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Another Collection of Poems

By Betty Mitreska

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 Betty Mitreska

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Run Rabbit

Sweet places stay

Dead flowers grow freely there

Quaint hells some do make

For horse carousels in circles run

Begin at the end

Alice’s Tea Party

There’s nothing wrong

With appreciating bridges

Not like building walls

To contain empty rooms

For one to sit

Swatting non-existent insects

It’s better than picking

At endless threads

Never having enough for a warm sweater

To make it through

A continuous winter

Forget midnight daydreams

Complex chemical calculations

Superhero rescue missions

I prefer a cup of tea and biscuit

A stroll down along a pretty bridge

There’s nothing wrong with that

The Masquerade

These games we play

Perfectly guarded

Our territories well divided

Masked occasions

Fragments discarded

One more game

Let’s get started


One winter’s night snow fell

It blanketed the ground and froze the trees

While critters crept in warm hibernation

Until one summer’s morning came



Find what is

Worth looking for


Sweeter be

Than being lost

Not the kind or type

With the distance comes

Another life

It Will Be

Let’s talk how much it means –

How hard the path is – has been and what there is at stake

How far the fall to land on knees – to crawl on fours clinging by the teeth

Digging in with broken nails and bleeding fingertips

On scraped knees – we can talk about a fear of the unknown

And falling out of line – a path into the dark but the silent screams

Are louder than your words or your persistent dated warn out dreams

Throw all you have and draw a line where one should walk

To make you feel so much more at ease but there’s no backing down

No turning around or begging anymore – now see how in the end

The loss of security – a safe place in a noisy sanctuary it is yours

All that there is and never was to do with as you think you please

Twist endless knots clambering over your collection of lots

Because this will be or there will be nothing else.


On empty nights,

Random moments;

Thoughts flutter –

Circling beat-up butterflies:

Be as if it will never end,

Unsurprised –

When it does.


Repetitive lullabies

Give rise to rerun dreams

Gold and silver tinted

Swathed in coloured paper

Celebrated boxes

Paid with numerous moments

Set within idyllic views

Sure make such pretty cages
































Shattered pieces,

Collect, and count –

Another round.

Shards swept,

And dispersed parts.

File at the edges.

Cracks embellish,

Glued together armour.


Water on sand

Sunlight through tight shut lids

Pinpricks of green blades against my skin

Reminders of him

Nightmares & Dreams

Clouds of cotton wool

Shed snowflakes in droplets of warmth

Mud, dust, and ash

Silhouettes are born

For creatures

To pick at seams

Discovering voids

A Beautiful Mess

To lose count

The number of times

A mind is lost

To count

The number of buried thoughts

And discover anew

Thoughts once buried

To breathe


And watch

Thunder and rain


To stand

And live

Without reason at all

To love

Without purpose

And know


To take

All one’s caused


There is nothing more

But to start again

Universally Provoked


Lounged amongst rhythmic beats that crawl

over polished timer floors.

Versant emotions

evolve quickly,

yet solidify completely.

Omniscient smoky warm air,

under a ceiling of coloured lights.

Nights will summon


to leave behind.

Run & Hide

You can build your walls

Brick by brick

Sit in the tower you create

Watch the neglected fall away

Broken and wasted underneath

The day will come

When you need to walk

Through the places you avoid

Come the face

The things ignored

Who will you

Be then?


They burn

Lost in time


Captured dreams

In a place

Somewhere else

A different view

Of the sky

It doesn’t matter

How it used to be

At least

Not to you and me


Dust particles float along beams of light

that roll off the morning sun, poking through an open blind.

Early morning would have to be my favourite time of day,

waking by his sleeping face,

forever is a happy place.

He lies along the crisp white sheets,

peacefully dreaming,

a n d I lie amongst these same white sheets,

blissfully beside him.

Soon the waking world will start;

Buses will pick up waiting bigoted passengers,

as will all the trains.

Baristas will start brewing coffee blends,

a n d men will twist a variety of coloured ties,

while women will try straightening them.

For now

there is nothing else

but him

sharing my warm bed.

Time for a Revolution

From the ashes, we will build our thrones,

To sit at conquerors of our world.

From the smouldering smoke, we will breathe relief,

Of the darkness that brought us to our knees.

Time through Human Eyes

Daylight comes and daylight goes,

Only the night can release me.

I scream for him, but he doesn’t come,

He doesn’t hear me.


We move above it,

With every breath, we fall.

Hugged – by his warm hold,

High above the world.

Life immense, enchanted;

Touch slightly deeper,

Laughter sweet and louder –

Meaning, words, and places:

To remember.

High, his charmed embrace –

Entranced, we dance.


By now you should have loved more people than her.

She will never love you the way you loved her.

She may marvel at the extent of your love.

The way you marvelled at the extent of mine.

Missing something you never had.

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