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The Meditations Chapbook


ValkyrieKerry Kelly

Kelly Media © 2018


‘Valkyrie’ Kerry Kelly is a multi-graduate, wife, mum of five and bipolar survivor. She lives in Mayo, Ireland and writing is her passion. She is a philanthropist and philosopher and does not shy away from expressing both exceptional beauty and deep controversy. Kerry has had poetry published in 'Peeking Cat,' 'TigerShark,' 'Plum Tree Tavern,' 'Eskimo Pie,' 'Love Letters,' 'Wicked Words' and '19,751 Words.' Her short stories have appeared in 'Paragraph Planet,' 'Entropy Squared' and 'Short Break Fiction.' Kerry’s debut as an editor proved highly successful with 'Stan and Ellen’s Grand Opus' reaching Number One in the Chapbook Charts.


Eyes drooping,

The candle flickers shadows on the walls,

Heavier they become,

Contrasting light and darkness; a new forum.

Counting backwards,

From the tenth step as clouds fill the space.

Deeper, retreating,

As the room disappears in the hue of smog.

Each muscle tenses,

Relaxing as the tension seeps from the core.

Passing thoughts escape,

Dust in the smoke, for true awareness comes.

Feeling soft strands of grass,

Opening the mind’s eye to the majesty of nature,

And seeing for the first time.

Clear waters swirl across smooth pebbles,

A tree overhangs.

The waterfall provides a gateway for stepping beyond.

Warm moisture grasps,

Each sensation so vivid in the collective trance,

Stepping furtively.

Climbing, as the waterfall parts like a curtain of sight.

Envisaging the beyond.

Noting every image, seeking true meaning in paradise.


Darkness is only darkness in contrast to the light,

Bleakness erupted with one small spark.

Cascades of water drip from the fountain,

Rivers starting from a stream, drop of rain.

One tiny point, the lit match, illuminating the way,

An explosive spot from which the cosmos spews,

Taking time to spread and mutate, in empty space.

Minute matter, swallowed in the night.

Unaware of time or space, waiting to evolve,

Particles taking form, invisible energy driving.

The waters part and merge, react and interact,

Solidifying, hauled into motion, into state.

Clashing clouds, heating and cooling, giant spheres.

Nebulae, smashing, moulding and shaping.

Fires ignite and blaze, rocks fall into orbit,

Worshipping the source of their tiny systems.

From the Waters

So far from its neighbours, the molten orb chills,

Reflecting the waters of the first day.

So far from its neighbours, a cell divides,

Floating wantonly in nature’s hippocampus,

Sucking in the ovum,

Born of coal.

So far from its neighbours, the cells divide,

Floating in the dawn’s crimson delights.

So far from its neighbours, forming allies,

Deliciously basking in the sun’s glimmer,

Sucking in the emptiness,

Born of light.

So far from its neighbours, sea creatures form,

Reflecting creation, sharing association.

So far from its neighbours, forms change,

Embracing differences, creating webs,

Sucking in interdependency,

Born of change.

So far from its neighbours, the waters subside,

Floating from the oceans, climbing on land.

So far from its neighbours, thought in flora,

Deliciously absorbing the brilliant shine.

Sucking in air,

Born of love.


I was nothing, a glimmer in the void.

I became emptiness, space between electrons,

Water in vastness.

I was nothing, stardust floating in the cosmos.

I became bound to this world, a single unit,

Dust in oceans.

I was nothing, particles in the lake.

I became a shape, a form, emerald fungi,

Sand in deserts.

I was nothing, a plant flowing in the current.

I became a life-giver, producer, leaves,

Chloroplast in forests.

I was nothing, slithering in rivers.

I became a creature, departed from others,

Shrimp in seas.

I was nothing, climbing from the moisture.

I became a beast, roaming the land,

Ant in dunes.

I was nothing, an ape in a woodland clan.

I became upright, lighting fires,

Atom in Universes.


Drifting seamlessly in another dimension,

An abstract with many experiences,

Photons of thought.

Another, once upon a time, or a space,

Hurtled through the secret crevice,

Light of being.

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