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When Eros Speaks


Poet Must Write

An Anthology of Love, lust and sensuality

A collection of love poetry from across the world.

Edited by

Karen Hayward/POETS The Original


All work remains the copyright of each individual author ©2018

Introduction and editing selection © Karen Hayward 2018

Front cover image © Karen Hayward 2018

The right of each poet to be recognised as the author of their work is in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of1988




Karen Hayward, Silver Threads

Larry Norris-Smouldering Soul, Take the budding rose

Sara Field, What Love Is...

Malay Nandy, I Know You

Jasmine, We Are...

Karen Hayward, The Scent of Lilac Love

Loc Thiese, Why Would I Wanna

Ellen Waters, I Want My Hands

MEFC, Valentine's Day

Allan Ball, Sleeping so peacefully

Lori Carnegie Ryan, Ring

Prasanna Kkumar, Come Along

Jasmine, That Smooth Slither

Karen Hayward, Kisses on Shattered Soul Pieces

Larry Norris-Smouldering Soul, Yes

Berniboux, Soon To Be

Wendy Phelan, Eternal Love

Michelina Di Martino, Star

Lori Carnegie Ryan, Nadia Fortuna, Kaleidoscope, Sheer Magic

Saroja BS, Hours of spring wayward

John Duffy, My Love

Patrick Horgan, Drunk

Kiean Iradet, Be Mine

Larry Norris-Smouldering Soul, As I Enter

Karen Hayward, Icarus I heed your tale

Mari Felices, Let Me

Shenelle, The Love begun

Shrikriti, Like the First

Mark Bryan, This Valentine With Me

Hifsa Ashraf, true love

Rasma Raister, Take My Hand Valentine

Jasmine, Let Me

Dennis Gatheright, Love To Me

Dilip Vyas, Quill

Edward Bray, Sensual

Ward Bones, Realize

Patrick Horgan, Need

Kaleidoscope, Million pins of

Michelina di Martino, Me and You

Matt Anguilar, In A Dogwood Daze

Chris Frasier, No Measure

Sunita, Soul Calling

Robert Madole, My Queen

Cherry A, Let me dive into

Cima Tempestosa, Solo Tu/ Only You

Larry Norris-Smouldering Soul, In the deathly

Lori Carnegie Ryan, Thirst

Mari Felices, One More Night With You

Andrea Henderson, Love Me

Dilip Vyas, Inbloomed

Larry Norris-Smouldering Soul, Love is pain

Jasmine, Your touch

Jay Diefenderer, Untitled

Michelina di Martino, My Love

Patrick Horgan, Red

Ellen Waters, Careful inquiry

Mari Felice, A Whimisical Concupiscent

Akeenah, Love

Lori Carnegie Ryan, I Love You

Larry Norris-Smouldering Soul, I want to wake up

Patrick Horgan, The Chase

Karen Hayward, Haphazard Dreams of Consumation



Since the beginning of time Poets have been narrating the constellation of lovers, depicting the many different forms of love and lust expressed, created and caressed within the human self.

Greek mythology has blessed us with tales of Eros and Pshyche, a love borne from the essence of jealousy, lost in the veil of trust and reborn in the ashes of eternal unity.

Love uniting with soul, giving birth to pleasure.

When Eros Speaks the Poet Must Write, is an anthology of love, lust and sensual poetry from across the world. The combined voices from the esteemed writers at POETS The Original. These diverse poets have explored the very taste of love; the sensual touch of lust as it slips through finger tips, the embrace of celestial caresses at twilight and the raging fires of need as it burns deep within the soul whispering an ancient language...together they have scribed the many faces, voices, depths and kisses of love in the Twenty-First century.


Silver Threads

The trees murmured of our love
long before the leaves whispered
our ancient names. On births
creation a constellation of
speckled veins traversing,
passing, rushing, yearning…
passion stirring, paths crashing.
Entwining energies, stoic
thread of silver calm, stitched
perhaps by Zeno in days before.
Are we the calm or the storm?

Karen Hayward ©2017


Take the budding rose

of my devotion

and nurture it

love it, feed it with love

and you will have a devotee

for the rest of your life

Smouldering Soul © Jan 2018


What love is…

Love is messy

Love is confusing

Love is my tongue

Tangled and tripping

Over words and thoughts

That don’t want to come out right

Something about the journey

Between heart, mind and tongue

That makes meaning get lost in translation

You can’t just go through the motions

Of this emotion

As it it were some gentle brook or creek

Gingerly floating

Gently guided by the current

Love is

It’s more like an ocean

With its strong under currents and rip tides

That pull you in and hold you down

Love is

It’s more like an ocean

In that

It is more than you can see

Quickly it becomes all you can see

All you want to be

And have

And inhabit

Love is

It’s just like the ocean

In that

You touch one drop

And you feel as if you’ve touched it all

As if you’ve touched every drop

As if you’ve gone to the depths

Every unexplored cavern

You want to find and explore

You become an expert free diver.

Love surrounds

Makes you forget to breath

Makes you willing to hold what breath you have

Makes you willing to risk your life

For just a few more seconds in these depths

To see how much further you can go.

The water is freezing

Shark infested

When you first jump in

But the longer you linger

The more you want to stay

Stay in its beauty

Its comfort

Its secrets

And mystery.

Love is an ocean

Steady and predictable

Turbulent and uncertain

Scary and uncharted

Love is…

Love just is.

©Sara Fields


I Know You

You don't know me but I know you.

You can't see me but I can see you.

You can't touch me but I can touch you too.

Maybe I'm a ghost, maybe I'm a shadow.

Maybe I'm a breeze, maybe I'm a gust of wind

Blowing through your open window.

Do you disbelieve, do you question me?

This is how I nourish you.

This is how I take care of you.

Don't you feel it?

Don't you realise anything?

I'm stupid indeed.

I'm unable to make myself visible.

I'm unable to make myself handy to you.

My language is obsolete.

My voice is inaudible too.

But still I love you.

I love you no doubt.


Malay Nandy

5 January 2018


We are,

an unbreakable bond

in ever expanding cosmos

dipped in red love

with a hint of stardust

under the moon

Two souls entwined

With love and a desire

of a lifetime

merged into one another

an unbreakable bond

we are.

Jasmine ©


The Scent of Lilac Love

Gentle whispers embracing lilac love
I am the petal and you are the rain
I drown my thirst in your succulent taste
The red fires of passion the subtle calm
of blue, a perfect combination of
me and you,as vines weave together need

I could become lost on this ascent of
of pleasure, a pheromone fragrance of
desire, an addictive toxin rushing
through my blood,a chemical fixation
drunk on honey nectar, the voyeur’s dance
life’s perfect exhibition lustrous stage.

Silk petals love caresses lust bruises
quenching nourishment and the flower blooms.

Karen Hayward ©2017


Why would I wanna
speak of anything else
other then her eyes?

Stars, galaxies, other
worlds, parallel worlds
I see in them, while
she acts all coy
and shy

..and why would I
speak on anything other
than her skin?

The way it quivers
and juggles when we’re
in lusts’ throw. . .my goodness
where do I begin?


Why in the world
would I wanna speak
of anything other than
her gorgeous mind?

She sees through my
bullshit, clear through it
and cautions me with
loving sternness

With this ring I’ll
make her mine

Forever make
her my valentine

(c)2018 Locthiese


I want my hands to smell like your skin

my mouth to taste of your luscious kisses

my eyes to only see your haunting beauty

my skin to feel your soft touch

and my ears to only ever hear

you say you love me.

Folly, is my wasted love.

©ellen waters


Valentine's Day

The lights of heart

Reflex, they shine

The halo splendour

Passion of love

Honey, a lips' touch

Each other kisses

Tender melt

The souls in love

Cupid's arrow

On Valentine's Day

Aim at random

A lucky game

Sincerely Yours,



Sleeping so peacefully

Dreaming as you rest

A bouquet of benevolence

Embraced in your caress

Pristine purveyor of purity

Captivated by your charm

Forever isn't long enough

To be enraptured in your arms

Seducing my soul and spirit

Making all dreams come true

Together in perfect harmony

My life begins and ends with you.

Allan Ball . (c) . 2018 .



Make for me a ring

And turn it out of gold

A treasure that when given

Is a heart to have and hold

Make for me a ring

And turn it out of wood

Circles a new beginning

Growing as we should

Make for me a ring

And turn it out of stone

The solid true foundation

Of a loving happy home

Make for me a ring

And turn it out of light

The sunshine of the morning

The brilliant stars at night

Make for me a ring

And turn it out of you

So I will always keep the heart

Of the one I love so true

©2018 Lori Carnegie Ryan


Come along
hold my hand
forget around
all that's irritating
come hold my hand
move with me
to the realm
of rhythmic symphony
where we play
around variegated
of music
amalgam of emotions
hold my hand
lets hop and forget around
all that's giving tingles
Come along, come along
my valentine.....!



That smooth slither
of your lips
up and down,
sends shivers
down my spine

That slow stroll
of your fingers
on my skin,
feels like a razor
cutting through

I'm so beautiful,
Like, star dust dancing
on every inch of me
I'm the silver,
shining in the night skies

And as I creep into you,
And you into me
even the moon smiles...
It smiles
at the union of two souls
under the
cloak of darkness

Jasmine ©


Kisses On Shattered Soul Pieces

First kiss,

lips grazing as

butterflies swarm

through our existence,

time momentarily pausing.

As light consumes dark,

dark consumes light.

Souls dance in wonder,


entwining their essence…

this is not the moment in time

when I will know your love

at a depth unknown to others.

This is not the memory I will recall

every time I search my mind

for our beginning.

I will swim past,

delve deeper into the darkness,

Walk the un-trodden path of my mind

follow the lost scent of pain,

I will find the moment that defined our love,

there in a shroud my broken pieces

cocooned by your being.

Rationality departed, etched motives,

my soul shattered, shards of bloodied spirit

spill monumentally across pristine reality,

the chaotic remnants.

Intensity overload as I break

and break

and break


There you are

lips grazing mine

fingers upon my face,

hand in my hair,

eyes watching me,

no words spoken

just watching

filled with fear,

filled with love.

Lips grazing as you reach through the shards

of shattered crystal, love rising

through me,

not the fluttering wings of butterflies,

but the sudden rise of knowing beyond all realities,

this is the kiss that will define the moment

I knew what it was to be loved by you.

Karen Hayward ©2018



wear that little black number

the dress that makes you forget

who you belong to

and makes me forget

that I don't belong

to anyone

Smouldering Soul © Oct 2017


Soon to be -

valentines waltzing

their greatest murmuration

to avoid faux pas

© 2018




I long to dive into your eyes of liquid Amber

To traverse your golden skin with trembling fingers
Your mouth to kiss, with wet inviting tongues entwining
To melt in your arms, like chocolate in the sunshine
To taste of you so magical, like Ambrosia to my lips
To writhe as one, reunified by the sweetness of desire
To sink in satisfied relief, beneath the setting sun of fire
To know our journey is ahead and our love just began
Your smile sprinkles glittery green into my hazel eyes,
You make my body ache for you and will my soul to cry
For you are my morning sun, my calming evening moon
So come hither my eternal love, our day is over all too soon…

© Wendy Phelan - 3 January 2018
In Dedication to David, my life Partner



is only a word
means nothing
without feeling
pain 'n heartache
eternal emotion
wraps around us
like a tremulous

I live my life
being the word
and so I love you...

on this silent night
stars watch over us
wish I was up there
a light shining bright
in celestial eyes

I'd fall for you
for a secret desire
in a place where
dreams come true

Miss Poet Miki
© Michelina Di Martino


Sheer Magic

When shall we three meet again...

In Thunder…
When all is sound
And we have fallen under
The spell of love
That has been struck
Felt from top to toe
In rumbling vibration
Resonating in waves
To surround us

In Lightning…
When in the briefest
Flash of a brilliant spark
There comes the moment
Of crystal purity where
Our skies burn gold in
Love’s sheer magnificence
Where the vision of her
Engulfs him in iridescence

Or in Rain…
When delicacy sets in
Claiming wet skies
Our liquid petals joined together
With everlasting passionate embrace cupped
Blossoming; Penetrating
Sets forth radiant prisms
Immersed with fluidity
With beads of love surrounding

Then we shall meet again and again and again...

©2018 Lori Carnegie Ryan, Kaleidoscope S, Nadia Fortuna


Hours of spring wayward
totally beanfed
to my heart's door
you did come !!

Stoic disposition blown out
ripples changed into waves
pulled me into love's secrets!!

Sat beside you
in the arbour full of
Indian Beach
hemmed by
Jasmine creepers
my mind's aplomb lost!!

Zephyr whispered
Leaves murmured
whole being thrilled
Love's arcanum and
vastitude surprised!!

Oh my dear
My sweetheart
can you tell me dear
from where this love

© 2018 B.S.Saroja


My Love

Some whisper humanity will end in unruly petulant desire
Consumed and devoured by blazing nuclear fire

But what happens to you and I
Your body and mine

Do you shiver at the thought of my tongue
Submissive and surrendering
Like the Story of O

Do you tremble involuntarily
wanting the warm caress of my lips

Its guile to remap skin
Creating wet tributaries of yearnings

New flames of inner fires
Now alight and burning

Imagination alight
Desire on fire

To live a life
An everlasting dance with a drop of you to savour in my mouth
Your touch and wanton needs

To survive with such
Lascivious thoughts
Dreaming and waiting for you

Singing songs of Solomon
That would suffice

In the everlasting hope
you would arrive and just become my wife

Copyright John Duffy 2018



The gem-like glow of drunk
Unable to see one
Shards of reflection
One? Four? More?
Is this more?
Is this precision?
Is this beauty?
I don't know.
I know who I yearn toward
But I do not dare to say.

Patrick Horgan ©


be mine

Languidly as I stand
Watching you smile
Knowing it's for me
Took a sinful sharp sigh

Dum dum dedi dedi
Dum dum dum
You're my hunny bunny
You're my plum

Feeling beautiful
That loving glance
Like liquid honey flowing
From your eyes to my soul

Dum dum dedi dedi
Dum dum dum
You're my hunny bunny
You're my plum

Heartbeat quickened
As I saw you approach
A twinkle in my eye
O cloud nine, here we soar

Dum dum dedi dedi
Dum dum dum
You're my hunny bunny
You're my plum

Come, be my valentine
Come, be my love
Lets dance to this tune
Our heart sings

Hu huu huuu....yee yeehhh
Dum dum dedi dedi
Dum dum dum
You're my hunny bunny
You're my plummer plum

© kiean(Asia)


As I enter into the realm of your embrace,

I lose my sense of reality,

Enough is not a concept I understand.

All of you, is my drug of choice.

To know your surrender,

And to have you claim mine,

Is the ultimate in ecstasy.

The summit of desire,

The nectar of life,

I cannot live without.

Smouldering Soul (c) Copyright Jan. 2018.



Icarus I Heed your Tale be given free wings

to wander the lands

to abandon the cages

to tread bare foot

through the forests

of life.

A free spirit

a loved soul.

To be given free wings

is to blessed with true love.

Karen Hayward ©2018



Let me hold you dear
dance with me
to the rhythm of my heart.
It's you I needed the most

Let me wrap my arms around your body,
and listen to what my heart say
the symphony of my soul
it's you the love of my life.

Let me close your mouth
with my lips tenderly biting its lower part.
and relish the sweetness upon your lips.
Oh dear it's you I ever wanted.

Let me love you dear
allow me to love you with all my heart.
As we zest together the luscious of our love
Bring me to heaven with love and ecstasy
Fulfilling our heart and soul desire.

Let me undress you my love
Let me savour the essence of your mortal parts.
And let me caress you with my bare hand,
moans with pleasure
you and I
two bodies become one.

© Mari Felices


The Love begun in the Canary Winter,

When glimmer took my heart in beauty,

Looks of yours in coliginous air through,

Abjure my promise of true love for you,

Your deep eyes showed the lissome smile,

The Attitude and Eloquence with you,

Was what meant for you too in depths,

For the first time when I hold your hand,

I felt the spark of love in my poor heart,

Cajolery lacked in your words for me,

  My eyes were nothing a worthy of you,

A day of years without looking you,

Was thus far a Cadaveros on my Soul,

The Rhythmic Song of your love for me,

Made my nights all together to a balcony,

Where your beautiful hair fluttered in Air,

Near Onomatopoeia for my language for you,

Misfortune of sky was without you, my love,

You were the moon of Bolero out of my hands,

Where beneath your opulent sights at me,

I rather eulogize your words on my heart,

Making the Oratorio of your lyrics sweetened,

If whether you were not forby me in Souls,

I would've been famished all to the loneliness,

My dear the letters you wrote to me with a kiss,

I would always felt the brandish of your lips,

You were inborn for me and your love, too,

At the elapse of earthlings and humanity,

My life was indigenous part of death finals,

Meeting you and a Séance of Minds and Souls,

I let everyone to flow away just for you to be happy,

I was your Nocturnal Lover and Lucid was I,

Your laughter was a seductive touch to my life,

Your scent was seethe for me to come near you,

Your Love was the sedulous intake of living,

You Ordeal me within your birth for me and I for you,

From the Seclusion I fear once now I wish a lot for,

Just a solitude with you and nights with me,

I pyrrhic the love of yours now in your heart, too.

"The Love of Promise"

(C) Shenelle Seve 2018


Like the first

Steps of the child

You stepped into my life

Like the first rains

Of the monsoon

You touched my heart

Like the first rays

of the rising Sun

You spread all over me

And I know now

Leaving you

will be last time

I will ever breathe

Shrikriti ©


This Valentine With Me

The sweetest time is here again with love,

My Valentine, I take you by the hand,

And give you roses, each from him above,

That make up e'ry day you understand.

My heart is yours and yours alone to heal,

In life there's pain but having you is right,

The greatest feeling ever with our deal,

Dark nights appeared and I can find my light.

Still shining with your love for me to see,

Each breath we take bring life to day for us,

And I don't worry, never you leave me,

I'll keep loving you without a fuss.

So ask the question, do you love me more,

My heart will feel the pleasure like a cure.

© Mark Bryan


true love

true love is like a cascading waterfall

bursts through the dark steeply rock

cuddles with gentle wind from the dock

twists with morning sunlight to enthral

gushing erotically with a blissful melody

misty breath casts magic in moonlight

butterflies kiss pearly skin for delight

angelic soul fly high with wings of fidelity

swaying and dancing to deeply interact

purity glints on its effervescent eyes

to smear passionately rainbows in skies

as gentle drops of love lost in cataract

touches soil and transcends it into gold

love seeps into heart that is ready to unfold.


Hifsa Ashraf


Take My Hand Valentine

Take my hand Valentine,

let’s sail o’er the skies -

dreaming of happy tomorrows.

Love brings with it passion,

kisses as sweet as wine,

days that are sublime

and nights with hearts pulsating.

Time doesn’t stand still,

and it brings us along,

before we know it,

silver strands pepper our hair.

So let’s love while we’re young,

with passion and deep understanding,

nights by candlelight,

while dancing in the dark.

So that when the years have passed us by,

In our twilight years,

we can remember with smiles –

all of those loving miles.

While we hold hands

and walk through the years in memory,

together forever just you and I,

remembering it all began –

when you said you’d be mine.

So take my hand Valentine,

it’s who we spend our lives with,

who we dance the years through with,

share the laughter and the tears –

that forever matters.

The rest of it is just a moment,

that’s suspended in time,

all of the Valentine’s who’ve come and gone,

are just ships passing through foreign ports.

We have a day for special thoughts of love,

When expressed between two people who really care,

whose love is eternal and real.

With kisses that taste,

like fine, mellow wine,

it’s a day to cement true love vows -

so take my hand Valentine.

(C) R,Raisters


Let me


Under the shimmering moon light,

Let me dive,

into the depths of your pristine soul

Let me bathe,

in your smoldering kisses

Let me feel,

the slightest tremble of your skin

Let me trickle,

through your senses

Let me fall,

in love with you

Jasmine ©



Is that special wish,
When life favors you with a kiss.
An embrace,
That puts a smile on my face,
Looking into your eyes,
Never asking the question why,
Just knowing I will love you until I die,
Love to me,
It’s the hours without you I miss,
The moments that I reminisce,
Your presence,
Enjoying your essence,
Your core,
Is what I adore,
Love to me,
It’s the thought of you that makes me free,
With you I am in paradise,
Love is sweeter than honey and any delicious spice,
No hesitation or thinking twice,
Love to me is our souls together,
That’s nicely knitted forever,




Tucked among the curvedly bosom

more inside yet a bit sure outside


if I ask

she gives me

a bit

with inkful fingers.

A dew drop always makes morning.

dilip vyas 2016



Fingers brushing along curves
Feeling soft a tender flesh
Lips press against lips
In a sensual embrace
As passion carries two souls away
Candles burning brightly
Creates shadows on the wall
Of two bodies intertwined in lust
Sounds of passion fill the air
Escaping through the open window
And as they reach the plateau
Daylight breaks the clouds
Ending their night of love and lust 

©Edward Bray



Heart of mine...
Fruit of my love,
My sweet divine...

How long it's been,
My first true sin,
We laid in lust,
To just pretend.

I've never loved,
And been conjoined,
I don't know why,
Mistaken loins...

Love and lust,
Together, no.
I'm offered one,
But never both.

A little boy,
So sad inside.
With marriage as his fantasy,

But only toys,
Sensual joys,
Have realized
Themselves to me.

Copyright 2018 by Ward Bones



I need? Want? You are what
I need? Want? You just what
I need? And. Here. Now. Need
Give yourself.
Give yourself.
Just Now.
I need.
Give yourself to me.

Patrick Horgan ©


Million pins of

exquisite agony

Satin sheets

Whispers of caresses

Love transcending

cosmic mind space

Hands over satin

A million butterflies

I am unfurled

petals of a long

forgotten rose

© Kali


Me and You

speak of me
I beg you my love
tell me you love me
invent me as you wish
two eyes
that shine for you
a mouth
to cover with kisses
take my hands
hold them
tightly in yours
tell me I'm beautiful
run your fingers
through my hair
caress my face
tell me
you're lonely too
I can't live without you
speak of me
I beg you my love

no! wait!
speak of you...

Miss Poet Miki
© Michelina Di Martino


In A Dogwood Daze

Dogwood plumes, dance in a blurring distance
The air is yellow like petals of honeysuckle and
sweet, like it's nectar that seethes your pours

Scorched remains left of a dream
As darkness grew behind a hollow scream
The wind changed colours as it blew through her hair

With curls like vines for me to climb
It held you like night, holds the moon
In the cadence of the pulse in this dying star

Upon the stones, 'neath where the lichen grow
As still is the air in the land of a thousand streams
I beg of you my moon

in this darkness and disarray
Would she still find me beautiful?
On this moment of the not much longer will be my day...

(c) matt aguilar
Copyrighted material


No measure

I know the shape
of your heart
Its depth, the contents
it's able to hold
I would know it
even if in shadow
The rate of it beating
heard and felt with
a sure familiarity
I know the ways
to stir it, fill it, to melt it
Applying any of these
becoming evident to me
that you felt it
I know your heart
by its shape and size
how easily it conforms with mine
Just as this ink, these words
find their strength on paper
The depth of two hearts
beating strong together
enduring in love, immeasurable...

~cf 2018(c)


Soul Calling

That peck of your feet made me forget all,
What l was,who l was ,where l was,
Every tiniest particle of my being
wanted to be the tea you sipped
with your soulful seductive lips,
Sitting apart from you,could l separate me from you.
I desired to be the phone which you caressed so fondly,
I wanted you to be ingrained in me caressing savouring every bit of me.
I wanted you to encompass me in your enchanting embrace,
I wanted to be caught in intoxicating swoon,
facing the whirlpool of vulnerability in moans.
Every atom of my being wanted you to soothe each and every bit of me.
I wanted to be you with you as you not me.
For me you are me not you.

© Sunita 2018


My Queen

Heart beats faster

Palms begin to sweat

Knees feel weak

Lips ache to set free

On just the thought of you coming to me

Doorbell rings

Unbreakable smile takes my face

As you walk closer than glance

Your glimmering glow radiant flow hair of magnificent gold

As I peak upon your Flawless canvas my eyes impeach impeccable mold

Only thy Lord could make such Precision fine cut diamond Crimson raw

Your every curve brushed by the cloud of Mother Earth

Skin like white covered sand

you can't resist

take my hand

Once in grasp within

you melt like lava quicksand

I put your hands in one of mine

with other grasping hair directing your face to mine

indulging on your sweet voluptuous Taste of wine

kissing licking every groove

Charismatically caressing every bone

you moan beautiful chimes

Are bodies perfect line

Within these white sheets of mine crawling up the wall

begging me to stop

can't take anymore

And there you sit

on pleasuring Bliss

with your fix to mine

You are my queen

Blood in my veins

Roar my rage

Ink on this page

You mean the world to me my love

Come back to me so my heart will once again beat

My lungs except air so I can breathe

My love

Thy Queen

give me your hand so I can kneel at your every command

©Robert B Madole



Let me dive into
the ocean of your love
hold me...
closer to you
paint me with
the hues of rainbow .
Be oasis in the
desert of my life
Adorn me with
your tender touch.

When the waves of ocean
douse my barren soul
sway me deeper
into your love.

Take me in your arms
let my blues melt,
flow like tears
On gullies of my cheek.

When the moon shimmer
in the full moon night
Kiss my longing lips,
Hold me,
hush a song of love
shower me with
handful of moonlight
and when the moon sleeps
let those stars hum
songs of love for us
as we mingle....

Copyright@Cherry A


Solo tu

La passione

mi porta a te,

il tuo cuore

è culla d'amore

della mia anima.

Possa il sole vederci,

possa la luna spiarci,

nel letto del cielo

consumiano questo sentimento.

Stringimi forte,

fammi sentire che

sono tuo,

nulla può dividerci

perché le nostre anime

sono fuse

in un unico desiderio

Bruciamo come il fuoco,

ci sciogliamo

come neve al sole,

vivo di te,

vivi di me.

Fammi affogare

nelle tue dolci labbra,

è il mio ultimo desiderio,

morire d'amore

solo per te.

Cima Tempestosa ©

English translation.

Only you

Passion it brings me to you,

your heart

It is a cradle of love

of my soul.

May the sun see us,

may the moon spy on us,

in the sky bed

they consume this feeling.

Hug me tight,

let me hear that

I'm yours,

nothing can divide us

because our souls

they are merged

in one desire

We burn like fire,

we melt

like snow in the sun,

I live on you,

live of me.

Let me drown

in your sweet lips,

it's my last wish,

to die of love

Only for you.

Cima Tempestosa ©


In the deathly silence of the midnight hour,

or in the lonely writes at the dawn of day.

It is always you my darling one

no other face

nor other voice

brings me back to reality

lke that of the woman I love

you are my destiny

my journey

you are my poetry

I pray that you are in my arrival

Smouldering Soul © Nov 2017



It wasn’t so much a want

As it was a need

Greedy with desire

Craving his lips

On every inch of her skin

Hands cupping her body

Head bent

Leaning in to sample her aroma

The scent of her skin

Arousing and intoxicating

He opened his mouth

To sip

To drink deeply

To consume her entirely

Knowing one taste

Would never be enough

To quench his thirst

©2018 Lori Carnegie Ryan



Thinking of you in my sleepless lonely cold night,
That I'm looking into your eyes,
Kissing me and touching me tonight.
But your distance are like stars and moon at night.

If loving you is not right.
Then, I don't care and I don't mind,
If loving you is a crime,
Then I be willing to punish and go to jail.
If loving you is a sin,
Then I can't do anything because I'm only human.

But my heart say it is right.
Living without you make me crazy and wild.
Oh come to me my honey,
Just one more night or a day.
I will risk my life,
I sacrifice my reputation and my everything.
I will give those thing I have and I've owned just to be with you.
To have one night with you.
Just to feel your touch, your kiss, your softly tight embrace.

Oh dear just one more night with you,
To make my dream come true.
I want to feel your body next to mine.
I want to feel your love even just for tonight.
I can't really stand,
I can't go on just living in my dreams about you,
I wanna make it real,
So please come to me honey.

© Mari Felices


Love me

Love her

Love him

Love them...this or that


What is it?!

Is it only when you are me

Is it wrapped in gold and white

I long to know what this love is REALLY all about

Is it something to scream and shout about with

animalistic moans in the midnight hour

Is it hot bubbly streams of water

laced all over me in the shower

Love is good

Love is heavenly

Love is when I feel like it

Love is an action word

Love is meek and bold

Love is when I don't feel like it

Love is constant even when I feel

Contrary to its core definition

Love is an action word so show me!

Love is...

©Andrea Henderson 2018



The hidden star

of a woman's innermost.

The flower


Actually blooms

with a slightly sensuous.....touch.


when a man sniffs it

from far.

The light of the star

the smell of the flower

you can know through your experience


The womanly hole makes us mad

is in itself though a bit sad.

And when it leaks white rivers

you certainly can't swim your paper boats there.

Passionate men leak it

to taste heaven.

Clean or unshaven.

A poet friend of mine

thirty years ago

had his strongest desire

to smell a young girl's panty


Once in a life time, even.

It pees.

Being a flower it has its bees.

Pregnancy sublimates

it's raw and rare immaturities.

That's a total rose -- now!

Dew soaked fresh.

Being earthly that's humanly

it's tears are a bit ink stained

That have peacock feathers' hue.

dilip vyas ©2016


Love is pain

if you expect unadulterated


despondency is sure to follow


love can bond

and the pain refines

character is the trait to seek

and fidelity for those who are

not weak.

Smouldering Soul © Oct 2017


Your touch,

ignition of a spark

A spark, turned into

a burning desire

A desire to devour,

every bit that is you.

Emotions wrap around us

as our bodies move in waves

In sighs and soundless breaths

In a cocoon weaved from our love

Jasmine ©



I see you on occasion

In your normal day to day

I often want to speak to you

But don't know what to say

I wonder if there's a mister

Or if there ever was

The care you take in all you do

You must have someone

To care for you

I dream that it's me

Am I crazy?

Could it be?

Some would find it disgraceful

Maybe even distasteful

To want an older woman

In their eyes

But not to me

Dare I tell you?

Dare I say,

These things I dream?

How would you react?

Would you laugh?

Would you scorn me?

Or is silence better

Should I just yearn

Should I just extinguish

This secret fire that burns

It's probably just a silly crush

Infatuation, or obsession

This thought I have of holding you

Your heart in my possession

I only wish my mouth could say

These words so easily penned

But if I faced rejection

I'm sure I'll never mend

For now I'll keep it all inside

And keep this fantasy hid

And praise the older woman

Who owns the heart I bid

Jay Diefenderfer


My love,

...and if I tell you
your eyes are like two stars
shining into my darkest night,
will you look at me?

...and if I tell you
your smile is like
a golden bridge
leading to my heart,
will you cross it?

...and if I tell you
my heart beats into yours
whenever I see your face,
will you love me?

for never did I see
such stars up in the sky
never did I see such glow
in the deepest night...
only the heart knows
such precious things
the mind cannot perceive

let its light
guide you my love...

you'll see
the coloured rainbow
from shore to shore
in each other's hearts
we'll fall...
never yearning
for anything more...

Miss Poet Miki
© Michelina Di Martino



I see the light cast on her glint red hair
And I shift. Towards her gleam
Toward her glow.
And it is only exactly her glow
That perfects the light.
That perfects the light.
I lean toward

Patrick Horgan ©


Careful inquiry, beautiful girl

guarded approach on stealthy trace

shadows tremor from seductive serenades

leading touch, quivering sultry skin

lingering wash of lips and tongue

serious shaking, body incandescent

violent release, screaming shapes

loving flow in satisfied glow

warring arms and jealous retorts

muddled thoughts in doubting screams

sorrow deep in stormy seas

never happily ever after.

ellen waters ©



Your eyes are bright and sparkle
It's twinkled like stars at night.
I was mesmerized and walked sluggishly through you.
I'm not demure anymore,
I wanted to be envelop by your strong and yet gentle arms.

Oh, Press your lips to mine, my dear
Make me feel I'm the only girl of your dream
Drench me with your loving kiss
Tracing every curves of my mortal parts with your fingertips.

My charlatan had been remorse and eschew me in silence
But your kissed is like an elixir,
Who taught me to become wild and not ingenue anymore.
And dismissed from my mind those good manners I've learned from my granny.

I looked at you once again, your lips was so tempting.
Inviting me for more passionate kiss.
I did not control the urged to come close,
And now I was under your nose,
when I felt your lips sipping mine.
I couldn't control the sparked of flame through my vein.

I become decrepit with your essence,
I set fire to the ashes of your reclaimed state of being.
Conflate to the rhythm of our love
Sing the melody of our hearts.
Moan with pleasure, heavenly sphere at last.

I felt the marble floor against my body,
My waist was so painful.
when I fell from my bed.
I opened my eyes, I was hugging my teddy bear so tight.
Shame on me! It was only just a dream.
My unreachable dream about you!

© Mari Felices



love worth more than riches,
they can't break the oak off God love,
powered! all my strength come from above,
She's so loyal she got the eyes of a dove,
You can see it by the way she move,
Real kings got her in the right grove,
Love is all she need,
A virtuous women,
Hate she dare not breath,
Sowing every seed,
For the things that she need,
Blessing comes and go,
Its see like broken bead,
She's cautious and glad,
She work in nothing bad,
A virtuous women love.

By Akeenah Lyons.


I Love You
I Love You
I Love You
I Love You
I Love You

I would place my love upon each one of your fingertips,
So that everything you felt would be touched by love...

©2018 Lori Carnegie Ryan


I want to wake up,

and be endearing.

Make you coffee,

or gently kiss,

that mouth,

too exquisite to be true.

I want an ordinary life,

with the extraordinary you.

Smouldering Soul © October 2017


The Chase

Desire for a woman pulls me hard
Away from my normal intellectual way
Of being. I hunt, driving forward forward -
My only need to bring the prey to bay.
The swell of breast, the sensual curve of hip
The sparkling eyes, her lips, the need to kiss -
And from my pensive thoughts at once I slip
To thoughts of love and joy and perfect bliss.
We touch, a brush, a gaze, O God her eyes.
Our breath co-joins, my hand, her cheek, now one
With limbs entwined and then, at last my prize
A perfect bliss - We sprawl - are laid - undone.
And finally, at last, my prey is caught and then --
My intellect asserts itself again.
Patrick Horgan ©


Haphazard Dreams of Consumation

I dream my soul is tangled deep within yours
my spirit weaving haphazardly across your shore
my hair a web of chaos spilling across your pillow
Red strands of flame vining like the willow.
I dream my hand finds yours, slender fingers
wrapped through strong masculinity. Still lingers
the essence of you upon my skin as slumber leaves
I recall you, the kisses we stole, like thieves
and my white bare leg hooked tightly
you raise your knee, slightly.
Light merging with dark, thigh on thigh.
Dark claiming light, I am half astride.
I dream your eyes search the constellation
of my freckles, kissing each one with tiny speckles.
From my toes, slowly rising, pausing, exploring
and now your eyes are burning, your hands pawing.
I dream of our consummation and I am claimed
marked by your love, melded by our need.
Forged in the the fires of sensulity
we are made in the throws of desire, formed in unity.
Two souls, yin and yang, dark and light
Consumating our love,

night after night.

Karen Hayward ©2018


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