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A quick thanks to the various family members and friends who have unfailingly managed to convince me to continue writing, despite my own mind telling me, based on the lacklustre performance of the first book, it was an exercise in futility. Your support and encouragement have been paramount to me finishing this new book, rather than letting it languish in a cluttered and ignored draw, a mere broken dream crammed together with other useless odds and sods, unused but never disposed of.

I won’t try to thank each and all for their contributions individually, although so many have helped and I do hope you know who you are, but it would be remiss of me not to mention three specific people who, have gone above and beyond. So, special thanks to:

Michelle Hansen, an amazingly caring, resilient and beautiful person whom I count myself lucky enough to have spent my childhood days alongside, with all the other Mulgan Street kids. Our reconnection after so many decades seems to me like fate, and without her as my friend in the here and now, there would never have been a first book, let alone a second.

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