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Designing Literature

Jen Selinsky

"A Hopeful Renewal" and "Deleted from Existence" are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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ISBN: 9781370513994

*Not every work included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Where are my

Manners, so hard to


I would have thought

That fear was so much

Harder to reject after

Seeing such a rude display.


I have eaten

The plastic which

Had come in

The tube—dining

In the 21st century!


I shall not leave it

Pristine because

Only ink could

Complete the

Intended scene.


Cool nights

Try to fool me

Into thinking

That they

Are warm.


The loner in

The apartment or the

Married businesswoman

With two kids?

That is what I pondered;

None of it was squandered.

But I have a bit of both,

Sans the kids!


I drink water and

Feel sand, remembering

The last time I held

Your hand.

Something so distant,

Would it be as beautiful too?


To be a child

And unafraid

Is one of the

Greatest gifts

A person

Could have!


Always positive

To have You

As the Center

Of my life!


I will take everything

And make the most

Of what God has

Given me, for my

Ability comes from

Him and Him alone!


And all the night

I plan and hatch—

These busy thoughts.

Do add a thatch

To the roof which

Covers it all, and

Protects my dreams

As they are

Moving around inside.


And this makes me

Think of clear days,

When the sun is

Shining, and I can

Find myself outside—

Living in the purple

Dream as the flowers

Enrich my soul.


This book belongs to:
A Writer


The planet Earth on

The galaxy Milky Way

In God’s universe!


You can reach me by

Entering my mind through

What I am about to write!


Velvet clusters

Come to let me kiss

The sky to help me

Get through the

Mornings by making

Them more beautiful.


Adonis, though

Temperamental, does

Not express every

Sentiment matched

By my ability

To write such

Articulate letters!


Making me think

On whole different

Level as to what I’m

Supposed to do in

Certain situations

Regarding aching

Feet, shouldn’t move.


Lead me to heaven

With your relaxing

Words—so reassuring,

Something to help me

Going while I

Remember that God

Is always with me!


When certain blood

Flows, it is the greatest


I am elated, knowing

That I’m free; the world

Does not have to tell

Me what to do

Because they do

Not know my life!

I am a wife who wants

To forego all the

Strife in order to have

What I need to possess!


Changes undergone

During these years past; I

Did not open my mouth

For once, because

Keeping quiet is all

The more fun, or

At least part of

My ultimate goal,

Which is going nowhere

Fast during these times

Which are supposed

To last for as long

As I live.


And though I

Fear 1,000 years,

I think, perchance, to


My soul has been

Elevated, and I wish

10,000 times per day

To discover grooves

On top of

My surface to

Sink down

To the depths

Of my being; I like

To think of myself

As quite deep, other

Than contrast such

Meaningless limitations,

Imposed by some man

Who cannot grasp the

Concept of

My symmetry,

Amongst other things

Which keep me afloat

And aglow, long after

When my lights

Should have dimmed,

And I’m lost at sea.


Bathed in sweat for

A hope

I cannot see—need

To restore my

Sanity and life

As a human being.

The part of me

Which lies obscure

Is not buried

Underneath the


Rather, it is in

My presence nearly

Every day.


Notable, every day,

When I find I live

And breathe

For happiness.


Help Me!

Please, get me some

Immediate care; I am

Taking on a

Different form.

I do not fit inside

Any established norm,

And I don’t want to

Join the grand parade!

All I want is to resume

Living the way

That I had—free of

Worry for things that

I had—free of

Cumbersome burden,

Free of worry for things

Which I do not want to

Be a part of my life!


And where I go, you

Do not need to follow

Because I’ve got my eye

On a certain place,

And I intend to let

Myself travel as I please!


Amidst all the

Chaos and confusion,

There is a shining light

Which the Lord brings

Forth to comfort

The lost and weary

On their journeys.



Nothing but an

Action; perhaps I should

Leave it this time, all

The more

Unsure of anything

Representing a stable


I want to walk where

All these things

Were previously

Unseen, as if living in

The constant

Part of a dream.


So fortunate as not

To have been

Introduced to the

Screaming madness,

Which lives on

A cognitive scale.

You may not know

What I mean, as

I like to keep my

Talons clean and

Licked dry of any

Of the blood which came

From my face

As I raked down,

Crying all the way.


At first, you see

The greatest gift—

When sleep comes fast

To dream, and

No one will ever

Know which one

It is because of all

The thrills which

Come no which way

To make me any

Less human

In my mind and



Wayward scents,

Assaulting my

Nostrils—a combination

Of something which I

Do not wish to

Ingest anymore

Through harmful means.


Laughter and

Tears; they sound so

Similar that I don’t

Know whether

To pity or share in

Their joy.


And strings are

Driven through things










Each and every

Day possible.


Head down in the

Darkest pit of despair,

For many things I do

Not care, and

This is one of them.

Oh, sadness enters

The hallway of

What was once

A happy vessel—glad

To be sailing the

Shores and

Getting by on

What little strength

I did have.

Such days of

Splendor are now

Gone because I’ve

Backed myself

Into a corner

With no chance to

Make or break.

Escape, like some

Visceral part of my

Psyche; it can never

Be removed.

But I will not be

Deterred against

The clashing of

The tides, which push

Up against me with all

Their might.


And though

You may

No longer

Know me

As the

Fair shadow





Before, I

Am known

To live

Through many

Forms and

Key components.


And that is where

You left me—

For better thought

Or abandon.

I could have died

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