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Hidden Classics

Jen Selinsky

Circles,” “Money,” “Family Blessings,” and “Highway Star” are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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*Not every work included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


(Tier 1)

In the heated

Throes of summer,

I can feel its

Warmth place a

Kiss deep inside

My soul—nourishing

Enough to replenish

Every part of

My spiritual being.


Lips quietly rested—

One on top of the

Other out of choice.

No one can tell

Me what to do.

And when I speak,

It is of my own

Accord because I am

Dealing with people with

Whom I wish to talk.

It is nothing

Against humanity;

I just don’t want to

Waste my breath for

Something which I

Have no passion!


Even though I

“force” myself

To write most

Every day, it’s

Not good to

Try and produce

Ink when the

Well is dry.

Oftentimes, if I

Allow myself

To rest, inspiration

Will more likely

Come back

Sooner than



The source of my

Annoyance should

Be kept far, far


Each time I open the

Door, I’ve aged a day,

Knowing that my

Controlled environment

Shelters me from the



It’s amazing how

Much the Lord has

Created. All one

Needs to do is look

Around to see all the

Fine detail and

Beauty of His work!


I can safely say

That I am meant

To write!


Even if this is

The only thing

Which allows me

To move this

Way, I am




I’ll just make them

Think that I’m quiet

With my lips tightly

Sealed—no real

Expression on my

Face; everything

Will fall into place

As I shall have

Nothing else to say!


Some may think

That I’m a disgrace

Because I want out of

The rat race, but I

Don’t care because

I’ve had enough of this

Place, where I unwillingly

Spend my time.


Once again, the

Green-eyed monster

Rears its ugly head—

Wanting me to follow

In its stinking

Entrails, which

Drag so foully

Across the ground.

Pitiful creature; is

There no way to

Kill the beast

Before it

Turns me

Into a raging


With green

Skin and a human


(You know

The type.)

But, if numbers

Could haunt me

For days, then I

Have no choice

But for my skin

Than to

Stop counting.



Brood like a

Sullen adolescent,

Whose eyes reflect

The pain of the


On a most selfish

Level, it would

Appear that way.

Brooding, because my

Babies shall never

See the light of

Day, while my

Silken hair and

Creamy skin are

Trapped behind a

Mass of wrinkles,

And there is no

Turning back the



I am working too

Tirelessly for me to

Complain about the

Overall lack of

Interest in my

Work! I am a

Fan of my own

Writing, despite the

Harsh criticism to

Which I subject

Myself. If my

Work is good

Enough for me,

Then that’s all

That matters!


Bards sing for

Days the gentle

Words one wishes

To hear.

Time to bring out

The cheer to let it

Be known that

You’re alive!


Your gentle kiss

Is enough to

Awaken me from

My most distasteful

Slumber, under

Which my psyche

Slept in resentment

And hate!


It has been days

Since my publication in

Indiana Libraries was

Officially announced,

And I haven’t even

Read my finished

Article yet!


Yes, you will fit

Splendidly into the

Part which is carved

Out for you.

I thought that

All this pettiness

Was through

Because I helped

You find a new



To look at a

Photograph which

Has dulled can

Make me change

The expression on

My face.

I was so young,

So chaste.

Now, much has

Changed, due

To the natural

Progression of

Age to further

Taint my

Soul and

Place lines

On my face!


Your day

Shall come

Soon, when

We all get

Together and

Rejoice in splendid

Verse, song, and

Dance as you

Take your

Wedding vows!

*dedicated to Tiffany Potts

and Jonathan Booth

on their upcoming

November 2, 2013



Overall, I’ve been trying to

Broaden my horizons by

Reading more non-

Fiction books. Today,

That is not a priority!


I find it a little odd how there are still printed books written about new technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter!


lEtterS CaN bE

Odd WHEn YOu

Want Them HaLF to

BE quiet AnD hAlf to




AnD small LEttERs

INsteaD OF PUNCtuation.


There was a 50/50 chance that I could have been born a boy!


I’m just happy that I get to devote as much time to reading and writing as nearly I want to. Still, I can’t ignore my physical being.


The thought of

Blood infiltrates my

Brain, but it is a

Soothing thought all

The same!


It seems like a lot of my ideas come from another source most of the time. Originality, however, is so diminished and has not truly existed since the very beginning.


I figure if I could write at least one book dealing with future dystopia, then I would have it made!


I feel a new sense of accomplishment with every new word which comes out of my brain!




Any thoughts that

I had of you shall

Now be redefined

Because of the closing

Of the day.


Precious little

Ones make their

Way over to me

Because they want

To share in the

Glee which makes

Us feel alive!


I ate days’ worth of sorrow,

Which could not even

Amount to all the pain

For days that I kept

Trying to reach a goal—

All in vain.


I forgot to warn myself that I need to look out for the other side!


I know that I’m

Not pretty anymore;

I know that I get

Motion sickness and

That my vision is

Poor, but I still

Have to thank the

Lord for everything

That I have, because,

Without Him, there

Is literally nothing.

And I am grateful

For everything which

I have, for the

Lord is with me

Through all!


And here begins my insane quest to ensure that there isn’t a scratch of stray paper in the house that doesn’t contain my scribbles.


Very rarely have I dismissed works with no profanity. It does not always have a welcome place and time.


Reaching, though not

For physical substance—

So tired of the cliché.

I just like to feed

My mind before I

Enjoy a meal.


It is not by chance that I thirst and drink, but it is a basic human need.


And I could

Not find myself

Looking behind

To see the parts

Which awaited

Me as I stretched

Out to find the

Finish line for

All new feats and

Things I have

Yet to achieve!


I am happy feeling the peace, which only the Lord can bestow!


People ask me all the time how I do it, regarding me writing my books. I just tell them, “I don’t know.”


Accolades, perhaps,

But not gut-wrenching


When will people

Acknowledge the

Fact that I’m a

Veteran to the

Game, though

My words hold

No weight anywhere,

Where it seems to



Without taking some time to breathe, I could lead to the downfall of my mental well-being.


And these

Little things

You must

Keep in your

Heart by

The safest



Oftentimes, I dream of places which do not really exist, though they are based on locations I have seen. They all have beauty.


All those years ago, I complained that when I graduated from high school, I received a black robe instead of blue. Nowadays, I am just happy that I graduated!


What can I say;

My mind is

Always on the move—

Active since the

Day I came into



You will not see me

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