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A book of poetry by Authoress Hurricane

Copyright © 2014 by Authoress Hurricane

Published by Authoress Hurricane

This short story is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, real people, living or dead, organizations, establishments or locales are products of the author’s imagination. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are used fictitiously.

Editor: Angela McConkey

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I would like to start off by thanking the man upstairs. Through him all this is possible.

My hubby Dontay Lawley Sr. my biggest inspiration. Because of you my passion for writing was rekindled. Love you boo!

Our four handsome sons Dontay Jr., DeVaughntay, De’Andre and DeJuan Lawley (my everything’s). Thank you for letting mommy do what she does. Always being my # 1 fans and my most loyal supporters. Mommy loves y’all!

All my family and friends; thank you for being my biggest supporting fans always being there for me, always having my back. (Love you lots).

Next, I would like to thank all my fans out there. You are truly appreciated. It’s been a long journey. Thanks for being so patient.

I would also like to take out the time to thank my editor Angela McConkey and cover designer Lola Kyle. Love you lots!!




I’m lying here, with a tear in my eye

You’ve broken my heart, and made me cry

The trust was betrayed, our bond was broken

A shattered marriage, was the only token

Trials and Tribulations, through ups and downs

I struggle to keep, my head above ground

I pray to God, to give me strength

To rise above, its depth and its lengths

I must stand up, and wipe the tears

Pull myself together, and away from those years

That haunts my dreams and jeopardizes my ability

To love – To trust, to find stability

To promote my heart, to heal with time

Regain my focus, and cross that line

To a place that’s safe, without that debris

Of the destruction you caused, and how you hurt me

You’ve broken my heart

In fragments of disbelief

You crushed the joys

With the equivalence of teeth

You ripped away a trust

That was embedded within me

My soul mate for life

Is what I trusted you to be

You’ve created a hurt

That’s open and raw

With pains so deep

Clearly against the law

And rules of Promise

That we initially agreed

To uphold and respect

In all times of need

Irreversible it is

The enthusiasm is gone

Another unhappy ending

Of another sad love song


Your heart has suffered

A tremendous blow

Shattered into pieces

The healing is slow

I’ve collected the pieces

And mold them to shape

With a compassion and understanding

Determination and fate

Connecting, replacing, creating a way,

To get them together

To the point they’ll stay

Comparing the shades

To color and size

Connecting the dots

And twisting all ties

I can’t change the past

Or the memories that it brings

I can promise to be there

To protect you from those type of things


Love is like a candle

That burns at its own pace

A flame that ignites

Leaving loneliness without a trace

The warmth that it gives

Can soothe the broken heart

Stabilize uncertainty

As honesty play its part

It brightens up the soul

Cast shadows across the room

Uplifting declined spirits

While deleting all the gloom


A feminine spirit, so clearly defined

Sensuous, lustful, relaxed and unwind

An attractive breed that can hold her own

Astonishing, menacing, when feelings are not shown

Arousing the flesh, with a toss of her bang

The licking of her lips, driving on lookers insane

Mischievously a threat, where emotions take shape

Building a need, that’s trapped with no escape

A gift that’s essential, for the joys of life

The incisions of pain, and crafty as a knife

The backbone of family that nurtures the love

The values, etcetra, that’s equivalent from above



A want for Affection

A longing to achieve

A need to be cared for

A desire to believe

A thought that stimulates

A brief sense of trust

Illuminates the likely hood

Of greed envy and lust

The willingness to accept

Whatever thrills your sight

Take advantage of opportunity

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