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Daze & Knights

Jen Selinsky

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ISBN: 9781370819980

*Not every poem included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the months during its completion.


The itching is unfriendly,

As one would expect it to be.

It likes to feign its innocence—

Starting at my toes and

Moving its way up my entire body.

Soon, a quivering mass of flashy

Crimson; what lotion would

Be strong enough to soothe it now?

I do not take anything that wouldn’t

Require me to bathe in all its

Creamy goodness.

I could have died and bathed

And died and bathed over one

Thousand times.

Here is the point where I must

Stop to digress and make

Something seem like nothing,

Even though the whole world gets

It the other way around.

Must they think it was nothing which

Travelled up my spine when,

Clearly, something came to upset me

And tried to give the illusion

That I’ve turned from a person

Into some kind of raw creature,

As indicated by the hue of my skin.

I’ve not yet a chance to grow thin,

Even though this makes me feel

Frail and weak as a creature made

A day before my time.


I never knew such

Strange places came

Out of cities, born

By different means

Than from what

We know today.

Something great

Came from the sweat

Of their brows.

Tough and lean, these

Workers had to know

That their great

Contributions did not

Come from their

Hands alone.

If there was a different

Way to do it, then

They would have laid

Down another foundation,

But we took what they gave.


So shy, you thought

You’d try to hide, but that

Won’t work with me

Because I’m already on

Your trail!


I used to drive by

A school like this,

As placed so far

Out when attendance

Was a problem.

Regular schools were

Packed, and people

Needed a place to go.

I did not envy them.

Most would just as

Soon have not been


I was easily one who

Would have delighted in

And end for school,

And that place did

Finally grow, but I

Did not remember the

Details, though they

Claimed that some

Asbestos was found.

The building no longer

Stands—all for the best

Because of what may

Have been lurking in

The building which was

Once suitable to hold

Multiple classes.


Waiting for nothing,

I’ve heard the voices fall.

There can be something

Different after all to fill

The sky and match

The flavors.

How many can I taste

On my lips today?


Forty-five years ago,

You left the bulk of

Your fan base in shock.

I would have taken

The time to evaluate

All the reasons why,

But it seems too late,

Added to the fact that

I wasn’t even born.

Still, a part of you will

Always remain in the

Loving eyes of your fans…


I swore that I would

Do things differently

With this post and

Treat this as if it is

An entire, new collective

Instead of tiny pieces

Harvested by apathetic

Hands which do not

Even care which direction

Things must go.

There’s been too much of

That around, and I care

Not for the direction in

Which this is taking me.

How is all this going to

Make a lasting change?


Always when I have time

To write, something tries to

Press its way inside; even

When I’m only working

With half a mind to let

Others feel my nonexistent



I’ve got it back,

So please don’t make

Me let go.

I always have room for

Improvement, and

Distractions let me show

Nothing which others

Would move to see.

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