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An Erotic Compilation

Victoria Catherine

#MilkTheHoney Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Catherine

First Edition

Publisher: Write for Whiskey Press

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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older. This book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files and hardcopies where they cannot be accessed by minors.

Victoria Catherine

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A thank you to Stephen, my wonderful husband, who occupies the kids so I can peck away at the computer for weeks and months on end. He truly is an amazing partner and I love him with all of my heart. Thank you for creating my website, helping me navigate Photoshop for my cover and formatting all of my works. You are my biggest cheerleader, my right hand, my beating heart and the love of my life.


What's more exhilarating now — a good fuck or a top trending hashtag?


I fucking love your pussy. I know all of its secrets.


Oh, I know

Table of Contents



For David

His skin is damp and clammy; eyes darting, searching and yet he is unable to see clearly. This man; her sweet boy, edged to a place from which many never return. 5 days...15 days...45 days...97 days of stroking his own flesh and yet, no release. Slower, deeper and faster; whatever his Lady requires and desires. He feels her breath on his neck and just the thought of her proximity makes his eyes well with tears of need.

The boy is raw.

One word, three letters is all his Lady has to say. He won’t dare disobey and so he pulls at his flesh as instructed. Him on his knees; legs too weak to stand, she offers him mango juice and he slurps it with such a thirst. Every day is erotic pleasurable torture.


Fuck his hand.

Do Not Cum.

Go to Work.

Edge during lunch.

Do Not Cum.

Go Home.

For hours, on all fours, to whack off like a sad, pathetic, horny teenage boy.

Do Not Cum.

For 97 days.

His skin aware of every brush pass from a stranger, a simple handshake makes him pray for absolution and word, three letters, she does not say.

Lady whispers in his ear “Can you take it my sweet boy? One more day for Momma. Can you make me proud?”

His nose running, tears streaming, wrist and hand burning. He nods “Yes, Miss”

And so, he goes. Slower, deeper, faster, harder, the clock chiming to day 98.


My first googly eye

With stomach churning butterflies

My first real kiss

Awkward when our lips missed

My first skipped beat

The feeling knocked me off my feet


To be foolish and in love

Sweet, uncomplicated love

Tingle on the back of my neck, toes curling…love

I miss you


Cover my eyes to shield my normalcy

I want to be open to all who serve me

Skin color be it midnight or fair

Kinky or silky, I just want to grab your hair



The L

The G
The B
The T

Give it to me

I want you

Your soul and tongue

Touching me in places


Just make me cum


This guy was fine as hell. I mean, ‘lemme lick you up and down, till you say stop’ fine. Saturday was really the only day I went to basketball games. I loved watching Nathan play ball. Beads of sweat would curl the hairs of my kitchen every time he would turn my way to wink at the game review camera. My friend Mariah used to sit next to me and we'd do our normal game time ritual of catcalling the hot players. While we weren't best friends, she and I had an affection for all things sexy. Mariah and I were both equal opportunity lusters, race meant nothing when it came to noticing the fineness of a guy.

Nathan was going in for a dunk during the warm-up and Missy Elliott's “Hot Boys” blared on the loud speakers. Instantly, we began singing loud and proud “White boys, baby yoooouuuu got, what I want!!!” Yeah, we needed help.

The buzzer sounded and my interest turned back to Nathan. He’s was a 6’7” god. Lean and muscular, with the stunning hazel eyes. They reminded me of a earth; a mixture of brown, blue and green His lips were thin but plump and they spread beautifully when he grinned. His dirty blonde hair buzzed and cropped to its sides and grabbingly tufted at the top. His hands always caught my attention with the way he palmed the ball. I always imagined them cupping my ass, picking me up and setting me on the built-in desk in my room. I wanted it dirty dammit.

My best friend Peyton was making her way through the stands and I waved her over to our bench. Peyton was gorgeous. We met during freshman orientation back in 1998. Here’s the thing, remember the ‘Latin Explosion’ back then? J-Lo, Ricky Martin, Shakira?? How every guy wanted a ‘Mami’ to his ‘Papi’? Yeah, Peyton is a Puerto Rican girl from the west side of Chicago. She had the long, curly, spiral like dark hair, the light but sun kissed skin, oh, and a butt so perfectly round, it would have made even J-Lo jealous. Yup, I hated her for thirty whole minutes when we first met because people like her didn’t belong in the real world, they were meant for MTV. Soon after though, we realized we were kindred spirits and are still best friends to this day.

Mariah and I made room and I noticed Mariah’s friend Onyx wasn’t too happy about it. I can’t really say much about Onyx, she was kind of hippie meets material girl. I didn’t get her then and probably wouldn’t now.

I didn’t come to these games to actually follow them. To this day, I’m only a basketball fan if Jordan is on the court. I fished out my Algebra textbook thinking I could miraculously understand this shit during a game. Needless to say, I hated math and just as I was brain deep in my ‘Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally’, Mariah nudged me like crazy.

“Girl, get your nose out of that book! Nathan keeps looking back at you trying to get your attention.” she had this huge ‘you gonna get some’ grin on her face.

I lifted my head and there he was, staring at me. I must have looked like a deer in headlights because he laughed a bit. Right before the end of the timeout buzzer he mouthed the words, “Find me after the game”. My skin tone is a rich tawny color but I might as well have been albino the way my skin just turned beet red.

Peyton is oblivious to the exchange, but Mariah stands up and hits a Reebok/Roger Rabbit/Running Man/Cabbage Patch combo to celebrate. Only Mariah could get away with such a series of dances in a packed arena. Onyx scoots away from her a bit, not because she isn’t the type to join in such revelry but she had moods swings. One day Onyx would be goofy as hell and the next she was snobby and dark. Once again, I didn’t and don’t get her.

I buried my head back into my Algebra book stealing occasional glances. His eyes caught mine and my thighs snapped together tighter. This made me remember I needed to ladyscape. I got lost in the thought thinking of all the things I’d need to do before I let Nathan near me.

Mariah nudged me again when the game ending buzzer sounded, I gathered my things filing out with the rest of the crowd. Funny thing about Mariah, she was a year ahead of me but it felt like light years. She was so fucking free and unbothered with other folks. At least that’s how I saw her. Now 18 years later, because of social media, we are friends, fellow writers and petty enthusiasts. I know much more about her personality now. Back then I didn’t know much about her or what made her tick. What I did know was she loved her some R. Kelly, Will Smith and gin. With the new free sexual ‘me’ I was trying to establish, she was making a great muse to study.

Traditionally, after the game, everyone piled into the cafeteria for dinner. On Saturdays, like that day, we stuffed our faces to coat our bellies before a night of drinking at Alchemy. Alchemy was the local club in the small ass college town. Only five bucks to get in with decently strong cheap drinks. That night Alchemy was hosting Double Bubble and Dollar Holler, which meant everyone was going to stuff their faces with fries and nuggets because dollar drinks can only be cured with an extra greasy coating. That gave me time to melt into a worthless puddle before seeing Nathan. Since he had to shower and slap other players on the butt, (that’s what they do after a game, right?) I knew I probably wouldn’t see him here.

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