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Life In An Oxymoron

By Sakshi Walia

COPYRIGHT Sakshi Walia, 2018


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Words from the poetic soul

Something that my heart persuades,

Something that my life dictates,

Something I always desire,

Something that sets my soul on fire,

Sometimes the sun never seems to set,

Sometimes the minutes of love spell the tiny petals wet,

Sometimes I hear whispers of the breeze,

Sometimes the breathing begins to seize,

Somewhere the ancestry runs too cold,

Somewhere the tales of love are never told,

Somewhere I find my lost tranquility,

Somewhere the heavens make me cherish the sacred divinity.

For my words the nature plays every pious note,

The birds start to sing and my mind starts to quote.

Part-1: The sweet melancholy


  • An incomplete letter

  • Over a cup of coffee

  • Punch of love

  • Eternally yours

  • Strangers with memories

  • Failed apprehension

  • Everything about you

  • Mother's un-conditionality

  • Dad's darling daughter

  • First flush of love

An incomplete letter

An incomplete letter still lies there

On the first page of her diary,

Waiting to be given to 'her someone special'

Who was enchanting and merry?

Dreamed she had long ago

Of living a beautiful fairytale,

Walking on the cloud nine to painting her world 'love red'

She missed not a slightest detail.

A secret in her heart she always persuaded,

That slipped under her skin and blood it invaded.

She was crushing on a boy from different section,

Little did she know, she was sooner developing an infection?

When he flashed a smile, she melted like butter,

When he spoke a word, she could only stutter.

Hearing his name even made her knees weak,

She went to an oblivion that no one could seek.

Trying to untangle every knot,

She knew she had been through a lot.

Crazy over him, she decided to confess,

Yet now her childish fears made her suppress.

The day she saw him, her heart got smitten,

Her head felt blissfully dizzy, her soul was sweetly bitten.

She only desired to be in his arms,

But she knew she wouldn’t ever have a chance.

Eventually, she wrote a letter narrating every bit of how she felt,

Re-visiting all that she went through and all that she dwelt.

But courage was what she didn't possess,

The thought of rejection forged her feelings to compress.

So, she left the letter incomplete on the first page of her diary,

Which still awaits to be asked for an inquiry.

Over a cup of coffee

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