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A message from the poet:

You will fall, you will rise

Only you can ensure your demise

So live in love, live in serenity

Your nature is divinity

The cosmos shall bare witness.

Radiance .

Drinking in your radiance like it’s solar energy

Eyes flare at first contact’s synergy

To know one future’s is chilling

To live it, thrilling

The sun never setting on happiness

The warmth of love producing renewable thankfulness.

Life Spiral.

What are you trying to prove?

That you can dive through Hell

Sweep past oblivion

Raging fire you think will burn you clean

To tear you apart from the ruin from which you wean

False dawn’s avoidance this folly is

Tear off the mask to reveal every near miss

With death, with life

Every spurned chance, smile or wife

All things done with love and serenity eventually yield good outcomes.

A Veritable Feast Of Colours.

I am lost

Lost in a forest of my own making

There is no strategy for reality

Only living it.


A silent coup is brewing

While humans are squabbling and mewling

So many cannot see the beauty around them

They seek solace in social media and abandon

The mightiest force in the land flexes

Behold nature's solar plexus.

Island Mentality .

Death is a bar where you don’t drink

Forced to be at an all-you-can-eat

Though everyone thinks you’re anorexic

Watching two former fiancés getting married

And genuinely being happy for them

Feeling powerless to prevent your twin’s brilliance being sapped away

Having monetary wealth but not much else

Escaping death continuously as the worthy perish.

Alone In Paradise Redux.

As I sit among flowers and beauty

I think this makes three

Three times have thou sat alone in Paradise

However, this time doth ring true

For the abyss which had swallowed the heart remains not

For though I know not my purpose, I now know my destination

And it fills me with glory

As I devour my confidence

Appreciating that things are not as bad as they could be

Yes, this makes three

But the reckoning cometh

Full, like my flat stomach.


Your perception is your reality they say

However, that’s the ultimate hyperbole

Reality is what it is

Dull or all fizz

You needn’t be a crocodile in sheep’s clothing

Shed the fake skin and the loathing

You’re a child of the Sun

Subservient to no one.

Be Beautiful.

Beauty is everywhere

You just have to care

To nurture it

To see it

To be it.

Renewal .

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