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My Purest Thought


Ruth Para Ndam

(Creative Poetic Writer, Author, SFI Executive Affiliate)

Smashword Edition

Copyright Mar 2018

ISBN: 9781370047673

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Beauty in You

Chapter 2: Music

Chapter 3: Love

Chapter 4: The Passage of Time

Chapter 5: A Plead for Love

Chapter 6: My Purest Thoughts

Chapter 7: The Pride of a Lady

Chapter 8: The Dove

Chapter 9: Glorious

Chapter 10: Where love has gone.

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This book relays my deepest thoughts on the issues of life, love, and nature. You will find it inspiring, thought provoking, captivating and enjoyable.

Chapter 1

The Beauty in You

When I saw you,

I saw everything natural

I saw everything good

I saw life in its purest state

Then I thought of

The Beauty of life

Beauty in its youthful stage

So powerful and active

So swift and forceful

So pure and glorious.

Your youthfulness

Amazes me

I can feel the life

The life in you moving all around

It is inside of me

It gives me life and strength

Strength to my weak spirit.

I feel like embracing you in gratefulness

Your beauty brings out…

It brings out the beauty

The goodness in me.


I am so happy being part of nature.

Chapter 2


The language of the soul

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