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David Wesley Anderson

Copyright © 2018

David Wesley Anderson


All rights reserved.

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ISBN-13: 9781370793860

Dedication to You

You must continue

on the path, hot coals

underfoot, rain in the

sky, hunger in your

heart, because then

this path is yours, alone.


And as we wake

the blood flows,

pulses and beats

back to bring us

alive, and you

still, in my hands.

A lace force

always brutally

took me down,

and you knew

the magic was

in the eyes.

Chasing a love

we used to know,

over lavender fields

and endless wind

dresses, stealing

clouds in the sky.

Just a breeze

with your name,

floating away

into eternity,

on an ocean

of space dust.

The brilliance

lost in the

emotion, lost

in the words

meant for



Stuck between

the light and

dark again,

hoping again,

for a new leaf

to fall and take

us quickly, away.


each of my fingers

so every time I

touch you

it would be


Sometimes you

need someone

to throw a grenade

right at your heart.

Put the words

down before

they run away

with your heart.

In the darkest eyes

a bright element waits,

sea sky heaven earth

of one dream, as your

words dot the landscape.

It was madness

and us at the

same time,

in the same

moment, when

we touched.

Sometimes you

don't burn bridges,

you detonate them.

The echoes

pound and

make terrible

sounds, our

dreams before

death still want

to burst, still want

more breath, now.

Kisses like

cannons my

dear, rumbling

in the distance.

Your dastardly

lips and how

we sing and

slip you, into


much softer.

Trapped in the

realization that

I can only string

together so many

moments, before

they all pass by.

What secrets

lay in wait, under

the clothes we

shed in haste?

We careen

with speed,

with elegance

and damned


and still we

crash land

on an unknown

planet looking

for signs of life.

Tell me about

your delicate

pathways, the

ones that lead

to dead end

coffee shops

and rows of

old books.

Thumbs and necks

slipping collarbones

pretend, to be one

with night but then,

shift suddenly

and bite.

The white sand

shattered at your

toes, sun spotting

the water line as

you dipped into

a soft unknown.

Waylaid carefully

almost, quietly,

into your deep

entrusting blue

lagoon, calm

winds and trees

losing sight

of the horizon.

Serene, the crystal

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