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塞下曲二首其一 / A Border Song - I

塞下曲二首其二 / A Border Song - II

關山月 / The Moon over Fortified Pass

子夜秋歌 / The Autumn Ballad at Midnight

/ The Song of Changgan

列女操 / The Ode of A Marriage-faithful Woman

遊子吟 / The Ode of A Marriage-faithful Woman

登幽州台歌 / Ascend the Youzhou Lookout Tower

古意 / The Reminiscence of Old Times

送陳章甫 / See Off Chen Zhangfu

琴歌 / A Cittern Song

聽董大彈胡笳聲兼寄語弄房給事 / A Poem to the Palace-attendant Fang on Hearing Dong Playing a Reed Pipe

聽安萬善吹篳篥歌 / Hearing An Wanshan Play Bamboo Pipes

夜歸鹿門山歌 / A Song about Returning to the Lumen Mountain at Night

廬山謠寄盧侍禦虛舟 /To Lu Xuzhou with a Folksong of the Lu Mount

夢遊天姥吟留別 /A Parting Lament to the Tianmu Mother Mount in My Dream Trip

金陵酒肆留別 / A Wine Farewell in Jingling

宣州謝眺樓餞別校書叔雲 / A Farewell to Shu Yun at the Xie Tao Tower in Xuanzhou

走馬川行奉送封大夫出師西征 / A Farewell for the General Feng Departing a Westbound Expedition at the Running-horse River

輪台歌奉送封大夫出師西征 / A Farewell with Luntai Song to the General Feng Departing his Westbound Expedition

白雪歌送武判官歸京 / A Farewell with a White Snow Song to Wu for His Returning to the Capital

韋諷錄事宅觀曹將軍畫馬圖 / Appreciating the Horse Painting of the General Cao at the Residence of the Secretary Wei Feng

丹青引贈曹霸將軍 / A Song of Paintings to the General Cao Ba

寄韓諫議 / A Letter to the Censor Han

古柏行 / A Song to an Old Cypress

觀公孫大娘弟子舞劍器行·並序 / A Song to the Sword Dance Performed by Madam Gongsun's Disciple Together with an Introduction

石魚湖上醉歌·並序 / Drunk Singing by the Stone Fish Lake Together with an Introduction

山石 / Mountain Rock

八月十五夜贈張功曹 / A Song to the Secretary Official Zhang at the Night on August Fifteenth

謁衡岳廟遂宿嶽寺題門樓 / 謁衡嶽廟遂宿嶽寺題門樓

石鼓歌 / Stone Drum Song

漁翁 / Angler

長恨歌 / A Song of Endless Remorse

琵琶行·並序 / A Song to a Lady Playing Pipa Together with an Introduction

韓碑 / A Song to Han Yu's Monument Inscription

《塞下曲其一》 / A Border Song - I

作者:王昌齡 / Author: Wang Changling


Of the withered mulberry-trees cicadas are loudly complaining.

Such is a scene at the Xiaoguan Pass on August.


Repeatedly get through the pass back and fro.

Yellow reeds exist everywhere.


As history goes, guesting soldiers in You and Bing,

Finally fading away on the dusty battlefields they will be.


Never envy those valiant brave rangers

Proudly boasting the might of their horses.

《塞下曲其二》 / A Border Song - II

作者:王昌齡 / Author: Wang Changling


Drink my horse while crossing autumn waters

With water coldness chilling like cutting knives.


Not yet fallen has the huge sunset.

In the sandy twilight the town of Linyao can be seen.


violently fight on the Great Wall soldiers used to.

Suggestively they say soldiers in high spirits.


Yellow dust has existed here since ancient times

Surrounding messy bones mixed with weeds everywhere.

《關山月》 / The Moon over Fortified Pass

作者:李白 / Author: Li Bai


Over the Sky Mountains the bright moon rises

Amidst the boundless clouds waxing and waning.


Gusts blow thousands of miles long

All the way passing through the Jade Gate.


Han soldiers are heading to the Baideng Pass.

As Tibet troops covet the shores of the Blue Lake.


For so long a time in battlefields,

No one is allowed to return safely.


When soldiers on duty gaze at the borderland view,

With sorrowful facial expression they aspire for homecoming.


At full moon nights, wives stay at high floors heaving a sigh for traveling soldiers.

The beloved relatives far away, when can you return home?

《子夜秋歌》 / The Autumn Ballad at Midnight

作者:李白 / Author: Li Bai


All over Changan the moon shines,

With the sound of beating clothes echoed from tens of thousands of homes.


Endlessly autumn wind blows,

With the missing moods dwelling on husbands remotely on front lines.


When can be captured the northern barbarian tribes?

So long the soldier trips, husbands return from battlefields.

《長干行》 / The Ballad of Changgan

作者:李白 / Author: Li Bai


My hair just covered the forehead

Accompanying with you for flower-plucking games at the front door.


Riding on a bamboo horse, you approached,

Encircling the well column, we threw green plum branches playfully.


Live in the Changgan District, we both, Two youngsters with innocent thoughts.


At fourteen, I became your wife,

So shy without a smile to wear on.


A shady corner, I retreat,

Without answering your call after call.


At fifteen, I started to ease my brows.

I will accompany with you till death into dust.


With your promise-keeping vow,

Why would I aspire for your homecoming ultimately

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