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What Is Wabi Sabi?

Part of an ancient Japanese philosophy,

it is the beauty and appreciation

of things

imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

It is the beauty of things humble and simple

in nature.

It is the beauty of things unrefined

and unconventional.

Table Of Contents


Garden Of Love


What I Am

Meet Me There

Traces Of You

Love Of A Poet

Prelude To My Bliss

Anachronistic Love

You And I Dance


My Rubik's Cube Life

There Are Within Me

What I Have

Spiritual Oasis

Up To Me

The Mocking Bird


A Most Lucid Dream

Mysterious, Magical Musings

Solar Sojourn

Words From The Little Ones


Fireflies Dance

Cherry Blossom Tree

Fog's Caress

Verdant Clover

Garden of Love

Roots grow deepest

in fertile ground.

Beneath the surface,

Spirit fed from Source.

Blooms promised, spectacular.

In the full sunshine

beauty bedazzling

to all who see.

They look in wonder

awed by passion

seldom seen,

rarely felt.

Tend this garden

keep it free

of choking weeds,

of shoulds, coulds.

Watch carefully for,

if onlys.

They are all a slow death

to wither the silky petals

of flowers cultivated

in this precious

garden of love.


You aroused my curiosity.

Stoking the fire that burned

deep inside me.

I delighted in your subtlety

as you tickled my imagination

with carefully worded

double entendres.

Insinuating yourself into my life,

into every facet of my calm,

you disturbed the very air

with your tempestuous aura.

Craving just to know you

more deeply than any other.

Delving into your mysteries

to reveal a concealed heart.

Hidden away for protection

from another disappointment.

You gave me only


of your divinity.

Knowing it is precious

because it is rarely shared.

I will treat it appropriately

with constant conscientious


What I Am

I am simply complicated

I am arabesquely plain

I defy all logical explanation

I drive geniuses insane


I'm the subject of philosophy

I'm in the title of a book

I'm at the heart of scripture

I'm in everything if you look


I have toppled many empires

I have built up dynasties

I have elevated ancient monarchs

I have brought them to their knees


I am the never forgotten

I am the itch you can't scratch

I am the nebulous feeling

I am the one you can't catch


I will be the world's salvation

I will be the poet's rhyme

I will be the treasure hidden

I will be the essence of time.


I am the je ne sais quoi

I am the one you think of

I am the what is inside you

I Am Love

Meet Me There

Meet me there,

on the tracks.

You know where I mean.

The place where

we spent hours

talking into the night.

We never tired

of learning more about

who we are,

to ourselves and each other,

vital to both.

Never tired of laughing.

Time flows so differently

Counter intuitively,

it is so much more

when we share it,

so much less

when we have it to ourselves.

Meet me there

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