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Prelude to a Dream

Jen Selinsky

Loving Lover” and “Petunia Lark and the Birthday Blowout” are a works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Loving Lover

Eric is the best man a wife could ever have. He dedicates all his love to me, even thought lots of women stare at him, seemingly all the time.

Eric can’t help his good looks. He’s tall with a tan complexion and shoulder-length brown hair. It makes him virtually impossible to remain unseen.

Me? I’m certainly no beauty queen. I don’t generate much attention from the opposite sex, I am certainly lucky to have Eric!

What people may not be able to tell about him is his general laid-back nature. His mind goes back to the ‘60s sometimes, which is probably one of the things that makes him a good lover. That, and the fact that he wanted to be responsible for birth control. No kids. That’s what he told me on our first date.

Since I didn’t really care either way, he got the old snipperooski, which most males wouldn’t even consider.

Eric made the decision for both of us, and I got to keep him.

What other husband could be so hot and understanding? I have to ask myself that question every day. Even when I’m most cranky and disagreeable, he never seems to want to fight.

Eric is all about love, man, and it really shows when we are in bed together.

Of course, sex is not the only thing I love about our marriage, but I certainly can’t deny how much we enjoy it! The fact that we fit so well together makes it easier each and every day to tell the entire world just how much I love him. Never mind the fact that we’re getting a little bit older each and every day.

That’s why I appreciate the fact that I have someone to stay with me through the aging process—to make things a little bit easier. I know that I’m doing the same thing for Eric. It’s days like this when I can’t help but be thankful for such a smart, sexy, and loving husband!


Don’t accuse me of not

Being able to finish


Do not say that

I’m a hack!

Proclaim it once more

Once more, and I

Will tell you that

I no longer have your back!


It seems that I am literally out of words, at least, when it comes to writing poetry. This is not a good thing, as I need to vent my frustration, and it seems that my creative outlet has been taken away. It is a terrible thing for a person to have to force words; it is even more of a terrible thing if that person happens to be a writer!


I could be burning calories

Instead of burning anger.

Really, I suppose that they

Are the same thing.

My body needs to rid itself

Of these impurities, and I

Have no other way to say it.

Let me come out, right now,

And show you what I mean.


There is something about a great book which helps you escape reality. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, the reader gets to delve into another person’s world.


Nothing brings out my misanthropic

Side like forced labor!

But there is comfort and solstice

At the end of the day;

This is something which I need.

If I was not able to get it soon,

I would go back to my lowest

Point, at which I was merely

Two years ago.

Some things are for the best.


Pieces of the Puzzle

God had it all arranged

Ever since before my

Beginning; He laid out

All the pieces and began

To put them together as

Soon as my human vessel

Took form.

And though my mind

Does not always

Understand the greatness,

I’m glad to know that it

Has been with me before

The first man was ever

Created to roam the earth.


I knew that I would

Have a bit of difficulty

Getting back to you,

Even though you were

Seen at a most

Important time.

But, now that you’re here,

Let’s not dwell too much

On the past.


Just in case you try

To get away, there

Might be another place

Where I could always

Go to catch up with

You—the same place

Where you used to

Corner me for our

Little meetings.


Just because I work with the public doesn’t mean that I want all my life to become public.


I was worried about it all

Toward the beginning, then I

Remembered that things like

This are all subjective.


I’m the only person in this room who hasn’t passed on my DNA to another living being.


Fun with Fractions

I am going to break down my new work week into fractions, minus my thirty-minute lunch breaks and Saturdays. On the whole, it will be easier for me to figure things out this way.

On an average week, I work a total for twenty-four hours, including my three thirty-minute lunchbreaks.

These days can be broken up into thirds, fourths, and sixth – numbers which are evenly divisible into twenty-four. There are also many more numbers which could make fractions, but these ones came into mind first.

For example:

Monday at 4:00 p.m. – 1/6 of my work week is complete.

Monday at 6:00 p.m. – ¼ of my work week is already over.

Monday at 8:00 p.m. – ⅓ of my work week is already over.

Isn’t that amazing? Since the fours and sixes come into play, there is only a two-hour difference between the ¼ and ⅓!

Gotta get over the hump. I used to have to wait until Wednesdays at 4:00 for half my work week to be over; that’s not the case anymore! (At that time, it’s actually 5/6 complete!)

Now, my work week reaches its halfway point at: Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

Tuesdays evenings, when I am ready to go home and contemplate my nap and long evening of fun, my work week is already ⅔ complete!

Now, to reach the ¾ mark, I would only have to wait until Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. – two hours shy of what used to be half my work week!

I could go on and break it down into fractions all day with numbers which are divisible by twenty-four, but that would take much more time and many more words to describe. And since a fraction of 0/0 is not allowed because it cannot be defined, let me just say that my work week is over Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.!


The warmth surrounds us—

L’amour surely does exist

For our willing hearts.

*previously published in Pen It! Magazine Volume 8: Issue 1

January/February 2017


Let us understand

The reason why we embrace

On this winter day.

*previously published in Pen It! Magazine Volume 8: Issue 1

January/February 2017


Red keeps us alive;

It pumps blood through our bodies

And gives us motion.

*previously published in Pen It! Magazine Volume 8: Issue 1

January/February 2017


Weddings in secret—

The man helped young Christian hearts

Until he was caught.

*previously published in Pen It! Magazine Volume 8: Issue 1

January/February 2017


God gave us all breath;

Love taught many unaware

Of how we should live.

*previously published in Pen It! Magazine Volume 8: Issue 1

January/February 2017


Songs of long ago

Brought me to the days

Before you, but I

Found that I couldn’t

Quite abandon such tender words

Filled with great emotion.

How I missed you when I

Found out that you left

This place forever;

Now hoping that you are

Much better off for having

Gone to a different realm—

One which could properly

Care for you.

*dedicated to Elliott Smith


One thing which writers must do is allow their readers to believe that they are experts in all their subjects.


I feel that I’m scared of this, but I’d like to ignore all of that instead because I’m here to learn and have a good time!


You got started

At an early date,

And it did not

Take long for you

To climb the ranks

Of advanced


For years, you


To flourish,

Even though numbers

Were added on the

Scale of


Moments; who hasn’t

Had those?

But the Internet made

You famous as you

Walked through the

Pages of

Someone you


Then, the world could

See how much you

Really can cook

When your passion’s


*dedicated to Julie Powell


“Books are playgrounds for the mind!”


What to do when

The numbers on the

Clock change and

Move on to an

Agonizing defeat—

Only the brave

Could eat during

Those situations!

What part of their

“Superhuman” strength

Would be removed?

“I’ll make you

Wish that you

Never sprang

Forth from the


It’s taunting says

That to me, and

I’ve no choice

But to hide

In hopes that

The world will

Pass me by.

But it’s too late

For that.

Far, far too late!


Tomorrow should

I wake up to the

First, glad relief

Would fly out of

My body, like fat

Bursting from the

Place which was

Holding me back.

Not only was

There a thin

Person clambering

To get out, but

Also a life which

Wanted to be lived!


The sun is shining

In this direction

(Coming from) where

The road seems

Perfectly clear.

Spring has not

Waited very long

To grace us, once

Again, with its

Lovely presence,

Which means that

I have not waited

In vain.

All the time I’ve

Put in has been

Worth it because

I can see beauty

Once again!


“When people use you, it does not feel very good. But when God uses you for His purpose, it's the greatest feeling in the world!”


“Write like there is no tomorrow, so that others may read about today.”


I did not have to pretend that I had no official title to defend, except for my own. No poor shadows shall laugh at me, now that I have regained my solid being. Such an accomplishment wasn’t easy, and none too soon did it come. But I have the grateful ability to move even closer as I push myself into the light, away from fear and wanting!


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