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Mid-September Poems

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Darker Sky

These are all poems about that time of year when it's getting dark earlier, people are feeling a bit low who did not get out enough during the summer and people are as well contemplating the decay and death of nature they see around them. It is about odd the memories that come back to people, going for walks or looking out the window at the grey skies, keeping an eye on the clock on the mantelpiece or windowsill for the time and the feeling of love hate or indifference that comes at this time of year. Here are five poems about all these things.

The first poem is The Please, Fuck Me! It is about a woman begging a boyfriend or just a male friend to have sex with her so she can go out and get some things she needs. The poem has shorter and longer lines and a wavering feel to it similar to the man's wavering commitment to her or just for paying for it. And he begins to consider all things going back to the dawn of time when all she wants is sex and a loaf of bread. After that, the next poem is 11.30 AM Weekend Grey. It is about an old man looking out his window and thinking that a young 30-year old woman had just visited him. Then, the next poem is Love, Hate and Indifference. In this poem, a man who so desired a woman with rounded curve features looks back on 10 years of sex that fulfilled these desires. Yet, now that she is 40, her body has begun to change but he is used her. 1.15 AM is the next poem in this book. It is about a man trying to keep fit that has a computer and television in his room and watches porn to relax before bed. He contemplates the porn models and whether he really likes them or he could really just pass on them. Possibly, he can't. But then it's more complicated than that. This longer poem examines these ideas. It is also the second out of three poems with a time in the title. Short poem 2.30 AM is just that and a short poem. A man wakes up in the night thinking about his life and his death. Then, in 5 minutes, he comes to some conclusion.

The poet hopes the reader enjoyed all these poems and they made you think or you read them just for enjoyment. If you did enjoy them, then it would have been worthwhile his writing these poems.

Chapter 2, Please, Fuck Me!

She comes to see me as it were

Just a chat as a friend

I lie on the bed

Her sitting smoking nearby

Addicted to tobacco, cigarettes, joints, alcohol, music, movies, surfing, concerts, everything

But still a friend to see

We, a good chat have

About a film we both saw

Glances she down at her top

I make a joke about it

Her T-shirt

She graciously laughs at my joke

I, seeing that, I reach over, touch

Her shoulder, my hand passes lower down, squeezes

Ample breasts, presses now my fingers between her pubes

Under my fingertips, you can just feel her pussy soft and giving and the cut between her legs

That is not a wound or a knife slash, but natural and something beautiful about it

You should not feel ashamed to look at it and have sexual feelings

Her woman's gap and feminine hole in her body of millennia handed down for men not to be afraid,

Made for a cock or a finger, her big ass, she's sitting on as well as her pussy

Please, fuck me, she says, just for 10 and to get things I need.

It won't matter if you do, nothing will happen

I promise you it is just that I need the cash

And I would like you to fuck me anyway

Other men do, this is just from time to time men do as I've said,

So you needn't worry and feel there's anything bad about it

It's just one of those things, that men fuck women

And I need the money quite genuinely, so you needn't worry again

Please fuck me so I can get some things I need

I won't spend it on drugs, if you give it to me, if that's what's bothering you

It's just that a girl needs things for her home, to get by and to eat and drink and be happy

And I know you like things for yourself to buy off the shelf and so you've no need to complain

You're like me and must realise a girl needs things that she likes just as well as you do when a man you also spend on things

Don't you want to spend inside me for a change she says laughing at her own joke.

You don't mind that, I know, you do it yourself and spend your own money on things

Spend just a little now and please fuck me, it's only ten is all it is and you can fuck me then if you do

And we can still be friends as well if that's what you're worried about also though I don't know why you would be

This is after you have been able to fuck me that you needn't worry about just chatting to me as a girl you know, 'that stupid little girl' people say 'comes round'.

As well, you can still see me for a chat sometimes and I can pass by to see you as we always said

Or we can just fuck if you'd prefer and you can give me money for it sometimes as well.

That is as I can tell you might really want to fuck me, so you may as well do it now

And just give me 10 or a bit more if you want and want to give me more

This is just so I can get some things and that's all it is to ask you to fuck me

And it is anything else I want as well so you needn't worry about that either.

Chapter 3, 11.30 AM Weekend Grey

Grey, little puffs of white, silver effect

Of the sky, slowly moving, above

Houses, red rooves, cream stucco, balconies

Wrought iron railings, pot plants, curtains, white paint, dirt, pollution

In the windows, partly covered by curtains, partly covered by green foliage as well

Shrubs and trees near the road, like a collection in the attic

Houses, streets, trees, fences, roads and sheds

Sprawl like an unmade bed

Looking out from his apartment full of junk

Of yesterday's things, that was 'must have' things to buy.

An old man, ill before his time

Enjoys a coffee, a doughnut

Kept up above the streets below on his dining room table

Only he is satisfied

With his lot

That could be a lot worse,

His radio plays a song

And he oozes life through his just being here today

As well, he feels for the moment this moment that is of his life

And he is happy

To hear a neighbour's dog bark

And the clouds, he's seeing them high up

Changing now just a bit more from what they were before having slowly moved again across the sky

A bright glow behind them together with blue sky appearing in a gap

Between clouds, a plane gleams and flies along to the nearby Airport

So long since, he went there to travel, everything else and to see the world

All else he did, no, it was not fake at all but he would just like longer to enjoy it a little longer

Would he think about his life, with knowing, his life just flesh and bone

Like the view from his window, the trees, the shrubs, the other apartment blocks, the sheds, the road, the railings

No, it is not lies but something you would want forever, just shared only for a time

This is when you were able to share with everyone else all the good things,

These were all the girls, the love, the passions as well but then still some more,

You wanted everything else besides that, the comfort, the apartment, the nearby parks,

You enjoyed the strolls around breathing in the fresh air

Also, it was to see people about their business, their work and their pleasure.

And it was girls and everything else that you saw when out

As well, the ones who visited and the ones you could only dream about,

Or you could have any girl in real life sometimes, to your bed as well as everything else

This is in today's still hedonistic society where anything goes, anyone goes, and anyone can have anyone for anything from her

It was all the ones you appreciated of their dance moves and singing

Actresses on television and attractive female presenters

Yet, down below there is just for a second a maze of plants, shrubs, roads, railings, sheds and apartment blocks

This is with windows half-open or closed, swept up in front of houses or not

And just above quite high up in another apartment block is a cup of coffee and a doughnut

They are waiting to be eaten and savoured

This one man, not now lonely as in the past

For this is a sign of the times as well

As he enjoys his coffee and doughnut, he has a feeling of a good mattress where he slept the night before

As well, he has a warm, sticky, pleasant feeling

In his loins of the girl who came to visit him today that was 12 years his junior

This is when anything goes in today's day and age and you should not worry about such things,

Instead, just enjoy the sense of coming in your aged cock

Let yourself crow a bit about it, a young pulsating cunt you had just now

And you should not feel guilty or worried

Nor worry that anyone would think today that dirty old men should punished be for having sex.

Chapter 4, Love, Hate and Indifference

She is coming around here

Once I was

So desirous


Her body

For her big boobs, lithe, long-limbed, large feminine buttocks

A turn-on she was about her nude body showing me

Yet now we have grown up


Her breasts softer like an old wife

Though not yet 40

More a friend, now

Desirous to make conversation

We dallied in the past just fucking

Cock sucking, it happened

Parents are old and ill, sister visits, brother sick

So I want to talk

To this girl, a big girl, wife, whore, slut

When first we talked in a break at a social club

Of the movies

Next week coy she was

Then invited me home to her bedroom and sitting room

We sat on the bed as she only had one chair

Rubbing my back, we talked

All so innocent until the day we fucked

If now she comes around still

A decade nearly later to my door

It is good, it is bad, or you could really pass on it

Love, hate and indifference combined.

Chapter 5, 1.15 AM

Woken up to go to the gym

Personal trainer packing up when I get there

Then, she puts down her stuff again

So she gave me a session

But I felt dizzy, drank water, another session next week now

And I went to the bank, replaced an ATM card

An extra 200 in there, afraid to spend much money without my card

Supermarket on the way back

Hurt knee

Bending to pick up a bag of something

Bought a will kit at the bank

Only a couple of hundred to leave, just junk in my home

Worth nothing to sell or bugs had crawled over it

Bought two newspapers and the local newspaper

Flicked through, read, interesting, country not yet dead

After dinner, put something in the grill, wrote notes on a computer

But detoxing computer, so changed it

Dictated it to a sound recorder in my hand

Recorded and re-recorded it, tried to get it

Down to one or two minutes

Then re-recorded the whole week's diaries and all my notes, too long still

And could see it was mumbled, said it 10 times over

Put on TV, soft-core porn channel, blonde

Blue eyes, Venus in stockings and suspenders

25 year old blonde never even been kissed

Virgin pussy hymen stroked by her fingers until a spasm of female orgasm going spare for the camera

And the few viewers left awake

Are they everyone in the country still awake watching TV probably, they might be

Lonely men, but with so much to do, computers and Internet to play on even without a girl

Or a hooker they can pay just five bucks for that they can come and feel sexually satisfied

This when loneliness might kill them and sexual dissatisfaction and lack of a girlfriend could kill them

The big taboo of the past that no longer exists because of sluts who would do it for almost nothing

She will satisfy him up to a time, possibly about 50 years old when she is 30

But he might not find a 30-year old when he is 60 and there will be no 40-year olds around

That is a mystery, but don't ask too much,

It is just what you know about men and women, sluts and decent women.

Also, it is women with men to look after them

As well, it is what women these are and who you always knew they were

Then again, it is all what men will look after them

And it is just what the world will allow or put up with and it is no more than that

Or it is just not obviously what you fucked and screwed around with

And is nobody like that or anyone else like that you could fuck or screw around with at all

But that is all there is but for the moment you get a fuck of a pretty girl, so you can't complain

This is when you might know it already and have always known it told as a young boy

Your teachers told you, your parents and everybody else

So really, it is just as you know already and you know now and have always known

And it is just what they allow in the world, this is the world, you already know

They explained it all to you when you were young, already everything to do with it

So you can have no complaints, no hardship, no complaints about suffering and definitely not your own

Looking at this girl to see what is the thing

Looking for something other than her pussy

Or her breasts are swollen and sore

They are thinking of all men's cum or all other woman's cum

As well, this is that they are watching

Men see her pussy at the same time as her face,

Her hair long and washed, faded pink nipples and genuine blonde hair

A radio high up in an apartment block plays music, 70s, 80s, 90s, after that and more

It is all and everything and people are up and high as a kite at 1.15 AM

A knock comes on the door

The half-eaten supper of earlier on was thrown in the bin and lies abandoned in the garbage

This is when it couldn't be digested, pacing around the room like a caged tiger

It tasted too rich, sweet and moist

The night man tells its occupant to turn the radio down.

Still, this is yet to come that this girl will keep him awake safe and sexually satisfied and alive still

She will do when she is 30, fresh and warm

For her moment on film

And in the past people like him would die literally of loneliness and sexual stupor

He has his sexual needs met with her needs to spasm for money, to come to camera for cash,

For him to see her female orgasm

The thing touched by her fingers between her legs, her hymen quite literally

Stroked by her fair feminine hand for your viewing pleasure,

In another world desirable for all things and for all men and at all times

But now it seems just for one thing that is pornography, she exists for

Yet in this world, it is but just another commodity,

A thing abused for the sake of it and for it being worthless that no man could want it

This is to want it except as a joke

It is a joke to desire it when it goes the first time sex you have

And then, after that, it is just like normal and she expects a relationship

This is when for 25 years she had never even seen a cock, but that you can't ask her about it

Nor is her girlhood hymen loved by anyone much like you'd expect

No, not in all of history and all of literature but for it herself

This is more than anyone you would think so to have it still as it were

Yet, this is except for a few porn lovers still love it also

Or loved by other people

They will pay for a real-life fuck of it

It is not just that people

In the future

Detest it all when older,

And other people will laugh at them as well

But it is a deep hate of that thing girls have their legs between and young women.

Asked by old women they'd known their whole lives if they had seen how girls used to look at them when young men they say 'No' or murmur only

"Now," triumphant, the old woman says knitting, "it won't happen!

Girls won't be sullied by your dirty thoughts or deeds anymore."

"They might have done it if you asked them!"

Someone else says this.

"Oh, give them just a few bucks, why didn't you?"

"Then, no reason would have they not to do it"

"Not now, of course, they won't."

It is all laughable, it is all sad

Or men are senile by the time old women or other old men mention it

Now, no one would like them.

That is just how it is as well!

And the television slut provides

Quick sexual satisfaction

Of coming with a woman

Or a fake one or real one

On film, when you can see her boobs

Then, you can some more watch again normal television,

Read or put the radio louder on

Now it is morning.

Chapter 6, Short poem 2.30 AM

Tried to sleep, changed linen

Yesterday evening, fresh and light

Watched TV, good old film

Rocking music TV, went to bed

Slept, work, radio on, on the whole time

An hour in La La Land

Got up, can't even remember how

Sweet the taste of my night time hot drink

Checked text messages, someone

Coming tomorrow, quick visit

Parents are old, but I'm ill as well

Who will go first?

Them or me, I don't know.

It remains to be seen, which one it will be

2.30 AM, now 2.35 AM

Poem written, hot sweet drink to sip and then back to bed go

A bit silly, really it was, for getting up at all.


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