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If you like the odd, the obscene, the misunderstood and the mis-spelled;

You’ll Love This Book!

And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness” – Equally in all of us…

Table of Contents:

Sold my soul

Squeeze your ass


A true vision; see it?



The dark triad

Climbing the carnage

I represent the lollipop guild”

The shine through

Acid drops

Alcohol poisoning

Sweet Dreams”

Bird Fucking Skinner

Goose Juice

Colloquially “Typhoid Mary”

Alcoholic Perfection

Sharin’ Memories

Alien Invasion; US

Our Promise

Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.)

Yersinia pestis

Snake whisperer



Eye drop Romance

Jingle Jangle

One for Temple

My Dead Friends

Year of our Lord – 1572

Her-o-ine (defined)

Popcorn Man

Nuclear Suntan

My Name


The Sign said, No Trucks Allowed

The Hidden


Pied Piper

Poison in Me

Fading to Gray

Winning or Losing

Black Wolf

Vacant Lot

Coppers for the Ferryman

Coming up the Steps

Shadow in the Dark

Autumn comes for Everyone

The Dark

The Return


Afraid of the Dark

Mother’s last Baby



G.I. Bleed

Have you seen my smile?

Cut Free

Run Fucker; Run



Read me Maurice!

They call me Ekim. Actually, they don’t. My mother calls me horses ass, the rest of the world just calls me, Mike. On the following pages you’re going to find fact and fiction twisted together like an elephant’s umbilical cord, and if you read slowly enough you’ll get to know me before the end.

I’m here”; screams the who to the Wickersham Brothers!

Chapter One; the only one

In the words of Stephen King; “you don’t need drugs to write.” In the words of Ekim Sivad; “they don’t hurt!”

Remember “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” Steph? That’s definitely no “Bag of Bones.”

Sold my Soul

it’s been thirty years since I sold my soul to the Devil and began filling these lines. He said, “If you want to be read then sign your name on the dotted line;” “a little blood is all I need to set you free.”

Drip, Drip, Drip;

O” Positive to be red.

Squeeze your Ass

Do you want to know why, or do you want to stay in denial?

I’ll tell you why, if you want to know?

Beware the answer though, the truth spills from me at all the wrong times.

Ask me please, and I’ll tell you.

That’s Please!

Are you shore that you want to know?

Perhaps a question from me first?

Why did you do that to him? You know what; why?

Because you were treated that way? That’s no excuse.

Living in a car, taken at gun point, fucked raw, that doesn’t give you the right; Why did you?

Because he was tight and you could? Daddy is always right, right?

There’s your answer Daddy, so he wouldn’t fuck them the way that you fucked him.

There’s your closure.

The alcohol on your breath doesn’t excuse the truth.


How can I explain it when I don’t even understand it myself?

Suffering that lasts a lifetime, born into it and dying because of it.

Shunned, rejected and exiled, nobody wants to help me.

They say they do, but in the end only I can help myself, and only if I choose to.

here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and man’s number is six hundred sixty-six.”

Man’s number, 18, while the beast, in her primality sums to 19, the primary, principal female, a mythological or legendary woman of divine descent………………our Heroine.

Might they understand me? No, I don’t think so……………..

A True vision; see it?

Dreaming I was a ghost, I awoke beneath the railing. Moments before I had been floating over the stairs, spirits all around me, beckoning me to jump, celebrating in my flight.

How I yearned to fly, freedom from this place yearned at such a young age. Teetering on the edge of catastrophic tumble I awoke and caught myself from the fall.

The vision is clear in my head to this day; as I still teeter and have yet to jump and fly.


The killing is child’s play. Everything they think that they know, I’ve left intentionally. Repeat mis-spelllings, satiric clues, shall we dance?

Come find me please, before I succeed at killing me. Crypto-quoted thru this story, are you following my clues?

She was beautiful, and now she is battered.”

Midnight father, noontime mother, and me squarely at dawn; neither black nor white.

San Francisco P.D. zero; they can’t find um.

From one poet to another, rhyme happens without a reason and reason without rhyme.

I’m a poet that sent you my life on stripped pages, and you simply laughed, you bitch, you just laughed. Who’s laughing now?”

I’ve watched you twich and squirm.”

Look at what you can’t see, and you’ll find me.




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