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The Language Of Life

Collected Poetry Of Eath

Volume Two

By Keckith

Rafael Lopez

Fairy Fly Entertainment

All rights reserved

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brief excerpts in critical reviews and articles.

This is a work of fiction. Any and all references to real persons, events, and places are used fictitiously. Other characters, names, places, events and details are fabrications of the author’s imagination; any such resemblance to actual places, events or persons, whether living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 by Rafael Lopez

Edited by Lori R. Lopez

Cover Design by Rafael Lopez

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Background Of This Book


Yution Keckith

Year Published

1091 Second Reign Era

First Published In

The Kudaith Empire

Published By

The Kudaithian Press

Copy Number


Copy Writer

Delni Utho


Made In Kudaith

With Care

To my mother and brother,

who endeavor in dreaming

with me.

~ Rafael Lopez


Life is a matter that we all know of, yet a complicated and delicate topic that one struggles to understand fully. How should we go about talking of life? What can convey who we are?

Through writing we express ourselves. My father, Yution Keckith’s second volume of poetry, The Language Of Life, explores the spirit, times, travels and tales of fantastic poets from around the world through their natural and common language of verse, capturing and sharing their lives through their work.

This collection is a glimpse at the differences and many similarities our lives share, no matter what land we hail from or what era we live in. My father has continued bringing together favorite works, an endeavor that he began with A World Of Words: Collected Poetry Of Eath Volume One. In this second entry to the series, he has included poets of The Pre-Reign, First Reign, and Second Reign Eras.

Also within these pages are more of his own poems, such as the title piece The Language Of Life, and an in-depth look into the personal backstories of each writer through the biographies he crafted himself. These follow the poems at the ending of the tome, for those of us who delight in a little historic insight.

Enjoy this journey of poetic life.

--- Quilla Keckith

RL Note

I present this book as it should be if someone living on Eath read it. Except for the cover and this note, of course, and a few changes where my name appears. Enjoy and have a wonderful day.

--- Rafael Lopez

The Language Of Life is the second volume of verse in the Collected Poetry Of Eath series, featuring works by various invented poets who will seem quite real by the end of the book. The poets each have their own voice and style, along with detailed histories presented by Rafael Lopez whose first collection, A World Of Words, won First Place for Poetry in The Royal Dragonfly Book Awards of 2014. The World Of Eath is a fantasy realm created by Rafael at age 11. Some of the poetry in this and his first book were written as a teenager.

Table Of Contents

The Language Of Life


Table Of Contents

The Poetry

Shared Words

Venture Into The Mind

Line By Line

Living In Writing


Greetings World


A Soft Sound

Today’s Symphony Of Sound

Wonder And Wakening

The Time Is Right

Give Wings

Spread Wings

Joy Of Life

Love Carries

Birds In Flight


Opony Island Skies

Aloft Yonder Meadows

Will The Flowers Bloom?

Flowers In The Fall

Library Leafs

Perfectly Flawed

The Gleam In Your Eye


Made Of Ocean Soul

The Isle Of Isdrial

Sail To Kastalan

Thoughts Go Drifting

Wandering In Thought

Listen To The Children

When Is A Boy

Who Am I?

You Will Be You


The Words That Weave

An Afternoon’s Current

Strolling In The Afternoon’s Light

Placid Celebration

The Crescent Valley

To Be Home

One Day

Those Days

Sometimes I Wonder

I Wonder

You With Me

I Believe In You

Tales They Tell

A Tale Of Two Knights

Storms On The Horizon

Into The Stormy Night

The Horizon Remains

Somewhere Unknown

City Of Magick

If The Stars Go Out

Night Watch

Ghosts Of The Fen


Marching To Fear’s Drum


Worthy Deeds

A Place

The Way Of Words

Priceless People

Thoughts Turned To Words

Words Unsaid

Voices Of The Wood

Last To Hear

My Heart Is Free

If You Are Alone

No One Lives Alone

A Light

Carry On

Memorial To Your Memory

Life Is Normally Hard


Venture On

Unknown Endings

Start Anew

Give It Away

Join Hands

A Friend


What A World

I Love You

When You Smile

A Star-Gazer’s Melody

Will You Sing Along?

The Last One I See

Reaching For You

The Humble Star

I Wish For Her


Island In The Clouds

Sunset Overhead

The Sun’s Art

Journey Home


Calm Finds Me

When We Let Go

Under The Same Moonlight

May You Be

A Day In Seaweed Inn

The Language Of Life

The Poets

Yution Keckith


Hefmok Krilldin

Desselna Withion

Lenda Herrinbon

Thivy Thivor

Nista Shastin Wist

Enna Hathfost

Serindel Wist

The Poetic Duet

Twaller Ningold

Sella Dannot

Ivord Messonni

Miaka Esstiol

Banataka Esstiol

Hithy Greefill

Fraith Illumnia

Levolin Krincinder

Hanupas Mendrovin

Hirstin Cremoldi

Tiden Kellod

Thewin Dannot

Hildune Yakeer

About the author

More works by Rafael Lopez

The Poetry

Shared Words

by Yenba

In the art of words

In the heart of stories

Hope is kindled

In a world


Conveyed by imagination

By a reader’s own life

By a reader’s own hopes

And a connection

Between writer

And reader

A connection of thoughts

Like shared ideas

Shared words

Shared experiences

Shared life

In the core of characters

The essence of literature

There is a sharing

Of words

By sharing words

We share ourselves

With readers


With the world

And with our own mind


We ourselves did not even know

We thought

In the heart of stories

Are the beats of storytellers

Giving their best

For you

Share some words

Spoken or written

Seldomly or every moment you find

Simply put or masterfully articulated

Safe or risky

Shouted or murmured

Similar and familiar and unheard of

Small words and sesquipedalian

How ever and when ever

Only ensure

You share words

And that your shared words

Are sincere

Let them have meaning

Let them be a part of you

Share yourself


Shared words

Venture Into The Mind

by Yenba

Composing a piece of writing

Is a venture into the mind

Of the author

Words thought

Expressions conceived

Creating feeling


And worlds

One must go within

Search and mine

In the veiled shafts

Of one’s own

Quarry of memories


For the moments


In the sands of a day

Excavating such notions

That glimmer of wisdom

Assembling reflections

Of the mind


And being

Of the writer

While reading

Such a venture

Is for the reader

To realize

A facet of the author’s mind

Line By Line

by Yenba

Hours spent

Pondering just the right wording

To build line by line

Layer by reflective layer

A towering poem

Reaching into the blank white

Of a new page


Do these steeples of expression

Rise up

With great inward seeking

And careful debate

With one’s own mind

With one’s own soul

Impressing on paper

Slivers of oneself

As read

They add up

Individual lines

Of a solitary poem

Form an instance of one’s life

The poems combine

Page by page

Verse with title

Messages and story

To form the poet

And a life encountered

Living In Writing

by Hefmok

I met a man today

His character

Quite the joy

There was poetry

To his movement

A rhyme and rhythm

Of captivating phrases


Of expressions

Amassing into pages

Of heart

And soul

He, like others,

I met whilst reading

For he

Is living in writing

And not here

With you and I

Yet I know him

Very well

As I would a friend

So who is to say

I did not meet him?

Meet him if you will

And those living as he

By reading such great stories

Where the characters

Come to life

A world is awaiting

Your imagination

To live again.


by Desselna Withion


Arrives across all ages.

Little lasting lullabies

Wafting with windy wishes,

Some seasoned

With wild wisdom

Awaiting an appreciative adventurer

To tame their tempestuous teachings.

Find fertile fodder,


Watching wild water wend

Through timber tunnels,

Or orchard overtures over outlying

Revered rolling realms,

And all awe awakened

In imagination’s inspiring immensities.

Keep kindling,

Rich resonating rivers

Innocently inspiring inklings,

With warm welcomes

To thy treasurechest, thy


Whether writer, Wizard, warrior, weary wanderer,

Intricacies in inspiration

Affect all areas

Of our odd odyssey of


Greetings World

by Lenda Herrinbon

Greetings to the dew

Amassed out of sight

Yet beaded over

All the facades around

Greetings to the chill air

That my breath clings to

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