised, dawn,

Swelter charge, vegetation yawn,

Growth luxuriant, runners adorn,

Clippings, mower mulched, drawn,

Grass coagulates, fragrance, pawn,

Buzz-cut, cultivation scythe, torn.

Elder Tree Stipple

Upon, a scratchy hessian, violet greased, skyline,

Pitchfork barbed limbs, hang, crag emboss, spine,

Etching, gusts flap, skeleton branch, bared canine,

Spider-web twigs, sooty gauze shadowed, corvine.

El Niño Spring

Austral swelter, parch tinder, trees droop, moisture saturate, leaf crown gusted.

Eucalypt, blue haze, wind tussle, tungsten branch flicker, skittle fork blustered.

Heat, radiates arid sizzle, bark peeled, searing brightness, golden wattle dusted.

Drought shrivels, sandstone slouch, spinifex papery shred, twigs litter spanned.

Dry, flame slithers convection, jelly sap combust, panting nor-westerly fanned.

Cremated, charcoal stumps desert, carrion desiccate peck, grey ashes bushland.

Nest Clung

Roaming frozen, within a vacuum, cryogenic stasis,

Homing wobble, orbits solitary, question catalysis.

Foaming celestial, sentience bubble flung, on oasis,

Combing, understanding inspired, reason analysis.

Loaming rooted, sheltered digitise, sedentary basis,

Doming interstellar, stretches blur, edge paralysis.

Terra Devoured

Skin remove, tattoo cultivate, whim,

Body, morphed, cosmetic subdued,

Chain strip, plough, scraped grizzle, trim.

Electrodes pierce, coal fired, glim,

Dwellings, wart, blocky protrude,

Pave bound, concrete, taped grunge, grim.

Beauty acidify, surface blister, dim,

Petrochem, gag, corruption stewed,

Smog clouds, exhales, draped grit, swim.

Pieces pluck, dermis detonate, shim,

Perforate, hollowed, pores intrude,

Shafts pock, excavate, gaped grimy, rim.

Parasites host, wrinkles cling, brim,

Affliction, scars, infestation brood,

Rash inflame, plague, aped grease, skim.

Vision Slumbers

Spring’s seed, dormant lies,

Icicles cover, soil stagnant.

Sunlight shiver, vagrant rise,

Cold endure, coil remnant.

Ground harden, coolant dries,

Frozen fallow, roil nutrient.

Surface freeze, aspirant shies,

Living dead, foil tyrant.

Chill preserve, infant defies,

Winters frost, toil moment.

Autumn’s Icicle

Autumn tumble, dusk daze, skeletal shadowed, finger,

I stand, under Tallow-wood’s, shielding trunk, linger,

Upon scintillation’s, leaf heaped, flame decay, injure,

As summer’s, epitaph, falls blush, mulch italic, ginger.

Within, the Dragon’s Eye

Biorhythm, swims, splosh splatter,

To Waters, parched bone matter,

Leaf floats, trickle course, batter,

Icy tranquil, floods saturate, chatter,

Rapids tumbling, currents scatter.

Lungs, air breathe, billow flutter,

With Winds, NW’ly furnace, sputter,

S’erly, influenza, prickle iced, gutter,

SW’ly, clingy damp, swirly butter,

E’erly, ocean landfall, blows strutter.

Heart, feels, soil foot-print, skitter,

Upon Earths, scorch sand fritter,

Flora, matter sprayed, decay flitter,

Dormant, frost clump, mulch litter,

Dank compost, profusion swells jitter.

Blood, filtered, sight glazed, blotter,

Molten Fiery, radiation rayed, totter,

Northerly, sizzles, slanting hotter,

Elusive, glow transparent-pane, dotter,

Austral ascendant, humidify, swatter.

Improbability Thrust

Granular clouds, coalesce substance, microbe thrust,

Forming on a thin, water-crater, frozen molten crust,

Straddling a plasma ocean, that burns solar wilt dust,

Spinning orbital, planet, evolutionary heartbeats rust.

Omnivorous Predatory

Dwelling sentient, from a primal cored, symbiotic belief,

Filtered through adaptations, in parallel infusions, relief,

Neural flooded, response arouse, instances interact brief,

Live trialled, biochemistry additive, to free-will’s, motif.

Riding, in the Serpent’s Valley, Wake

On the underbelly, valley floor, chasm, rainbow hues echo,

Rose-bronze, sandstone scaled, vaporous, eucalyptus wilt,

Carved, slithering river, archaic, shimmer churn concurrent.

Golden azure, fertility’s passage, rears, granular wall erode,

Charcoal fire-storm, wake fade, quartz glisten, grit cement,

Serpent armour, chink, celestial deepen, invitation recurrent.

Ley-Lines Balanced

Cavorting, listing between, breaths, inhale from alight.

Frolicking, treading between, footsteps, left to right.

Flaunting, focusing between, visions, distract on sight.

Savouring, scaling between, flavours, taste with bite.

Livening, levelling between, sounds, vibrate in excite.


I split forth, created binary fission, this nucleus division,

Catalyst spawn, chromosome edition, to duality scission,

Contained, within membrane volition, physical collision,

Finite, another dusty husk addition, in mortality excision,

Evolving, chronology omission, a single century envision!

Horizon, Falls

Event, granulates, memories funnel, dilution, sane inflect.

Recall, reticulates, focus tunnel, dissolution, pane reflect.

Past, manipulates, spark runnel, devolution, brain deflect.

Flora Exploit

Subjugated, flowered and leafed, bunched and reefed, pulped and sheafed.

Mutilated, pruned and reaped, consumed and steeped, hacked and heaped.

Organised, coloured and scented, sorted and vented, soaked and fermented.

Degraded, petrified and fleeted, banded and metered, chipped and sheeted.

Modified, tampered and impeded, selected and weeded, budded and seeded.

Quarantined, confined and treated, irrigated and heated, potted and seated.

Housed, subjected and collected, hosted and neglected, tested and infected.

Starved, desiccated and deserted, dried and squirted, withered and spurted.

Tortured, cultivated and adhered, shaped and sheared, staked and speared.

Endured, pushed and pressed, captured and stressed, preyed and oppressed.

Spindle Loomed

Symmetry twines, around, moment’s core, twisting advance,

Density shines, energised aggregate incarnate, nuance,

Gravity reclines, submerse momentum spiral, dance.

Sensation vines, spreading, motion particle, vibration trance,

Statehood spines, elemental compaction form, chance,

Degradation dines, bound evolve exponential, trance.

Grass Fields

Grass glistens, luscious, verdant sloped, offshoot.

Humidity ripen, juicy, perspired saturate, wetsuit.

Wind tousles, succulent, blades combing, pursuit.

Wisping seeds, blossom, frothing gust, parachute.

Weathering Feet

Upon the countless footprints, of trodden before,

Do I tread, from natal to crawl, mantle clung, paw.

On magma core, layered crust, risen ocean floor,

Stepping worn trail, wake erode, upon ages, shore.

Arterial Rent

Ruptured, puncture rip, magma frothing disgorge, plume,

Lava solidifies, terra formed, mineral shimmering, fume,

Eroding, in aeons contemplation, wearing surface, bloom,

Trickling, slippery dark, chasms hallowed gorge, gloom,

Granular rib, frozen igneous marker, slithered past, tomb,

Harden, cushion crust, earthen-skin, fertile ashes, womb.

Hollowed Sockets

Skull and bones, entangle, cartilage and joint,

Arteries and veins, bangle, muscle and tendon,

Blood and breath, jangle, organs and circuitry,

Skin and hairs, dangle, scarred and pigmented,

Energy and pulse, wrangle, senses and nerve.

Infinitesimal Life

Prostrate and erect, incarnate physicality, reaches,

Into, deep unfathomed chill, hostile, barrier vacuum.

Spawning, beneath warmth’s, protective blanket,

Nestled, upon oblivion wick, fiery, molten consume.

Solidity, microbe dusting, organic coated, finite,

Generations, absorbed, to obscurity, surface entomb.

Rainbow’s Cry

Rainbow scales, gliding shimmer, across night’s frigid sky,

Mountains & hills, path slither kneaded, petrified ridge dry,

Rivers & creeks, body indentation carved, trail snaking pry,

Valleys & plains, trace coil stretched, tail flicker, wake ply,

Stones & dust, constriction pulped crush, flung disperse fly,

Oceans & shores, lap forked tongue, hibernation waiting lie.

Mystery’s Vagueness

Dissipation, incremental, injures,

This vessel of anonymity.

Division, half-life, silent snip,

Thoughts imprisoned, flesh caged.

Degradation, recurrence, haunts,

These experiences of self.

Dispersing, constant, moments pass,

Identity temporal, mortal fleeting.

Cobwebbed Sight

Through smeary acidic windows, I stare listless, looking for Gaia’s delight,

Of, honeyed flower fields, golden apple forests, and sweet ambrosia’s bite.

Incarcerated, within a metallic silica carapace, cursed to mortality’s sleight,

This, programmed animation, tires, waning worn, eking a timed, death rite.

Between, dust greying drapes, reconcile embrace, resolution inspires sprite,

Regulated by clocks flick, actions measured, divinity is seasoned, in plight.

Dark Passage

Habitation, spins, wheel skip, friction melancholic, blight,

Turning, beneath the seasons, wax and wane, solar, flight,

Orbiting celestial, glitters glint, empty silent, alone plight.

Elastic Solidity

Volcanic, plasma solidifies, mantle cracked, pitch ocean, crust.

Amass, dominant spire, igneous pyramid compaction, upthrust.

Atmosphere pierced, air gulping, water’s surface puncture, bust.

Seeking azure, celestial domain, weathered, gaseous erode, gust.

Asthenosphere rend, seismic sculpt, continental play-doh, adjust.

Corporeal Transition

In habitation’s, moment passing, fallen constant, clasp,

Strung flesh, molecular tether, vigour deteriorate, rasp,

Conscious enrage, at ephemeral, futility haunted, gasp,

Ferried, time transfer, current pull, river breadth, hasp,

Towed, on surging wake, ravage, decay surface, grasp.

Naked Selvage

Shaped, within, fleshy containment, clump,

Sculpted, meaty press sag, definition, lump,

Stretched, wrinkle scroll skin, organs sump,

Stained, surface blemish worn, usage bump,

Squeezed, supple pliant clay, elastic plump,

Stimulated, bristle pores, shiver brush jump,

Singed, sweat freckle blush, warmth pump,

Slouched, stoop hang, decay creases slump,

Spanned, dusting time flake, marker hump.

Botanic Domain

Dominate, flora loom, coverage flute, foliage branching, shoot.

Dominion, habitat groom, stabilise brute, runners tapping, root.

Domicile, fleshy bloom, colonise scoot, luscious seeding, fruit.

Beyond Forlorn

Caught perch, adornment mount, glacial blue, sapphire sphere,

Solar pendant set, elliptical, orbital mesh, stoned.

Synchronous, gravity bound, axial symmetry affix, droplet tear,

Canary diamond, Sol solitaire, light rays, throned.

Planetary cradled, water vapour bottle, warm glasshouse steer,

Oxygen glaze, celestial dust, rocky island, boned.

Finite Detachment

Dissipation orbits, helix, vacuum shielded, bounty’s garden, blithe.

Cellular adapt, union symbiosis, niche colonised, exploitive scythe.

Organised, societal pack tribe, alpha-omega, social hierarchy, tithe.

Astral separated, convenience absorb glary, azure blindness writhe.

Sol, Bend

Swinging, projectile fired, rock,

Elliptic circuits, trajectory lock.

Turning, revolution blip, epoch,

Impaction orbit, captured pock.

Pendulum, wobble faced, nock,

Polar seasons, deviation clock.

Gyrating, light shielded, block,

Gravity stretches, core shock.

The Fading of Time

From thought, to page,

From tale, to memory’s sage,

From lore, to antiquity’s age.

From learning, to deed,

From dusk, to evening’s cede,

From night, to morning’s seed.

Unreal Realism

Life rotates, in dreams sleep deprived, colour swamped, fatigue,

Chemical filters, interact, neural tangible, punctured, blitzkrieg,

Serotonin wanes, energy diminished, reactions slouch, in league,

Reality droops, consciousness gooey, exhaustion addle, intrigue.

Organic Refractions

Upon the transparent limb, of thought’s antiquity, extent,

Conscious, seams within walled archaic, reflection bent,

Sol glared, colour streaming, primordial firmament, rent,

Gaia, warmth bathe, blooms abundant, soil harvest, spent,

Atmosphere turbulent, glasshouse, haunting domed, dent,

Water vapour, speckle-clouded, streaky azure soak, scent,

Ocean & earth, synchronise, oxygenate, circulation vent,

Life spawns, biorhythmic, bio-diverse, biochemical, tent.

True Blue

Curtained, white gold sand, continent, Gondwana parted,

Reefs & quays barrier, weathered-cliffs crump,

Rainforest & mangrove North, green fringe East, plump.

Centred, red rusty carapace, surface, serpent egg hearted,

Saline & arid plains, archaic-mountains stump,

Vineyard & apple South, terracotta coarse West, clump.

Red to Green, Road

Green released, propulsion surged, accelerator splurged, asphalt assault roar, rubber grasp,

Horizon bound, scenery blurs, velocity rev purrs, combustion spurs, comprehension whirs.

Radio strung, culture polluted, commercial prostituted, static transmissions, wax and wane,

Filtered over, engine exertions, road diversions, passenger aspersions, journey’s incursions.

Red dammed, amber captured, courtesy manufactured, time ticks agonise, rush-withdrawal,

Throttle strangle, idle thuds, petrol splutter bloods, fumed simmer floods, momentum muds.

Heredity Devolution

Jumping in primitive, strains, resolution, tangible, stimuli pains.

Erectus, calcium spinal strung, predatory instinctual, apex rung.

Self is conditioned, gains, cultural, domination, civility sprains.

Exploit, brief existent, hung, consensual consume, social clung.

Sands Scatter

Consciousness is scoured, impulses blown, actions, coarse pile,

Thoughts are pitted, assumptions grown, consequence, grit isle,

Reason slides tectonic, discovery prone, knowledge, seism tile.

Reality is conglomerated, constructs bone, notions, piece guile,

Tangibles are eroded, sensations known, perspective, dust wile,

Existence accretes dune, grinding sewn, substance, grains vial.

Skin Deep

Layered, upon concept’s haunting scape, will, compaction settle, conform.

Augmented, insight awakens, iconic, scraping peeled, moment solid norm.

Spirituality, blood surged, heathen craft, borne, solar duality, thought form.

Eucalyptus Apparitions

Refraction seeps, bloody scarlet, iron veined,

Along gums, pale crackling branches, contort,

Light tongued, golden aura lick, foil leafed, dense.

Rusting heaps, foliage shed, stringy maned,

Corroding, evergreen iced, thermal wilt, abort,

Limbed canopy, bark shed, sap adhesive, dispense.

Resin weeps, gumnuts tassel, fallout rained,

Viscous oily sweat, tousled new shoots, short,

Luscious stems, ghostly char, spring wick, incense.

Symbiotic Assimilation

Nature writhes, molecular strum, reacting state, cast puppetry,

Helix proof, polymer linear strung, dust encode, biochemistry,

Mortality conception, instant struck, conglomerate, symmetry,

Organism lifecycles, genome strut, ecology evolving, tapestry.

Fallen, Gum Leaf

Scaly leather tactile, brittle curled, resin, drying fissure fleck, transition.

Colour, bleaches fade, green parch remnant, crackle husk vein, incision.

Asphyxia nervure, claret oil, rigor frozen, existence withers, submission.

Chapter 3

Elemental Water

Black Acidic Feather

Rain falls, acidic raven feathered, urban tarmac chill, southerly mug,

Buckshot drops bawl, ball-bearing shimmy, rattler, scrape splat slug,

Streets, impact scrub, dry-ice ricochet bead, gutters, scoured unplug,

Autumn leaf soils, overflow, puddles slop, sandstone clay, sop, glug,

Windows pellet, whippy fleck, gusts propel, deluge respire, slant tug,

Glass, paper scrunch, tap, liquid, lasso gurgle, pane stucco, slick hug,

Vapours lacerate, frost steaming mist, muggy, condense surfaces rug,

Mortar pelt, saturation, channel carve, scythe winged patter, skin dug.

Ocean Hemispherical

Night seeps, circumference hemispherical, in starlit longitudes grace,

Sliding, beyond Luna gaze, sight filter, pitch blue-silvery, cast chase,

Branches, chalk dust, vapour milky pale, leaves sprinkle, coated face,

Urban footpaths, glow illuminate, Aquarian etheric, lather clasp, lace,

Rooftops cascade, misty froth, rays foaming, tiles rapid, mithril trace,

Vision streaks, azure spectral, darkness, aurora-ocean skied, embrace.

Winter Enthroned

Attracted, magnetic, to your Polar stormy dark, Winter, enthroned, eye.

Afloat, astral starry, cradle, snowdrifts nurtured, freeze,

Longitude tumble, night lengthen, howl,

Austral abdomen web, ghost aurora slumber, strand ride.

Cold-fronts, bristle sliver, stubble gale, spidery legs span,

Prickle abrasive, smoky white, tingling,

Icy bramble gusts, fang, water crystallised, shards inject.

Funnel, filament streak, ensnare, clouds whiff, silk puff,

Envelopment orb, glacial surfaces wrap,

Tight bandage blue, hard breath blunt, frigid smothered.

Spiralling Eyes

Disruption, spurts smear, gravity liquid, stellar plunge, splash,

Churning, surfaces overlap, rippled, impact, elliptic glisten crash.

Seeping, displacement, turbulent orbit, accretion frothy, mash,

Turning, puddles deepen, displaced, compact, circular orbed lash.

Creativity Flow

Creativity’s waves, unrelenting lap, upon consciousness’ fluid shores,

Tugging, at the crystalline cliff-lining of perception’s, grained gauze,

Invention is submerged, by continuums undertow, current drag pause.

Cold Civic, Contagion

Nestled in the convenient chill, of dry wintery, urban, haunting twinkle,

Which rocks, bare limbed boughs, in polar continent, maternal wrinkle,

White frosted seepage, blooms, naked soil mist, footfall passage crinkle,

Temperature controlled, consumer hibernate, want irrationality sprinkle,

Need diverges, reality infected, by influenza’s, suburban feverous tinkle.

Fluidity’s Flow

Raindrop sails, from Cloud’s, whirling, high,

Terra spins, under Sol’s, seething vortex, fry,

Star eddies, too Galaxy’s, tempest maw, eye,

Universe orbits, too Multiverse’s, bubble, tie.

Fluidity Inhabited

Distractions run, raging, momentum rapid, crashing upon cerebral,

Fractured existent, fluid veneering, repetition inconsistent, overall,

Sensory smeared, spilt, parchment conscious, soak, smudge scrawl,

Staining, imagination’s resistant, dobs splash, present inhabit, tidal.

Rippling Moments

Night crashes, bruising velvet, wave seep, from Eastern seashore,

‘Evening-star’ falls, erupting, in Sol’s, sooty scarlet wake, adore,

Sliver crescent, high-tide Luna, eclipses starlight, reflection pour,

Misty cold, rises, ground rinse, under bone budded boughs, gnaw,

Running ebb, time’s river, curves, burble moment, immerse bore.

Wilting Perspiration

Swelter drench, slinks wavy, suffocate lunge.

Perspire surfaces, saturate steamy, sop plunge.

Water evaporates, thermal atrophy, seep sponge.

Desiccating cloud, stopper canopy, lathers scunge.

Shrivel stew, flake hazy, precipitate expunge.

Wither shrink, soak mummify, mirage blunge.

Sweat smother, dehydrate muggy, tangle grunge.

Foliage droops, panting humidity, hothouse gunge.

Slivers Injection

Jagging, smudge, cold serrates, sliver, warm flesh, pock,

Tattooing, arthritic, needle tongued, paralyse numb.

Contracting, pores, barnacle ice, shiver, skin blue, block,

Fusing, joints metallic calcify, entropy, crack gum.

Precipitation Tip

Rain plummets, moisture aerate, damp scented, fresh,

Cloud expelled, liquid propel, oxygenate wash, thresh,

Torrential unload, runoff snakes, contour scrub, mesh,

Water saturates, slippery puddle dank, humidify, flesh.

Leaf on a River

Upon river’s slick, vortices gurgle, quicken sand, well,

Liquid fractured, ripples glassy fold, fissure gel.

This brittle vessel, sails burble, animate buoyant, swell,

Bobbing cork tumble, to primordial tides, spell.

Churning, abducted drag, undercurrents saturate, befell,

Writhing submersed, in finite conceptions, bell.

Surfing, momentum wave, watery dilution wash, shell,

Mortality’s shoreline, dumped, breathless quell.

Treading Water

Treading water, motion wake, buoyance poke,

Crescents pull, impressions adrift, tidal stoke.

Abundance wash, emotions tug, flotsam soak,

Imperfection immerse, feelings drown, evoke.

Experience sponge, sensations rinse, bespoke,

Current towed, time-stream float, bob invoke.

Surface crests, moment fluid, turbulent cloak,

Voyage churns, comprehension waved, woke.

Day’s Release

I flow, trickling ambient, beneath, finch roosted boughs, which chortle canopy,

Steps cascade, into the dream dampened sight, of night’s blood tress mountains,

That drool, across urban grit, lathered convex, darkening panorama, fathomless.

Raindrops Tile

Raindrops leap, bursting, scarlet maternity, fertile.

Crescendos weep, rolling, cold acidity, virile.

Teardrops heap, sheeting, gravity acquiesce, fragile.

Surfaces seep, plopping, gurgled expire, agile.

Bait Cast

Drifting, this twine of carbon thread,

Floats, orbital cast.

Arcing, solar saturation, bob,

Flung, cork globed.

Sailing, breeze, motion whip,

Aerate, respire spool.

Swallow, tug, gravity sinker,

Lure, depth quench.

Aquarius submerge, liquid run,

Hooked, life baited.

Imagination’s Fluidity

Surface froths, inspired, imagination depth, emulsion tangible,

Oceanic dimension, foams inflect, reality, turbulence fresh.

Creative saline, churns, invention tidal, propulsion conceived,

Liquefied vortex, burble dissect, thought, fermentation thresh.

Abstract soluble, rinse, intention blends, expulsion puddling,

Fluidity ripple, bubbling eject, purposes, crosscurrent flesh.

Reflections layer, slicken, indentation sudd, allusion coalesce,

Watery flux, transience intersect, ideas, freezing intermesh.

Momentums flow, drags, inspiration wake, elusion undertow,

Toppling break, backwash deflect, notion, immersive refresh.

Liquid Polarized

Ravenous solar wilt, squint withered, wrinkling, humid draughts scorched,

Retinas broiling bubble, watery seared, perspiring, inflamed lobster skinned.

Insects seethe vapoury, liquefy hazed, glimmering, horizon parch bronzed,

Asphalt crackle melt, saline pored, marinating, prawns skewer overexposed.

Sauna steam hiss, sleepless fatigued, licking, salivation dehydrate tongued,

Glasshouse dank irradiate, sweat pearled, sweltering, azure saturation traced.

Instances Surf

Density, moment mash,

Ripple crease, expansive pop.

Surface, effervesce gnash,

Time buoyant, submerse hop.

Lapping, directional dash,

Current sloshes, flowing slop.

Breaking, detrition thrash,

Mirages rinse, varnished crop.

Churning, turbulence crash,

Past breaking, shorelines drop.

Misty Death

Distance falls, to concussions, horizon crash of night.

Rolling scarlet teary, ruddy graze, deepen liquid soak.

Sleepy repose runs, dream floating, buoyant stream.

Polar axis flung, bled ink covered, darkness saturate.

Tidal Surge

Surging, tidal force, rapidity bled,

Motion heave, pulse arisen bred.

Froth crests, genesis wave head,

Set breaking, lather footprint spread.

Current borne, murky origin led,

Surface bubble, oxygen respire fed.

Seething spray, liquid essence shed,

Shore crash, generational wash tread.

Immersion Press

Impression upon impression, conscious buoyant, swims.

Repression upon repression, mind orchestrates, sweep.

Expression upon expression, will automatically, swerves.

Coercion upon coercion, thought embellished, swashes.

Excursion upon excursion, reaction stimulates, swell.

Reversion upon reversion, experience encoding, sweats.

Drowned Inspiration

Conscious envelop, distraction swamped, black-grey grip.

Numbing thought, possibility subsides, grasping rip.

Dragging identity, downward suction, melancholy’s blip.

Drowning perspective, perceive sinks, existence slip.

Liquid Vertigo

Light falls, dribbling fizz,

Night fluidity dip, aquatic wobble whizz.

Droplets bulb, glisten wink,

Dark wetness swell, vapour glistens blink.

Depth plunge, glaze crackle,

Black rinse seep, puddle vaulted mackle.

Nuclear Stress Polluted

Clouds decay, water drop,

Splashing, urban tarmac, landscape sink,

Soothing, vision’s, carbon dust, itch.

Rainbow lines, arch hop,

Lashing, pyramid rooftops, horizon wink,

Purging, emotion’s, strain rust, pitch.

Tears curtain, cascade flop,

Slashing, skies descend, torrential ink,

Releasing, mind’s, atom crust, stitch.

Primordial Soup

Beneath this surface, cut azure misted, sleet horizon, planar faceted, existent ethereal.

Evolution’s concoction ebbs, chemistry churning, in active fluidity, cultural bacterial.

Proto enzymes breed, aquatic broth, ferment adapt, filtration variant, mutating surreal.

Additives infuse, contaminant displaced, sediments bubble mix, composition material.

Skipping, Rippled Self

Cast, skipping, ricochet bounce,

Habitat liquid, consequence slip, steps wave dip.

Treading, sticky surface, dragged,

Actions gloop, quicksand grip, kneaded clay rip.

Skim, whipped, displacement sink,

Ripple afloat, friction anchor clip, trajectory trip.

Splashing, breath held, immerse,

Reality dive, imagery drip, existence plunged tip.

Ferry Crossing

Distinction crosses, direct, wake, resistance push, atrophy,

Distillation glosses, surface, turbulent liquid ripple, awash,

Dimension mosses, shorelines, tidal silt swelling, ablution.

Destination flows, along, smoothed edge valleys, aground,

Demarcation rows, adrift, displacement vessel bob, afloat,

Delineation tows, motion, current eroding carved, abrasive.

Sorrow’s Ode to Legacy

Emotions well, from reddened eyes, frozen depth, melt.

Conceived, solitary petal, tears caress, cheekbone lip, hug,

Fluidity, gradual slide, across pyramid nose, wet trace,

Salty liquid, clings, droplet float, upon nostril’s crescent edge.

Falling, bound, to gravity’s, spun, abundance commotion.

Splattering, in memory’s distinction, from past’s runny yoke,

Puddle inspired, within generation’s vibrant, cultural stream,

Age, flowing onto, channelled toil, joining legacy’s ocean.

The White Rays, of Winters Pre-Dawn Light

Winter, reaches out, frosty frappe,

Fingertips creep, claw,

Caressing, dawn’s naked exposure,

Landscape iced, spore.

Glisten, dew globule, candy crystal,

Goosebumps, paw,

Tickling brisk, cool shiver, whisper,

Wheeze pant, draw.

Clung, shadows lurk, frigid wraith,

Night canopy, soar,

Carpeting, lawns, safety-glass frost,

Footfalls crunch, gnaw.

Eye’s, Luminous Glow

Cresting, darkest vertigo, night,

Current, lapis depth, tumble,

Waves possess gaze, celestial deep.

Churning, silent vacuum, flight,

Haunted, smoky tint, rinse,

Ripples egress look, abyssal steep.

Arcing, nebula reflection, sight,

Astral, ebony coal, absorb,

Tides compress focus, starry leap.

Footstep’s Trace

Upon, the smooth compact crush, puddle tide revealed, briny polish pool, sand.

Shells and seaweed lie, scattered crust, discarded casually, by swift rinse fingers.

That grasp intimately, enfolding shins, in fizzy squelch, cool foaming liquefaction.

Burying feet, with granular sinking suction, footsteps immerse, breaking, life pattern.

A Drop, in a River

Pebble skips, surface porous, glancing seam, transfusion passage, wake gap,

Stone trips, impact bounce, smooth ripple splash, granular step, reverb lap,

Gravel grips, inertia undulate, water scuffle tread, skitter bump, swell slap,

Rock blips, skim ping, hopping trajectory slung, spray surge, ricochet map,

Projectile clips, liquid trail stir, velocity buoyant, shore marker, wash trap.

On the Edge of Past

Needle-eye dwell, emulsion swell,

Elapsing, lather disintegrated.

Evermore fall, precognitive squall,

Sentient cradle, natal chained.

Before moonlit dawn, riptide born,

That tugs memory, flow, away.

Teary Integration

Foliage, whiskey toned, slips sip, molten nectar lick,

Autumn toffee, resin thick, Sol inflamed, dust, shower shed.

Raining, from, cosmic vast sky, vapoury distance tick,

Bare branched, droop flick, solar weep, convection whiffed.

Leaves, golden ale, liquid drop, vision radiance stick,

Frozen stellar, prismatic nick, imagery, honeycomb dollop.

Falling, amber crystallise, icicle snap, cryogenic wick,

Time’s particles, cascade pick, auburn tatter, granular exile.

A Cold

Drifting, incorporeal wraith, in bodily contagion’s, fermenting pulse, bob.

Jointed limbs churn, fever blunt, tremor shunt, malady convulse, glob.

Mind, foggy medicate, is haunted awake, submerge, fatigued vacancy, slob.

Fluids rage, fired icy, mesh, shiver frigid flesh, simmering sweat, mob.

Breathe, clog wheeze, as airways block, gooey dry, passage dammed, gob.

Eyes desiccate, sensitive saw, vision bleary raw, blurred salinity, blob.

Skin, benumbs shudder, to infections malign, clammy, barbed frost, throb.

Liquid Galaxy

Mystery spins, shining naked, solitary and revealed,

Starry pins, galactic wheeled.

Twinkle emit, presence enamour, on liquid tear, eyes,

Light flit, spiralling skies.

Radiance born, molten plasma, etheric nucleus absorb,

Illuminate spawn, oceans orb.

Enigmatic remote, cataclysm form, aura spray wreath,

Radiance afloat, orbit sheath.

Filter Fluid

Dammed, intangible haunt, tears window,

Pupil sponge, inflate, cornea well.

Blue-grey, smudges dilate, liquid wisp,

Cerebral emotion, tide, focus wake.

Violet-neon, lustrous mica, dreams wash,

Slumber buoyant, afloat, trance waved.

Crescent Blessed

Luna catapults, her entangled icing spell,

Rainbow flurries, crystalline scuff,

Glacial, whiteout shrouded.

Alpine frostbite, blue mist, smoulder bell,

Wind-shear singe, snowdrift huff,

Ceramic, downfall clouded.

Star flakes, radiance beam, drown swell,

Crescent pearlescent, sprinkle fluff,

Silver, arctic-tress powdered.

Perish Mourn

The past weeps, monument, exposure torn,

Presence malleable, atomic fluid.

Existence erodes, cannibalise, finite born,

Seasons weathered, tide fluctuate.

Features, surface scrunch, remnant worn,

Teary jettison, evanescent flippant.

Primordial energise, dark, memory adorn,

Attrition drown, fatigue fleeting.

Chapter 4

Elemental Fire

Daybreak Echo

Radiance, bursts, runny yolk, horizon scramble,

Beams, butter, light toasting, marmalade spread.

Rays, trickle, orange juice squeeze, brew steam,

Glow, honey, gilt pancake fluff, syrup drizzle.

Lustre, spatter, sausages blister, rashers crackle,

Shine, flakes, cereal sprinkle, porridge simmer.

Flush, dollop, yoghurt splatter, dusted toppings,

Glint, frothy, milk whisked, sky cream whip.

Spark, bled, tomato fry, apricot dry, apple bite,

Flare, stains, berries tint, banana slices fleck.

Burnish, crisp, crumpet bronzed, melted cheese,

Gleam, glazes, spongy muffin, warm crumbling.

Newspaper Ignite

Heat, curls page, ashes, burnt wick, trace, ink whiten, paper blackened.

Smouldering, highlighter blue-green, flash spit, noxious gases expend.

Flames stoke, bright red nailed, typing vivacious finger, orange extend.

Thermal puff, hot-air inflate, fizz, embers full-stop, smokescreen bend.

Coals tapered, crumble shadowy powder, sooty grey flake, recommend.

Flames Wedged

Solar forged, volcanic furnace orb, lava mantle, meteorites scrap,

Fragile solidity, cinder pulp fuse, fiery subterranean, platform cap.

Furrowed surface globe, brittle sliver crust, eggshell crackle chap,

Terra, rock toffee web, kneaded molten ash, congeal tectonic wrap.

Stars arc, steamy nebula, glinting enamel, plasma smouldering lap,

Radiation hot bombard, thin atmosphere, ambient pane, sunlight trap.

Cognition Desensitized

Abstract smoulders, stare,

Lidded cradle, centralize,

Neural spark, gravitate.

Subconscious burns, flare,

Stimulus focus, visualize,

Thought pulse, emanate.

Intensity combusts, glare,

Energy radiate, actualize,

Charge channel, innate.

Illumination Fuse

Ignite, momentum trace, progression, expressive charter,

In conception’s, footstep smoulder, imprint consume.

Intensity alight, channel beam slant, horizon centrifugal,

On angular belief’s, kindling perspective, mushroom.

Incinerating ebb, finite taper, stardust forge, singe tread,

Upon combustion’s moment, ember stellar, exhume.

Sol Flowers

Liquid light, writhes, plasma ocean coil,

Frothing brew aflame, atomic furnace embroil.

Molten tongued, golden hooped, gilt foil,

Space’s, black ice, melt, vivid scorch turmoil.

Sol flowers, coronal wreath, dazzle boil,

Radiation bright halo, mica glare, sear charbroil.

Barrage beam, ultraviolet, slick hues oil,

Colours, viscous pigment, candent wave trefoil.

Finite Blind

Distinctions, scramble, fail,

Radiation combustible, scaped.

Cascade, pyrotechnic, sail,

Temporal momentum, shaped.

Aesthetics, dazzled, braille,

Organisms territorial, scraped.

Storming, Black-Burnt Eve

Surfaces, fry, crackle shrivel,

Slither haunting, barbeque singe,

Windy sizzle, nor-westerly gusts parch.

Skyline, charcoal, darken fleck,

Sooting tumble, landscape smother,

Urban tundra smoked, grey camouflage.

Sound, splinters, static distort,

Air exploding, thunderbird flap,

Shellshock tremble, mortar echo boom.

Bolts, spotlight, javelin shard,

Quickening spark, forked serrate,

Pupil emblazon sear, flashes cauterise.

Candle Wax

Wax slithers, liquid glistening, dew,

Wither, bubble sweat, vapour aroma,

Coronal wick, scalded fuse, touch,

Coiling, to flames, cindered twine,

Molten greasy, droplets weep, shed,

Bleeding, resin trail, cascaded spurt,

Splatter, congeal spilt, harden cool,

Dribbles dry, moulded toffee crust.

Sigel, Cast

Ionising, ozone conduit, squiggle, splinter scrawl, air explodes shockwave, wriggle.

Coiling, veined marble, waggle, across nights, ebony grain, scratches barb, straggle.

Squishing, humidity burr, smuggle, cumulus monolith mask, friction stomps, juggle.

Crackling, dark funnel, grizzle, clouds anvil, combustion pane, stained-glass drizzle.

Searing, ash illuminate, dazzle, distortion blink arc, jagged stun, reflections frazzle.

Striking, incisors jig, puzzle, gravity chomp, bitten static, snarl spark, crater muzzle.

Sparks Spawn

Breach, gases breathe, gulp, atrophy feeble, gravity, pressure squeeze.

Vocalise, cries dependant, vision weak, hearing, communicate seize.

Thought, conditioning flare, destiny commandeered, tangibility learnt.

Incarnate, blood rusts, plasma, solar radial, slow-motion moment, burnt.

Identify, behaviour mimic, environmental chameleon, growth adapt.

Consume, energy metabolic, chemistry furnace, cellular wick trapped.

Phoenix, Incline

Minuscule flare, finite combust, cooled lava surf,

Scorch, quench steam, water spray, vapour breathe,

Starlight stare, corona captive, Terra coils chimed.

Organic ensnare, algae bloom, green layer scurf,

Hothouse, filtered gas, blue aura, insulates sheathe,

Sol glare, revolutions slant, Luna satellite rhymed.

Cairn on Peak

Lightning, bolt singes, crackle,

Outlines, smoked dark,

Static burnt, silhouettes gleam.

Booming, thud reverb, cackle,

Chasm, impact spark,

Crater fissured, searing steam.

Rumbling, stomp footfall, tackle,

Mountains, echo bark,

Bellow tremble, peaks teem.

When Planets Kiss

Solar ocean adrift, elliptic current, wander,

Asteroids buffet, passage, accretion swell.

Animated tangibility, blur, vacuum envelop,

Faraway, twinkles remote, aloofness, dwell.

Gravity enthral, captured, movement caress,

Trajectory coax, paths intersecting, propel.

Motion enchanted, inertia, distances attract,

Falling, towards inevitable, velocity, compel.

Proximity, friction ignite, physicality blush,

Electricity graze, collision clasp, impel.

Heavenly bodies, entwine, fiery embraced,

Drowning, together molten, crumple, spell.

Distraction of Distance

Celestial spin, constellations, react sprung.

Elliptical sling, stardust, incineration hung.

Spatial skinned, subatomic, forwards flung.

Sunset Brushed

Poppy burnt, ember, radiant lush,

Dusk rouge, inflamed, wept gush,

Coal tinder, sizzling, aglow crush,

Fever constrict, blood, pulse gush,

Parched sheen, scarlet, exert flush,

Carnelian rust, glare, corrode blush.

Disruption Unwind

Disruption oscillates, friction rupture, fusion grind,

Dynamism fragments, singularity, scintillation bind,

Distance’s immensity, arcs, pinwheel spark, spined,

Decaying moments, fracture, brighten radiance rind,

Deteriorate inert, space tarnish, light, expel unwind.

Luna’s Cresting Flame

Captured, Zephyrs vapour, panting swirl, Luna aerial, acrobatic singe,

Sylphs dance, aerial deosil, scarlet diaphanous dart, skywards impinge.

Sol, adrift wayward, molten-copper, Drakes sizzle scaly, rays infringe,

Salamanders alight, fiery gloam, crimson hearth quench, horizon tinge.

Sticky Starlight

Possibility fragments, adhesive tangible, cinders textured, hue,

Speckle wink, refracted light, writhes, gummy nightscape dew,

Horizon, crests vast astral, colour globule bauble, sparkle glue,

Sky, nocturnal collision amass, scintillation freeze-frame view,

Rainbow clusters, flicker smoulder gasp, frosted snapshot blue.

New Day Corrode

Cosmos, crashes erase,

Sol, streak crumple, ray,

Indigo aurora, scuff, smear.

Colours, graffiti glaze,

Light, astral fleck, spray,

Aerosol glare, sheen, clear.

Coagulate, gold braise,

Glow, buff blonde, day,

Peach fuzz, horizon, appear.

Collage, singes ablaze,

Warmth, ruddy tint, clay,

Dark extinguish, disc, spear.

Galaxy Pulse

Galaxy furnace, hearth whirl, friction bellows, matter slag, smelt.

Black hole forge, anvil eyed, cumulus bulge, disc accretion, pelt.

Gravity hammer, impact press, radiance cast, folded mould, belt.

Stars spark, plasma bubble, constellate quench, nebula halo, melt.

Mid-Summer’s Dance

Raging, firestorm orange scorch, ravenous flames, lit,

Snaking, flora & fauna engulf, forty meter surged, bit.

Belching skyward, smoke soots, burnt leaves ash, spit,

Smothering, sunburn blue, suburbia’s quarter-acre, hit.

Racing, dry nor-westerly fan, embers mortar gust, flit,

Smouldering, charred scaly wake, barren cremate, pit.

Web Gauze Reflection

Spiralling, arms outstretched, in projected reverie,

Languidly spinning, horizontal axis, expansionary,

Reaching, towards macrocosms, distant incendiary,

Static stellar, gravity drawn, satellite interplanetary,

Sticky solar abandon, stranded, upon extraordinary.

Dark Jungle’s Beat

Jungle writhes, verdant lush, humidity sap, tropics heat.

Canopy forks, shady strangle, swollen green, stifle pleat.

Forest floor, dark dank, composts slick, hot sweaty peat.

Vegetation stretches, steamy saturate, striped light, greet.

Trees thicket, trunks tower, fevered growth, swelter teat.

Water slithers, valleys melt, moisture basting, funnel feet.

Equatorial band, rains drench, wet season, perspire sheet.

Dawn Forlorn

Celestial skies, cosmos chatter, evanesce, twinkle fade.

Dayspring, brighten smoke, colour fume, dark smothered, indistinct.

Night prise, sparks scatter, ghosting, glimmer degrade.

Cockcrow, lighten stoke, warmth bloom, shadows bleached, succinct.

Solar Petal Flame

Incarnate, stellar radiance, brighten,

Energised, bud, unfurl.

Conscious, blossoms, transcendent,

Starlight, corolla pearl.

Invigorate, flower outstretch, bask,

Spectrum, petals swirl.

Illuminate, spark ebb blush, spread,

Inflame, bloom, whorl.

Evolutionary Chord

Levitating, galaxy bound, incendiary grind, concuss,

Slow-motion, flak shred, shockwaves, impact,

Orbiting, craters molten, pyrotechnic, stellar strum.

Hovering, celestial inferno, explosive grate, percuss,

Suspended, radial erupt, pulp ringed, compact,

Dangling, plasmas bloom, firework, atomic drum.

Irradiation Illuminate

Scrying, obsidian mirror, awareness spark, vessel, potential infuse,

Programed animation, flashed, cellular grasped.

Enchanting, chakra charge, sentience aflame, golem, energy activate,

Thoughts contraption, cached, senses synapsed.

Bubbling, lukewarm elixir, arterial cauldron, poppet, stellar stimuli,

Temporal projection, lashed, mortality clasped.

Crystalizing, dark veined, memories cinder, homunculus, ashes raise,

Astral inception, crashed, contemplations elapsed.

Shooting Star

Trailing, memories asteroid, wake intercede, indentation tailed, collide,

Dissolving, distances, essence wane, emanation fade, existence divide.

Revolving, aureole constant spun, conscious comet, destination astride,

Falling, orbit dissipate, constellations cradle, solidity convex, wayside.

Bushfire Smoke

Smoke wafts, darkness flue,

Evening blot, city skies, char, kludge.

Eucalypt, greasy soot, fume,

Dim leaves, vapoury cinder, smudge.

Scarlet, ember forged, puff,

Exhausts coiling, coal dusty, sludge.

Night hazes, oil sheen, smog,

Streetlights lit, sulphur caked, fudge.

Bitumen suburbs, ash fallout,

Sight itch, rub, mascara coat, trudge.

Curtained Window

Fabric strands, frayed, separate seam, Pompeian coral, nebula grain.

Caught, plasma refracted, droplet distort, upon window’s onyx pane.

Staring, glass atmosphere, darkness peer, at surface’s reflected stain.

Burning Page

Burning paper, finite, wicks lacuna, exist, edges snared.

Smoulders, tapering consume, memories residue, flared.

Lantern glows, alight, breathes ephemeral, singe haired.

Smoking, incense puffed, pages unfold, incinerate aired.

Streamer inflame, ignite, scorching lively, sparks stared.

Smother parch, exhaust dust, confetti ashes, soot glared.

Friction Swath

Distance falling, friction swipe, gravity paw.

Mass grasped, hurtling enfold, velocity maw.

Destination cast, trajectory path, impact caw.

Night Eyes

Night iris, cinder, nebula twinkle,

Colours, wink vein, writhing wrinkle,

Smoulder fleck, scintillate sprinkle.

Galaxy embers, pupil, ray cringle,

Irradiate, spiral core, blush comingle,

Light vivid disc, aperture shingle.

Stellar focus, spun, sky spindle,

Lit, radiance spark, reflection kindle,

Celestial flash, darkness, dwindle.

Red Candle

Fire’s eye, burns combust, inflame, peppery grit,

Cascading, ember ravenous, devour wick, chilli lit,

Racing, wax baste, carbon tinder fuel, salami pit,

Blistering, resin drools, molten scalded, spicy spit.

Crackling Flash

I exist, ember flutter blink, impermanence erupt, finite ebb,

In star’s, coronal flint, radiator orbit, combustible flak, squib,

Shot, moment blaze, entropic bolt, revolving arc, extinguish.

Nighttime Sky

Night permeates, pyroclastic flow, pumice sky, magma speck.

Dark perforates, acid-cloud blow, sulphur fry, corrosive peck.

Black percolates, firestorm glow, missiles fly, charcoal wreck.

Gloom pervades, fallout grow, incinerate vitrify, radiate fleck.

Time’s, Galactic Full-stop

Time staggers, overburden expend,

Vacuum sift, in form shift, suspension.

Granule deteriorate, reverb impend,

Crashing, atomic lubricate, dimension.

Probabilities bounce, paths wend,

Orbits interact, swirling, in contention.

Destination future, pulses, portend,

Journeys speed, moments, ascension.

Light’s constant, brightness bend,

Radiation, distorts, ejected, distension.

Spectrums, refract, warping rend,

Waves vibrate, intersperse, extension.

Matter concusses, transition blend,

Life cycles, paradigm, comprehension.

Passage’s remnant tide, transcend,

Singularity, projects churn, dissension.

Periphery Ignition

Glassy focus, fractures verge,

Silken web, angular blur, diverge.

Tunnel vision, oblique merge,

Cocoon form, friction spun, surge.

Chrysalis sight, spirit emerge,

Tracery tingles, chi quicken, urge.

Summer, Crescent

Luna rises, canary perched, sky coal,

Dark slice, twilight abrade, crystals encrust.

Orbit incisors, solar umbra, soot roll,

Cinders rice, obsidian polish, vacuum dust.

Heat prises, city crack, tarmac bowl,

Hot splice, concrete lanterns, sparkler thrust.

Night visors, storeys kindle, lit pole,

Cool entice, liquorice firma, glitters adjust.

Twisting Strands

Inking, light illusory grit, radiation desert, colour speck mirage, solidity grain spore.

Shifting, stellar sands cast, spiral tug, hourglass plasma thresh, around galactic core.

Colliding, nebula pulp dunes, incineration dust, stars glisten silica, solar oasis shore.

Beltane Queen

Diana, silver-birch bark, diadem, magnolia buds, braid,

Artemis, jonquil flame, crown, hyacinth tinted, cascade,

Selene, narcissus skyclad, wreath, tulip tresses, brocade,

Luna, honeysuckle scent, coronet, primrose satin, rayed.

Sunburn Bask

Plasma vessel, liquefied lava, crimson chemical singe, rust blush.

Warm cellular, blood rayed, terracotta kneaded clay, ochre crush.

Platelet infuse, sunburnt clot, scarlet ribbons spaghetti, ruby flush.

Echoing, Leafed Caw

Raven, domino, herald caw,

Charcoal jagged, perch,

Mountain ash, canopy singe.

Inky, smudge, spectral claw,

Coal feathered, smirch,

Sol withers, branch swinge.

Silhouette, soot, gaze gnaw,

Waning shade, lurch,

Cinder knotted, bough dinge.

Fireball Ash

Incarnate, visitation temporal, flare, spark brash,

Perceived, interactions physical, halo, dark flash,

Symbiotic, domesticated social, blur, bark thrash,

Evolving, invention immemorial, wink, arc dash,

Creativity, inspired aspirational, fizz, mark crash.

Solar Flare

Corona, cornea, colour splatter, heat puffy,

Eyeball glares, fractal solar spun, incendiary curls, swell.

Nimbus, lens, pigment sticky, melt scruffy,

Cyclops stares, golden aura stun, naphtha whiskered, gel.

Halo, monocle, makeup sizzles, air stuffy,

Capsule flares, light irradiate sun, bombard lashes, expel.

Aureole, glaze, enamel fired, fervid fluffy,

Bulb ensnares, molten gilding bun, airburst bristle, shell.

Chapter 5

Elemental Ether

Cellular Flow

Dissipation, fills the mind, in silent longings, embrace,

Grains fall, razor glint, hourglass suspension, displace,

Primordial, astral birthed, starry cradle, reflection face,

Sky black mirror, relativity warp, antiquity, frays space.

Thoughts, comet tail, dreamy, passage streaming, trace,

Spinning dust grit, consciousness, vacuum reality, race,

Radiant, creative natal, conceived nebula, body encase,

Eyes flying saucer, definition shift, identity, ebbs apace.

Bed’s Caw

Black’ feathered, sheets, call to me, rumple plumage, wing.

Dark’s enfold, greets, dreamy ascend, crumple down, sling.

Night’s whisper, meets, senses soar, scrumple fledge, cling.

Stardust Conduit

Arms, stellar outstretched, nimbus reach, expose,

Fingers, chakras project, cosmos pulsating, arose.

Toes, planted grip, organic vigour draw, enclose,

Legs, earth-bound pulled, volcanic vent, impose.

Body, boundless etheric, nebula celled, compose,

Skin, stars transfuse, nightsky plasma, transpose.

Froth and Bubble

Thought bubbles, neuron, transmission pop,

Lathered primordial residue, ideas, syrup glop.

Conscious seeps, chemistry, transfused bop,

Animated liquid froth, notions, percolate drop.

Meaning fizzes, reacting, transference crop,

Energised globule vapour, reasons, brew chop.

Stimulus exudes, sensory, transcendent hop,

Inspired bulb effervescent, beliefs, burble prop.

Fabric Torsion

Distance folds, upon destination, falling, contortion.

Motion warps, to journey’s path, scenery, distortion.

Velocity slips, with friction’s drag, pulling retortion.

Passage blurs, in dimensional flex, energy extortion.

Projected Experience

Standing, erect, within gravity’s encompassing arm,

Spinning, earthbound, solar orbit, centrifugal, harm,

Slipping, giddy, conscious, celestial vertigo, disarm,

Skewing, thoughts, ethereal conduit, channel charm.

Neural Wired

Thought trickles hex, assimilate stridden, action pattern grain,

Guided interactive vex, processes ridden, hydrate breath stain,

Neurones dance complex, caressing bidden, rhythm fire brain,

Nuclei stimulus pecks, reptilian hidden, primal subvert strain,

Blood pulses flex, psyche unbidden, creation perceived chain.

Evolution Impulse

Elements transmute, convulse,

Flare, gust, surge, rumble, pulse.

Fabric, syphoning eyes, collapse,

Being consciousness, enwraps,

Brandished, form haunt, elapse.

Reality, impressions self, eroded,

Soul metamorphous, loaded,

Replicate, host stream, encoded.

Paralysis Caress

Action melts, in moment’s thought response,

Possibility smelts, from event’s solitary nonce.

Perception welts, with hindsight’s ensconce,

Attention belts, indecision err, shattered bonce.

Projected Reality

Expression floats, erupting motion, static,

Axis’, weighted mass, horizon sink.

Defined, by past’s, threaded canvas, batik,

Grit, shockwave crunch, orbits rink.

Channelled, from nodal points, chromatic,

Stars, rusting clouded, inflate blink.

Projected, on visual’s visitation, acrobatic,

Vertigo, night inebriate, sight drink.

Metamorphous Stun

Mutation sponged, nuclei sparks, spiral sun,

Sensation multi-spherical, gene sequence, strung.

Replicate plunged, neural weave, viral spun,

Sentience external-stimuli, atomic encode, hung.

Inertias Framework

Cortex, calcium cubed, skeletal, energy ley-line, neural absorb, whelm.

Digits, suspension tipped, tactile exist, corporeal dislocate, spirit realm.

Cerebral, floats pulsating, pearl, skull sutured, cranium kundalini, helm.

Thoughtform Inception

Beauty dangled, struggles, for defined comprehension, obscure,

Observation discriminate.

Attention strangled, perspective, kaleidoscopic muse, demure,

Assimilation incriminate.

Concentration entangled, focus, subversive exponential, lure,

Distractions determinate.

Incarnation Skitter

Molten organic, sequential tickle, knitted,

Dusty meshed, stellar particles, glittered.

Plasma clouded, carbon chemistry, fitted,

Extravagant archipelago, infuse, littered.

Rubbery vapour, atomic vulcanise, kitted,

Fragile friction, half-life squirts, jittered.

Orbital orgies, cavorting assemble, bitted,

Creativity fuelled, decay fever, flittered.

Obfuscate Dislocate

Narcotic, neurotic, endorphins replicate,

Euphoric, entropic, adrenaline intoxicate,

Synthetic, soporific, pleasures medicate,

Fantastic, frenetic, mellowed supplicate,

Anaesthetic, aesthetic, drugged lubricate,

Therapeutic, triptych, numbing fabricate,

Psychotropic, paralytic, deaden explicate,

Hallucinogenic, hypnotic, senses abdicate.

Optical Swum

Mind, cerebral aquarium, cranial dance, senses spark,

Sight, splashes conscious, tri-dimensional colours arc,

Vision, aperture rinse, spatial awareness, shaded dark,

Eyes, runny contour, pattern recognition, shapes mark,

Retinas, cortex flush, perspective drowned, depth bark.

Extrapolation Dreamed

Half-life, cellular design, organic formula, double helix, meshed,

Exponential mass equate, rational comprehend, sensations fleshed,

Reflexive limitations, strain fatigued, consumed matter, threshed,

Gravitational adaptive, assimilation evolving, redundant refreshed.

Host’s Form

Spun crease, nerves thread, glisten, knit metamorphous, skin greased.

Lined fleece, fluids tubular, particle cellular, atomic stitching, pieced.

Nous increase, cerebral cocoon, pilot, bones frame, timeshare leased.

Disintegration Discriminate

Disintegration haunts, the mind, with mortal vision,

Dislocation decay, body, deteriorates scission.

Dissipation possesses, sight, blurred edge, excision,

Distillation shades, spirit, vaporised collision.

Alpha within Omega

Replicated radiance, cascades, crest,

Light backdrop, etheric flash, crimsons dreg.

Emanated essence, blooms, tressed,

Warmth chop, ephemeral ash, pumpkin keg.

Separated sequence, ignites, tempest,

Solar teardrop, reality splash, scrambled egg.

Reactive Respond

Movement trembles, spider spring, strung,

Body pulsing, cortex reflexive, nerves stung.

Motion balanced, cartilage weave, clung,

Bones vaulting, tendons wrap, muscles hung.

Mobility respondent, silken dangle, rung,

Brain directing, pulse puppetry, whims flung.

Distraction Transpose

The moment is fresh, new, in inexperienced excitements, repose,

Heart swells, mind giddy, eyes glaze, adrenaline buzzed, expose,

Rationality drools, infantile lost, on, reptilian primitives, impose.

Neural Vacuum Sealed

Decisions calculate, from within this filtered synthesis of revisions.

Belief seeds, resolve sticky, convention resin, perspective burnt brief.

Caged, emotions rooted, life nutrient, ideas bonsai, genome staged.

Sprout, data, knowledge processed, bias encoding, information route.

Replicate, precision learnt, interaction bloomed, fallibility educate.

Odin’s, Vulknut Raven Eye

I, am, the sum of my creations, veiled flesh and bone, incarnated, Wotanic crucifixion yew.

Yggdrasil lore, runes hum, scattered leaf meaning, progression teardrop, Fenris nips, chew.

Hugin & Munin guided, observation caw, Geri & Freki tempered, perspective howl, imbue.

Gungnir bonded, existence sacrificial, helix branch ebb, inhaling consume, exhaling renew.


Etheric infusion, distinctions confusion, thought profusion, inspired transfusion,

Cosmic collusion, imaginations illusion, creative seclusion, intrepid conclusion,

Astral intrusion, contextual extrusion, existence obtrusion, initialised protrusion.

In, Shards of Reality

Fractured insecurity, vision, reflect,

Presumption mirror, faced.

Faith breaks shard, perspectives, fragment,

Cold analysis, fallen.

Sliding slivered brittle, fantasies, crack,

Emotional unreason, slice.

Shocks impact smashed, dream, shatter,

Hard reality, splinter.

Nerves Strip

Eyelids tip, fragility compress, tactile fatigued, intention rent,

Skip flutter, strain, cauterise grind, overdrawn branded, blur spark,

Chip, corneas itch, scarring sting, double-vision smear, subversion press!

Retinas trip, identity corrode, reptile haggard, retention bent,

Slip wince, deadlines, bloodshot hewn, careworn landed, pulse arc,

Clip, pupils pinch, sparring wring, monochrome blear, submersion stress!

Tethered String

The Fates, spin, freewheeled, their adhesive strand,

Mortality strung, decaying fibrous, consequence demand.

Possibility dyed, choices colouring, rainbow band,

Actions web, attentive entangle, imperilled, by own hand.

Motives unwind, inspiration lure, reverie expand,

Spine taut, tripwire interconnect, hooked, time’s boat land.

Wandering Mind

Listlessly, thought, lingers, upon, passing moments,

Distracted from present, creative, adhesive.

Swaying, as it processes, associations, recollections,

Forming reality, naïve perceived, cohesive.

Aimlessly, psyche, flounders, upon, instant’s impact,

Contemplate discriminate, captive, allusive.

Betraying, as it conceptualises, retentions, inventions,

Spawning notions, live revived, conclusive.

Super-Nova Dust

Aquatic, cerebral friction, rumbles receptor, through spine’s cortex,

Sparking, in ionise inhabitation, will seep, thoughts, bubble boiled,

Flaring, milky galactic, cosmos glittering, primitive surged, caress,

Riptide creative, visualisation crashes, inspiration, sentience awash.

Prismatic, visible fiction, scintillates buoyant, within skull’s vortex,

Marking, on eyes cohabitation, colours weep, stimulus, swell coiled,

Staring, silky chromatic, stellar littering, primordial depth, undress,

Astride sky, conceptualisation splashes, exploration, images squash.

Cindered Wings

Feelings, numbed, colours bleach, bleak grey-limbo, deaden.

Disillusion, pollutes emotion, with crippling moods, redden.

Disparage, cycle, lethargy limb, inactive restrain, paralysis leaden.

Thought, stagnates, inspiration sever, tumbling bereft, taken.

Wallowing, gravity slammed, shockwave wrenches, shaken.

Wander, ashen, solitude isolate, will convulse, emptiness awaken.

The Dimensions of Matter

Matter, formulates state, interdimensional residue, reveal,

Pooling, stellar vortex, intergalactic fragments, eddy reel,

Convection, conduit charge, intersperse transition, ordeal,

Channelled, multiverse strung, interspace seed, atom peel,

Incarnating, orbital dynamic, interdiction gravitated, keel.

Window, Cranium Celled

Conscious focus, deflection, visualise,

Framed, upon distortions, materialise,

Inventive, conformity shift, realise.

Thought pings, incompletion, abstract,

Fractured, in contemplations, distract,

Perspective, assimilate warp, extract.

Compiled mute, observation, imagery,

Transposes, from reflections mimicry,

Interpretive, reality blur, symmetry.

Dimensional Eye

A cold, vacant naked landscape, undulates residue grit, stone collude,

Besieging the precipice, of neural binary polarity’s, conclude.

Existing, vortex eddied, in-between pendulum perspective, protrude,

Upon the planar axis, of cortex funnelled reality’s, preclude.

Diabolic Cradled

Finite, contrite, thoughts are distracted, in chain-reactions kinesis, concoction.

Disturbing, this natal cortex, tube, chemistry squeeze, synthesised distinction,

Itching, at its transitory physicality, outfit, skeletal gantry, climaxed extinction.

Wasting, in helix cycles, wilt, organic ornamental, granule expired addiction,

Chafing, upon biorhythms impulse, cellular regicide, spiral armed valediction.

Incarceration’s Release

Eyes inward close, falling into stellar, solar, outstretched arms,

Heart energetic flows, sync, essence merged, duality consume,

Astral body, arcs skyward, free, celestial plunge, night immerse,

Mind’s neurones, exude freedom’s, careless, galactic star-tidal,

Conscious, slips silent, dimensional dissect, atomic submersion.

Electroshock Reality

Destabilisation of reality’s perspective,

Mind shatters, self-question, predilection.

Floundering, notions, within quandary,

Senses confused, irrationality, inspection.

Fettering ego, with longing’s, morose,

Doubts pang, needful reasoned, selection.

Flattening, confidence, in melancholy,

Anxiety unbalance, stress cloud, infection.

Emotive Reaction

Reactions shift, in continual paradigm, blur,

Motion transparent, reflexively incur.

Fused to network, dimensional fabric, whir,

Malleable vulnerability, dynamic err.

Sundered, upon thoughts cinder muse, stir,

Tangible flesh sculpt, calculation spur.

Shrouded within impressions, comfort purr,

Material fashions clothe, emotive fur.

Seething, energy moulded, formative, slur,

Matter convulsed, nerves, thorny burr.

Fractions of Circumference

Will preferences, reality scaped, compress, sensation,

Directional engross, surroundings specific, realisation.

Dimensions buoyant, expand physical, in saturation,

Actualised, relativity energy spark, vast conflagration.

Current Bound

Inhabited, entropy decrypting, evolve grate,

Interdiction, decoding, hacked data state,

Transfer, torrents uploaded, streaming trait.

Perceived, elemental, information fluctuate,

Packages, rigidity dissipating, atomic fate,

Captive, to present’s eye, tangibility collate.

Assimilated, probable passage, time curate,

Augment, particle grain, momentary bait,

Held, falling in transpired, current ebb rate.

Dark Matter, Multiverse Relativity

Beyond perspective’s cloud, on starlit bridge shroud,

Swirl the seeds of reality, pulsing in particle polarity,

Sub-atomic differential, multiverse trans-dimensional.

Want to Wander

Thoughts stumble, on chaos profusion,

Conscious slippage, momentum confusion.

Judgement staggers, upon jocularity,

Senses proliferate, numbed edge angularity.

Hazed synthesis blurs, in distraction,

Repetitious conditioned, engages abstraction.

Mind unfurls, to poisons intoxicated,

Misdirection blunders, decadence liberated.


Ionizing neural, swarm-flare smoulder, in mattered embers,

Neurones seethe, fabric synthesis, singularity maw, cortex processed.

Sparking mural, instant-glare combust, in cellular members,

Fibres wreathe, effervescent mitosis, ignition spore, cerebral pressed.

Facades Crisscross

I stand, on the tunnelled street corners, haunted, by their observation bustle,

Hallways of interconnected imagery, moving, senses interdict, action tussle,

Community, thoroughfares mesh, scenes rhythm swept, character corpuscle.

I’m frozen, statue observe, particles bombarded, commotion passage, rustle,

Vision funnelled, to this crossroads paradox, stage changing, variable hustle,

Metropolis, superconductor grid, energise, neural circuitry charged, muscle.

Fractured Will

Locked shut, memories covered, hidden well,

Wisdom leaks, trickled spring.

Key shifts, subconscious click, recall release,

Senses crystallise, surge wing.

Door shove, willpower hinge, liquidity force,

Nous inundate, swollen swing.

Dimensional Fabric

Incantation, latent energies, symbolism inject.

Inscription, rune meaning, scripture connect.

Intention, formula powers, subliminal reflect.

Invention, will visualise, summoned project.

Axis Spun

Heart races, in melodic semblance, capacity pound.

Driving this, quiet neural thrill, introspection bound.

Basking, rhyme arise, emotions chemical drowned.

Beating, atomic biological, indulgent existent, found.

Pulse throbs, in cathartic rebalance, tenacity wound.

Warming up, vessels blue chill, convection expound.

Wearing, momentum aged, atrophy granular hound.

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