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by A.T. Mulvihill

Copyright © 2018 A.T. Mulvihill

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First Printing, 2017

ISBN: 9781977088512

eBook ISBN: B079KLM11X

Published by A. T. Mulvihill

for family

for friends

for healing

Divorce brings pain and heartache

Don’t stay focused on the past

Move I have.

A.T. Mulvihill

















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Left out, alone

A symbol of truth

Abandoned, as it

Happened in my youth

Lost, a feeling

In which I hold

Searching, seeking

A place of my own

Lips, which speak

The lies I’ve heard

Of hope and giving

Is all absurd

Longing, laughing

A life I want

Feelings sacrificed

And only haunt

Life, my own

Trying to keep moving

Building, trusting

Relationships unknowing

Lying, in solitude

Upon my bed

Dreaming, hoping

The life I’ve led

Labored, straining

To be alive

Hoping and praying

That I would die


Come all my friends to my battle

Bring your weapons and your gear

I want you to stand beside me

As I battle all my fears

I’m having a hard time coping

With the chains around my heart

The pain is all consuming

Too heavy, tearing me apart

Sometimes I even wonder

If this battle will cease to exist

The metal which surrounds me

Showing bruises on my wrist

I’ve thought of many times

Of lying down in surrender

Giving the enemy his joy

As I’m buried ten feet under

My battle scars are plenty

Too deep sometimes it hurts

To see the mars upon my flesh

The marks that still exist

I hide many beneath the surface

An abundance of pain and aches

Tearing my soul beneath my bones

My single battle I must take

At times I wish to surrender

To the pain inside my soul

The white flag in my hand

Wanting to take control

To the battlefields I race

Up the hill of my demise

Turning back is not an option

A truth I have surmised

But as I stand in front of you

I’m asking for your help

Grab up your arms and stand your ground

And feel what I have felt

One piercing bullet to my heart

A bayonet blade to the skin

The death I am seeking

Is quickly crashing in

So will you all stand beside me

With your uniform and spears

Draw up your weapons and surround me

To extinguish all my fears


Binding relentlessly

Finding no release

The pain consumes me

Creating havoc

Upon my soul

Tearing haphazardly

Throughout my body

Destroying my human form

Leaving a shell

Hollowness within

Heartache continues

As I struggle to unfold

A future of unknowns

Sickness, headaches and more

Unfolding at my door

Stress you say

Could be the cause

A menacing victim

I shall be

Allowing it to weaken me

Cheer up, move on

Don’t get down

But who are they

To breathe those words

Who don’t stand in my shoes?

Unfit to follow, as it seems

The body which envelops me

Is but a shell and no more

Carrying the weight

Of my empty self

Binding relentlessly

Finding no release

The pain consumes me

Creating havoc

Upon my soul


To bridge the gap between us

Will take a lot of time

We built the bridge and anchored

The ties which bind us now

Too strong the wall we built

Which were bolted into place

Stone, and mortar securing the gap

To bind the bridge between

Intertwined the bridge it seems

With heavy columns and steel

The arches, rails and asphalt

Hold strongly to the bridge

Too strong to tear the walls

We fastened into place

A fierce and heavy stone

The bridge stands undefeated

The only intervention

To breakdown and dispose

The bridge standing between us

Is to let it all explode

Is your life a battle?

Are you struggling to cope

with your divorce?

You are strong

You are amazing

There’s a world waiting for you

YOU desire a fresh start!

Reach out and grasp your NEW life

AND LIVE…as I have.

A.T. Mulvihill


Cancer, an illness known to man

Terminal, eating away from within

Not from the disease

But from the festering pain

Consuming my soul

Blackness, thick as sludge

Seeping through my body

Like coal, burning

Coursing through my skin

Killing every cell

Pain, the illness I face

Of death, of love depleted

Gone, disappearing in time

An endless reminder

Burning from within

Helplessness, a feeling of defeat

The unknown has arrived

Menacing at best

A trip which I must take

Seeking answers ahead

Empty, my thoughts begin

Questioning and seeking

Answers, all unknown

Fearful of where it leads

Wondering how it ends

A bottle, a pill

A knife or gun

Therapy, a word

Spoken in jest

Healing my illness

What happens, what’s next?

To end the suffering

Give in, get lost

To ease the pain

Only God knows

A journey, I must take

Learning from past mistakes

Seeking solitude, love or not

Burning embers extinguished

Leaving ash and heartache

Blame, a finger pointed at me

Admitting to its defeat

I’m wrong, you’re right

Is what you need

Catering to your every whim

Begging, which I have done

Comes too easily in love

But it is wrong, I must agree

To beg someone

Asking to repeat

Forging, forward I can’t

Pain too deep it hurts

Cascading, drowning

Unable to breathe

The pressure inside of me

Cancer, an illness known to man

Terminal, eating away from within

Not from the disease

But from the festering pain

Consuming my soul


I must forgive you

I must forget

It’s time to heal

With no regret

I still hold anger

Within my soul

For you are there

Creating a hole

Inside my heart

For all to see

The girl in front

Of you is not me

But time will heal

Time will mend

My broken soul

As I pretend

To be free of you from me

This vast expanse

Of space, of time

Love lost, of chance

So here we are

Alone as you seek

A life of freedom

For all to speak

Words of yes

Way to go, look at you

Hip hip hooray

A cheer, a brew

Showcased online, of all the fun

You have had, living free

From family, from life

Forgoing responsibility

So here’s to you

A cheer, a toast

You did it, you conquered

You succeeded – time to boast!


There’s a cliff, a large outcrop

Not too far from my home

A path which leads me to

This peaceful precipice

This path I’ve climbed before

When you and I did roam

A trip into the woods

This peaceful precipice

I’m climbing up to face

A place we called our own

Another step I’ll reach

This peaceful precipice

The beauty which surrounds

The valley I call home

A trail which leads me to

This peaceful precipice

One day I will trudge

Up to the large stone

To face my own fate

This peaceful precipice

One step or maybe two

To the place I’ll call home

My final resting place

This peaceful precipice


Create, keep writing

I am told

On paper, with pen

For all to hold

Read more, have faith

This I know

Brings goodness, peace

Something I’ve shown

A book, a verse, a memory

A place

A trip, of anything

A gift of substance to see

Zip up, stay warm

Its cold outside

Keep dry

Be safe, upon your ride

Yes, those words came out of me

Some sane, some not

Who’s crazy?

Not I you see, for I am me


It’s him, not me

Of course you see

Blinded by anger

Half-truths, is easy

An embodiment of hate

Boiling and consuming

A soul lost

A wall building

Lost love once new

Is an opened wound

An infection festering

Threatening to consume

Point blame, it works

As I have done

Deny, tell lies

Have sex, have fun

But when does it cease

This denial, this hate

Are we to continue?

And test our fate

It’s him, not me

Of course you see

Blinded by anger

Half-truths, is easy

Do your friends ignore you like the plague,

now you are divorced?

SO WHAT -- They are not true friends

Don’t lose sight of who you are

AND especially, don’t lose your

sense of humor…as I haven’t.

A.T. Mulvihill


A path of destruction

Is what I seek

Relieving me of this world

Disappearing, hiding

From humankind

By self or others

Which will I chose?

Extinguishing the pain I feel

Of heartache, of anger

Time which standstills

It’s easy to forget

I’ve been told, but yet

Forgetting is not part of me

Love and laughter, memories

Remembering is all I see

Push on, stay strong

What do they know?

One’s who have a home

No place, no refuge

It’s what I’ve known

Friends, family and foe

Will be there for you

A grand idea, is what I say

I’ve felt more lost

Each and every day

A new friend, lover

Companion, maybe more

To ease the pain, in which I feel

The loss of love

Is all too real

Have fun, get out

Heard many times

Echoing in my head

Of days, of nights

Are gone and dead

Create a future

A path in which I seek

Holds me hostage

Bound by my own pain

Mute, unable to speak

Relieve me of my self

My mind, my body

My soul

Destroy the pain

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