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Words of a Returned Prodigal

Corey Dyer


i. About this text

ii. Dedication

  1. Lost

  2. Alive

  3. 10,000 Questions

  4. Nail- Scarred

  5. Stand Up, Be Loud

  6. This Darkness

  7. Holy Fire

  8. Survey Says…

  9. Highways & Hedges

  10. Graveyard

  11. I Think I Might Be Bleeding

  12. Artificial Blood

  13. On This Page

About this Text

This text is simply a collection of lyrics I have written throughout my life and touch on a few issues I’ve dealt with. I am a Christian, and that will be reflected here, and in future releases. I hope you will enjoy these and see the deeper meaning behind all of these. I couldn’t have wrote any of them without God and I pray that you will be blessed because of them. These are but a fraction of my collection, so look forward to future releases. God bless you all!


I would like to dedicate these words to God. It is only by His power and grace that I am even able to type this here. Secondly, I dedicate this to my grandmother Mama Alice, who won’t be able to see the end results of my writings. I love you and miss you. Lastly, I dedicate these words to my fifth grade teacher Ms. Noel. This isn’t the book I decided to write then, but it is the first of many that you helped to plant in my heart, and don’t worry. My book I started in your class will be released in no time.


You keep trying to stop me

Everywhere I go

Even as I write this here

You have me by the throat


You have fallen

Your power is a sham

So you could never stop

What my God has planned


You’ve lost! You’ve lost!

I’ve counted up the cost

And you have failed!

I’ll never join you in hell

Because you’ve lost!

Oh how does it feel

Living with defeat

It must make your false victories

Oh so bittersweet


I won’t taunt you

The Lord alone’s your judge

So I resist you

Now turn your tail and run


That trumpet will sound

All knees will bow

We’ll rise to meet our savior

Where’s your promises now?

You chose this path

And it’s time to pay the cost

Face all of God’s wrath ‘cause

Satan you have lost!



Don’t you know who’s over me?

Don’t you know who set me free?

But how could you know that when sometimes I forget myself?!

It’s like I keep His word in a book upon my shelf

But that’s not enough

Is it

Is it

Is it!?


So pierce my heart of stone

Let Your word consume me

I am not alone

Even when I’m breaking

It’s always dark before the dawn

It’s when hope seems so far gone

That’s when you remind me

That you’re

Alive in me!

Why do I traverse the dark

But leave my lamp at home?

Why do I try to fight

Without putting my armor on?

It makes no sense

Does it

Does it

Does it?!


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