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A Road of Prayer:

Fruit of the Spirit

Volume II

Poems and Photos


Kimberly Bernardo

First Edition

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For my mom.

A mother’s love is the greatest blessing.

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The Traveler*












About the Author


At first the words pour out, like someone turned on a faucet. I write poem after poem, the pen gliding across the paper as if the hand was not my own. Sometimes the words sound strange to me, then days, weeks, or even years later, I understand. How did I know then what I had yet to learn? Think about that one for a moment.

The first volume of A Road of Prayer explored my journey through faith and salvation. The steps were uneasy and clumsy, like a toddler just beginning to walk. Sometimes it even felt like trying to walk with my eyes closed. The poems were written over quite a few years, whenever inspiration would strike. Then one day I put them together with pictures and A Road of Prayer was born.

In this second volume, A Road of Prayer: Fruit of the Spirit, I take a more targeted approach. It started with The Traveler. Again, the pen seemed to take on a life of its own. Then came Love and Peace. I began researching scripture in correlation with each aspect of the fruit of the Spirit, gifted to children of God when saved.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” -Galatians 5:22

When we give complete control to God, He produces all of these things in us. The scriptures provide guidance in living a Christian life. They include how to conduct our lives in our relationship with God, each other, and within ourselves.

Included are nine poems discussing each aspect of the fruit as well as three additional poems: “The Traveler”, “Humility”, and “Righteousness”. I hope they bring you wisdom and joy. Most importantly I hope they bring glory to God.

The Traveler*

Oh, the stories he could tell

Open your eyes and see.

A wiser man, you will never find,

A man such as he.

For he has traveled wide and far,

With a heavy burden to bear.

The worst of men he has witnessed.

His journeys take him everywhere.

What secrets could he tell?

What answers could he give?

This man of many wisdoms -

This weary traveler.


Love is not a dream,

Or a fantasy to find -

To live for this kind of love

Is to wait till the end of time.

Love stands with patient truth,

The warmth within the gaze.

A kindness and generosity

That will astound and amaze.

Lust burns hot and fades fast.

It is full of boastful pride.

It seeks self-satisfaction,

And delights in evil lies.

But a selfless love burns eternal,

The spark a flame of hope,

That will forever last -

To protect and persevere

The Creator’s work at its best.


Happiness is elusive for those -

Who always want what’s next.

Joy bears with you -

Through your worst and best.

Those who seek worldly things -

Are never fully satisfied.

But for those who seek the King -

Receive joy and never ask why?

Come now, rejoice in the Lord -

And your heart may be filled.

Throw away your worldly cares -

And surrender to the Crown.

Live unabashed and filled with joy -

The Lord’s light will shine from you.

Take care your steps as others follow -

And their hearts will be renewed.


For those who seek peace,

They seek the will of God.

The hardest for man to hold,

His peace a gift for all.

Patience can endure -

Every day gaining ground.

Putting on full armor,

Prayer calling for the Crown.

The journey starts with you.

So, in Christ you must remain.

Stray too far from Him -

This quest unravels at the seams.

In God, alone you will find -

The answers that you need.

Trust in Him with all your heart -

His light a lamp to guide your feet.


In our dealings with each other,

We must show restraint and tolerance.

As our Father did with us,

When he left our sins unpunished.

Instead of our impending Death,

He sent another in our place.

His blood a sacrifice,

To be received on Faith.

To strive for perfection,

Is a foolish quest.

As is the expectation,

That others do better than our best.

We must remember His righteousness,

Before we consider our own.

We will always fall short,

In this, we are not alone.


What a rare gem it is,

In a world of greed -

To be kind to your fellow man

A priceless gift indeed.

It cost nothing,

Save a little time.

To teach by example -

Be compassionate and kind.

Oh, my fellow travelers,

I know it takes a toll.

Have mercy on your enemy -

And witness your cup refilled.

Let your kindness shine,

Like a beacon in the night.

Genuine in your action -

Oh, children of the most High.


Rise and stand with God,

Speak truth and good.

Woe to those who falsify,

His way will not compromise.

Never tire of doing what is good -

Though you may anguish at the effort.

Seek it out and find favor.

Trust in the Lord, for safe pasture.

For goodness, love your enemies,

Under their barrage of hate.

Charge onward, the war continues,

Let the Spirit guide you.

Rest in the Lord, for He is good.

Take wisdom from the Teacher.

Reach out to your fellow man.

In goodness, guide the seeker.


In the darkest night, there is light.

In destruction, reigns mercy.

The righteous live by faithfulness.

The sinner always fearing.

Every morning take up the Word,

And bask in His presence.

Look to Him for His strength

His love cannot be taken.

Evil may be done so the just will weep,

But He knows the plans He has for you.

All things are made good

For those who turn their cheek.

Turn and seek the face of God,

In faith, you will Live.

Stay steady in your heart,

He has many gifts to give.


As you live out your days in Christ,

Be gentle.

When the world comes against you,

Be gentle.

As you follow the teachings of the Lord,

Be gentle.

When the Enemy offers lies,

Be gentle.

As you speak the Truth you’ve learned,

Be gentle.

When they harass you for your faith,

Be gentle.

Let your gentleness shine,

A beacon of hope and light -

Put your faith in the Lord,

And be gentle.


Come to the cross and be saved,

Hear our joyous call.

Put away childish things -

And pick up self-control.

Fulfill your purpose to bring glory,

Share your knowledge with the world.

Cast your seeds to good soil

And work the land you sow.

The Word of God brings new growth,

And if you use self-control,

The benefits of His wisdom -

Through you, they will show.

Some think the cross is enough,

They get in by their skin.

Live in Christ and climb the peak,

His blessings are about to begin.


To achieve peace,

First, you must be humble.

Cast all troubles on the Lord,

So, you will not stumble.

Humble yourself to those -

Who came before you.

With humility comes wisdom,

Let the Shepherd guide you.

When they attack your Pride,

Do not take up arms.

Place their value above your own,

This should be your humble response.

Your brother is not your enemy,

Neither in Spirt or in the flesh.

Ask the Truth to intervene -

And conquer Satan’s best.


Woe, to you who builds your nest on high.

Your pride will be your downfall.

Do you think you are free from the wrath of God?

Do you think yourself better than them all?

Sit in silence before your Creator.

What you make by your hand -

Pale in comparison. His work is greater -

He who shaped the Heaven’s and Land.

Your journey does not end at the cross,

To the wayward you must sing.

To walk in life beside God,

Is to see what He sees.

Atop your head will sit a crown

For the glory of His Son.

A gift fit for a King -

When His people share His love.

About the Author
Kimberly Bernardo is from a small town in Oregon, the scenery for many of her photographs. Photography is a secondary passion, the first being her writing. This is the second of her poetry books, centered on the Christian faith. Starting strong she has two poetry books available now and coming soon, the first installment in a fantasy fiction series called The Red Door.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my book. I hope it brought you joy and insight. If you enjoyed this book, please feel free to leave a review with your favorite retailer.

Thank you,

Kimberly Bernardo

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