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A Taste Of My Thoughts

Empty Words

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2018

Smashwords Edition 2018

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2018 Steve Lake

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Empty Words

Copyright 10-29-2017

Steve Lake

We spend precious time

In youth and in age

Learning to vocalize our thoughts

For an important time and day

A lot of time is consumed

Learning how to say

The importance of filler words

To help the better words pay

Trial and error is a good teacher

Hindsight confirms all

Another's reaction confirms correction

Progress through these are made

To think about the beginning

When a word was brand new

When it was the most powerful

Attention getter when spewed

But I live in a time

When the words are a hundred years old

So many times they have been told

Now less powerful and less bold

Truly the saddest time is

When words are over used

It's rarity becoming common

Becoming an empty word

Think back

A young man and a young woman

Under the light of the moon

Nervous upon bended knee

Opening his heart so she could see

He utter words of importance

Finding words standing alone with meaning

Sealing the deal with a single kiss

The word love hitting its target without a miss

There were keywords reserved for special occasions

Good and bad equally respected

Single words that echoes its meaning into eternity

Once so powerful they reigned supreme

I search for an answer to blame

Those that abuse words should be ashamed

Shooting these words like a weapon aloft

Now the empty words to the ground they drop

So I search society's world wide

Inspecting each generation that passed good bye

From its beginning origin

Till today nearing its last

Once these words were full of joy

Its meaning powerful but today mistreated like a toy

Each decade it withers

Kept around like an old memory

Now empty words litter our vocabulary

Once important back then but now becoming only a filler

What should we do with them?

Someone needs to become a word killer

To preserve words of importance for future generations

To correct the failure of parents and schools alike

No one left to teach their true meanings

No one to explain their importance and delight

I follow the guide lines of its beginning

Its conception I cherish

I do my part not to abuse

Only when I need

Do I call it out to use

Alone I cannot save these empty words

My two cents cannot preserve

I can give it life

But together we can restore its might

So I depart with an empty word

I use the word goodbye

Once it meant I was leaving forever

Now it means I will temporarily hide

So take a moment in your day

Look at the words you constantly repeat and say

I love you is the most abused

It has become an empty word from multiple spews

Try I like you, really!

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