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Glowing Numbers

Jen Selinsky

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*Not every work included in this book is dated in chronological order.  This is not an oversight on my part. Rather, I have made changes and substitutions over the years.


Today might be the day

When I actually try

To write, for I cannot

Compromise my position;

I cannot put up a fight!

Faces stare and demand

My attention, but I cannot

Turn my head away.

But I can find the right

Words which would allow

Me to cool down; I can turn

Bitter hatred into art.

Sometimes, it can be

A way to get me out of

Feeling that there is

No escape,

For words can always

Provide a great outlet.

And I would be lost

If I did not have them

At my disposal.


Why do I have to be thrown

Back into the cruel tide

Only after one day of relaxation?

Such a thing that I do not

Wish for anyone, but such a

Thing which does exist.

I would enlist the help of many

If I did not think they had

A different opinion and are

Looking for more than mere

Sustenance, so I should let them

Go in the direction, and I

Will go mine.

Waiting for the day when

Each day pleasantly ebbs

Into the next.


Waiting makes it all the

More difficult; just knowing

That there are only a

Certain amount of days


I know someone who

Is thinking about this

Right now, and I wish

There was a way that

I could summon her

Health to return to

Her side so that she

Might enjoy all

Which she has

Traded her valuable

Time for for all

These years.


I’ve accomplished so much,

But it feels like so little

Most of the time.

There are days when I

Do not want to even

Acknowledge this fact so

That I can start on something

New and unrelated.

But I will always find

Myself being dragged

Back into my calling,

Even when the harshest

Of critics wants

To pull me back.

That is just how I feel

All the time when I am

Away, and it only wants

Me to retreat even farther

Into its warm recesses,

Further than I’ve ever

Gone before.

All too easy is it for me

To leave and never want

To enter again into

The frothy madness

Of a mind which

Refuses to sit inside

My head.

It won’t let me have

Much time where

I am not not doing

Anything for myself,

And that is what I get

For allowing words

To come to me when

I am least expecting them!


Do you like to write? Would you like to share your work with others? Writer’s Bloc is a group of people with whom to share a common interest and provide honest feedback. Our group is open to any type of writer, whether you are just starting out or are very experienced with words. Our next meeting will be held on the third Tuesday in April. For further questions, please contact me.


I enjoy the fact that I need to earn LEUs for my job. To me, it’s like being in school again. Very seldom do I have to worry about tests, any homework is very easy and manageable, and I get little pieces of paper saying that I’ve completed the course(s). The courses are the best part because it’s like going to school and earning lots of mini-degrees!

Since I haven’t had any formal education since late 2004, these little courses take me back to a place where I thrived—in the classroom! I get to blow off the dust which had settled during my academic dormancy.

From late 2004 to late 2008, there was a bit of a lag, and it seemed like part of me had been wanting. After I’d graduated with my MLS, I was still very gung-ho, and I wanted to continue on and earn my PhD. I was still in academic mode and very proud of it.

Nowadays, I don’t think I could handle the coursework entailed in obtaining a PhD, but I wouldn’t mind trying for a second master’s degree. If that never comes to fruition, however, I’m glad that I can still rely on these “mini-courses” to keep my academic prowess satiated.

As many great people have said, learning does not stop outside the classroom, and I certainly agree with that statement because I have taken so much out of my life already.

Some of the greatest knowledge I was able to take away did not come from formal education. I have been taught other ways, but I’m glad to know that I can still back in the glow of all my academic achievements every now and then!


Must I declare that
I have no heart
When I've lost
Respect for this
Place oh so long ago?
Years kept winding,
And I had to keep my
Soul from binding,
Even if the removal
Was slightly painful.
Cries of frustration—
My eyes too often to
Turn red. I've bled,
And I continue to
Bleed in many
Different colors.
Gasping for air for
The scant amount
Which is given.
How much longer
Must I need in
Order to keep my
Head above water?
A hand, strong enough
To pull me from a
Liquid grave. Do people
Even find me worthy
To save this small
Portion of my life—
Though it has taken
Up much too much of
My time—longer than
It takes me to form a
Brick wall out of
Complaints which are
Used to house the part
Of me which I would like
To have destroyed once
And for all.
Strength should come
For me soon...


Making me feel dejected,
When thoughts of warm
Paradise are oftentimes rejected.
I know that my body must
Stir, despite its loud
Protests, for how can a man
Hide himself away for
Four months at a time?
I've tried to temper the
Season, but I must venture
Out without like-worthy reason.
It makes me sick to my
Stomach sometimes, but I know
No other alternative. Even when
Indoors I can stay, I must look
Upon the white until the good,
Healing sun comes to melt
Away its plaguing presence.


If I just ignore all the conversations going on around here, I can focus on doing my job and my overall happiness. During the time that this building does exist, I vow to get lost in my own world to drown out all the things I don't want to focus on, while still enabling myself to do my job. I realize that not every day is going to be quiet, but I can drown out all the noise if I allow myself to remain in my element!


Building bridges to the future

Can seem so difficult

When the rustic past seems

More unsettling than the

Future with colored trees.

How does my little mind not

Want to get lost in the breeze

While looking at things which

Do not know so much about

The past until it gets called

Back to the present day?


Nestled in a familiar embrace;

I never want to leave.

Even in nature, mothers know

How to soothe their young.

Age does not always separate

As much as one could think,

For certain relationships

Resemble much more love

And compassion than the

Human mind could even begin

To comprehend!


Money shall pay no true peace of mind,

Even though one can decipher colors

And shapes to reveal a history.

Many seem to be taken by certain

Claims, must be the reason why it’s

So difficult to exchange in most countries.

Should we all think that our history is

Superior, when, in truth, no one can

Know how it was all spent!


Turtles underwater, these creatures

Sure do tend to live long.

Perhaps it’s because they like to

Take things slow (as part of their

Inherited nature.)

One who can feel so old will

Look like the king of the sea, as he

Surveys all of what seems to lie ahead.

His look is not too sure of interlopers

In his face with the camera.


Amphibians may not have such

Questioning eyes, but how can

We really know what goes on

Inside their brains?

Are they always on the hunt

For food when they’re not

Lounging by trees?

They just take everything with

The ease of time—always having

A provider for all their needs.

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