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Love in Silhouette


T. L. Cooper

Copyright © 2011 T. L. Cooper

All rights reserved. Published in the United States by The TLC Press.

ISBN: 0984686215

ISBN-13: 978-0-9846862-1-6


I dedicate this book to all those who inspired the poems located between its covers. While our time together may not have lasted or even truly begun, the moments we shared taught me to understand, appreciate, recognize, and cherish love without expecting perfection.



Weaves two lives into one

Binds two hearts together

Connects two souls


Brings hope to life

Opens the heart to change

Comforts the soul





Breathed You

I breathed you in to my heart

Invited you to

Fill the empty spots

Replace the destroyed parts

Repair the damaged areas

I breathed you in to my heart

Allowed you to

Change my life

Teach me to accept love

Show me life’s possibilities

I breathed you in to my heart

Trusted you to

Cherish me

Accept all of me – the loveable and the despicable

Hold my heart with tenderness

I breathed you in to my heart

Welcomed your

Comforting embrace

Insightful perspective

Loving attentiveness

I breathed you in to my heart

Where you took up residence

Gave me hope

Drove away my past

Claimed your hold

I breathed you in to my heart

Where you remain

Reminding me of happy moments

Taunting me with our mistakes

Driving me to fantasize possibilities

I breathed you in to my heart

Where you linger still

Where you refuse to leave

Where I hold you with all my strength

I breathed you in to my heart

My Heart Expanded


My heart expanded

To let you in

I know not why

Only that I felt the expansion

Even as I fought it

Perhaps you need my love

Perhaps I need yours

Perhaps you desire my compassion

Perhaps I desire yours

Perhaps you want my understanding

Perhaps I want yours


My heart felt satiated

When you knocked on its door

I wanted desperately

To meet your requests

But I turned away

I feared

I had no more love to give

I feared

If I loved you

You would use me

I feared

If I gave you my compassion

You would hurt me

I feared

If I provided understanding

You would betray me


My heart expanded

To let you in

I know not why

Only I felt compelled

To make room for you

To take a risk on you

To protect you

To feel all the joys

Of getting to know you

Of letting you know me


My heart said

I have enough

Why risk anything on someone new


My heart said

You always have room

To give more love


Was just

The past interfering

With its fears



My heart expanded

To let you in


A smile

Talking awhile

Holding hands

Walking on the sand

Laughing aloud

Avoiding a crowd

A frown

Slowing down

Going astray

Moving away

It's over

Crying forever

Pain ends

Starting again

A Touch


You touched me


You love me


You’ll need me


You’ll want me

Question is


Did I touch you?


Do I love you?


Will I need you?


Will I want you?


I touched you


I love you


I’ll need you


I’ll want you

Question is


Did you touch me?


Do you love me?


Will you need me?


Will you want me?


We touched each other


We loved one another


We’ll need each other


We’ll want one another

Or is

A touch just a touch

With no future, past, or even present

My Heart

I gave my heart to you

With pleasure

Our love was true

You seemed like a treasure

You held my heart

With tenderness

Since it had been torn apart

By lack of kindness

My heart mended

With your love

I soon concluded

You were sent from heaven above

Then with the end

My heart was broken

Never to mend

Never again to be given.


When I open my eyes

I see your face

Your eyes say you love me

When I open my ears

I hear your voice

Your words say you’ll always be here

When I open my arms

I feel your embrace

Your touch says forever true

When I open my heart

Your presence fills me

I am whole


Rain is strange

Like love.

Both are sometimes


Sometimes scary.

Both with storms

Lightening and


Exciting or

Sometimes like

A gentle shower

In the summer.

Knowing You Love Me

I see your face

We smile

I gave you space

For a while

You walk my way

I feel tears

I hope you stay

But I’m full of fear

You take my hand

I’m starting to shiver

I know you understand

All I have to deliver

As I feel your hug

I feel relief

Your hold is snug

I sigh in disbelief

As our lips touch

I’m free

I’ve never had so much

Knowing you love me.

My Memory

My memory

Still holds you tight

All through the night

My memory

Holds your hand

As we walk on the sand

My memory

Sees your smile

As we talk for awhile

My memory

Feels your eyes

Knowing there are no lies

My memory

Tastes your lips

As they touch my lips

My memory

Hears you talk

As we sit and rock

My reality

Is my cry

As you die…

Thoughts of You

The trees sway

My thoughts stray

I think of you

I should be blue

I smile

No clouds for awhile

The wind blows

And I know

You'll be back to me

As you realize what we can be.


Has our love wilted

Like a dying flower

Or did you ever really care

I cared about you

And I still do

If you don't love me

I guess our love

Has wilted away

Like a dying flower.

If you don't care

If your love for me is gone

Then why should I try to

Keep our flower alive

I can't do it alone

Our flower is wilting

Slowly, slowly

Wilting away

Our flower is almost completely wilted

Almost dead now

Help me keep it alive, please.

Don't let it wilt away, please....


The heart feels

What it will

The mind

Can’t stop it

No matter the cost

No matter the pain

No matter the price

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You vs. Him

I’m with you

But he owns my heart

I don’t know what to do

I can’t give you my heart

You can have my body

But he has my soul

I’m sorry

I have to leave you cold

I want you to be there

But he has my love

I’ll never care

I have to leave you alone

It’s wrong

It’s right

We’re only a song

In the night

Facing the end

Was not so hard

Nothing to mend

No broken hearts


I reach for you

In the night

I feel blue

I know it’s not right

You are there

To hold me

I don’t care

If you set me free

My heart is cold

Unable to give

I’ll grow old

Alone I’ll live

You are temporary

Nothing is forever

It won’t vary

We’ll soon be over

No gain

Nothing lost

No pain

So little cost


Others say

Forget him

I say

Forget them

They tell me

To move away

I don’t agree

I want to stay

Some tell you

To forget me

But you know it’s true

Your heart is not free

As we listen to our hearts

It becomes clear

We cannot stay apart

Because our love is so dear

Let’s hold on to our love

Let it be real again

We don’t have to give up

Because of the past pain

Your Memory

Your memory so securely

Had I put away

To come back and cruelly

Cloud my sunny days.

Time alone hasn't erased

Many of the feelings

I felt for you.


As she walked along

Trying to forget the love

They had shared

Loving memories

Flooded back

She fought

Back tears

And stopped

Beside his stone

She could no longer

Contain the tears.

She dropped to her knees

And placed a single red rose

On the grave.

Then she cried until

Her eyes were dry.


Your simplicity

Couldn’t conceive of

My complexity

So you picked

The parts of me

That pleased you

My smile

My eyes

My beauty

My intelligence

My generous heart

My sweetness

My willingness

My accepting nature

My lovingness

My honesty

Your simplicity

Couldn’t conceive of

My complexity

So you ignored

The parts of me

You found distasteful

My bluntness bordering on cruelty

My inability to trust

My need to keep secrets

My protective wall surrounding my heart

My self-centered ambition

My biting sense of humor

My unwillingness to appear as vulnerable as I felt

My need to control

My insecurities

My damages

In the moment

Your simplicity

Crashed into

My complexity

Our true selves escaped the façade we’d built

Harsh words seared scars on our hearts

Actions betrayed secrets shared

Pain was inevitable

Our end unavoidable

My complexity


Your simplicity

My complexity


Your complexity

To destroy

The next person’s simplicity

Just as my simplicity

Had been destroyed

By another’s complexity


My complexity

Your simplicity

Couldn’t conceive of

My complexity

Nice Guys Don’t Like Me

I wear a red dress

You have on a red tie

The color of power

We both know

I project a power I don’t feel

And wonder if you’re doing the same

We’re both too young to know any better

I walk down the stairs to the banquet

I search the crowd for your face

You smile at me

Your eyes and smile so expressive

You’re so honest about your feelings

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