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To Serenade A Rose: a collection poems

By Pastor Alfred

Published by Pastor Alfred

Copyright © 2018. Pastor Alfred.

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This Book Is Dedicated To You Who Are Reading It.

I Wrote It For You.


  1. To Serenade A Rose

  2. Daydreaming Of A Rose

  3. To Understand A Rose

  4. Remolding A Rose

  5. God Loves You

  6. My Safety

  7. Celebrate Jesus Everyday

  8. A Passion For Souls

  9. Christians Never Die

  10. To Be Hugged By Jesus

  11. Nobody Buys The Cow If The Milk Is Free

  12. No Child Is A Mistake

  13. The Lady With The Pro-Life Sign

  14. What Is The Value Of Life?

  15. The Body Inside Your Body Is Not Your Body

  16. But It's A Fetus Not A Human Being

  17. They Say We Only Care About The Baby In The Womb

  18. Every Man's Enemy & Friend

  19. They Say Money Talks, So What Does It Say?

  20. Rather Than Hate The Rich, Become Rich

  21. To Be A Man

  22. Crossroads

  23. The Psalm Of A Fallen Preacher

  24. To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

  25. Why The Change

  26. A Hunter Named Fear

  27. Finding Friends In Books


I Thank God


I Thank You (Who Is Reading This Book Right Now).


Her beauty steals the eyes of every man/

As her eyes hypnotizes hearts into slavery's hands/

Every man would sooner cut off his own hand/

Than be set free from the prison of her charm/

Her complexion brightens the countenance of every weather/

As her presence perfumes the atmosphere with heaven's fragrance/

Oh! that I may be bold to approach her radiance/

And risk rejection's sting of eternal penance/

Her ears are bathe with declarations of her beauty/

As her hair seducts the enchanting dance of the morning breeze/

The winds set sail in the direction her course lays/

To catch a glimpse of inspiration for a new day/

Her lips are imprinted in the dreams of every king/

As her touch is longed for across the seven seas/

Even the sands curls in warmth upon contact with her feet/

But the tragedy that breathes is she must never know how I feel/


My heart sinks in torture at the absence of her face/

My mind fights in vain to veil pictures of her face/

I lay awake at midnight daydreaming of the day/

The hands of fate stir our footprints till we're face to face/

May shyness evaporate and my words not run away/

May her beauty not melt my brain as cold-feet freezes my veins/

May understanding overtake every word that escapes/

As a Lady Of Quality's learned ears awaits/

A Queen of communication overflowing with grace/

Her smile breaks the glass of hesitation's champagne/

Relaxation flows like rain seeping through to my veins/

Wisdom's faithfulness graces my adjectives today/

Two hearts chat away like two birds in a cage/

Each sound seals the air of familiarity with Band-Aid/

It's too good to be true, and feels too good to be fake/

But may my dreams come true before I awake/


Who can read a woman's heart/

Who can tell each sentence's start/

What does it mean, What does it say/

Mysteries unfold, Mysteries remain/

Who can read a woman's eyes/

Who can interpret a woman's ways/

What does it mean, What does it say/

Does it say Yes? , Does it say Nay?/

Who can kiss a woman's heart/

When she hides it behind a veil/

What does it want, What does it say/

Or are we deaf to its sound-waves?/

Who can understand a Rose/

Its tender ways, It's concrete node/

Delicate & Strong, What contradiction/

To Understand a Rose can only take God/

Remolding a rose

When a man's heart grows wings like a dove/

And flutters in his chest, yet free like a boat/

Sailing through the seven seas seeking wonders untold/

Cause his heart's been captured by a treasure that beats gold/

If his soul mixed with hers does not make one whole/

And he seeks to change her to make things so/

Disaster awaits like a Pirate's flagpole/

Though passions may burn like a Flare in the cold/

Love's wings would melt down as sunlight unfolds/

For you can't remold a Rose without ruining its Soul/


Preachers are always on T.V saying, "God Loves You"/

Yet when a Mirror looks at me, it paints a picture of a fluke/

Is it love that made my features make Girl's puke?/

Is it love that rolled up its sleeves and gave me the boot?/

Christians are always saying, "God Loves You"/

If that is True, does God love them too?/

How come they're always first when it's time to persecute?/

Throughout history they are beheaded or are Lion's food/

I'm sick of hearing Christians say, "God Loves You"/

Well, how about you, do you love me too?/

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