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An American Poet

And a Country Divided by Words

Copyright 2017 Anthony Pellegrino

Published by Androgynous Papers

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Dedicated to Sticks and Stones

An American Poet

What would their iconic leader feel?
To be an equal or to be treated special…
Syllables softly floating through time
They whisper of intent
By what means are they delivered?
We have molded their acceptance.
Words, mere constructs of human minds
Though we let them destroy our very lives.
They can only inflict if we yield and let them
But one can render them powerless
As a deity without a hymn.
Language, a limitless source of strength
Exists in words, writings, pictures, symbols
And forever used to different goals.
Syllables flowered as something beautiful
Or not, but state as much about the orator
As the one they utter about.
Let us not be incensed by split tongue cries
When they bring to light what is truly inside.
Cry, shout, whisper what you may
Just treat me fairly all the same.

We reserve the right to refuse service
Unless you are black or gay.
Stand on high with impeccable morals
The 'Good Book' is what they say.

On whom may we not inflict violence?
Voices would single the few.
And what about those who would incite them
As I say, but not as I do.

Please listen to the beloved savior
You hear the pretentious cries?
Words punishing all the iniquities
While perfect in our own lives.

Ignorance has consumed the media
It often moves tears to eyes
Or discomforting moments of anger
A platform for our demise.

I am your brother, though of a different color.
To be correct 'a sister', of beauty and strength
Yearning for the faults of men.
I hear the cries of ignorance,
'Oh please, listen to my tale of a weary past life.'
Have you not viewed the sacred annals of history?
A dark people in a middle land
The later twisting of fate
And a false difference people do create.
Then in a distant land of great resource
Two, being genuinely the same,
But views beneath what one should deem right
Sent millions of people to their demise.
Around the days of these fateful events
A symbol one man borrowed
To sustain a cult of horror.
A people simply thought as vermin
They also hate because they're the chosen.
Prejudice, of many forms and colors,
But most too blind to be discovered.
Screams abound from their pulpit high
'And our people have endured'
The holy-cause, one forced to grind
You are merely two of many
You are Humankind.

A Child's Inquiry

'Is the hand of death slaying the roses?
'Are our beds quivering in fear?'

Death whispers indiscriminately
The winds change indifferently
He breathes poison ever so softly
The payment for their iniquities.

'Should we only shed tears for certain breeds
'Or are all the roses at his decree?'

Death whispers indiscriminately
The winds change indifferently
But the death of every flower
Is nothing more than destiny.

'I hear lamenting for lavender roses
'Tears for those of yellow, cries for pearly white
'While all the red roses are left alone to die.'

Death whispers indiscriminately
The winds change indifferently
But the thoughts and feelings of humankind
Are far beyond Death's place and time.

'Is not a rose a rose? One equal to his brother?
'I hear flowers scoff each other far beyond their colors.'

Death whispers indiscriminately
The winds change indifferently
But one of the saddest affairs I've seen
Is our prejudice knows no boundaries.

Violence against them is wrong!
I have heard people exclaim the message
Albeit a bellow that all would agree
Is it a statement for a child?

In the mechanism of a budding mind
The words may become convoluted
And violence against others
May be tacitly accepted.

I hear the cries for equality
But is this truly what people aspire?
The majority call favor for their own
And for wicked social reprisal.

The Media

It is truly wonderful to be so damn perfect.
But I'm not alone and we don't care who knows it.

In pathetic others we love to find faults
We cry for a punishment, an apology, their jobs.

As our closets can be found flawlessly empty
Others' skeletons and evils need to be seen!

I assure you I'm righteous- I have made no mistakes
I castigate others- thus condemned to their fate.

In speech you must have thoughtful elegance
Make the slightest mistake- no time to recant

I'll spread to the world the news of your words
People blindly following in a mindless herd

When a childish speaker belittled a lady
She didn't smile and say, 'we have come a long way'

She took the moment to become a victim
Then we the saviors began to assault him

Not with sticks and stones did we come as one may
Self-righteous words were the call of the day.

And after we crushed this thoughtless figure
We let him approach- head hung low in sorrow

Only then did our command decree to forgive him
All near settled - there was a pretentious pin.

Due to our vast and esteemed intelligence
We transformed a mere man into a Feminist.

But what is inside is kind of irrelevant
It is how one appears that is truly important.

We journey the world without a guilt to bear
Remember, were perfect, the fault is all theirs.

And as we climb to the top we must do what it takes
But once we are there we'll call out your mistakes

As we execute vengeance from the highest peak
You will find that the world is not for the meek.

We're atheists, agnostics, of all the religions
Although we find it the better not to forgive

It is not our task to empathize the causes
But to take one down- our method is flawless.

Only we the brilliant can understand justice.
We can deliver it swiftly- no need for the facts.

It appears there's much within a name
But I am With Out Papers.
The capital city is disdained
Though the Reddened leaf in favor.

But there is wealth better spent
So poor within the mind.
Is it truly about humanity?
Looking good to one's own kind?

A man was born color-blind
A difference from afar.
They asked him to call the race
But he was playing without cards.

May I ask- what is appealing?
One wants to be in vogue.
Others looking for despair
An opportunity to glow.

Sophie thought she had more time
But her savior was late to come.
Albeit actions weak of mind
Destined blessed by the sun.

Can you hear the loudest voices?
Glass houses not within.
Their self-righteous clamor
Has me sickened to no end…

Now everyone is guilty
Before the truth is reared
This deemed by the ignorant
It's important how to appear.

All need a little laughter
One verse left to affect
'A straight white man was in a bar'
Others silenced to be correct.

With a Drink & a Song, it's Time to Simply Move Along?


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