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Brief Moments

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Why Write Brief Moments?

The poetry in this book is about passing moments, descriptions of feelings briefly had and they are mainly about problems with girlfriends or wanting sex. Somebody worries about giving money to his girlfriend and worries whether she is the right one for him or not. There is a man going out shopping who wonders if he might risk everything and have sex with a hooker thinking that they look like the women he sees in the gym or on television. And somebody else worries about girls he saw as a teenager still. As well, somebody watching porn gets a nasty shock when he thinks he might actually know the porn model from somewhere he has in a video. And he met her in real life.

Writing poetry offers a unique way of expressing pent up sexual feelings and worries. Really, poems are short and might better express the passing moment when people have some clarity of thought about their sex lives. As well, brief moments are better expressed by a small choice of just the right words sometimes. Poems are easier to write than novels or even short stories are. You can write them in the spare moment that has the power of expression it might not have otherwise if you took too long to think it out.

The first poem, Friday Afternoon, a man invites a girl inside he knew but not like that and has sex with her. She had been begging at his door. In the second poem, Status Anxiety, a man thinks that people previously put on a pedestal sexually have really fallen a long way. In the poem after that, I Denounce That Woman, somebody gives money to his girlfriend when she comes round but then has had enough of her. In the last poem, Next, another man thinks he might have seen a girl somewhere before in a porn film. Possibly, he could now have slept with her himself. Still, it leaves him feeling bad to see her again like this. And this is despite his watching so many porn videos for so long.

Chapter 2, Friday Afternoon

Dull skies

Leaves rustle

In the garden outside

Inside, hot meal

Digested, lay on bed

A girl in my arms

Came to the door

Begging money

I made her a sandwich

Then, she gets up, makes

Her own coffee, a second one now

And puts on the news

EU, Trump, Russia, nuclear power

Thanks you and still the sandwich

To go all the way down in the gullet

And you can hear the leaves rustling

In the garden, high up in the trees

Again, the blond-haired TV presenter

Tells of good news, bad news, all

In a Friday afternoon

And something will change and something will be no more

You can be sure of it

In your apartment block in the city

The year is 2017, possibly next year your life will be different

It is what you know, see, do, and as well

There is just the garden below

The distant sound of traffic, the sound of children playing, the leaves rustling high in the trees

And you are somewhere in this century in the city and for the moment it is here and it is not no more.

Chapter 3, Status Anxiety

'You've grown such a lot in your new job'

A boss says this to an employee

Or a mother says it to her son

In another world, women have status

Desired by boys in their group

They stand proud, hard and erect

Let the boys look, play the game

The latest most brilliant game for girls to play

And the only game as well they joke

Really, it is the best occupation in the world they could have

To be a girl! And not a boy!

Girls are sweet and kind and boys are made from worms and ugly things

Let the boys look,

Laugh with the other girls about their stiff cocks, dicks or other things in their pants if only they knew

Grown women knowing they have never done 'it'

It would make a teen

Feel awkward and embarrassed,

Yet in some groups of boys

These girls are queens, tall and proud,

Then, evicted, their mother or another relative argued

With somebody or other and they are forced out with no job

Left to care for themselves, they are now freaks!

Five dollars for a bonk, a quickie, or a fuck

'That's all it's worth love'

Some kindly man with a hard-on tells them

Nobody sees the humiliation

Yet they share it with at least one man

With a hard cock as you might expect, the only one who knows it.

They feel his cock, hard and long or short and stiff, they can tell

He has something wrong with him that he even likes them at all

Or to be prepared to pay even five bucks

For a screw of a virgin when the boys if she thinks of them

In the past, they dreamed of marrying her or even just kissing her on the cheek,

Did they do, really all that time!

Or no matter how stiff they got they wouldn't ask her just for a quick five minutes to come inside her

Yet, as to why they didn't bonk her, beforehand, she thinks they could have done so easily

She goes back to see them in a spirit of independence to do what she wants to do and to ask them

Still, their mothers, knowing she was coming, have prepared their washed up, starched shirt today, teenage boys for this moment

They ignore her, 'she is not worth a tad'

The girl formerly of lurid sexual dreams and dreams of marriage speaks to them

And she says, 'do you even know what that is to say 'a tad' to somebody?'

'No, but I have to listen to my mother

She knows best and that's what she says'

'What about the fact I was bonked up against a wall with the rain falling down on it…?'

'Was I thinking of my mother then?'

'You are worth nothing and it is just that you're not the girl I knew'

'But why am I not?'

'I don't know'

They part and still know each other not at all.

Chapter 4, I Denounce That Woman

A man stops in the street by the ATM

He tells his girlfriend that he is giving her a bit extra.

This is when he doesn't want to see her again for a time

"It was OK," he says but I'm not really turned on anymore.

Go your own way and talk to that other boy you like

He seems nice enough and you'd be better off with him

You don't need me and I don't think we'll get on in the coming storm

You're too needy, I have my own problems, and I need to be with others

Or not people that might take my money even more when they have problems

With drugs, alcohol, tobacco and spending it all

It was fun when I had some to give you a bit and you paid no attention to your budget

But now I'm bored with it and would rather we quit

Perhaps, a man will mean you just do what you should do and don't bother me with it again

Sorry also if not everything else worked out as planned or we dallied too long in each other's company

Really, it went on for years and I began not to like it in the end

As, I think, you told me once even a year ago that you no longer liked it anymore either

So let's quit whilst we're well and ahead and we still have any regard for each other at all.

I don't really want a sick nurse that was my hooker on speed dial when I wanted to come

As still a young man, I had too much spunk inside me for just porn

I'm sorry if that was what it was and you didn't really watch yourself but you said you did to please me

And it was just that you typed something for a joke that was somebody who looked like an ex-girlfriend

As well, you were not ever a serious porn addict

This although you took enough of other drugs

Yet, now I have had enough of your drugs, your tobacco and I have quit my porn habit

Someone helped me a bit to clean and cook, it did marvellously for any problems I had

And it is just a shame that somebody had to go naked, butt naked and take cock for a half-day's pay

That was what it was worth when with you and I spent it on not much else

And it was when as well I knew how to budget and manage a spreadsheet

This it but then you as the female sex partner spent it on cabinets and knickknacks for your home

And festivals you went to on your own and met backstage the band

That you said was a competition you had won.

But that cost you hundreds really.

And you came back and told me about it as if I should be pleased

Still, you did not want to mention if they asked you if you were really a hooker

And nor what they said as that was personal when really itching to tell what you said about me

Did the band even want sex with a hooker, did you decline, or what did you do when they found out

You do not say.

And in an odd way, I would quite like to know whether you said 'no' to it and 'you were just there to enjoy the music'

Or what thing you did to flirt with the band

It must have been gratifying

But I've had enough now.

So I gave you a bit more money than usual and told you to leave off it for now

Possibly, we can call it quits without ever having to say so openly but just to hint at it a tiny bit still

When, I have seen you open your legs, your cunt below me asking me to fuck it and fill it with cum,

And I have fondled your breasts and seen them change in the years we've known each other to being those a bit soft of a middle-aged woman

Also, I have seen you perform in a dozen up close hard-core porn films with me in the leading male acting role but just not always with a film in some cheap camera

Yet that is all to come if I were to lose a USB drive and for you to become a porn star or me to as well

Still, I gave 40 today and that was what it was about worth for you to go and not come back again

Nor to regret it or come this way again asking for more or saying you need help

I cannot stand people to be needy, to put out their hands and ask me for money

When I no longer want to fuck them, to fuck, make love or anything else

And I'd rather just count my pennies and to save for a later time

As well, I would like to have the warm feeling in my groin that comes from a warm bed and a hot meal the night before and a hot drink now looking out of my window and not freezing

Not like the icicles I can see below

And the people in different coats, gloves and mufflers, red, blue, yellow and green,

Playing snowballs

But that I hope aren't my own children

Yet, in some other world, they are

Somebody else's who are like that and throwing snowballs at each other.

Chapter 5, Next

Be the next great writer, artist, actor, director or producer

Or you can be the next Obama, Trump or Hillary Clinton

And you could be the next world champion, final winner or titleholder

You could be fastest, strongest, highest and best

And you can be better than the rest, first in the world and the champion of the world

You can have a gym fit body, toned arms, six-pack, big chest or more pert boobs if a woman

Anyone can have more muscles, look more slender, wow the girls or girls can have men wanting to feel their boobs

You see these beautiful models, models married to rock stars, on Primetime TV showing their new range supermodels

Also, you have topless models, sexy nude shots, black and white photography, glamour models, and soft-core porn models

And you have tall leggy models, big boobs, vibrator between their legs, men playing with their fun bags, sucking cock, face to camera

With hooded eyes knowing what they're really doing

Just marketing to say big tits, porn virgin, tight pussies, shaven pubes, and nice ass, big butt, tall with big breasts

Also just marketing to say 'big tits slapped and sucks cock', 'big-titted slut asks boyfriend to fuck her' and anything else

Just marketing again to say a blonde, red head, raven-haired, longhaired, or anything else as well

Watching some video girl in his apartment, a man sees his up-teen thousandth porn model,

No matter, something in her eyes and the way she looked at him makes him feel a bit queasy

Particularly attractive, tall, big boobs and a thin body

Really, quite extraordinary, not just a usual porn film in some ways

But, as well, some odd thought that he had met her in real life

Possibly, it's an old film and she doesn't look like that anymore

Yet it is more how she looked when he knew her

Still, he can't remember now if he ever did meet someone like that or if he even slept with her

The dreaded thought that someone had once told him would always happen if you kept watching porn

That is, you might see somebody you knew

And when you did, you wouldn't like it

So he goes out for air for a long walk and takes some change in his pocket

He goes past his usual shop where he buys snacks and supplies and further on than that

Walking past a girl on a street corner using her mobile phone, he wonders if she is a hooker

Or is she just a normal girl with a dating app calling her boyfriend

Possibly, though, it could be contacts app, a quick sex app, a hooker app and website

He passes by her anyway

When you see so many hookers on television, she really might be one

This is when she looks like one, but then who can really tell, she could be anyone

And before she became a hooker, she knew just like you all the dieting advice

She went to the gym and was one of the gym bodies you saw on the cycle or running machines

Perhaps, you could approach her and ask her for a quick fuck

She could take you to her room nearby up some bare wooden stairs and badly painted stair walls

And then there would just be a moment possibly perhaps

When she wonders why you don't recognise her as you are about to fuck her

She was but you didn't know

One of the girls you looked at with longing

This when you went in your sweaty gym pants to join the throng of the young and the living

She saw you there in the gym looking at her.

And she remembers you!

She felt turned on by it, you staring at her,

You unattractive, fat, podgy, waddling almost and in your old sweaty clothes

Her pussy wet on the saddle pulsing with blood and muscle.

And she wonders why you don't mention it when you come to fuck her now.

You leave still not mentioning it and she doesn't think to say either, or perhaps there is some reason you don't want to talk about it

Looking around at all the pretty girls on the street in sexy dresses, really, you can almost see their boobs jiggling about

This is with but the finest film between barefaced nudity, no clothes at all and how they now walk down the road

You know this because you know what it looks like when you've seen boobs in the flesh before

Or it is as it were in a porn film as well

The girls go by, ignore you, they don't know why you've not yet asked to fuck them and their friends

But it might get too much, their pussies too wet to bear and they will do something to you to stop you coming out again and looking at them

This is when it is a turn on to see men looking at them, admiring them and even thinking about how they would fuck them there and then in the street as they walk along

Now, you see some more girls, attractive, gym bodies

And they know everything you do about health, fitness and everything else as well

Stopped by some men in the street, they talk to them, the men appraise them, ask them to go with them for a fuck at their home

No real choice and nothing they can say, potluck it happens today

Possibly, men like these are 10 bucks up on the deal

And you might get a disease as well

This is when you can select any hookers but not normal girls

And, the deal they gave you

Not just to have sex with any girl you saw

You can't as how else would all the bars keep in work of young sweaty men dreaming of who might walk in

They couldn't even though they must have seen everything anyone else would see just walking along the street

So are they dreamers or are they perhaps just drunkards with nothing better to do than soak up alcohol

They might be both, nothing or everything

Or once people in bars had everything but not now

Going into the shop at the other end of the street, our man looks for some sandwiches

They are the expensive ones

It seems now the cheap ones will not fire his taste buds

He looks down the list of ingredients to see if he is allergic to anything

And it takes some nearly 5 minutes to look through all the chemicals, additives and strange constituents

Satisfied he won't vomit on the street he buys it, but knows it is probably not as healthy as fresh food

Fresh meat is best, vegan is best, just don't buy processed, but he does when late nights mean that

His taste buds are almost gone for good, he can only enjoy salt and sugar and not much else

Nor does he have the stamina to cook for 1 hour and not just shove something in the oven

And he wondered for a second if he should really call up a hooker and ask her if he could fuck her

Risking everything, illness, sickness, many trips to the doctor, getting blood out of you, drug cocktails

Young death, suicide cocktail if that's the choice you'd want to take before it's too late to see what the disease does to you

And this is because he was high on porn, all porn,

Yet, for once, he went out for a walk instead

He will have to wait until tomorrow and see if he phones a girl

A hooker to come around

Or, just, he might ignore everything

This is just as he ignored diet and exercise advice

And he does not have a six pack or toned arms

To have, though, his girl in his arms,

Her arms around him, body next to him, warm cunt, clit dripping soaked and wet passage

And the feeling he could come with anyone and there is no problem just with coming in a girl


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