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A Taste Of My Thoughts

Lap Band Into Skinny

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2018

Smashwords Edition 2018

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2018 Steve Lake

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Lap Band Into Skinny

Copyright 11-28-2017

Steve Lake

Somewhere from the time of your youth

You have slowed into idle

Your butt moving from chair to chair

Exercise you no longer care

Year by year you add some extra pounds

No longer skinny you have become round

Your height now divided by your width

Into fatness you are bound without sense

Starting from your center core

Twenty pounds of fat maybe more

Your mirror does not reflect the true facts

But step upon your scale and watch it react

Each passing year equals ten pounds

A decade passes your skinny into round

Trying one more thing as a last hope

You turn to medical intervention with diet dope

Adding another thirty pounds

You realize diet pills are not sound

Now you are approaching your mid life crisis

Wearing a moo-moo dress in extra large sizes

Now you try in a serious attempt

To curve your disease before your life went


High blood pressure and cholesterol

Failing when attempted you tried them all

Then behold

A new medical solution so bold

Results are guaranteed

So simple no explanation told

So as an outpatient you roll

7000 dollars you paid in tolls

Now your stomach cut into thirds

Less food to eat equals less turds

It took a decade to achieve your growth

Within one month you no longer grow

Lack of food your body purges

Pound by pound fat is lost in surges

Slowly your frown is turned upside down

Reaching your freedom released from the grasp of round

New clothes to show fewer pounds

Entering another disease you can't slow down



Thirty pounds

Will it ever stop?

By the tens your pounds drop

From fat to perfect into skinny you flow

Does anyone recognize what you know?

You have lap banded into skinny

Turning sideways looking like a penny

From plus sizes

Into minus sizes

Now a scream from the crowd

Look it's a crack head

It just echoed aloud

The mirror that failed you then

Fails you again now

Once more upon the scale

But this time it does not wail

From triples digits into the two's

Lap band into skinny your fat was threw

But now you can't gain a pound

You were healthier when you were round

Now you blow around in a stiff wind

Isn't there a middle ground between fat and thin?

Another 7000 dollars to reverse you back into girth

Starting over gaining pounds since your birth

Now you add pound by pound

Again people recognize you this is a good sound

Slowly you become more round

You settle for fat there is no middle ground

Eleven months later you regain your spot

In a red suit in your lap the kids go plop

Child after child you go Ho-Ho-Ho

Back to normal your spirit grows

Plump or skinny has its curse

Being one or the other is a personal choice for what it is worth

We all evolve into bad habits

I eat only the leg and you eat the whole rabbit

But together we can find a balance

In a stiff wind I can use you as my ballast

In a tight space I yield you my extra space

When we eat I follow you and your expertise in taste

So you can be slow and low to the ground

From big to the biggest round

But think carefully before you lap band into skinny

Don't look like a crack head or a used up penny

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