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Watching Television Poems

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Poems About Watching Television

Television has been around for many years. And it is an important part of many people's lives. So why not write some poems about it. It has been around that long that people must have some poetical ideas about it by now. With this in mind, the poet wrote this book.

Chapter 2, Monday Afternoon, Cool, Leaves Rustling

It comes to Monday afternoon in my apartment

The air is cool and slightly damp, fragrant of bark and leaves

And flowers hidden from sight in somebody else's garden the scent comes in my window as well

I sit at my little laptop at the computer desk, art table or whatever you would call it

Purchased for me by my elderly parents on a trip to the out of town shopping centre

There is my mug drunk of delicious tea, my watch also a present I chose myself in the shop,

Leads from my computer, one to the mains, one to the television and one to a microphone

A cleaning spray is also on the table from when I refreshed my upholstery just now a moment ago and left it there

Also, I have written on a notebook

This is when to take my laundry out from the laundry room and to put some more in

A piece of paper with something on it I don't know what, I look but it is probably something I will throw away,

That reminds me, I had forgotten about it last week

Yesterday, I went home and saw the family

My sister talked about cooking, asked what cooking I had done myself

Also, my aunt came in and talked about family business, renting or buying, bigger or smaller, a large or small garden of some family member's move

And I'd talked to my elderly parents in their home, just like it was years ago as a boy, now redecorated in a different style picked up from neighbours I rarely saw, now the whole living room

It is sad but sadder if you can't take advantage of this little bit of hospitality and pleasant living when you know little else

And even before you went, your mother helped you clean your own home and brought you some laundry

It appears you could not do it yourself quite right

Always to be in shirts, towels, pyjamas, socks and underwear

Years ago, you used to watch the match on television, soccer you enjoyed it.

Now the TV is off, three times the size it was when you were a child, on some health fad or some wish to have quiet

At this moment it now being in the day after, the Monday afternoon watery sunlight comes in through the window barely arriving in the room, the leaves rustle and a cool breeze does come in just a bit

This is at least with some cleaning done, laundry taken away and spills on surfaces wiped that it would be cool at all

You can hear a plane from the nearby airport outside the city overhead, it fades a bit and even above the sound of the aircraft, you can hear a tree a few feet from your window rustling leaves

As when years ago now, you were in your garden at your parents' house sunbathing in the summer, it was exactly the same thing of hearing the plane and things above it

Yet, you're no longer a boy and what you have as an adult is now this room, your television, your radio, and your books and your little laptop

And you have a garden to go into, leafy streets to walk along and good shops nearby to get things in

So just for now, you can enjoy the moment, the cool breeze, the leaves rustling, and the watery sunlight

And you can enjoy another cup of tea, another one again no matter if you just had one an hour ago

Or maybe a walk in the park with the dog walkers, a couple of people enjoying the park to lie on the grass and some adults playing a bat and ball game

Then, there is you yourself, you can go for the exercise and reminisce about so many memories already made just like this

That the park does have memories for you, you enjoy it and you should go again

Yet, this is even if you can see trees from your window and you have a garden at the back of your apartment block you can go in every day if you wished to do so

Chapter 3, Poems

That's three or four


Written down

To while away

An hour

In the evening

Late up today

At the weekend

I'll, to bed probably go

A bit later than normal

No need for formal plans

A poem will send me to sleep

Or three or four

Possibly on wings to bring sleep

Like a bird.

My eyelids become heavy

And the lines more wavering

Take a cool drink

From the kitchen

Undressed for bed

Take up as well my laundry

Put it away tomorrow

Sleep now!

Chapter 4, Music Radio, Room Bare

Song pumps out

On the stereo

Gone for an evening walk

Just now

Poem written

On my dining room table

My TV stacked with boxes under my old computer table.

The room bare

Hold up, a lamp burns

To write by

And another in the kitchen

A doughnut had with a hot drink

Still, refreshing in this hot night

And no radiation blasting out

From the corner of the room

Soon I'll put the light out!

And go to bed

In darkness curtains drawn

Radio also switched off

And not the TV playing out entertainment and radiation

Less is life or more is life but today sleep.

Chapter 5, No TV Poem




Put in away

Great isn't it!

Music comes to ears

10.00 PM

Big hot drink

New friend made on the stairs

And a walk before bed



10.30 PM

For a change

No TV film burned into my head

Books to read

And not yet dead

For all purposes

To the world

And even struck off the favourite customer list of TV companies

This is when you've no brain left.

So put it away

There is still time to go

Even if small cheer anyway

Then bed

Toss and turn

But not heating my pillow up

With radiation

I should sleep


Yes, switch off,

Then possibly, I'll sleep.


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